NBC gives full season orders to 'Up All Night,' 'Whitney'


Image Credit: Neil Jacobs/NBC

NBC has given two of its freshman comedies a big thumbs up — at least for the rest of the season. It announced today that it has given full season orders to Up All Night and Whitney.

“We made comedy an important goal for us this season and I’m very pleased to be making full-season commitments to both Whitney and Up All Night,” said NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt in a statement. “We’re thrilled with the creative direction of both shows as well as the potential for them to continue to build loyal audiences over the coming months.”

Up All Night stars Christina Applegate and Will Arnett as new parents and has averaged a 2.7 rating among 18-49 over the last three weeks. And Whitney featuring comedienne Whitney Cummings has earned a 2.9 — the highest average rating of NBC’s new comedies.

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  • Emma O

    I’m sorry, WTF– Whitney?

    • Jen E.

      Are they kidding with this? The only entertaining thing about Whitney is how incredibly trite it is. It is one of the worst shows I have ever seen.

      • Will

        I would say the same thing about Up All Night. It was truly terrible. Chuckled once during the pilot episode.

      • Adam

        Up All Night is a trillion times better then Whitney!..it at least had likable actors that can ACT!..not just pose and smirk!…I HATE WHITNEY WITH A BURNING PASSION!.. in fact I am going to start a Facebook campaign to get her cancelled, who is with me?

      • jack

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    • Eli

      It just seems to me that everyone is jumping on the let’s-harp-on-Whitney bandwagon just because you hear the “critics” say it’s bad. The show has some decent jokes and is funny and sincere. I won’t be surprised if it gets cancelled just bec of all the bad mouthing by the end of the season. You’ll shame people into not watching it! That’s what happened to $#*! My Dad Says last season, it was a decent laugher and got to be really funny later in the season. It also had good numbers (relatively) but was canceled. Similar story for Outsourced. Whitney has a heart and is rather sweet. Not all shows have to be uber-pretentious smart (Modern Family/Community/30 Rock) or plain silly funny (Animation Domination/Any funny ad during Super Bowl), not that I don’t enjoy these shows. As for the laugh-track/studio audience laughter, excuse me but who started this hipster trend of ugh-I-hate-laugh-tracks? Get off your high horses. We’ve been enjoying laugh tracks since the conception of the TV sitcom.
      OK this ends my rant.Peww. Got that off my chest! I’ll be sad if I lose Whitney.

      • elena

        You know what show isn’t uber-pretentious smart or plain silly funny…and has heart, and is rather sweet, and is about a thousand million times better than Whitney? PARKS AND REC.
        I promise, if you value all those things, go watch P&R. end rant.
        (still not sure why you’re defending whitney, but I respect your well-written post)

      • Lisa S

        Eli is a whiny child. Good Lord. I thought he was going to drone on endlessly. What a pretentious tw@t.

      • Seth

        Why is it, when a comedy show is of high-quality and funny, its detractors call it “pretentious”? Is it considered pretentious to be a half-way decent show, now?

      • Ted

        Sorry but I have a brain and a funny bone, and Whitney insults both, no matter what the critics say, they just happened to be right this time, I liked The Playboy Club, which the critics and most of America (it was already cancelled) seemed to hate, also love Happy Endings which most critics other then EW seem to dislike, Whitney just happens to be really bad, but fortunate enough to air after The Office!

      • @Eli the Twit!

        oh and btw Eli, “The Middle” is a very sweet show that happens to be something that “Whitney” is not FUNNY!…and have you ever watched “Modern Family” or “Community” they both have had very sweet and dare I say it “Heartwarming” moments while still being funny!..I don’t find Whitney the show or the person very sweet, in fact I find her to be grating and shrewish!..and hope we lose her quickly after this season!…and I came to that conclusion without the help of a TV critic!

      • HA

        I would rather watch Rosanne Barr have a Bowel Movement , then to ever sit through another episode of “Whitney”!

      • ouch

        Well HA, got you Beat, I would rather chew on Abe Vigoda’s used Depends, then ever watch Whitney again!

      • MMJ


        I didn’t jump on the hate “Whitney” bandwagon because of the critics. I was in the parade in my own wagon.

        The (constant) commercials leading up to the show were not funny. There was nothing in them that made me *want* to tune in. Even so, I watched the first episode. I didn’t laugh once—NOT ONCE. For me, the best thing about the show was Rhea Seehorn’s Roxanne. But, that character was like every other boozy best friend. I’ve seen better and worse. She’s not enough to keep me viewing week to week.

