'Sesame Street' unveils muppet to teach kids about hunger -- PHOTO


Image Credit: Sesame Street Workshop

Sesame Street has a new muppet who is hungry for more than just cookies.

The iconic kids show is set to unveil a new impoverished puppet named Lily, whose family faces an ongoing struggle with hunger issues. Lily will be revealed in a one-hour Sesame Street primetime special, Growing Hope Against Hunger, which is being sponsored by Walmart. The special will star country singer Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams Paisley, as well as the Sesame Street Muppets.

“Food insecurity is a growing and difficult issue for adults to discuss, much less children,” said the Paisleys in a statement. “We are honored that Sesame Street, with its long history of tackling difficult issues with sensitivity, caring and warmth asked us to be a part of this important project.”

The special will share the stories of real-life families to raise awareness of hunger issues in the United States, as well as strategies that have helped these families find food. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that 17 million American children — nearly 1 in 4 — have limited or uncertain access to affordable and nutritious food. Walmart is sponsoring the show as part of a $1.5 million grant toward the initiative and holding screenings in select communities.

The special is set to air nationwide on Oct. 9.

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  • Jackson

    I would have thought Oscar would have been a good candidate for this role.

    • KC

      That’s what Homer Simpson pointed out when he saw a bum in a dumpster: “heh-heh-heh! Just like Oscar the Grouch!”

      • DRH

        Homer is awesum.

      • Jewfromhell

        If she’s in California she’ll even get a shopping cart when she dumpster dives!

      • Kevin Schmidt


        California is the produce basket of the US. Every state in the union, including Florida, get our food shipped to them. Our state is one giant farm! If she’s here, she won’t have to dumpster dive. All she has to do is walk out into the fields and start eating.

    • Mmm hmm

      She has enough money to afford that tart eyeshadow and that tacky magenta foundation. I bet she smokes too.

      • Shut your piehole!

        Just like the wh0re mother who pushed you out of her f**ked up kooch!

      • Jerky Miester

        LMAO! That just made me spew my coffee!

      • Drdarby

        That would be your mother Shut. She just blew all the blacks ae our party for a double cheseburger. She is also on that TuPac video

      • teaj

        it wouldn’t be realistic unless she was a fat ass.

      • Big Bear

        Mom’s got no money for health insurance, but lays down $75 at the bar every Friday, while the kids stay home and watch Jersey Shore on the bigscreen.

      • Geoff

        Probably has a $100 a month cell plan too.

      • ggnola

        no just her parents smoke – that’s why they can’t afford food – #*@! tobacco companies – it’s all their fault!

      • DDubSolider

        Lol you horrible people. I’m freaking middle class and my parents struggle to make money (I’m 11 okay! I like E.W). So thanks for mocking us,sooo mature. So what if I’m typing this on a 400 dollar iPad…oh god…iPad…STEVE JOBS *bursts into tears*

      • Love and let live

        11 yr old get off the internet. when i was 11 i didn’t even know ew existed. kids these days…also you are spoiled and shouldn’t even have an ipad brat

      • DDubSolider

        Why is your user name that? Obviously you don’t love. Of course you didn’t know E.W existed when you were a kid,you were probably already in your 30s by the 30s,now your just a creepy perv child molester who goes on the internet at 4:14am to look for kids to abuse. Pfffft. Lowlife.

    • dave

      what are they watching this on a plasma ,LCD or LED t.v. ?

    • palouta

      this is what happens with mix marriages!!

      you need to stick with your kind…..blue with blue and red with red

      I am so sick of all these poor purple kids running around looking for hand outs!

      • Jimmy

        She’s pinkish. i think you should get your eyes checked!

      • photog

        What color do you think magenta is dumb a$$

      • crunchy

        just like Garanimals clothing line – lion goes with lion, monkey with monkey, etc.

      • Paul

        LMFAO Multitude

      • Lady Susu

        I just LOVE reading the posts on articles like this!!!

    • Multitude

      Actually, Oscar is former public sanitation worker who has retired at age 42 and is collecting $116,000 a year in pension thanks to his union negotiated benefits.

      Lily’s actually a middle class taxpayer who’s been thrown into poverty due to the voracious appetite of an obese government workforce. I admire PBS’s brazen self criticism!

      • ItGirl

        I like this comment. It’s actually very, very realistic. Right on!

      • LB

        Love this comment!

      • SUSAN

        RIGHT ON THE $$$!!!

    • Nik

      Oscar has never had trouble finding food. It comes to him. He’s probably the most food secure of anyone on Sesame Street. He must been doing well since the no one has tried to make him live in a home in all these years.

  • Eshia

    Wow. I applaud all of those involved in making this special happen. Sesame Street is a great vehicle for this. More shows should take on this topic.

    • DC

      Yes, applaud Wal-mart; if they paid their employees better it would alleviate (some) poverty.
      If they really wanted to do something the Walton family could give away half their income for the next 10 years to programs that fight poverty. That would really decrease the levels of poverty in the US.

