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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki couldn’t say much about the wedding that has fans in a tizzy. But during a press visit to the set of Supernatural yesterday, Padalecki did say that one of the brothers’ trip to the altar is as unexpected to the other brother as it was to fans. “The gist of it is that these characters have been through a lot,” he said. “Dean in relationships and Sam in relationships, and now — it kind of comes out of the blue — but there is going to be a character who gets married. And it’s kind of confusing to the other character, naturally, but it all spells itself out pretty quickly.”

Meanwhile, Ackles opened up about Dean’s as-of-yet unspecified struggles, which last week found him making an emotional phone call to Bobby. “It’s a lot of that inner struggles that’s been dragging along for six years,” he said. “Dean’s got his issues that he’s constantly dealing with — the guilt and the lifestyle, in general, the fact that he feels like he let his brother down and may not be able to protect people the way he use to be able to. It’s a ‘weight of the world’ thing.”

You can view the full press Q&A in the video below. Two must-watch portions? 1) Where I embarrass myself around the 1:30-mark and 2) The end, where Padalecki describes Sam as “wacky.”


Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly

This morning, the Supernatural fun continued as a band of press folk were given a tour of the rainy Vancouver set, where the treats included a photo session with the Impala, a tour of a set that I can say absolutely nothing about, and a trip to the Supernatural prop room, where assistant prop master Don McGill (pictured, below) gave us a short trip through Supernatural history, particularly pointing out that they like to keep “mom and dad” on display and held up photos of the brothers’ parents. This earned him a loud “awww” from the reporters in the cramped room. Oh, and before you ask, yes, I got to hold the Colt. It was magical — and no one was injured.


Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly

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  • del

    Oh. My. Gosh. Cutest interview EVER! :) Lucky lucky you, getting to interact with them! Thanks for your fangirl reports, Sandra….so much fun when the writer is also a huge fan!

  • Flip

    Love this show! Season 7 has gone back to basics and I’m thrilled. Getting rid of Misha Collins was a step in the right direction.

    • Kay

      Castiel is the only reason we even having a season 7. Your opinion is so idiotic it hurts me to know you exist.

      • Chrisa

        I definitely would not say Castiel is the only season we have a season 7, that statement is pretty idiotic in itself. But I definitely consider him a crucial part of the show now and think they’re making a big mistake getting rid of him.

      • Anna

        First of all: “your opinion is so idiotic it hurts me to know you exist”………Really? Wow that’s rude. And second, Castiel is most certainly not the reason for season 7. The show centers around Dean and Sam, and has done so since day one. So if anything is idiotic, it’s your rude-ass reply.

    • Christa


    • Alex

      I don’t think it was a step in the right direction (in fact, quite the opposite). Cas gave Dean another person to care for/depend on. With all the loss the boys suffered the past few seasons, is it so wrong that we ask for ONE thing? Bobby’s missing, Cas is gone and how does that leave them?

      Devastated. Cas was a solid rock for Dean, someone who Dean could always count on to be there and be honest (even when he didn’t necessarily want him to). For the first time in a few seasons, we saw Dean truly happy when he was with Cas. If nothing else, they were BEST FRIENDS.

      You tell me how you would feel if your best friend just up and disappeared? Not very good. There will be ramifications because of this. Just like there were when Sammy died (twice) or when Bobby made a deal with Crowley. It will come back to bite Dean in the ass.

    • winnie

      Well, if the writers want to make people stop watching, it was the right decision.

      I didn’t even finish the second episode. Castiel was the reason I kept watching (I’ve been a fan of the show from season one, but the bothers alone are not enough to make me watch anymore) and I’m not watching the show without. :(

  • Kalie

    Awesome! I love this show and Season 7 is off to a great start.

  • landry

    Although the first 2 episodes have been great, I really hope the show brings Cas back. Team Free Will is just too much a part of the show and Cas is an awesome character!