        I liked Jane Kaczmarek as Whitney’s mother. But, she was a poor imitation of Taylor Holland’s character from Two and a Half Men. And, Dan O’Brien’s Mark is Three’s Company’s Larry (Richard Kline). I’ve seen this character played better, too. And, the sexist reprobate character wasn’t that funny in the 70s and still isn’t very funny now.

        I didn’t need a reviewer to tell me the show was bad. I watched it and came to my own conclusions. She is not funny. The story is not funny. The characters are not that funny. The show is just not good.

      • @Eli

        Generally when a sitcom makes a good joke, I laugh and therefore can’t hear the laugh track or don’t think about it. There’s nothing I hate more than to hear the laugh track because I know it’s a lame writers’ way of telling me to laugh when I didn’t want to. It’s no trend to hate them, it’s people actually processing the fact that a sitcom has to insert laughs to get them at all. It’s annoying.

      • jaydawg

        I don’t dislike Whitney because of critics. I think she’s a hilarious stand up. I really WANTED to like the show. I watched the pilot hoping it would be good. But it was just awful. The jokes were beyond lame. I did not laugh once and I was actually embarrassed for Whitney Cummings. Oh and I don’t mind laugh tracks but that one was so LOUD that it was distracting and annoying. There is a reason why comedies dropped the laugh track idea back in the 80s. If it’s funny to me I’ll laugh, I don’t need to be prodded by fake piped in laughter.

      • LP

        I’ve only watched the “Whitney” pilot so far, and both the shows detractors and supporters make valid points. The problem is commenters take the “love and hate” debates too far. So here is an honest opinion: the laugh-track is awful and needs to be nixed. Why not just let the jokes play cute when they are suppose to play cute? The friends feel like sitcom stand-by caricature and need some major fleshing out but the two leads have a nice, casual chemistry. And for anyone who said, “I didn’t laugh once” obviously didn’t make it past the second commercial break. Some huge laughs were on display past that point.

    • KwadGuy

      First episode of Whitney was terrible: Unfunny, and a bad overamped laugh track.

      Second episode of Whitney, on the other hand, WAS funny, and the laugh track was leveled where it should be.

      • David

        I can’t deal with laugh tracks. I don’t need a show to tell me when to laugh. Write a funny script and I will laugh without being prompted to do so.

      • Lisa S

        “I can’t deal”.

        Boo hoo.


      • Unsaturated15

        I’m pretty sure Whitney is filmed in front of a live studio audience, so it’s not just a laugh-track.

    • Scott

      um, wtf? playboy club goes? wtf?

    • LOL

      America loves Crap!

    • Monica

      I’m sorry, but I disagree. I think this is the funniest show I’ve seen in years! I like all of the characters. It’s supposed to be a comedy, and, for me, it delivers.

      • brad

        “Supposed to be a a comedy” pretty much sums it up..

    • Michael

      Whitney is awful, and it needs to go. That actress is just really not likable. But I’m SO GLAD FOR UP ALL NIGHT! I’m loving it, and I hope they continue to give it a chance to grow–it’s really funny so far!

  • T2

    You’re kidding, right? I had to Google “Whitney, NBC” to even know what show it was. Seeing the smug and unattractive face of the ‘star’ on their splash page reminded me which show this was. It’ll die in the ratings, then maybe get cancelled.

    • Randy Jackson

      It’s good for a fapathon, dawg!

      • Ric

        Umm wtf dude are you that lonely!?? :shhudders:

      • Lisa S

        Ric is creeping in on Randy. What a sicko.

      • tetrus

        oh randy you are so right, let me start…… :D

  • T.G

    WOW NBC IS REALLY DESPERATE! They have nothing to put on at all if they are giving Whitney a full season order. Maybe the comments section could get a sitcom on there? We certainly couldn’t be any worse.

    • Hamlinator

      You’ve got it all wrong… In a brilliant move, NBC has decided that its main competition is the CW and since Whitney and Up All Night are kicking butt vs. the CW, they got renewed. See… set the bar low and it’s easy to have successful sitcoms. That’s why the comments section is now working on a development deal!

      • sue d

        Up All NIght has a great cast: Maya Rudolph, Will Arnett and Christina Applegate and is pretty funny.

    • Nick

      I miss 30 Rock.

      • Larry Tate

        Whitney makes me miss Outsourced!

  • joe luck

    I’m glad they’re renewing Whitney because now I can spend that time watching Person of Interest without conflict.

    • Katie M.

      Yea, that’s when I get up and take out the trash, pack lunch for the next day, etc.

  • Kevin7

    Up All Night has the potential to be a good show but Whitney will be 1 season and done. I honestly believe the only reason Whitney got a full season pickup is because NBC put so much effort in promoting and developing it that if they canceled it early it would be another low point for the network.