      • Psalm19

        Bingo, DC! Walmart is one of the biggest perpetrators paying subpar wages while scheduling subpar hours (to keep the employees just under FT status = NO BENEFITS) so that the government (state, federal, etc.) has to pick up the welfare tab. All the while, Walmart sells its nutritionally deficient Monsanto garbage and calls it food. Paying for an episode of Sesame Street makes everything OK!

      • Spudnik

        That’s so nice of you to tell someone else that they should give away half of their money!

        Hey, maybe we should all make the exact same amount of money! That would take care of it right?

        The USSR just called, they want their economey back…

      • URWrong

        Many people could afford more food if they weren’t paying for two smart phones, satellite TV, alcohol and cigarettes.

      • Peter

        @URWrong – Actually ALL people could afford more food if they weren’t paying for those. That’s simple math. Did you also know that many people could be awake more if they only slept less? AMAZING!

      • foodandart

        No one is required by law to shop at Wal-Mart.

      • URWrong

        @Peter – I see math is your strong point but common sense is not. Of course everyone could, I am saying that maybe their priorities aren’t what they should be if they can afford to drink and smoke but can’t afford to feed their family.

      • Miranda

        Common sense isn’t your strong point either, URWRong, if you really think that everyone that’s food insecure is that way because they’re smoking, drinking, and watching TV.

      • Mmm hmm

        “No one is required by law to shop at Wal-Mart.” Yes, and I THANK GOD EVERY DAY for that fact, too.

      • @URWrong

        He has a point—and to be honest, every single one of my friends who were perpetually poor did themselves no favors with their utter lack of financial sense. They never had the money to pay for rent or food, but they mysteriously could buy cigarettes, pay for cable and buy beer.

      • Real Peter

        I’m going to assume that everyone in a bad situation smokes and therefore deserves it. That way, I don’t have to feel bad about it.

      • Peter

        @URWrong – If your definition of ‘common sense’ is making sprawling, ignorant judgments that most people in this situation are there because of smoking and satellite, I’ll stick with math…and perhaps compassion.

      • Robin


      • lukuj

        Does Wal Mart force anyone to work for them? if they are truly that awful, people should just stop applying for jobs there or quit there jobs. You have to be willing to sacrifice for what you believe or stop complaining. With no replacement work force, they will be forced to pay higher wages, even if they have to go out of business because they are no longer making enough of a profit to make it worth the effort of being in business.

      • Steve

        Maybe if people didn’t drop out of school, leaving them with only Walmart as an option, maybe THEN we might be able to see a change in out situation.

        When in doubt, blame big business. A faceless, emotionless, and heartless enterprise that cares nothing more than making a profit. Well guess what, that’s what business is about. The goal of Walmart is to MAKE MONEY. Bottom line. And I’m OK with that.

      • bear knucklez

        @ Psalm… Wal-Mart may pay below average yet state required minimum wages and the hours may be subpar (which is worse than no hours I guess) but how many people do they employ? For the socicalists out there who think all things should be equal… isn’t it better for a million employees to have the same pay and hours than for half a million people to have great pay and great hours? Or is it only good for the Walton family to share the fruits of Sam’s idea and investment?

      • Drdarby

        Thes epeople are in their situation because of bad choice they made. Getting knocked up as a teenager, drugs etc. It is not the resposnability of people who made the correct choices to care for them at the expense of their own families. You are libitards

      • Ron Burgandy

        Yes if you have a job that you think doesn’t treat you right or pay you enough, then it’s the employer’s obligation to meet your demands! Ruthless.

        Get a life. If you don’t like your job or think you’re worth more, get a different job.

      • Boo_Bottoms

        Your an Idiot… look it up. Walmart is the largest corporation that gives to the food banks in this country. You F’n moonbats are so ignorant sometimes

      • Chris

        No one is required to shop at Walmart – but if youre in an area where their sub sustainable prices have driven out competition and you cant afford to shop at anywhere else, good luck on finding shopping alternatives.

      • Chris

        I cant believe the uninformed opinions everyone has of people who are not doing well economically. Anyone who says people are in that situation because of priorities and laziness – its just as lazy to say screw off to everyone else’s problems. I reall do hope you never end up in a similar situation, and wonder why no one cares about helping you either.

      • JamesDean

        Blame Wal-Mart for your lazy uneducated Liberal ass….yea right.

      • ura douche

        Walmart has done more to help fight poverty than any government program could ever dream of. They offer low prices on goods and jOBS for people in poverty. The worst part is that some legislators want to keep Walmart out of their communities in turn keeping these people unemployed and paying higher prices on their goods at other outlets. Liberals hate Walmart because they refuse to give in to labor unions, that is the bottom line. If Walmart ever does give in (which they won’t) you will get higher prices and just like the auto companies and the post office Walmart would be revered as a great american entity which needs to be bailed out when they fall on hard times, which unionization would see to.

      • Real Peter

        Of course, the same people criticizing the poor for being uneducated also don’t want there to be free public education. And while they’re trying to get rid of that, they’ve already given us nearly ten years of No Child Left Behind, neutering what public ed there is.

      • 34

        You can thank Ted Kennedy for writing No Child Left Behind.

