NBC cancels controversial 'Playboy Club'


UPDATED: NBC’s biggest primetime gamble just became the first cancelled show of the season: The Playboy Club has been pulled from the network’s schedule.

The move is no surprise and, indeed, was expected months before the show premiered. The industry had low expectations for the 1960s set drama, which attempted to replicate a retro Mad Men vibe but for a wide audience and on a network with plenty of content restrictions.

Playboy Club premiered to low ratings and then dropped for each of its three telecasts, with last night hitting only 3.4 million viewers and a 1.2 rating in the adult demo. And sharp-eyed Playboy Club viewers got a hint last night something might have been up last night when NBC didn’t air a promo for a fourth episode. Despite having relatively tame content, the show wasn’t helped by conservative group the Parents Television Council vehemently protesting the show. The PTC released a statement saying they were pleased with the cancellation:  

“Bringing The Playboy Club to broadcast television was a poor programming decision from the start. We’re pleased that NBC will no longer be airing a program so inherently linked to a pornographic brand that denigrates and sexualizes women … we hope other broadcasters heed the important lessons of this programming debacle.”

NBC will fill the Monday night slot with repeats of new police drama Prime Suspect, which likewise needs some assistance in the Nielsen ratings. There are no plans to run off remaining Playboy Club episodes in another time period.

The move comes as NBC announced full-season pick-ups for new comedies Whitney and Up All Night, with one comedy’s fate yet to be announced — Free Agents, whose most recent number was below Playboy Club. With Free Agents scheduled to air tomorrow night, NBC likely wants to wait for the new episode to air before revealing any plans about its fate.

UPDATE: The Playboy Club: What went wrong? Hugh Hefner and EW weigh in…

UPDATED: Fall TV death watch: Survival status of the new shows

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  • Saran

    Good riddance Eddie Cibrian!

    • saline

      I am gay, so I am glad it was cancelled.

      • DFSF

        I am straight, so I only watch football and beer commercials.

      • G-Toronto

        Stupid! there was an awesome gay subplot. I’m pissed. I was already attached.

      • Saline

        Someone took over my name – I loved the show!

      • Bill

        Saline, what the hell does being gay have to do with you being glad it was cancelled? If you are female then I’m really confused. I haven’t watched a second of the show myself.

      • Roma

        Then you’ll be happy to hear the mid-season replacement is “Hooters! The Musical”

      • Carlos

        I am gay, black, Catholic, and Puerto Rican. I am glad this horrible series is canceled. As a black man, I lived through Jim Crow and segregation in this country. People looked at me and they didn’t see a Hispanic, all they saw were the N word. Eddie Cibrian is a white Cuban American and he’s only play white roles only, not Latino. A black or Afro Cuban wouldn’t have been able to live and assimilate into white America like Desi Arnez, Andy Garcia, Ricky Martin, and Eddie Cibrian.

      • Alan

        I am bi-curious, so I’m not sure how I feel.

      • Ari159

        I think “saline” was trolling and you guys took it hook, line, and sinker.

      • Amor’ba

        I reproduce through mitosis, I never watched the show.

      • gene

        Awe it was a nice show.

      • pootie

        Carlos to life sho beez hard you Shud go hide unda da bed n neva leave dat way u beez safe from da truboles of da world cha dig?

      • @saline

        If you’re going for sarcasm, try again. No sentient being would find this worthwhile.

      • Zach

        I’m blind and didn;t eke it. i only hope that aurocorrect is working with me whilke toying this….

      • Stan

        I’m trisexual (I’ll try anything twice) and I really liked the show.

        I think it’s interesting that the Prude Television Council are taking credit for the cancellation. Yeah, it was all about your group that we’ve never heard of before. Hey prudes, you can always change the channel. Oh wait, you obviously did since you think there was something pornographic about the show.

      • Gee

        so if you are “gay” then turn the channel dude… and get a life.

      • Aubree

        Awww… Too bad ur so 1

      • phoodphyt

        If I remember correctly, I am gay, but regardless, this seemed like it was going to be similar to the show about the casino, but probably not even as good.

      • Alex

        Then go watch gay porn

      • Kevin

        What does gay have ANYTHING to do with it… I’m gay and I loved it. Totally does not exploit women, it’s about murder and politics.

