ESPN yanks Hank Williams Jr. song permanently from 'Monday Night Football'


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Looks like the apology from Hank Williams Jr. didn’t count for much: ESPN has decided to permanently cut the singer’s song “All My Rowdy Friends” from Monday Night Football. “We have decided to part ways with Hank Williams, Jr,” ESPN said in a statement. “We appreciate his contributions over the past years. The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue.”

Interestingly, Williams took to his own website to say it was his decision to leave the network. “After reading hundreds of e-mails, I have made MY decision,” he wrote. “By pulling my opening Oct 3rd, You (ESPN) stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment Freedom of Speech, so therefore Me, My Song, and All My Rowdy Friends are OUT OF HERE. It’s been a great run.”

On Oct. 3, the country singer criticized the president’s recent “golf summit” with Republican House Speaker John Boehner by telling Fox & Friends that the meeting “would be like Hitler playing golf with [Israeli leader] Benjamin Netanyahu.” Williams explained during the Fox News telecast that he made the comparison because the president was “the enemy.”

In response, ESPN yanked the song from Monday night’s game and issued a statement that said: “While Hank Williams, Jr. is not an ESPN employee, we recognize that he is closely linked to our company through the open to Monday Night Football. We are extremely disappointed with his comments, and as a result we have decided to pull the open from tonight’s telecast.”

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  • woot-tay

    Good! Ole redneck uneducated ignorant sounding fool needs to be silenced! Think whatever u want abt the prez but don’t blah it on tv when ur a public figure n then act sunrise at the consequences!

    • Caiti

      Are you serious!? How many public figures badmouthed the last president? I’m not saying what he did was right, but don’t pretend he’s any worse than the rest.

      • Uuuuuhh….

        Don’t pretend that Bush wasn’t worse than the rest.

      • EW Morons

        @ Uuuuuhh…. maybe if da wittle boy lived long enough to see more than 2 presidents he’d know how bad things are now and that Bush was far from the worst president in the last 50 years.

      • Alyssa

        Yeah, like the Dixie Chicks…OH WAIT. They said they were ashamed of him being from Texas. There was no name calling or Slander they just said their opinion.

        After all he screwed us over you stick up for BUSH???? I dont. Him and Cheney belong behind bars, in an orange jumpsuit.- THAT IS MY freedom of speech NOW that he is not in office. See….my parents taught me that if I said that three years ago, while he was still prez, I would get into big trouble for treason. Past is past. But I dont know anyone who cares for Bush.

      • Alyssa

        @ EW Morons- You don’t have to live through more than two presidents. Its called history and government class dip****.

        And yeah Bush is even by historians word the worst next to Nixon. Besides no other president has left office with such a beautiful shiner like 11% approval and that much of a mess, deficit and destruction of the USA. In all honesty why do you think right now the ” Republican hopefuls” are having a very tough time gaining strength and confidence?? The Tea Party is one issue- But the taste George W. left in America’s mouth is one we dont want for a while or ever again.

      • @ Alyssa

        What, exactly, should they be locked up for? And I really hate to break it to you, but we are no better off (potentially worse if this jobs bill doesn’t work out) than we were when Bush was president. I find it funny that people still blame Bush for everything that’s wrong today, because they refuse to face the fact that Obama isn’t living up to the expectations.

      • Caiti

        @Alyssa- I don’t know what rankings your reading- Most historians won’t even rank a president until he’s been out of office for at least 10 years, but usually 20. You don’t know what’s going to happen. Also, RARELY is Nixon at the bottom of any lists, because despite the Watergate thing, he did open communications with China, which was huge.

      • bfett

        The difference with the Dixie Chicks Alyssa is that they bad mouthed YOUR President in another country. That is classless, and frankly Bush upheld a democratic stance through his entire presidency. When Barrack Obama murders an American born traitor like last week he is not allowing that person a fair trial in front of his peers. When Barrack Obama proposes FORCING someone to get health insurance that is the furtherest thing from democracy. That is an act of a dictator like (like it or not) Hitler. Hitler happened just 70 years ago. It can happen again if you allow one person alone to make all of the decisions in a sovereign country. Don’t bury your head in the sand.

      • Alyssa

        Bush wasn’t my president- (Al Gore was or should have been), I cant stand the man- he is evil so is Cheney. They killed thousands of people with their ignorance and greed. And you Republicans do not get it.

        President Obama didn’t kill anyone, I have no idea what you are talking about, Bush didn’t uphold anything except being an idiot. And yes historians say he is the Worst president. Go educate yourself, because I am not talking to morons like you three again. Do not use my name or address me. Because you dont know what you are saying. You are bigoted right wingers. The only dictator-in chief was Bush.