      • krp

        Obviously, you are either a self-righteous and ignorant Liberal or a Union hack, because it is clear that you have never set foot in a Wal-Mart
        Wonderful glorious and NON-UNION – THE WAY IT OUGHT TO BE – Wal-Mart has an aggressive profit sharing plan, and an aggressive employee stock purchasing program. If they pay “low wages” to profit their share holders, there shareholders ARE the wage earners.

        I once discussed Wal-Mart with a professor and he said that Wal-Mart has made a lot of millionaires at 6 and 7 dollars an hour.

        Of course, the largest number of these millionaires are from Northwest Arkansas, which is a Red State and in Flyover country so you idiots just turn your hose down that them., Northwest Arkansas has historically been one of the poorest regions in the country, But not anymore, because of Wal-Mart (and the fact that it is one of the most solid Republican areas in the country) THERE’s you wealth distribution for you.

      • Mike

        Even if the waltons or all the rich people in the world gave their money to orgs that fight poverty, it wouldn’t help. We have poverty in this country because people are lazy. There is poverty in other countries because people are lazy and they have totalitarian dictatorships lording over the populations, but mostly laziness (if they weren’t lazy, they would rise up against their dictators).

        Get real people, giving money to poverty fighting orgs would just ultimately make the people running those orgs very rich, because, hey, they would just embezzle the money.

      • Jerell

        The Walton family has been giving away half of their annual income to the government for far more than ten years.

      • afasdf

        @Miranda – “food insecure” WTF kind of liberal double speak garbage is that – you are a friggin mindless khunt

      • Ghoul

        I didn’t know people working at Walmart had a gun to their head forcing them to work there.

      • brian

        @Psalm19 : if they paid employees more, wal-mart would not be that big and less people would be employed.

        god, use your brain people!

      • Walton the Parasite

        All you Randtards should educate yourselves about the crony capitalist financial parasites who are sucking our economy. Those gangbanksters want socialism for themselves and gulags for the rest.

      • callmeBob

        Doesn’t our government already give away OUR money to the needy…? Has it helped the problem? Why then should anyone give more money to the taking class?

      • Dan


      • Dave

        @Mike…I would agree there are some who are lazy, but there are others who are looking for work, but have not found a job.

        As to not giving to orgs who help those in need because all they would do is embezzel the donations, I can cite several orgs, not the least of which is The Salvation Army, who not only give assistance to those in need but are very careful to account for every dollar given. If theft is found, they prosecute the offender to the full extent of the law.

      • rev.david

        many people only care about the poor (in a neg. way) because it comes out of their taxes.people are greedy.yet if those same people didnt have food for their families and couldnt find a job then would they be singing the same tune?this is about greed.yes mr.psalms walmart exploits people,yes the americian people support that exploitation because it saves them money.i dont believe the govnt should force people to give to the poor.i believe the richest country should give because they can and they want to.we will be held accountable for how we treat the poor.”He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord;and that which he hath given will he pay him again”Proverbs 19:7.

      • BigE

        Great idea! Wal-Mart should start everyone out at $25 an hour and we the consumer can contribute by paying even more for everything in the store! Brilliant idea!!! There’s no law that requires people to work at Wal-Mart! If you don’t like your wages look for another job. Or do what it takes to make yourself marketable for higher paying jobs. I can’t believe how dense some people are!

    • joe

      I remember when they taught kids how to read write and count. Enough with the social engineering. Next thing you know Cookie Monster will become a vegetarian. (yes… I know)

      • Kat

        While I somewhat agree with you, most parents nowadays can’t/won’t teach their children these things so I guess the TV is the next best choice. I work in childcare and the things parents say are appalling. A 4 year-old in my class cut another child with a pair of scissors and the mom’s response, “He’s really tired, he didn’t sleep well last night.” So maybe they do need Sesame Street to help them, cause god knows their parents won’t.

      • Nancee

        Love Walmart. Will not stop shopping there.

      • bear knucklez

        @Joe…. they already have an HIV positive muppet and I believe (could be wrong) they have a homosexual muppet as well. Why not a poverty muppet? I agree, too much social engineering.
        @Kat… I can’t help but think that using this type of format to pick up the slack of poor excuses of parenthood is a dangerous to all of the other kids with decent parents (who, as I type it, should be monitoring what those kids are watching anyway, so maybe nevermind?).

      • afasdf

        @Kat – gee maybe your stupid arse should get out of childcare if you give scissors to other people’s kids so they can cut eachother. yet anothe rliberal dumass teacher blaming parents for their own incompetence.

      • jb

        @afasdf – When exactly do you believe a child should learn to use scissors? Because they should start developing that skill at 2 yrs old. And yes, you can cut someone with safety scissors. But you’re obviously so intelligent that I bet you already knew all that.

    • Drdarby

      More left wing propaganda for weak minds. The left continues to indoctrnate children.

      • Roland

        Yea, they are much better off watching Fox news and going to the tri-weekly fashion show and indoctrination center.

      • KevinVA

        Hollywood IS the indoctrination center, you tool. Fox News is the only network that doesn’t kowtow to the liberal agenda… and it even has a majority of liberals working for them. Get over your hard on for Fox News… it only showcases your ignorance.