      • SingerSara

        Oh shut up… don’t give me that “i’m gay so i’m glad it was canceled” crap. There was an entire Gay Agenda in this show. Just like the PTC, if you WATCHED an episode of the show, you would know that.

      • StockholmSyndrome

        @Carlos why would anyone WANT to take a role as a minority if they didnt have to? They would have to pretend to not be able to read, research the welfare system, have a bunch of kids and then bail on them, and smell like curried butthole

      • bill

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      • Neo

        Your gay? Did you watch any show of this show?
        Obviously not or you would have some idea of what it was like to be gay in 50s Chicago.
        You have time to post here but not to watch.
        This show should have been made for cable

      • peter

        LOL too funny

      • Randy

        What does being gay have to do with it? Two of the characters where gay!

      • Barbi

        NO ONE CARES IF YOU’RE GAY!!!!! Half the friggin world is gay. I’m straight. Don’t care if you’re not!! The show was good. The story line was intriguing. The issues were historically true. And the cast was perfect. GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!!!!

      • lenny

        i actually found the gay story line really interesting in this show, a lesbian bunny and using the club as a cover for true sexual interest, with 3 character being gay in the show i was suprised

      • @Carlos

        and how does the catholic church feel about your sexuality? hef loves everyone & doesn’t discriminate anyone so i don’t see why people think playboy is bad.. everyone is a sexual being, embrace it.

      • @youranidiot

        Hey “Pootie”: Are you illiterate?? I know thats a big word and and used in a grammatically correct fashion… Do you write in that unruley manner to get attention? Are you trying to be different like everyone else? Getting away from this moron, I though the show was smart, catchy, and witty, while also managing to be entertaining and attention grabbing with the political issues at the forefront. And by the way, any of you who are gay, more power to you… but, if your are not smart enough to realize that this show had the balls to bring into the limelight even a glimse into the gay struggle in the early 60’s, then either you weren’t watching, or your eyes were closed.

      • Teresa N. From Pittsburgh, Pa.

        That’s crazy! What does that have to do with it, their r gay’s n the show u think u would want it to stay on, I love the show, frm the first episode I was hit for the show, sad to c it go:( maybe the will put the show on TNTor A&E, one of the cable networks.And 1 more thing what the actors do in their personal life has nothing to do w/ canceling the show. Teresa N.

      • sld

        I am Gay too…but it had a great gay subplot about the underground gay life in the 60’s….I enjoyed it very much.

      • Kari

        I also thought they had a great subplot about the underground gay life in the 60’s. It was a great show. I’m bummed that it was cancelled.

      • Virginia

        Not sure why anyones sexuality has anything to do with the show being cancelled. You all sound like idiots to me!! Also, playing the race card for not liking the show is just as ignorant! It was a good show that was showing how it was back then and if that offends people well that’s to bad. Its what already happened and history can’t be changed. Hugh Hefner and the bunnies are iconic and should be loved not ridiculed! I was upset with the way they just took it off the air! As for the parents complaining, maybe if you paid attention to your children you wouldn’t have so much time on your hands to bad mouth a television show!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!

      • donna

        that is stupid….just because you gay? would be like a straight person saying they dont watch shows cus there is gay people on them..just stupid

    • Strepsi

      @ saline — that makes no sense, if you were gay you’d want the show to succeed.

      The show featured an out gay actor playing a closeted gay character who was involved in the Mattachine Society, one of the first gay equality groups and an incredibly important piece of our history.

      • Bobby’s Robot

        @Strepsi – I think saline is trolling. Because gay people would never want to watch a show with scantily-clad women, right saline? Never mind that Cibrian, Maher and Krumholz would have been enough reason to watch if that were true anyway. I was starting to enjoy Playboy Club, and this gay is sorry it was cancelled.

      • Boof

        Pretty funny considering the hot blonde lead actress is a lesbian and proud of it.

      • John

        I love watching shows with scantily-clad women. Everytime I watch TV, all my sisters and my mom wear is their bras and panties.

      • @John

        Thank you for that disturbing image.

      • Hey!

        Who cares about the gays? I’m just glad that the greasy mobster rapist got what he deserved, and his equally greasy son will never find him! Haaaaaaa!

