'Simpsons' producers agree to pay cuts

Several top-level producers of The Simpsons have agreed to take pay cuts to keep the long-running animated show on the air, sources confirm.

Some — though not all — of the producers of the Fox series have indicated they’re willing to have their pay reduced to continue the series beyond its current record-setting 23rd season.

The cast, however, have yet to agree to terms with the studio. As Variety reported, Simpsons studio 20th Century Fox TV has demanded a 45 percent pay cut and the voice actors countered with a 30 percent reduction, plus a piece of the back end. The studio rejected that proposal. 

Fox has previously declared the iconic hit is no longer sustainable under its current deal and is demanding salary reductions in order for the series to continue.

All sides, however, strongly believe a deal will be reached. Even with reduced paychecks, there’s still plenty of money on the table. Nobody wants to see The Simpsons end its legacy without a proper series finale. And a final season would likely create considerable buzz and renewed interest in the show, which is used to launch the rest of Fox’s Sunday night animated block.

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  • Jay

    So, this is the part where a whole lotta d-bags complain that the show hasn’t been good since (insert season # here), and who cares, and (insert animated show here) is SOOO much better….BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. You Internerds are so predictable!

    • Ron

      Actually, none of that comes to mind. Just one familiar word, in this case spelled a little differently: D’OUGH!

    • Pineapples-R-Crunchy

      If by internerd you mean a long time fan who wishes they didn’t waste awesome plots for another SImpsons movie on lackluster episodes then yeah. I guess I”m an internerd.

      Then again what is lamer. The internerd bitching about The Simpsons or the internerd bitching about internerds?

    • lori

      I wasn’t going to complain. I was going to say that is really a good idea that they did this cut-back on their pay. Honestly, they should consider themselves lucky to be still working.

      • Dominic

        Agreed, so long as the talent is fairly sharing in the show’s success, actors, writers especially.

    • D ‘oh!

      Jay, Isn’t that exactly what the internet is all about? Little people pontificating, pretending they are important? It’s the virtual version of the cell phone.

    • Eric

      the show hasn’t been good since (season 10), and who cares, and (American Dad) is SOOO much better….

      • typeg98

        the show hasn’t been good since (season 22), and who cares, and (Mighty Morphing Power Rangers) is SOOO much better

    • Rush

      Simpsons did it.

    • Chris

      And just as predictable – idiots like you comes on whining about other people whining in anticipation of them whining…

      Get a life and don’t read comments if you’re so impressionable.

    • Dylan

      I only see one d-bag here Jay…wonder who that could be??

      • DThor

        Of course, if jay hadn’t posted that, there’d be a s**tload of commenters doing exactly what he’s saying they would be. Any time there’s an article about The Simpsons, that’s exactly what happens over and over and over. Thanks Jay, for cutting those losers off at the pass.

  • stu

    it should end this season w/ Desperate Housewives.

    • lori

      Now DH is a waste of money. Straight up cancel that show and use the money for something worthwhile.

  • dan

    haha jay nobody cares.

  • A

    They should just cancel the show it’s already pasted its prime! I mean the Simpsons ended along time ago with its original viewers. No really cares since no is watching the Simpsons.

    • earl

      Fox wouldn’t be working so hard to try and keep it on the air if nobody was watching it. What a dumb comment, I mean really dumb.

      • 0rgb0rg

        earl: “working so hard” in that business, in this context, simply means “spending a lot of money on”. since they seek to reduce that amount, it’s obvious they DON’T want to “work so hard”.

        and yeah I think Jay would have been right 5 yrs ago but, truly, the show has sunk to the point where nobody cares. indifferent is the new critical.

      • earl

        My point is that if nobody was watching it, they would just cancel it and tell the actors to take a hike. As it is, the pay cut means they will still be paying the actors 4 million dollars a year, each. It’s not the cultural phenomenon it was ten years ago, but it’s obviously still a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world, or they would just pull the plug and walk away.

    • jack@handy.com

      The Simpsons, just like SNL, is sometimes funny and sometimes not, I’ve seen new episodes recently that were hilarious, don’t believe the hype!

    • lori

      There are plenty of other dog television shows right now that I would consider cancelling first before I would cancel The Simpsons. I can actually still enjoying watching the Simpsons. Half of these reality tv shows are so boring now, if they cancelled them tomorrow nobody would even miss them.

    • Garrett

      ‘pasted’ it’s prime?? How do you expect anyone to value your opinion if you can’t even use proper grammar?! No offense, but the second I read that word I thought you were an idiot, and it discredited your whole comment, even though I agree with it for the most part…

      • kdear

        Really Garrett? You’re calling out someone for a typo by claiming to have a grasp of proper grammar? I suggest you some time to study your grammar yourself. For example, ending a sentence with two question marks; ending another sentence with a question mark and an exclamation mark; and, last, but definitely a huge error is to end your comments with an ellipsis (that’s what those dots are called). In summary, if you’re going to call people out for idiotic behaviour (this isn’t a spelling mistake as I’m English), then by all means don’t respond in a way that will communicate your own idiocy.