        He is not forcing people to have help care. He is giving people who cant afford it, a reasonable option instead of privatized health care that costs alot of money and is too expensive. You guys are so lost its not even funny. That was not classless of them, Bush sent many jobs overseas-thats classless and stupid.

      • Tony Oberkirch

        Aluyssa – Obama has personally given the order to kill
        1) Bin Laden
        2) al-Zarqawi

        By saying Obama “didn’t kill anyone” you have proven you have no grasp of facts and, like most leftists and progressives, merely mimic what you have heard someone else say. LIberal parrots, that’s all you are.

      • Linda

        Yeah, the Chicks badmouthed my president (Bush was my president whether I liked it or not, and I did not like it). I said much worse about him than they did, and would have said it into a microphone if I was in their position too. I don’t have a problem with Hank bad mouthing Obama, heck, I’m pretty disappointed in him myself, although I imagine for very different reasons than him. But bringing Hitler into the discussion was just absurd. As much as I despised Bush and Cheney, and as much as I critisized them, I would never put them in the same sentence as Hitler, just really dumb on his part.

      • @Linda

        I like your objectivity! Good job.

      • bfett

        I give you credit Linda. Now that is a diplomatic view. Sorry to say but Obama scares with not only his unwavering compromise with right wing parties but also he has not even appeased his own left wing party.

        Put it this way I’ll still watch Alec Baldwin, Ted Danson, etc despite their criticisms. But when somoene makes a grandstanding against our President in another country, then you are out of line and simply embarrassing the country you chose to stand by and live in. That is why I would never endorse the Dixie Chicks.

        Alyssa, thanks for helping me win my debate with you. You are completely clueless. Your claims regarding Obama are flat wrong and you have just proven that however you voted in the past was completely uneducated and naive. You are just a simple person with no dimension. Thanks for paying your taxes every year however. :)

      • Ty

        @Tony Oberkirch: Are you saying that Obama was wrong to order the mission that killed Bin Laden or are you just being sarcastic? Seriously, I’m asking.

      • bfett

        I’ll answer that. He was wrong to order the kill on Bin Laden. Bin Laden is a criminal who should have been tried first; the same way Saddam Hussein was tried for his genocidal crimes under Bush’s tenure, I might add. Even the most leftist person out there, Michael Moore, said that.

        Obama is an executioner.

      • Chester

        Of course, if Bush had killed Bin Laden, the right wing would have canonized him. As a moderate, I roll my eyes at extremists on both sides. Some people are against all forms of capital punishment. Right wingers are not, something they proved by their cheering of Rick Perry. The only thing the right wing hates about the Bin Laden mission is the fact that it was ordered by a Democratic president.

      • Dicazi

        Remember the Dixie Chicks?? They bashed Bush and are still paying the price today.

      • Alyssa

        @Tony, you cant even spell my name right- so Im not giving you the time of day. And of course President Obama ordered the execution of Bin Laden. A Few think he should have been tried, but after 9/11 and all who died in the wars that man was too evil to be kept alive.
        I dont support capital punishment-I find that a double standard with Republicans. You guys speak out against abortion, but Capitol punishment is perfectly fine-both are killing people. Most criminals on death row take years and years and lots of money to execute and are already so sick in the head they probably want death…why give it to them?

        Oh and just a question do you guys really think calling us ” Liberals” ” Libs” or ” leftiests” hurts- it doesnt- just wondering. By definition Liberal means-” favorable to progress or reform as in political or religious affairs”. Change happens all the time anyway

    • I am so smart, S-M-R-T

      Hee hee. I like to call people names like “ignorant”, “redneck” and “uneducated”. It makes me feel so smart and important. It accomplishes so much and it makes me look so much better than other people. Then I like to abbreviate my words and make apparent typos to disguise my own inability to communicate properly and no one even catches it! I’m so happy the internet is out here for people like me. I’m so smart.

      • Nancy


      • @ I am too smart

        You are putting way too much thought into that and giving that person too much credit. I bet they are just typos. Anyway, everyone rants on message boards, lord knows this type of stuff can’t be said at work or even on Facebook because Big Brother is always watching. No smart person wants to end up like Hank by being fired!

      • @ Nancy


      • GeeMoney

        Love the Simpsons reference!

        Anyhoo, it’s so interesting how celebrities still think, in this day of insane political correctness, that they can say negative and borderline racist stuff and get away with it. I mean, hasn’t anyone learned anything from frickin’ Don Imus?!?!?

        But then again, that jerkface got his job back. Oh well. Let the racist comments fly!