      • DearBambi

        This was my favorite new show of the season. I am soo pissed. It was soo good. The hour always flew by. I will never start watching a new show again. I will wait and see if it is going to last and then crack it out on DVD. Everyone watch Homeland before it gets canceled too.

      • Atlanta

        I’d never heard of the mattachine society and was kind of intrigued by the multiple plot lines – too bad it was cancelled. Now I’ll have to look it up in the dictionary like my mama always taught me…

      • TM

        The Mattachine Society — really? Now that would have been interesting.

      • merling

        Cheerleaders, Majorettes, Miss America, Bikinis, Ear Rings, Makeup, Shaved Legs, Printed Underwear, Adorned Bras, Form-Fitted Cothing, High-Heel Shoes, Perfume, Pink Product Packaging, Breast Augmentation/Reconstruction Surgery….

        Get rid of those things first. They ALL sexualize women.

      • russianred

        Stresi I agree with you 100% it’s important to our American History and I’m not gay put I do see the importance and the impact; anlong with the doors it has opened. As far as the PTC being pleased with the cancellation of the show. They should be concern in cancelling most tv shows that happen to be mostly hetorsexual. How many of them have rauncey diolog especially that new Whitney show which is just plain nasty.

      • Angel

        @Boof…really?? I didn’t know she was a lesbian but she is very pretty..aint she n da new movie wit sexy Johnny Depp??

      • gidgen

        They always get rid of the good shows. It had some great acting and I am straight but its about time we get some gay plots on national television. I also want to point out why don’t they get ride of Charlies Angels because the acting in this show is bad and disapointing.

    • Cameron J

      And no, Parents Council, this wasn’t your doing. Don’t even act like you’re the man.

      • sweet pooper

        they are all trannies

      • Michael

        @sweet pooper…don’t insult transexuals.

      • Lance

        Thank you! This had nothing to do with the Parents Council (which no one has heard of) and had everything to do with bad writing and the fact there is another period show (Pan Am) that just launched. With all the graphic violent shows on TV I find it so stupid these pious Parents Council idiots target a show about the Playboy Club in the 1960s!

      • Ash

        damn, hopefully they at least put up all the other episodes on itunes

      • StockholmSyndrome

        The Pareents Council was only looking out for your best interest. You people are obviously not capable of making responsible decisions regarding television so someone needs to.

      • Cameron J

        @Sockholm Syndrome- you are aptly named. Sure you’re not being sarcastic of do you really believe we should accept people trying to control our lives and thoughts?

    • Jim H

      To Saline: What does your being gay have to do with the content of a show you had no part in creating or producing? And that you could simply choose not to watch. I have seen comments like this before and none of those made any sense either.

      • gene

        Somebody ruined this show. I would hate to be him.

    • wootie

      Well dam lee Ann rime at leest he tried to keep A job don’t be mad u da bread winna boo boo

      • DJ

        in her case more like the hay winner

      • wootie

        She ugly white gul dude cudda did betta shudda got Barbara strizhead she got mo money den ugly lee Ann rime

      • wootie

        I am soooooo stupid the last thing i should be doing is watching telebisiion and my momma is stupid and my hole fambly is stoopid an Barbara strizhead is stopid and ugly

      • pootie

        U show is dumb for massin with wootie he got take u out back n go boppin wit chuu in front of Yo dad-see

      • An Iowa Girl

        Proud to say I never watched this show. Don’t have much time to watch TV anyway so try to find something worth my time.
        @Pootie, why u talking that way…Poor LeeAnn, she was just just an innocent bystander (cough, cough). :)

    • Carlos

      I am glad the show was canceled. Eddie Cibrian is a jerk and I hope his career continue to suck. However, the series was canceled because of low-ratings and not because of threats by the “Parents Television Council, who can just grow up already. They’d denounce “The Big Bang Theory” too

      • Mel

        Never saw this show, but not sorry to see Eddie Cibrian or whatever his name is out of a job. The guy has acted like a jerk and have no sympathy for him.