    • LDSNY

      Go Team Free Will! They all had their ups and downs on this show and he going through the God thing and realizing through pain what he had done and who he hurt, i think would make him more human in a way. Here is to hoping to a naked Cass coming out of the river! LOL

      • A

        Yes! I think a naked Cas is just right to help us forgive them for killing him off in the first place!

  • Juan

    Season 7 has been great love cass but when he became the new god he had to go. cant wait to see who the leviathans boss is!

  • Winnie50

    Honestly two of the most down to earth successful actors on T.V. today. They deserve all the accolades they can get.

  • ally

    who the heck would they marry?! and im glad cas is coming back, i hope he comes back as old cas finally and not some weird evil or some other kind of version of him

    • Jedaqia

      Heard that eps is a funny one with Becky giving Sam some kind of love potion & getting him to marry her. If that’s true, I want that potion too. :-D

  • MJ

    Nice video. This season is looking great

  • Mae

    Season 7 is so promising so far! It’s a refreshing change from Season 6 (which left a lot to be desired).

    Love that the show is getting back to the 2 brothers. I’ve been missing the brother dynamic since the beginning of Season 4.

    I’m just loving the Leviathans. I’m hoping they get a bit crazier as the season progresses. I loved, loved, loved the Leviathans when they in Cas. It was a real creepy-crazy factor – the facial expressions, the tone of voice. I feel like we lost that creepy-crazy factor a bit in the 2nd episode.

  • david

    I heard that it is SAM who gets married on the episode and that none other than SERA GAMBLE is doing a cameo as the bride.
    Could the woman be anymore transparent?

    • Lex

      @David where did you get your info?

    • Tiffany

      I think that it is Sam as well because he is the only one in the interview above wearing a wedding ring. If this was filmed between scenes and not after hours. Or is could just be a ruse to mess with us and if that is the case, Producers, YOU SUCK :).

    • Sandra

      Not Sera Gamble, but Becky. Unless you’re saying that Sera Gamble is Becky.

      So, where’s the video? It’s not showing up for me.

      • Lex

        @Sandra Again, where are you guys getting your info from? (Becky marrying Sam would be awesome)

      • david

        Yes, Sera is doing the cameo as Becky.

      • Sandra

        @Lex A Supernatural site I’m a member of revealed that Becky doses Sam with a love potion and fake marries Sam.

      • Jasker

        Please just stop. It’s just embarrassing and petty. Whatever Gamble thinks about Sam the truth is multiple people write his character.

    • Christine

      It wouldn’t surprise me David. Lmao.


    Get it right David, Its Becky that is marrying Sam. I bet Sera is laughing her ass off over that bit of trolling of the Dean fans.

  • Lex

    By the way ewww! Sandra! Although Jensen’s reaction was awesome!

  • Linda

    Holy Crap I LOVE THESE GUYS!! What a great show, am loving this season and last few seasons. Thanks for the great reporting, Sandra! Can’t wait for Friday.

  • Chantal

    Season 7 has started on a really solid footing. I loved Misha in the role of Castiel but the story demanded his demise (at the moment). The writers might have something up their collective sleeves to bring him back so we’ll just have to wait and see.
    I have to say that I am really enjoying the “stripped down” feeling of the new season. The “bare bones” feel adds and air of tension and really helps convey the feeling that the crap has really hit the fan this time and the brothers are on their own to survive.

    • DE

      Thank you! I completely agree! I don’t get all the hate between Cas fans and the not fans. I personally thought he added a lot to the show. At the time he came in the picture Sam and Dean were drifting appart and he was the for Dean when he was needed. I love what Cas has brought to the show, the rapture and the end are great episodes. If nothing else it introduced most of us to Misha who is hilarious! The story did need for Cas to be out of the picture for some time but I will be happy to see him return as long as it is in a good way. They need a good reason to bring him back and it needs to be a good story line. I am really looking forward to the rest of the season 7

  • bestshowfan

    I devoutly wish Sera Gamble/Becky would both go to the haunted Winchester house in California, enter,and never be seen or heard from again.

    • cas ryan

      lmao XD too freakin funny man XD XD XD XD

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