    • Jessie

      Absolutely agree

    • Yup

      And, Whitney’s boyfriend is best friends with that Jonas guy from Moneyball/Superbad fame. And he’s best friends with Jimmy Falon. (did anyone see the JF spot with these two on? He was funny, she was just in the way). So, it’s got nothing to do with her talent.

    • kate middleton

      Totally agree. I am iffy on Up All Night but it at least has potential.

      Whitney is Outsourced all over again. Just got lucky with a good (for NBC) timeslot at first. It will keep sliding because it’s so bad, especially when it moves to another timeslot.

      • Sarah

        Whitney actually makes me missed Outsourced!

    • llevinso

      I agree. I see Up All Night having potential, but Whitney is just horrible. I could barely watch 10 minutes of that garbage.

    • HG

      I only saw the second episode of Up All Night, but I liked it. It’s not hilarious, but it is entertaining, and the characters are likable. I am happy that NBC renewed it.

  • Alice

    what’s next, an early second season renewal for Free Agents and The Playboy Club?

    • connor

      Playboy is cancelled.

    • Larry Tate

      The Playboy Club was a much better show then Whiitney!

    • Mr. Furley

      Free Agents was also cancelled.

  • Michael

    Really? Yikes. I feel like the ratings for “Whitney” are going to keep going down. My question is, where does “30 Rock” go mid-season?! I watched “Up All Night” for the first time last week and I thought it was enjoyable enough. I’d like to see it stick around.

    • Gravity

      30 Rock will end up in the place of Free Agents, I imagine. No way that doesn’t get cancelled soon.

      • Michael

        Good point. Maybe they’ll move “Whitney” to Wednesdays and keep “30 Rock” on Thursdays. I hope, anyway, I love the Thursday lineup with “30 Rock!”

      • Will

        I have a feeling they’ll keep 30 Rock on Thursdays, and pair it with Up All Night, cancel Free Agents, and move Prime Suspect into either the Wednesday hour, or in place of Playboy Club’s old Monday spot

      • George

        Free Agents is my favorite new comedy!

  • court

    Revenge had better be renewed!!!

    • connor

      wrong network, sparky

  • Meep

    Whitney (the character) is not a likeable person and not in that Mr. Grant Ed Asner kind of way. She’s an unpleasant, harpy shrew.

    • kate middleton

      Agree. And I think that’s pretty much the same as Whitney the real person. If you’ve ever seen her “comedy”, she acts exactly like that. Not funny or cute.

      • googie

        I surprised myself. Throughly expected to dislike Whitney. I like it and if I must DVR it, I will. Free Agents has HUGE possibilities! Love Up all Night! Person of Interest, YES. Playboy, horrible, makes sense it was cancelled.

      • Ted

        Whitney gave me crabs!

  • NoNoNo

    TV is such crap nowadays. I watched Whitney once and wished I could crawl into the TV to punch her in the face. Horrible show that is only getting ratings due to it’s time slot.

    • g-dog

      That comment actually DID make me laugh out loud. More than I can say for Whitney…

      • Chuck

        Brian – Saturday is my birthday Mr. Harms and I fully except that the blog that is posted late late on Saturday August 23rd will be about me and how cool I am and how great of a neighbor and friend I am or you know, something to that extent Sorry about the outcome of your last game. Let me leave you with a bit of advice I once got from a very very wise t-ball coach I had as a child. get em next time tiger!

    • HG

      Actually, there are a lot of fun televesion shows right now. Parks and Recreation is very funny, The Office has hit a new stride, and Big Bang Theory is great. For drama and laughs Parenthood is the best- such great acting. I’ve heard New Girl is pretty good too. It’s still on my DVR though.

  • Grace

    Whitney?!? Really, NBC?!?

  • Emily

    Whitney is so bad. So bad.

  • Saran

    NBC must be desperate if they renewed Whitney for a full season. At least they were smart enough to cancel The Playboy Club. Free Agents should be the next show cancelled on NBC.

  • whatevs

    Ugh. Both of these shows were painful to watch, especially Up All Night.

  • Anonymous

    Whitney is good for some if none of you like it dont watch. Your not force too.

    • Alison

      Don’t worry, Anonymous. I wouldn’t want my name to be associated with liking Whitney either.

      • LOL

        Whitney’s target audience is made up of morons!

    • Larry Tate

      Wow, Anonymous…next time ask your Mommy to help you form a sentence!

    • LOL

      Anonymous why aren’t you busy writing next week”s show?…you should ask Whitney for a raise….I can tell from your post your writing has improved!..(Laugh Track) oh Whitney your so crazy, smile, hug, end scene!

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