      • jennrae

        I would normally have been attracted to this type of show, and I would have given it a shot, but I won’t watch anything with Eddie Cibrian in it. I’m sure there are far worse people in HW, but he and his disappearing wife are too obnoxious to look at. They are getting some very bad advice regarding how to improve their image because they are always either tweeting bikini pis or giving disingenuous benefit concerts. And I really think it is HER behavior that is negatively affecting his career, although a show where a known cheater is living it up in the Playboy Club couldn’t help.

    • Eddie

      Not his fault. The whole show was a bust. I hope they give Free Agents a chance to grow. I think its funny.

      • TM

        Oh, that’s one bad pun.

    • johnc

      Too bad. I found it interesting.

      F**k the PTC. PTC has no right to control what I watch.

      All the members of PTC should go to H**L!

      • Point

        and how did PTC control what you watch?

      • re; downs(stockhome)syndrome

        Hey a**ho**. I sensored that just for you. : )

        I agree this show was sexy, but I have seen more sex in teenage shows anyhow. Paaalease. PTC. The kind of women that care about a show with less.skin.than the beach that much are just hard up yes HARD UP for the approval thier other housemom friends. Unfourtunatly tring to hard for approval is the real problem with teens and.sex.( so good example moms)

        Instead of tring to create a perfect world around your kids. Mabey just stop overworking and focus your energy on creating a RESPONSIBLE child.

        Good luck.

    • Satan

      I wonder how many of the haters even WATCHED this show. Something tells me that their mental image of what the show was, and what the show ACTUALLY WAS, are two different things. As someone who enjoyed the show, I’m a bit bummed it’s gone. I don’t get the Eddie Cibrian hate, I don’t get the bunny hate, and I don’t get the hate in general. You people need more hate-worthy things to hate.

      • Satan Sucks,,

        … Cibrian … cheated on his wife and two little boys with Leann Rimes, who was also married at the time. Eddie and Leann are both sacks of sh!t, and I hope they treat their recent wedding vows with the same respect that they treated their last sets … when they were f&8king around on their spouses with each other. I wish them horrible luck together.

      • TheProductOf

        Seriously it’s probably not hate that most people feel for eddie cibriana (not capitalized on purpose for lack of respect) but rather disgust. Obviously we don’t know his true business but what we do know is that he cheated on his wife whom he was with at the time of meeting L.R. and was living with his wife (not seperated and going through a divorce) and he chose to slither into bed with (In my opinion a slut) named Leanne R. just like a snake. With no regard to his family how his children will ultimately be affected by all of this and moved on. It could have been done differently is all I am saying. With more respect for the nmother of your children. From a woman whos been cheated on it hurts. so f**k him and his stupid a** show =)

      • Satan

        Hahaha. I do suck. But in a good way, if you know what I mean. And I think you do, sweet cheeks. But seriously, you’re p¡ssed at this guy you don’t know for cheating on some woman you don’t know with some other woman you don’t know? The phrase “get a life” is too weak to express the degree to which you do, in fact, need to get a life.

      • @Satan

        I can’t trust you.

      • Satan Rocks!

        Haha, yeah, stop the hate. I was really getting into the show, sad it’s gone :(. As Heff Said putting it on cable and making it a little more fun would have been a nice option :) Also that main girl was absolutely gorgeous! I would have watched it just to see her smile.

      • Ashley

        Granted Eddie cibrian is a jerk in real life but that shouldn’t have anything to do with his acting or television shows…if I like a show it’s not because the actors have sterling morals in real life…

      • vanessa

        i hate who ever made this show not air 2night n i hate wen ppl get in the actors life like leave them alone wat matters is there actin n it was gud :(

    • Hannah


      • Satan


      • An Iowa Girl

        THANKS for that chuckle @ Satan!

      • Shara

        HANNAH…(Ignore “Satan”…the name speaks volumes)…ITA with your post! I fell exactly the same way! The PTC need to get real lives! It is as simple as NOT letting your kids watch what you do not think is appropriate. I really liked this show and am disappointed that it has been cancelled.

      • StockholmSyndrome

        This show sucked and if you enjoy it you must have a low IQ. Also, know fact that Eddie Cibrian is a racist and drives a van with no windows if ya know what i mean

      • Lorraine

        It was a good show! The acting was good and I don’t care what Cibrian did in his personal life….. PERSONAL should be the key word there! I mean, really, who gives a rip? People do stupid stuff no matter who they are and shame on them, but it’s not like it’s my business!