      • teaj

        you just compare sesame street to fox news?

      • justsayin

        @kevinVA oh do us all a favor and jump up your own ass and die kthx

    • Bombgod

      Choke out Big Bird and eat like a queen

  • Justin

    This is amazing. Thank you, Sesame Street!

    • The Clintidote

      Is this puppet a Sesame Street slave? Why don’t the PBS leftists pay her enough to eat?

      • Gibby

        Now that is funny, I can’t stop chuckling at that comment!

    • Lady Susu

      Wow! Why didn’t I think of that??

    • BigE

      No it’s not amazing, it’s plain retarded and does paint the whole picture. Just what the leftist at PBS want the numbskull Americans to see.

      • BigE

        Edit: Does not paint the whole picture.

  • T2

    Hmmm. That muppet looks perpetually happy to me. She can still afford green eyeshadow and fake lashes too!

    “Food insecurity”?? huh?

    • Mmm hmm

      HAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! I posted almost the same thing.

    • Ian

      Exactly which muppets are sporting REAL eyelashes, just out of curiosity?

      • Ace


        Point goes to Ian.

      • Sandra S.

        Thank you for the best laugh I’ve had all day!!

      • afasdf


      • afasdf

        Obama Reid and Pelosi and Frank (although I think his might be fake as well)

    • whodat1

      “She can still afford green eyeshadow and fake lashes too!”

      Of course, she has an EBT card!

  • TwoCents

    Are we to assume that the target audience — impoverished families who struggle to afford basics like food – can afford a Television to watch this special? I applaud the sentiment, but question the execution.

    • Fatima

      It’s not just the poor themselves that should be seeing this character and understanding different people’s situations. This is good for all kids to see that not everyone lives as fortunately as them.

      • Jaded

        That is so true! I’m anxious for our kids to see it to further demonstrate how thankful we should be for what we have and so they can be more sensitive to those who aren’t as fortunate.

      • Mike

        It has NOTHING to do with making kids more sensitive, it has EVERYTHING to do with raising kids at an early age to be more socially liberal and grow up to vote with their misguided hearts rather than their brains! Don’t let your kids be fooled!

      • Larrry Johnson


      • BigE

        Situations? Like the starving kids mom has been around the block a few times? Blows extra money on cell phones? At the club looking for another man to make another mouth to supposedly feed? I’ve seen too many cases like the one Sesame Street is trying to present and there’s usually a reason behind it but not the reason the welfare pushers want you to see. I wouldn’t let my kids watch this crap.

    • anonymous

      I don’t think that impoverished families are the target audience–they already know that they struggle with hunger and poverty. Its the kids who attend school with them or pass them on the street or bus that are the target audience.

    • Three Cents

      You’re kidding, right? Anyone can get food stamps (or whatever they’re calling it these days) and they sure buy much more (and much more expensive food than I do) at the grocery store. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Steak, expensive brand-name cases of soda, all manner of chips and high-fat snacks…while I stand behind with my healthy food, coupons, and a $40 budget.

      Makes me sick.

      • c

        Perhaps they saved three of four months worth of stamps to have special dinner. You never know what’s going on. What you see ONE TIME at ONE STORE is not universally true for all people on food stamps.

      • krp

        Sorry dude, the monthly allowance is MORE than sufficient for the persons that the “benefit” is calculated for. I had friends that were “illegal” and they obtained food stamps for their born citizen children. I have no problem with that, but they would cook a large pot of beans or spaghetti, and after three days they would say that it was no good anymore and throw it out. (or give it to me if I was around) With what little assistance they received to support one little girl, they wasted a lot of food.

      • teaj

        two people living next door to me manipulate their address and take 2 sets of food stamps. They are white and in their 20s. lol I’m sure this is what it was intended for.

        oh they use the money for cigarettes and pills. working as intended.

      • BigE

        @C, one time seeing this? Ha, I’ve also seen this and it has been more than one occasion. These people don’t save a damn thing, there’s a reason they mooch off of the government teet and it isn’t because they’re responsible with money!

    • Peter

      @Three Cents – you do realize the average weekly allotment for food stamps is $35 – so based on your ‘eye witness account’, you could be buying the same stuff.

      • Three Cents

        Then the people in front of me were cheating, because their bill came to $114 and was paid with our state’s ‘pay card’. Redonkulous.

      • Mark

        Peter your so wrong on all of your comments. $35 a week? I don’t know of any one that get that amount except the elderly. My family and my wife’s family all get gov help, food stamps and Health Care. My wife and I got out and got an education and broke the cycle. Its a way of life and most of their kids continue it. They are folks that needs help but the majority are worthless people that refuse to help themselves.

      • gman

        A family of 5 with even some income gets $793 a month in food stamps…that is MORE THAN ENOUGH

      • wow

        The amount given for food stamps varies from state to state. And no, you cannot but alcohol, cigarettes, or hot food with them.
        Steak, prepared salad bar items, deli meats, and all sorts of other not-affordables are allowed though!