      • @GeeMoney


    • blah

      Anyone who calls the currant president “the enemy” is a moron and needs to stop watching Fox News. Bush was a dumb dumb and I hated him but he was not the enemy he was just an idiot. He was the problem, but not the enemy. Obama might be the problem in Hank’s eyes but he is in no way the enemy. He is an American doing what he think is best for the country he was charged with running. He is not some terrorist or something.

      • Remerdre

        FINALLY. A sense of perspective and balance. Yes, you are 100% correct, the ironically-named Blah.

      • Hombre

        Learn how to spell jackhole! (current) NOT currant. You probably are on welfare so of course you love Obama!

      • @Blah

        Good post, Blah.

        @hombre…ur a clown. And way to go focusing on spelling and not content.

    • Minutemen

      Blame the Mexicans!

  • PaulH

    If Williams had actually apologized instead of the standard copout “IF I offended anyone” famous figures take when they’re caught in a web of hurt of their own doing, ESPN would’ve said OK, IMO, and kept the song on MNF. But he didn’t. Welcome to the dustbin of history, then, Bocephus.

  • iHeart

    I wonder what song they’ll use now

    • #

      Probably some Li’l Wayne song.

      • too phat n temptin

        Rick Ross homie

  • Aprilcot26

    What a moron. They didn’t “step on the toes of the First Amendment.” He’s entitled to say what he wants, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be repercussions. You can yell “bomb” on an airplane, and your butt will be hauled into custody, but you still have the right to say it.

    • andy

      best comment on this yet!!!

    • ToMajorTom

      Absolutely! Good point, but I’m afraid some folks just don’t get it. I’m not sure HWJr. has the mental capacity to “get it”…

    • F of S

      “Freedom of Speech:” – he’s not in jail. That’s freedom.

      “Freedom from Repercussions:” – does not exist… when you say something stupid, there will be repercussions of some sort (fired, etc.). But he’s not in jail, so I’m not sure if he understands “Freedom of Speech” or not…

    • Tony

      Are you ready for some….

      Monster truck shows
      Horseshoe tournaments
      Redneck birthday parties

      Don’t worry, Jr. There are plenty of outstanding gigs out there for you, so you can continue making dumb remarks, leaching off your father’s name, and crapping on his legacy.

  • Ms. Chanandler Bong

    Please God, not Faith Hill, Nickelback or 3 Doors Down!

    • Rania

      Faith hill is great on SNF…

    • channingtaintum

      I can already envision Kid Rock, with the flag draped over him =(

  • The Truth

    So when a conservative celebrity describes the pairing of a conservative Speaker of the House with a libral President for golfing to be like matching up an Isreali Prime Minister and Hitler he gets fired. A reference not calling either of them those people but just discribing the polar opposites in the situation.

    But when a liberal celebrity directly calls a conservative President Hitler or acting like a NAZI and any other reference to an evil person or group they get to keep their job and may even benefit from saying it. This is a double standard and shows free speech is only acceptable if its in line with liberal ideology.

    • Neutral Ned

      Some examples please!

      • Point

        Madonna. One of her last concert tours, had a video montage that grouped McCain and Bush in the same group with Hitler and Stalin.

      • Dave

        Madonna lost her Pepsi contract over the Like A Prayer video in ’89, so she DID have a consequence for something similar.

      • JM

        When Whoopi Goldberg called Bush a “thug” (among other things) at an event in 2005, Slim Fast dropped her as a spokeswoman. When the Dixie Chicks said during a concert that they were embarrassed that Bush was a fellow Texan, their songs were yanked from country stations, they were boycotted and threatened. Toby Keith put photoshopped pictures of them standing with Saddam Hussein up during his concerts (which he later apologized for).

        So don’t play victim here…the First Amendment doesn’t protect you from reprecussions when you say something stupid (or least something that will likely offend others).

      • humpin n memphis

        Ooooh Dave won that argument…hands down!

      • The Truth

        Janeane Garofalo called the Bush Administration the “43rd Reich” that only took me 2 seconds to find. Use the internet machine there are plenty out there.

      • Go

        “The Truth” needs to learn the truth. Bill Maher got fired from ABC for comments he made after 9/11. Clear Channel pulled the Dixie Chicks off country radio playlists after one little coy remark, and the corporate office ordered company stations not to play tracks from Springsteen’s “Magic” album because he raised money for John Kerry. ESPN did not make a political decision with HWJr. any more than ABC did with Maher. They both made BUSINESS decisions. Both companies felt that these guys had damaged their brands. If some guy goosestepping across the TV screen in Nazi gear could pull big ratings and garner millions of dollars in advertising revenue, he would have a network’s full support.

      • Ty

        @Go: Good points. One other thing about Maher: He never complained about being fired or whined about freedom of speech, because unlike Williams, he understood that ABC did not owe him anything. He clarified his remarks, but he never retracted them, and he never pulled that “I’m sorry IF anyone was offended” routine. He owned his words, and when he got canned, he accepted it and moved on. That’s how an adult behaves.