      • philroyal

        loved the show sorry to see it go

      • Abby

        I agree. There are lots of shows that are not suitable for children to watch and they are not canceled. And as for it being a show that was desensitizing to gays…I do not hear them complaining about it. And as far as it being sexist…well that is history. Maybe they did not have a Playboy club in the sixties, but women were not treated like equals and that is just the way it is. No reason for women to be offended now. And as for children…get them out of the room. They should be in bed anyway.

    • Liz

      Oh… since they cancelled that sexist show, does that mean Eddie Cibrian won’t be able to support his mistress, I mean, wife? So saaaad…

      • Satan

        Your husband is cheating on you too, sweetheart. BET on it.

      • Tom

        Playboy = Sexism. Hells ya!

    • Terry

      It’s a tv show people…if you don;t like the subject matter …watch something else……GOOD show…will miss it….Hope HBO picks it up since NBC has no balls!!!

      • @Terry

        It has nothing to do with balls dear, no one here gives a crap about the PTC, we watch shows in spite of them (in my case especially if they say not to). It has to do with ratings. Ratings=money. It all boils down to the mighty dollar and nobody was tuning in to that show. We were all watching something else on Mondays. If this show was as great as some of these posters claim it to have been, they would have gained viewers each week instead of losing them. Word of mouth is better than advertising. Nobody was watching this stinker. Too bad the PTC is taking credit for it.

      • greg

        it doesnt help that the show started during monday night football. I like the show. I do think it would be better and do better if HBO or Showtime picked it up. I would DEFINITELY watch it then. lol I’m confident I dont need to explain why.

      • sld

        I agree Terry….I hope another network picks it up…Unlike moste of the other peope …I did watch it…I am gay….and I did like it…and I did spread the word….

      • rhonda tipton

        How bout TV guide pickin’it up since they have WEEDS…!!!!

    • JJ

      It was actually a good show! The thing that irritates me the most is the fact The PCT jerks are so pleased with themselves …. What a bunch of wankers!

      • Tom

        I agree. This was actually a good show. People need to get off their high horses.

    • Betty

      I think the show is classy with good writing and good music. I think it empowers women not demean them. IT is not a dumb reality show, that”s why it is not watched. I hope HBO or another premium channel picks it up!

      • Bruski

        Totally agree with you Betty.
        Also, fabulous production, cars, performances. Bostonians might have even learned a bit of fashion as well.
        Survivor survives, talent and storytelling vanishes. Pan Am is probably next.
        And Wheel of Fortune is still spinning? Now this is a depression.

    • Sissy

      Amen- you took the words right out of my mouth. He is SO LAME, and so was the stupid show.

      • Terry

        Dont be pissed at the show cause u’r husband is out screwing your sister

      • Butterfly

        And thanks EW for recapping this crapfest while letting ANTM All Stars and TC Desserts go by the wayside. What a bunch of jerks!

    • Yayin

      BAD KARMA Eddie Cibrian. I hope you continue to get yours for what you chose to do to your wife and kids!

      • StockholmSyndrome

        He has HIV

    • Ms. D’

      Have to admit, that Eddie Cibrian is a real low-life. Too bad they hired him.

    • lisa g.

      Judging by the # of comments, NBC should have rethought this premature decision!

    • kathy monahan


    • russianred

      Saran I’m not a big fan of his either. They should of picked someone else for his role along with the actress that plays his lover I just pictured those characters would be more glamourious.

    • julie

      I liked that show i got hooked on that thats B.S. on that



    • sc

      show was good! put it on hbo!

    • Ladypathfinder

      I love love love Edie, and will always watch what ever he is in!!!! It was better than most programs on this network. Like Fringe and Bones but that’s it! Wish they would bring back the Playboy Club

  • Katie

    This show was actual GOOD it wasn’t great but its better than a lot of crap the networks put out. Seriously did they think it would last up against Castle and Hawaii 5-0? This is why networks are dying, there to quick to cancel!