    • Jojo

      I think it is geared toward those of us fortunate enough to have good jobs and food on our tables… Do that we have a venue to open up to our children about the fact that some children are not as fortunate as they may be.. I am by no means rich.. But I have a roof over my head food on my table and my child is not lacking for anything.. I have taught her since tiny to be charitable if only with spare change or an extra gift for a less fortunate child at christmas.. Why would anyone not want there child to be a conscientious and

      • Jojo

        * and prepared for the world they will be living in ?

      • Georgiasaraann

        Fortune has nothing to do with it. It has to do with making good choices. Do not have children you can not afford. Sesame Street is just backwards on this one. A character is needed showing good decision making. Not someone to feel sorry for because their parents were lousy providers. I mean, what is Sesame Street trying to say? That is OK for parents to do this to their kids? It’s not.

    • The Clintidote

      They’re watching Jerry Springer on the big plasma, drinking EBT beer and eating Government Cheese.

      • Andrea

        I don’t know about your state but here in WA you CAN’T buy beer, liquor, cigarettes with EBT. It is strictly for food (not prepared either) and for a single person per month you get 200 bucks. Which helps when you are down on your luck, I’m a recent grad trying to find a job and that little bit makes all the difference, but it is by no means an ungodly sum. There is an utter lack of empathy on this thread and its disgusting. All the people buying into the hate the poor rhetoric. Remember Florida’s test for drugs to get benefits because we think all this people are druggies abusing the system look up the results. There was no substantial amount of benefits denied due to drug use. People who can make it through the process of getting on benefits, which is not made to be easy, are typically the ones that have their life a bit more together.

      • Georgiasaraann

        Andrea, you had the money to go to school but you don’t have money for food? What was the point to going to school then? Why didn’t you get a degree that would land you a job? As for drug use in Florida, that can easily be concealed. Do you think food stamp receipients show up with needles sticking out of their arms?

  • Aura Lee

    Everyone suffers in this great recession. Even Sesame Street.

    • Mmm hmm

      When are these fools going to call a spade a spade and admit that we’ve been in one long depression from the get-go? I guess “recession” sounds less guillotinish

      • Margaret

        Did the swim workout today 12 100 on 2:30. All 12 were wtebeen 1:33 and 1:36.I did the WOD from the local box this afternoon and it was a beast Against a 30 Minute continuously running clock, Perform the following WOD where after completing each movement for 30 reps, you must perform as many burpees as possible with the remaining 3 minutes:3 Minutes…30 Box jumps, 24/20″3 Minutes…30 Pull-ups3 Minutes…30 Thrusters, 95/65lb3 Minutes…30 Kettlebell swings, 55/35lb3 Minutes…Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25lb), 30 steps3 Minutes…30 Knees to elbows3 Minutes…30 Push press, 95/65lb pounds3 Minutes…30 Power Clean, 95/65lb3 Minutes…30 Wall ball shots, 20/14lb3 Minutes…30 Double undersYou may perform the WOD in any order you wish. Subtract 5 burpees from your score each time you’re unable to complete the 30 reps within the 3 minute interval.I did everything RX except the Thrusters (65) and the KB Swings (35). Total Burpees = 55. No penalties (although I was close on the double unders). I couldn’t feel my arms at the end and had to lay on the floor for awhile

  • Nathan

    We’re getting ever closer to my dream, the meth addicted muppet, do it SS, do it!

    • Kat

      Ha! I love it!

    • Snaird


  • Nathan

    Hey big bird man, I’ll suck your **** for 5 dollars.

    • Big Bird

      My beak?

  • BP

    Must be a middle class muppet whose parents have to actually pay bills (like home, electric, etc.), have very little money left to pay for food and make “too much” to qualify for an EBT card and food stamps. Welcome to the USA circa 2011!

    • J

      You must know me. My husband and I make exactly $41.79 too much every month to qualify for food stamps. The only job he could find is 40 miles away one way, so he goes through two times that amount every week, just to get to work.

      I make sure he’s fed. I make sure our daughter is fed. And then, if there’s some left over for me, I get to eat.

      We weren’t always like this. When I got pregnant, we were both working at great jobs. Then his contract ended and my office closed and, well, the economy is crap.

      I sold my smartphone, we don’t have cable, and our neighbor is nice enough to let us piggyback off his wireless so I can look for a job every day.

      And we’re some of the lucky ones. We have power and heat and a roof over our head.

      • wicwoes.com

        As one of the many american’s that is considered “food insecure” I am very curious how they are going to portray the food insecure. . .

      • Ross

        My prayers are with you and your family in this time of need. I know it is easier to say that to do but remember that this to shall pass. Keep looking and keep improving your skills so you are ready when opportunity does come.

        I was in a similar situation years ago and one of the hardest things is just keeping your dreams alive and putting one foot in front of the other everyday to work your way through it.

        Best of luck,

      • krp

        The economy will not get better until the door of the White House hits Michelle on the rear on her way out.

        Some twenty years ago, I received food stamps for a brief period and as a condition of that I had to attend a JOBS program, and in that FEDERAL program, it was explained that people hire people in order to MAKE MORE MONEY.

