'Prime Suspect' steady, 'Charlie's Angels' down in Thursday ratings


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The new fall TV series demolition derby on Thursday nights put dents in a few freshman shows. Here are the highlights:

– Hopes for the salvation of ABC’s Charlie’s Angels (5.9 million viewers, 1.2 adults 18-49 rating) dimmed again. The she-spies were down 20 percent and it was the lowest-rated show on a major network.

– NBC’s Prime Suspect (4.9 million, 1.5) did not drop. Didn’t grow either, but at least the number remained steady. Perhaps the show can climb in the coming weeks, aided by repeats airing on Monday nights in the old Playboy Club slot.

– Fox’s The X Factor (11.2 million, 3.8) continued to perform steadily. Though we expected more from Simon Cowell’s latest competition series, you sure can’t say viewers are losing interest.

– CBS’ Person of Interest (11.5 million, 2.5) slipped a slight 7 percent. Though this is still considered a fair rating, the show is in fourth place in its time period. New comedy lead-in How to Be a Gentleman (7.8 million, 2.5) did the exact same thing, except was stronger ranked, in second place, in its 8:30 p.m. slot. And if you wanted, you can go back further to Big Bang Theory (13.6 million, 4.4) dipping 10 percent — while ranking as the night’s top-rated show.

– NBC’s new comedy Whitney (4.9 million, 2.3) slipped 8 percent, echoing its Office (5.7 million, 3.1) lead-in falling 11 percent.

– After climbing a promising tick last week, The CW’s Secret Circle (2 million, 0.8) slipped down a notch again. Lead-in Vampire Diaries (2.6 million, 1.2) didn’t help by falling 14 percent.

And so, overall: Fox had the highest average rating. CBS was second, with The Mentalist (12.9 million, 2.7) edging up a tenth at 10 p.m. and winning the hour. ABC was third, with Grey’s Anatomy (8.5 million, 3.0) down 17 percent to a series low and Private Practice (6.2 million, 2.2) off 21 percent. NBC’s other comedies dipped: Community (3.4 million, 1.5) down 17 percent and Parks (4.1 million, 1.9) off 10 percent.


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  • kyle

    What did Grey’s, PP, Mentalist do?

    • JAM

      Kyle, this is about Freshman shows, as in the first season, aka new fall shows. Did you read the article or just clik blindly?

      • ej

        Actually the link just said Charlie’s Angels sinks again…Thursday ratings…so I believe his question is valid you wiseass

      • Mike

        Was this information not here when you asked the question?

        “And so, overall: Fox had the highest average rating. CBS was second, with Big Bang Theory (13.6 million, 4.4) dipping 10 percent and ranking as the night’s top-rated show. At 10 p.m., The Mentalist (12.9 million, 2.7) edged up a tenth and won the hour. ABC was third, with Grey’s Anatomy (8.5 million, 3.0) down 17 percent and Private Practice (6.2 million, 2.2) off a rougher 21 percent. NBC’s other comedies dipped: Community (3.4 million, 1.5) and Parks (4.1 million, 1.9).

        More to come, refresh for latest…

      • @ej

        You’re the wiseass. The first paragraph specifically references “freshmen” shows. Not only that, the last paragraph of the story addresses the very show this moron asked about. I guess ignorance is bliss with the both of you.

      • Lisa

        Going to get canceled for sure now. There she goes!

      • ej

        You sir are an idiot

    • Ann

      Put Charlie’s Angels out of it’s misery. That Rachel Taylor chick is annoying!

      • Shelly

        Yes. Bring back Detroit 187

      • Jess79

        I agree, put Charlie’s out of it’s misery like they did with Playboy Club!

      • MMJ

        It won’t be Charlie’s Angels that will be out of its misery, but we the viewers. This was easily the worst new show of the season. I barely made it through the first episode and could not watch more than a few minutes of the second. I didn’t even bother tuning in for the third.

        I, too, say bring back Detroit 187. That show was fantastic!!

        Now, if only Whitney was cancelled…

    • TV Critic

      Why does it say Charlie’s angels had the lowest rating of any show on a major network then immediately after that it reports Prime suspects numbers which are LOWER AND ON NBC, A MAJOR NETWORK! Am I the crazy one?

      • JT

        Yeah it had the lowest rating with a 1.2, prime suspect had a 1.5
        Even if charlies angels had more overall viewers it had lower ratings in the 18-49 demo.

      • Quirky

        Becuase to advertisers people above the age of 49 do not exist and apparently have no money.

      • Brett

        They actually tend to have MORE money, but they don’t spend it on the stuff that advertisers are trying to sell.

      • lisa g.