    • Julie

      I agree. The networks could at least give shows a fighting chance before canceling shows. Personally, I am disappointed, but oh well…

    • Captain

      I agree. It was actually a good show but unfortunately a lot of people couldn’t see past the Playboy aspect of it. I think it was the victim of bad scheduling.

      • thom

        So true, the naysayers are the ones who never even tuned in. I thought the second episode was excellent, the first episode was pretty good.

      • MaherFan

        I agree with Captain. It was a good show. Good writing. Very bad scheduling. I mean it was hard enough for us FireFly Fans to choose if you don’t have a dvr or a vcr between Captain & the doctor of FireFly. I enjoyed all the storylines of the Playboy Club. I think it could have lasted at least 3 or 4 seasons if given a decent break & air’d at a better night & time.

      • Kelly

        Go with Mal – always Mal!

    • Strepsi

      I know, why put your biggest risk opposite one of last season’s hottest shows (Hawaii 5-0) and solid cult favorite (Castle) that hits the same demographic?

      Friday nights would have been fine for The Playboy Club.

    • miss k

      Yeah, I’m kinda disappointed. It was better than expected. They really don’t give any show a chance to grow an audience. Just three episodes? Good grief.

    • Ally

      I think this is lame…it barely had a chance to get going. And I definitely think it was better than Whitney…and that got picked up? NBC is whack.

      • Ally

        The PTC is ridiculous bc this show was pretty toned down compared to some other shows.

      • MCM

        I was never even slightly interested in Whitney I’ve been watching PBC since the 1st show. It wasn’t given a fair chance. It was actually good. I don’t even like Castle & Hawaii 5-0. I hope they can Charlies Angels. Now that’s one that deserves it.

    • lea

      I was thinking that exact same thing! Compared to other shows.. I felt this was better. The show had so much potential. It was interesting from the start, and it had multiple good plot lines… oh what a waste. I was already so hooked on it so i’m pretty upset. I didn’t know they just up and cancel shows like that.

      and i agree with Captain.

    • Hudson

      I thought it was pretty good. And I failed to find anything controversial about it. I am sorry it was cancelled. Though with the stiff competition of Castle and H5O, I don’t know how it could have done well. I only watched it because I could tape or watch all three shows. They would have done better to put it on on Friday night when all they have is two hours of Dateline (ick).

    • SingerSara

      Agreed :( makes me sad. Hoping they put it on Showtime or something.

  • Clete

    Well, back to the drawing board. How about a show about a family running a pawn shop, going to yard sales, cutting down trees, searching for aliens and shooting guns, bows and sling-shots. It works for the history channel. It could be hosted by Larry the Cable Guy.

    • Zakry

      I guess that was an attempt at humor, but the difference between a scripted drama and a reality show are too numberous for the space allowed here. I missed your point completely.

      • Clete

        That’s because your a moron.

      • claudenorth

        And you, Clete, do not know the difference between your and you’re, proving that it does indeed take one to know one.

      • It’s True!

        claudenorth Rocks! And Clete is stupid,.

    • L

      Don’t forget hunting pigs and fishing in murky water with yours hands!

      • Bobby’s Robot

        And killing Alaskan wildlife.

  • Joey

    I actually loved this showed!

    • saline

      I did not.

      • saline

        Hey! That’s MY name! I own it. Waaaaa!

    • StockholmSyndrome

      You actually love penis

  • Carly

    Such a shame. I don’t think they gave this show enough credit – critics or networks alike. There was a lot of potential with the show, and the storytelling was great.

    • Kris

      I agree. Loads of potential. I was really getting into it. I had no problem with the Playboy aspect. And the characters had solid actors behind them, which is rare these days.

      • SingerSara

        Agreed! it had all the right elements going for it.

        They made this decision in haste.

  • T

    Boo. I like this show.

    • saline

      I do not care.

  • T

    Maybe now supernatural can get a full recap again!! Please ew!

    • kerri

      thank you!

    • Izzy

      Oh god, please no. That show needs to be shot and buried.

    • Kelly

      Yes, let’s have decent shows recapped again, and let’s start with the Winchester boys!!!

  • SquarePeg

    Darn. I was enjoying the show. Total brain candy, but fun to watch.

  • Alice

    I didn’t even get to the second episode in my DVR … oh well I’m not too sad about it

  • jdaniels

    Annoyed! I actually liked this show and last night ended with a cliffhanger that I will never know how it ends!