        Well, you have got this idiot in the Oval Office making statements like “You can’t go to Vegas” and “”You can’t fly in your private jet”. and waging class warfare against “the rich” (when the rich are in fact Liberal Democrats that aim to keep “those people” down) you have an economic climate where people are afraid to make money or they will be another target for THE NONE. Real or not, that is the perception and he has been typecast in that role that nothing will change until his Administration is relgated to the ashheap of history,,

      • d

        Good Luck J – it is so hard to see and hear of struggling families may God bless you for your sacrifices – Better days are coming

      • achuee

        Boy you got it figured out to the penny, just vultured up waiting for the Guvment payoff. For years I made 100s less than enough per month to qualify and never even once thought about applying for welfare. or food stamps. Suck it up and deal with it. No one owes you anything.

  • Runninghot

    Funny, I thought we had a childhood obesity problem in America. Now I read this article and find 1 in 4 children has limited access to nutritious or affordable food? Can someone explain how this is possible? Does that mean the fat kids are rich too? Whatever…this country is going down the tubes.

    • Amy Adams

      Just because a child is overweight does not mean that they are eating correctly (hence they can be obese but not well). Many times, over-processed food cost less than healthier food.

      I do find it challenging that Walmart, which pays sub-standard wages, is a sponsor.

      • selina

        That’s absolutely untrue. You can make a kid a lunch for a week (a loaf of whole wheat bread, a half pound of ham, and a bag of apples) for less than the cost of one McDonalds value meal. Unhealthy foods are fast and convenient but NOT cheaper than ‘real’ food. I know – they take time to prepare – but honestly, the time it takes me to pack my kid’s lunch in the morning is less than the time I have ever spent in the drive through.

      • annoyinglittletwerp

        My husband is a railroader and I work in the produce department of a Walmart Supercenter in TX. we moved from Illinois to TX in April partially because I couldn’t find a job…in 2 1/2 YEARS of looking. I got hired @ Walmart within a month. I make $7.85 an hour which is wonderful…because in the Nannystate cesspool that Illinois has become I was making NOTHING. I like my job-and as my family’s second income-don’t mind what I’m making. I also don’t mind living in the most conservative part of Texas-but that’s neither here nor there.

      • @Salina

        “Unhealthy foods are…not cheaper than real food” is not necessarily true. As I shop, it is the unhealthier choices that are much cheaper than the healthy ones. Organic milk is twice the price of regular, frozen dinners are way cheaper than actually buying meat and fresh vegetables. Eating out is usually more expensive than eating in, but within the grocery store unhealthy choices are usually cheaper.

      • selina

        @Salina, if you look at the individual cost of frozen dinners, yes, one meal is cheaper than a steak. However, to feed a family of 4 you need 4 of those. For that price, I can buy an entire chicken, carrots, potatoes, and salad greens. I can roast the chicken tonight with the potatoes and carrots, then tomorrow I can use the carcass to make stock, and then throw some pasta in the broth with any leftover carrots and potatoes and chicken meat and voila, I have meals for four people for two nights for still less than the price of four frozen dinners. Fresh vegetables, or even frozen are far cheaper than the minuscule portions included in a frozen dinner. Why do you need organic milk? Regular milk without RsBT’s and growth hormones is fine. I’m not saying it doesn’t take planning and watching sales, but I can get chicken breast for $1.99 a pound, whole chickens for .79 cents a pound and I live in high tax high cost of living areas. I appreciate your viewpoint, but I do not believe that unhealthy foods are less expensive than healthy ones.

      • @Salina

        I just spent $450 at the grocery store today for a family of 4. It would have been far cheaper to buy less healthy food. Instead I bought a variety of meats, fruits, and vegetables to make healthy meals. I buy organic milk because it’s healthy.

      • District 12

        how in the h*** do you spend 450 dollars at the grocery store on a family of 4? Growing up my mom had 60 bucks a week to feed a family of 5 and she made it work and we always had a meat veggie and fruit with every dinner. Spending 450 dollars is just stupid, learn to shop better.

      • Jamie


        Nowadays, especially at Walmart, a frozen dinner costs about one dollar each. You can buy chicken potatoes carrots salad greens all for 4 dollars? Salina is right. It IS more expensive to buy real food.
        If you consider the meal your just explained for a family of four constitutes as real food you are truly blinded. Your non-organic chicken was injected with hormones, stuffed in a small cage with 3 other chickens covered in it’s own feces. And your vegetables are planted in highly contaminated soil then sprayed daily with pesticides and petroleum. And there is in fact a HUGE difference between organic and non-organic. The cow that you get your regular milk from is eating corn, feces, and probably another processed cow (hence, mad cow), injected with hormones to produce more milk and still be alive while being confined in a tiny stall waiting for the day when it;s too weak to make milk but not too weak to make steak.
        As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”.

      • selina

        The question here isn’t organic vs not organic – that is an entirely different argument. If people can only eat organic in order to be healthy in your view, then yes, we’re all screwed.
        However, if you buy and make your own food consistently, and reuse your leftovers, and get all you can out of the food you buy, it is cheaper and more nutritious than buying frozen dinners every day of the week. And in re: milk, you will please note that I said you can get hormone and animal free feed milk. I just said you don’t need organic milk. Even hormone laced milk is still healthier for you than the 32 oz Big Gulp you may buy and say is cheaper so I have to buy this instead of the milk.