        That’s fine but EW shouldn’t assume everyone knows that. They really should be more specific in their writing!

    • lisa g.

      I feel NBC tried to shove prime suspect down my throat! They ran the promo of her n the smoking cab driver so much ur was annoying n unfunny. Soooo I find myself not rooting for it! That n NBC shows tend to be sh!tty.

      • lisa g.

        Ur should be “it”

  • brad

    what about Community and the rest of the thurs NBC comedy block?

    • JAM

      Hey Brad, see my comment for Kyle. NEW SHOWS, this article is about NEW SHOWS.

      • ej

        Hey JAM..see my comment for JAM

      • Mike

        I guess ditto for me too? :-)

      • @ej

        Hey EJ, why don’t you “Jam” it where the sun don’t shine.

      • ej


    • Airhead

      Refresh my memory…which one of those is a “freshman” series?

  • Bo

    Bye Bye Charlie’s borefest Angels. But please ABC, don’t send those dreary Angels back to meet their maker it until AFTER next week’s episode. I’ll be watching purely for the guest star Erica Durance. After that feel free to sh*tcan it!

  • Gabriela

    For the love of God, Charlie’s Angels don’t die on me now, you can do it AFTER the Erica Durance episode. Please ABC

    • Bo

      Ha Ha! Great minds think alike!

  • J Bar

    Charlie’s Angels has been axed in Australia after 2 episodes.

    • Eric P

      It might be axed here after 3.

  • Poppy

    Glad to hear Prime Suspect didn’t drop, but am surprised 1 million more people are watched Charlie’s Angels.

    • Poppy

      oops “are watching” – that’s what you get when you change around only part of your sentance structure.

    • Nestor

      I agree @ “Prime Suspect” not being axed; halfway-decent network drama. Plunking a football game in its time slot next Thurs. won’t help the series but will help NBC, I gather. “Prime Suspect” is the one to watch, either on NBC or repeats of the BBC original on PBS stations!

  • JAM

    Prime Suspect is a good show. It’s got legs and could make it. Here’s hoping the reruns in the other time slot make it stronger

    • Mary

      I agree, JAM; “Prime Suspect” has turned out to be quite a good show. I was not excited about it at first, because I’m a big fan of the original BBC version, but I watched the pilot and it won me over.

    • mkaffeine

      “Prime Suspect” had a great pilot and the successive episodes have been even better. The tone–including performances, lighting, writing and editing–is so consistent. And how great is that cast? In last night’s ep, Acevedo’s gum chewing in the morgue deserved an Emmy nod.

    • Zoe

      I agree as well. Maria Bello is great in the lead, and I already liked Aiden Quinn, Brian O’Byrne, and Kirk Acevedo from other shows and movies. And Jane isn’t perfect, but you root for her.

    • Brett

      “Prime Suspect” COULD have been good if they’d just played the show straight and not decided to give Jane “Timony” the bad fashion sense and obnoxious hat.

      • Tully

        I like her hat and scarf. Maria Bello is perfect for the role.

    • Justin

      I like Prime Suspect, too. The first episode was okay, but since then, its definitely grown on me big time.

    • MMJ

      For me it’s the opposite. I watched the first show thinking it would pale in comparison to the original. It did pale, but I wound up liking it more than I thought I would. It wasn’t Prime Suspect, but it was an okay cop show. However, week to week I’ve liked it less. I barely made it through this week’s predictable episode.

      Part if it is how the squad is wasted as actors and characters at this point. I don’t know if that’s because they really want us to feel for Jane or what but they’re wasted. It also has to do with how Bello (or the producers) are playing Jane. She is trying so much to not stand out as a woman or to be one of the men that she loses part of the character. The original series allowed Jane to be a woman as well as a hard-nosed boss of the men in her command. Her turmoil was trying to mesh the two in her home and work lives.

      Though I could do without the no make-up look, I get it. And, I understand she probably won’t be wearing dresses/skirts (as the original did). However, she needs a good hairbrush and better clothing. Even the men in the squad never look as unkempt as she. Let’s face it, she looks more like an undercover narc than she does a homicide detective.

      I’ll continue to record and skip through for now hoping it gets better. It could be a really good show if it learns to use the great cast it has and engage the viewer in good stories.

  • Sean Dignam

    It was very poor judgement to cast three randomly chosen actresses whose names that they picked out of a hat in Charlie’s Angels.
    They made poor choices with the actors cast as Bosley and Charlie as well. Actors like Eddie Izzard, Jeremy Piven and William Shatner would have been better.

    • Bo

      The show is produced by Gough and Millar from Smallville. They don’t really care if the cast can’t act, so long as they look hot delivering their lines. The three actors you’ve listed are about as sizzling as day old toast.