    • BARB

      II really liked this show too–could’nt wait for the next episode…I’m very upset it ended too soon!!!!

  • Marvin

    I was just starting to enjoy the story and the music is great. I agree, why do networks pull the plug so fast and FK the Parents Television Council. I’m an adult and should be allowed to watch what I want. Since when is 3.4 million viewers a bad thing? NBC, Stop letting your sponsors control content.

    • Blonde South

      I don’t understand why any article I read about new tv shows pretty much said that this show would almost definitely be canceled before it’s first season had run. I might have tuned into this show if it didn’t already pretty much have a death warrant from the moment it got picked up. It seems like between the PTC and the media this show was doomed before it ever even aired.

    • MMJ

      Actually, I was going the other way. I watched each week hoping the show would get better. It never did. It didn’t get worse, but it really didn’t get better. Even if the setting was glamorous, the stories were bland and cliche—even from a socio-historical point of view (gays living secret lives, the dawn of the larger civil rights movement, political corruption, etc.).

      I really wanted to like it more than I did. I just didn’t.

      I don’t know if it would have gotten better or built an audience as it went along or not. It certainly isn’t a horrible show. It just wasn’t a good show.

      As for the rest of his story… I can’t believe Whitney was picked up. I watched ep1 and didn’t laugh at all. It was my pick for first cancelled.

  • Mike

    Never watched… but hope that Amber Heard can find something as I enjoy her.

    • StockholmSyndrome

      She will be stripping Thurs-Sun at the Jiggly Room next to the Fresno airport. Showtimes are 9pm and 11pm. Tell your friends

      • Marlboroliteman

        Seriously???? Wow I’m there!!!

  • Jayjay

    “And sharp-eyed Playboy Club viewers got a hint last night something might have been up when NBC didn’t air a promo for a third episode.” You mean a promo for a FOURTH episode, since last night *was* the third episode.

    • Eric P

      The first thing i thought when i didnt see a promo was “oh no!!! Canceled!!” :(

    • NeverSawIt

      Read the article is said fourth episode.

      • Mike

        The article was most likely corrected in the hour between Jayjay’s comment and yours, NeverSawIt. Happens all the time.

      • Ally

        I find it hilarious how people get worked up over typos..did this even really matter?

    • maggie

      I also hope Laura Benanti finds a new project, I think she’s awesome. Dear any network that will listen, please find a show for Laura and Steven Pasquale (her husband, Sean Garrity from Rescue Me) to star in together. That’s all :)

  • Kay

    Dang! Cancelled?? I thought it was a good show and agree that they didn’t give it a chance. It’s better than 90% of those reality shows!

    • Denise

      I totally agree. I liked the story lines.

    • crystal

      I really liked it! I thought it had a good plot and it showed women supporting themselves not having to get married and be what everyone expected them to be. It showed that women could be strong, smart, and pretty.

    • rai

      I agree with Kay, Denise, & Crystal
      I really enjoyed the show, and was looking forward to catching up on the 2 I missed while out of town and the upcoming episodes..to find there was only 1 on the dvr.. :( and not on tonight..
      Bring it back!!

  • tae

    Oh well I should have known something was up when they didn’t show a preview it was actually a good show much better than 2 and a half men imo

    • tf2345

      I noticed that too last night – when I saw no previews I just knew the hammer was coming down.

    • Mandee

      THIS SUCKS! It was a good and original show and they dont even let it go on for more than 3 episodes. Figures.

      • StockholmSyndrome

        Because the only people who liked it were people like you with questionable intelligence. Oh and also you are a skank.

    • MIKER


      • marilyn sanford

        I’m sorry that the show was cancelled. I enjoyed the episodes that were aired. I don’t think the show demoralized women. Yes, Playboy Bunnies had to wear high heels and tight bunny suits for many hours. But, I see very tight outfits and very high heels on young ladies on city streets everyday. What’s the difference? Anyway, I hope the show comes back again.

      • marilyn sanford

        Also forgot to mention that I loved the storytelling and intrigue. I think it should have been aired at a later time so not to upset the Parents Consent Council (PCC) – yikes!

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