      • selina

        @Salina, I’m not sure where you bought food for $450, but I could feed my family for quite some time on that money, even if I bought organic. I can buy organic milk at my local farm for the same price as I get non-organic at the grocery store, and my CSA which gives me my produce (organic) for 20 weeks, which I then process and put up for the winter, is only a bit more than what your one week grocery bill was. No, Whole Foods is not going to be cheaper than Wal Mart, but watch the flyers, buy things in season and on sale, and you will spend less money than if you buy everything processed and pre-packaged.

      • Jamie

        Yes, I do believe you have to eat organic in order to be healthy. And I believe Salina was constituting organic as real food. The fact that you dismiss organic as a regular option is the reason why organic is so pricey. When you continue with the nonchalant attitude of whether your food is organic or loaded with chemicals and toxins is the reason why good raw healthy clean food as become a luxury and not a right.

        Also, what supermarket do you go to that you can buy 4 dollars worth of groceries for a two-day meal?

      • selina

        Please see above. I said I belong to an organic CSA. If you are buying organic frozen dinners from Wal Mart for a $1 apiece, more power to you but I do not believe it. For $8 you purport you can buy 8 frozen dinners for 4 people for 2 nights dinners, which I also don’t believe because last I looked at them frozen dinners in Wal Mart were 2.29 for a full meal. At Wal Mart, I can get a 4 lb chicken for $3.80, 1 lb carrots for .89 cents, a box of pasta for .69 cents, a head of romaine for $1.25, and 1 lb potatoes for .89 cents. I submit that my meals (roasted chicken, chicken noodle soup) will be healthier, taste better, and be more nutritionally rewarding than your frozen dinners.

      • Joe

        What wrong with spending 450.00 on food.I spend 500.00 a week on food. On thanksgiving I spend atleast 600.00 just for that day alone.

    • krp

      A good part of the reason for “food insecurity” is that the Liberals that have NYC in a chokehold will not allow ANY Wal-mart ANYWHERE in NYC (same in Chicago), and the unions own California to the point that there are no SuperCenters anywhere in California, so food is necessarily more expensive in these places because Wal-Mart is not there to add competition to drive prices down. Wal-Mart has many times placed adds on Facebook asking New Yorkers is they think that grocery prices are too high to try to get grassroots support for letting Wal-Mart into the city and offer cheaper food prices.

      • J

        There is a Wal-Mart Supercenter that’s open 24 hours about five minutes from me. I live in the center of California. There’s another one about half an hour away. Please don’t spread misinformation.

      • JamesDean

        Finally Chicago has been freed. Only to quell the crazy minorities and to keep them under the thumb of the man. Whoever he is….perhaps Obumbler.

  • Shannon

    I agree with above stated Psalm19, it is rather ironic Walmart should sponsor such a thing with their GMO nutritionally challenged foods and the fact that they perpetuate poverty with their employment practices, 300 part time employees left to pick up 2nd jobs or have their income subsidized by the government.

    • annoyinglittletwerp

      ‘Perpetuating poverty’? Barack Obama and his policies that are both anti-business anti-individual liberty/responsibility are doing more to drive up the poverty rates in the Nation than anything being done by Walmart!

      • Yezka

        Bush started… and Obama continued… the recession…

      • teaj

        the democrats took majority control of the house and senate in 2006.

    • DRH

      Yeah, it’s horrible that WalMart supplies stable employment for low-skilled workers. Get the torches and pitchforks!!!!

      • teaj

        and cheap products. You think Target and the rest of the stores aren’t using Walmart as an example for their future. Or do you work for target? That actually makes a whole lot more sense if you worked for a competitor because they are all the same.

      • Lucasjadanhi

        I do a newsletter for our arnetmpat complex in Sandy and like to includeyour october events. I need the list as soon as possible to make deadlineof Oct 1. Our tenants come there regularly for your event.

      • George

        Did the 125m row’s yesterday with 10kg hgweit in a back pack. It was not as easy as Tue session with out the hgweit but my split where better even though my legs were sore (still are) after the strength and conditioning work done this week. times: 23.2-23.6-23.7-23.8-23.2-23.5-23.4-23.2-23.4-23.2. Managed to keep the stroke rate at 40 to 41. Amazed at how strange the hgweit made the session feel.

    • JamesDean

      then dont work there

  • food_fighter

    @selina – sure, studies show that buying food and making lunch yourself is cheaper than fast food, but they also show that many poorer areas (where the malnourished live) are devoid of places to buy a half-pound of ham or whole wheat bread. Google ‘food desert’ and see what I mean. And besides, Amy Adams said ‘many times’ so it cannot be ‘absolutely untrue’. Don’t say that next time.

    • selina

      Little bit of want to. How many excuses do people want to use to explain why they have to eat at McDonalds? I don’t doubt that there are some people who really have no other choice, there aren’t stores, they can’t afford to drive to the store, they can’t take public transportation to the store, they can’t walk to the store, they can’t have a neighbor or friend buy things for them at the store or take them to the store, but I suspect that it is not more than 20% of obese, malnourished people who would qualify under that definition. When you look at the straight $$ cost of fast food versus preparing your own, it is ABSOLUTELY less expensive to prepare your own food. The bundled cost of preparing your own food versus going to McD’s may be greater, but again, I do not believe this is true for the majority of people who choose fast food over preparing fresh food themselves.