      • Ray Smith

        kdear: You stated “Really Garrett? You’re calling out someone for a typo by claiming to have a grasp of proper grammar? I suggest you some time to study your grammar yourself.
        I suggest you some time to study your grammar yourself, before you talk of Garrett’s idiocy..

      • matt

        Nice use of hypocrisy, kdear. Read it again.

    • chris

      i’ve been watching it every week since 1995 so it hasn’t ended for me

    • yup

      The Simpsons and Family Guy are pretty much neck and neck ratings-wise, so I wouldn’t say “nobody” watches it.

      Fox should cancel Cleveland Show since it gets worse ratings (or the practically cancelled already American Dad or the sure-to-be-terrible Napoleon Dynamite cartoon) and give the Simpsons team THAT money.

  • Ian

    Of the Animation Domination shows, this is the one I find the most consistently funny (Family Guy’s been lousy the past few years, never like The Cleveland Show, and American Dad has its moments), so I hope they can get a few more years out of this.

    • lori

      It has talented writers. Maybe Hollywood should take a cue from that fact, and start hiring people that know how to write fresh, enjoyable, current, funny stuff.

  • Michael

    What pisses me off is that the voice actors after 23 seasons have only made 20 million a year now. They produce 22 episodes per seasn. Yet Family Guy and American Dad who haven’t been on that long nor have that many episodes per season make more for their voice actors. Simpsons although has had its ups and downs through the years, it will always be a classic. Why would they treat the voice actors like this yet again AD and FG actors make millions more. So not fair.

    • TheBaldr

      What? Beside McFarlane, those voice actors only get paid a quarter of what the cast of the Simpson’s makes. They are the best paid actors in TELEVISION, not just animation. They make more than $23,000/hr.

  • evan

    without the simpsons on sunday night fox would lose so many viewers. fox wants it to be seth macfarlane night

  • Robert Taylor

    It’s October. The current season ends in May. Why wouldn’t they have time to put together a proper season finale?

    • k

      Because it takes something around 9 months the write, animate, voice and edit each episode.

  • Vago

    Professional Actors and Athletes – ALL overpaid. Strip them of their God status and get back to reality. It’s all about greed…who cares?

    • Larry

      If people were paying to see me, I would want a nice chunk of that money. It’s not like if it’s not going to the talent it will be going to starving orphans. It just means more money for faceless producers that have nothing to do with why anybody watches.

    • Terry

      You obviously have no idea how difficult it can be to make a success out of either one of the careers you’ve mentioned, not to mention the finances involved and how those are split between companies/owners and actors/athletes. So they’re highly paid, what’s it to you? In the same vein, some think teachers make too much money and they should just enjoy trying to herd a bunch of snot-nosed brats that had awful parenting around a school all day.

      It’s called a PROFESSION, and not a charity for a reason.

      Moreover, if your employer asked you to come back to work for 45% less in salary (regardless of whether that’s mere thousands or huge millions) because sales are down, even though they have several other branches turning a profit off of YOUR hard work, how would you feel??

      • SW

        Get real, this has been happening to the “little people” for quite a while now. Why shouldn’t it happen in show BUSINESS. They say in business you’re only paid what you’re worth.

        Did you ever think that maybe the other shows voice talent/writers gets paid more… Because they understand and interact with the first half of the target demo better than a show that originated before most of them were born?

      • William

        What? Who thinks teachers are overpaid? That’s positively the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. Granted, I’m sure you could find someone on the Internet who feels that way but I could just as easily find someone who believed that all technology would cease to work on NY 2000.

      • Linda

        I guess you weren’t paying attention to most of the pundits on Fox News a few months ago William. They were going on about how insanely overpaid teachers are, almost like they were modern day robber barons. Why they have summer off and get off work by 3 o’clock in the afternoon! The hosts, that most likely make more in an hour than a teacher makes all year, were just shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YOU, at the 30k to 40k annual salaries, why are these people living like Paris Hilton on the tax payers dime? Ok, I made up the Paris Hilton part, but only because the Fox air heads didn’t think to say it.

  • Adam

    I still like the Simpsons.

    I’ve only watched a handful of episodes of “Family Guy”, “Bob’s Burgers”, etc… and found them extremely retarded.

  • Thomas St Oll

    Stupid greedy people, actors and producers alike. Where is either group going to find a deal like they have now, but they risk losing it to greed.

    Every body take a X% cut and call it good.

    • dee123

      Do you work for FOX?

  • Bob

    They still make the Simpsons!

  • Michael Sacal

    Just do a spin off in which the kids are teeenagers. It worked for Pebbles and Bam-Bam.

    • kiffiekat

      Not really. It was hard to view them as Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm. They were more like completely new characters. They could never recapture the personalities the kids had as babies.

  • ralph@wiggum.com

    My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

    • brian

      I broke my wookie.

    • zipcity

      Oh boy, sleep! That’s where I’m a Viking!

  • Possum OnThe Monorail

    “I call him bitey.”

    • brian

      Homer I found a man who thinks he can help you.
      Is it Bat-Man?
      No it’s a scientist.
      Bat-Man’s a scientist.
      It’s not Bat-Man!

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