      Goughlar struck gold with Smallville with a good-looking but talentless cast and they thought they could do it again. Unfortunately for Goughlar none of the CA cast is as jaw-droppingly gorgeous as Smallville’s Tom Welling. And thankfully Tom Welling’s thespian skills greatly improved over the years. The first few years of Smallville were painful to watch!

      • Brett

        Welling’s skills didn’t improve that much, even with ten years.

    • TV Critic

      I agree Sean. Bad casting I believe is a major downfall for this show.

    • Brett

      Do you think anybody knew who Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett, or Kate Jackson were before the original “Angels” was cast? Each had done either commercials or soaps, but none were known by prime-time audiences as having any acting ability.

      • Fred

        Actually, Kate Jackson was the “known one” of the three when the series started and the show was created with her in mind. The names of the show(s) she was on prior to CA escapes me right now.

      • Gigi

        The original Angels brought a certain flavour to the screen that these 3 nowadays could never have. There’s no point in comparing these 6 women when it’s clear that this remake simply did not live to its hype.

      • Fido

        Kate Jackson was in Scarecrow and Mrs King – and boy do I feel old right now.

      • Dave

        Kate Jackson was known before Charlies Angels. She was on The Rookies.

  • Jazz

    The Angels sucks, and 4.5 mil and 1.5 demo for Prime Suspect? NBC is DEAD!!!

  • Rob

    I have NO sympathy for the failing reboot of Charlie’s Angels. The producers were determined not to mine any of the previous shows camp aspects. This version of CA was dark, violent, humor-free, and had no chemistry between the leads. Also, I couldn’t see any of the angels becoming huge like Farrah or Jaclyn. NBC tried to reboot Bionic Woman but also turned into a dark, violent mess. Charlie’s Angels 2011 should meet the same fate…cancellation.

    • Cris

      I think that’s the game plan nowadays. Since it worked so well with Battlestar Galactica (and others), the idea is to take a campy old show and make it uber-serious with season-long arcs. Occasionally it works, most of the time, it doesn’t. I just can’t wait until someone thinks about bringing Baywatch back, but to make it a serious drama.

      • Marc

        You mean it wasn’t a serious drama before?

  • Pete

    How is Charlie’s Angels the lowest rated show on a major network at 5.9 million viewers, when Prime Suspect only had 4.9 million, and Whitney had 4.9? Or are they just referring to the 18-49 viewers, because apparently no one else matters?

    • Eric P

      you answered your own question…

    • spud

      I was about to ask the same thing.

    • TV Critic

      Pete, I just posted the same question without seeing your content first. If what you say is the case, the author should have written it that way. Lazy wiring!

  • Bran

    Wow, Whitney is not performing like a full season pick up show should be. Steady drops each week. Shows how desperate NBC is.

  • Kelsey

    I am really starting to like Prime Suspect. Maria Bello’s Jane is funny … just hilarious with some of the toss-off comments she makes. I’m starting to think of Maria Bello as a force of nature. The personalities of the detectives are also starting to emerge, and that’s fun. This certainly isn’t a remake of the British series, it stands on its own. I like it.

  • weezy1

    I’m glad “Prime Suspect” and Person of Interest” are holding their own….did you notice no whiny boyfriend in “Prime Suspect” last night? Made the show MUCH better, at least in my opinion! Keep giving them a chance, people, PLEASE! Oh, and if “Charlie’s Angels” goes, bring MInka Kelly back to “Parenthood”!

    • Gigi

      Enough with Minka Kelly pretending to be an actress! Just close your mouth and look pretty in magazines, dear, because it’s the only thing you can do!

      • Varris

        I loved Minka Kelly on Friday Night Lights. She wasn’t exactly bad on Parenthood either… This was just an awful show, where imo, no amount of talent would matter.

    • Ari

      I love the Prime Suspect. It hit me this morning that the boyfriend was absent. I didn’t miss him. I did like Jane’s exchanges with the ex-wife though.

      The scene were they were running to test the alibi was hilarious.

    • Zakry

      Minka is a fine actress. Quit hating her because she’s beautiful. She did fine jobs on Friday Night Lights and Parenthood.

      Sometimes, you have to work with the material they give you.

      • Gigi

        Quit saying she’s a good actress because you think she’s hot. She’s a bad actress, in FNL she wasn’t great and she had a great, well-written character there. She’s just overrated – live with it.

  • Leah

    NBC is in serious trouble there.

    • Ian

      I love their Thursday comedies (except for Whitney…blech) but it looks like this season Community will be a goner.

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