      • food_fighter

        I agree with you that the majority of people who choose fast food over a home-cooked meal have no excuse when it comes to health, but then the majority of those people probably don’t worry too much about money. I’m not making excuses for everyone who eats at McDonald’s – just the people who may legitimately have one. What percent of these people that we are discussing (living below the poverty line, suffering from malnourishment and at least mild obesity) are homeless? Access to a kitchen to prepare said healthy food or a pantry to store said healthy food becomes severely limited (but admittedly not impossible) when we consider this. Adding it to the other causes you mentioned (can’t walk, drive, or phone a friend) could increase the percentage from 20% to what – 30%? 40%?

      • wow

        I agree that fast food is in many cases, cheaper. While I never, ever, go to McDoo-doo’s- I find myself regularly in the jack in the box drive through ordering 2 tacos for $0.99 for my daughter and a chicken sandwich for $0.99 for my son.

        Eating at home can be inexpensive if you cook up a pot of dry beans every week, make your own tamales from scratch, eat lots of rice and make home made bread or buy cheap ones from Trader Joe’s. We do all these things. However, the fact remains that a high carb diet (even a healthy one!) is not good for some people, me included.

        Meat, cheese, fresh fruits and veggies are expensive. I grow almost all of our in season produce at home, and the cost for these items is still significant for our household.

        I could probably qualify for food stamps, but I’m not on them. I will take care of my own family.

  • Brian

    I’m ol gregg

    • Roland

      Do you love me? Could you ever love me?

  • NMS

    Maybe the characters of semseme street can develop some christian values and help them raise out of their current situation. Who am I kidding, that would be exclusionary. What will happen is that PBS and Federal Agents will come by confiscate Oscar’s trash can, take Count’s Numbers, take Cookie Monster’s cookies and distribute them according to their needs; as of course calculated by Turbo Tax Timmy.


      they must be brining this out because they are so delusional they think Obama actually will get re-elected LMAO.

  • Ben

    I am glad that Sesame Street can talk about real issues that confront today’s children. Recession/depression, war, death, hunger, medical problems, bullying, crime and lack of good schools for many of them. Thank you Sesame Street and PBS.

    • Drdarby

      Ben you are such an ignorant libitard. Go back to preying on children you weakminded idiot

      • RR

        Drdarby you are a true retard

    • Nikki

      Why can’t we just let kids be kids. Preschoolers don’t need to be worring about poverty. I’d rather my preschooler worry about spiders and little stuff. They’re not adults, stop treating them as such. Anyway when my kids learn about serious adult issues, I’d rather they learn about it from me, not some tv show.

      • Obama’s America

        Spot on Nikki. My kids don’t waste food and are grateful for what we have, and look for opportunities to help people who are actually trying to better their families. You know why they know this…? Because my wife and I teach it to them. Enough with the social engineering. And yes, it’s not the kids fault but MANY parents don’t take proper care of their kids because our social safety net has become a hammock. If the government wouldn’t take my last free dime, I would gladly assist families in my community who were struggling. Provided they were trying to work and being as tight on their budgets as I am. (I am a 33 year old physician who doesn’t have cable/satellite because it’s a poor investment and I have student loans.)

      • Obama’s America

        But even without cable/satelite, my kids still have food on the table.

      • Joz

        Great time at the Oakland County Crossfit CFE Seminar this weekend. Only did Strength & otidicionnng today. Gonna use this week as a recovery week sort of. 135lbs. for the Sumo Deadlifts. Did the Crossfit Mainsite WOD because my legs were still pretty tired from all the run work we did over the weekend. Feet on wall for HS Push-Ups, Kip Pull-Ups, and 25lbs. for Walk Luncge- 10:08 min. Mobility rest of night. Go Tigers!!

    • David

      Ben, your philosophy is the reason kids today have no childhood and are so f’d up. Lay a guilt trip on them with this kind of crap and acrew their heads up with all the green bull****! Go away and follow Odumbo and his drivel like a sheep.

      • Ben

        To all the people who want Children’s shows that ignore the real world we live in–Welcome to the year 2011! We have a war in Afganistan (and Iraq), the economy is terrible, there is crime in the neighborhoods. the price of many necessary products are going up. The children might not be able to get the Christmas presents they want, because, (A) their parents might not have jobs, or (B) if they do have work, it doesn’t pay very much.
        Not all children’s programs has to be cartoons that exist in fantasy land. Most parents have difficulty telling their kids about the wars, terrorism, the terrible economy, and crime in the cities. Sesame Street is not just there to tell people their ABC’s, it’s also there to help the children deal with the real world we live in 2011. Having the children watch mindless cartoons is not going to make the problems go away. It’s better to discuss it at a level they can relate to and on programs that talk to children in a way that helps them relate to a world that’s in the worst economic crisis since the 1930s!

      • Anderson

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