      • Point

        Dave, you example is “something like”, my example is the exact same thing. Humpin’ the only hands down are the ones in your pants.

      • @Go

        I love you.

    • dmac2498

      Personally if you read his comments they are not so bad. However when you HEAR them in the context of the interview, I think ESPN had no choice but to distance themselves from him. Also, Hank is misinformed by that whole Freedom of Speech thing. By pulling his openning ESPN DID NOT infringe upon his right to free Speech, and it’s ignorant to suggest that they did. Hank stick to singing…

      • Go

        HWJr. still has his freedom of speech. No one hauled him off the jail. ESPN has freedom of speech too, and they are not legally obligated to sit back and let some clown — who isn’t even an employee of the network — make them look foolish.

      • Chester

        Hank can’t stick to singing. He isn’t very good at it.

    • andy

      more paranoid drivel from the uber-right without any facts to back it up

    • ALM

      You’ve obviously never heard of the Dixie Chicks.

      • Alyssa

        yeah…I was gonna say…just for simply saying ” We are ashamed he is from Texas”. They got booed off of every stage, lost contracts, etc.

        Im ashamed of my representatives that are from ND- I didnt say who they are, but I am.

        Off topic, but the residents from Wasilla Alaska have said they are ashamed Sarah is from Alaska. She acts like she owns the whole state, and represents everyone.

    • QDraw

      You’re absolutely right Truth! Just like those Dixie Chicks when they criticised President Bush. Everyone hailed them as heroes by banning their music from country music radio stations, burning their albums and sending them death threats. Such a clear double standard. Why should they get to benefit from their criticism by seeing their album sales drop, when all they did was exercise their First Ammendment rights? This is so unfair to poor, overtalented Hank!

    • Shecky

      The difference would be that in the Madonna case, you are paying to see her. You chose to fork over some cash to attend her show. If what she says or does during the show offends you, you are free to leave. But Hank Williams Jr. was basically representing ESPN. Even though he’s not a commentator, by putting his song on their football telecast, he is representing ESPN. Well, ESPN has a right to choose how they wish to be represented. They clearly didn’t want to be linked to Hank’s type of ….um….”thinking.”

  • Kate

    As it was incredibly cheesy and felt so old fashioned, this was probably just an excuse. Of course, it also is Disney and there are plenty of Disney associated artists that they might be thinking of tapping if they feel the need to actually have a theme anymore which you just get the sense that Mike Tirico is embarrassed about introducing and following up.

  • #

    Maybe Disney should pull all of those Pirate films after Depp’s rape comment.

  • Rayme

    Why are they talking to Fidel Castro? I thought he was more of a baseball fan.

  • tigger851

    Good, got sick of it anyway! Don’t bite the hand that feeds you cuz you make a moronic comment

  • Kevin

    “By pulling my opening Oct 3rd, You (ESPN) stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment Freedom of Speech.” Hank obviously doesn’t understand that the First Amendment only pertains to governmental restrictions and does not extend to employers.

    • Brenda Barrett

      The guy is an uneducated moron who, by virtue of inheriting his father’s fortune and parlaying his father’s fame into a career for himself, has always been surrounded by sycophants who give him bad or no advice. He’s a crazy loose cannon and ESPN is better off without him.

  • PaulH

    The only reason Williams Jr. apologized was he desperately wanted to hang onto the only thing that has kept him relevant for the last 25 years. And now that he was pushed, he’s trying to make it look like he JUMPED.

  • Michael

    Tim Mcgraw should do it

    • Joe

      I want to do Tim McGraw…

      • joe gorga

        Me too. We could do a tripledecker! With me on top of course. I will make it go pop pop pop.

    • stop

      No. Enough with the hayseed hillbilly rednecks. Believe it or not, not all Americans live in trailer parks.

      • tru dat

        LOL at stop.

  • K

    When even Fox and Friends think you’re saying something strange, it is time to shut up.

    • candacetx


  • DB

    Well I’m not crazy about the last several presidents, but even with all the mistakes they made, they all make Obama look like a dumbass.

    • Dave

      Were you awake during the Bush presidency? Just asking.

    • rae

      What did Mr. Obama do that has people in such an uproar? (Short of just being born). One would think that he started two failed wars, a bad economy, lied about WMDs etc…….

      • Jamal

        He was born black, which is why millions of people don’t like him.

    • Kelly Mack

      Fine. You’re not comparing him to one of history’s greatest mass murderers. See the difference?

    • Alyssa

      I think you were in a coma for the last 8 yrs. at least.

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