'How to Be a Gentleman' cancelled

In case yesterday’s announced move to the Saturday night Phantom Zone wasn’t a clear enough sign of How to Be a Gentleman‘s fate, here’s another: Production on the Kevin Dillon series is shutting down.

Gentleman is easily the highest-rated show to get axed so far this fall, having failed to live up to the expectations provided by its giant lead in, The Big Bang Theory (bad reviews didn’t help, the show ranked 42 out of 100 on Metacritic). The comedy joins NBC’s Playboy Club and Free Agents in the fall boneyard.

UPDATED: Death Watch 2011: Fall TV survival status report

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  • lisa g.

    Well dammm

    • LMFAO

      CBS loves crap. Why didn’t they keep this?

      • Viv

        I feel like every CBS comedy is exactly the same, with the exception of HIMYM. It’s just a bunch of sex and fart jokes. I never watched How to be a Gentleman but if it didn’t fit the CBS vulgarity quotient that probably led to its demise.

      • jim

        HIMYM is yuppie garbage littered with pop culture references, limping on the unknown popularity of Neil Patrick Harris, presuming everyone around the country will find their antics hilarious because they live in NYC.

      • Jenn

        This show was the dumbest show on TV.

      • jr

        They didn’t keep it cuz it sucked.

      • jack

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      • Hank

        I didn’t feel like being gentle anyways.. so

      • will

        The only thing keeping CBS comedies afloat is HIMYM and 2.5 Men. HIMYM, I love it but it needs to wrap up soon…Ted needs to hook up with his wife finally. 2.5 Men with Kutcher MIGHT have this season and one more, then its DONE. Mike and Molly… WEAK. Two Broke Girls… although the big breasted sarcastic Kat Dennings turns me on, the show is WEAK too.

  • redvector

    Next up Charlie’s Angels on the crap heap.

    • Yep

      I’m surprised it’s lasted until October

  • Forwarddad

    Maybe you should remove your earlier headline that it was moved to Saturday. :-(

  • Templar

    No loss there. And yet Whitney, which should have been tossed on the rubbish pile, lives on. The mind boggles.

    • Pete

      Different network, different expectations. CBS comedies have been very good in the ratings, and if a show doesn’t keep up, they’re gone.

      • L

        Remember when they actually allowed series to develop an audience.

      • Liz

        “CBS comedies have been very good in the ratings, ”
        um…which begs the question WHY? CBS has the worst comedy lineup. Sure doesn’t speak well of the viewers who regularly watch that tripe.

      • Liz

        ‘Remember when they actually allowed series to develop an audience’

        I sure do. That was sooooo long ago. Now everything has to have an immediate standard of high ratings numbers. CBS remains number one with typical procedurals (NCIS + spinoff; CSI + spinoffs), unfunny comedies and pseudo reality programs. They play it safe. They have no imagination. They did have Swingtown which was different. Unfortunately, they never gave it much support. Les Moonves cares only about being number one; So why work hard? He recognizes that there are people out there who are willing to watch any dumb program.

        People should demand quality. Shake things up. Refuse the majority of the crap being put out there.

      • will

        Hi ‘L’! I agree with you. Shows aren’t allowed to grow anymore. Example: probably my fave sitcom ever is Seinfeld (I’m watching it now). If that show premiered in 2011 it would’ve failed. The first season of Seinfeld is weak. The characters weren’t developed yet and it didn’t hit its stride till late season 2 and deffs early season 3. And in todays t.v. enviornment it would have been cancelled after a few episodes. One of the greatest sitcoms ever wouldn’t have made it. Network expectations now are unreal.

  • Jonathan

    Good, Kevin Dillon is the one of the most annoying actors working today, I guess NOT-working today

  • hmm

    *Kanye Shrug*

  • Acaseofgeo

    Ouch lololol. That’s all I have to say about it as I’ve posted on yesterdays thread a couple times. What I would like to say to EW though, is I don’t think you need to think of Saturday as a “Phantom Zone”. It wasn’t always so. Witness CBS 1990’s, NBC late 80’s ABC late 70’s and ESPECIALLY CBS’s iconic (and perhaps the BEST line-up of all-time on TV) 1970’s group that included All in The Family, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, and Carol Burnett (which you just soooooooo wonderfully highlighted in a pictorial reunion ON YOUR COVER….yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy).

    • t3hdow

      Friday nights weren’t seen in a negative light during the 90s and before either, but unfortunately, times have change. If your show isn’t on between Sunday and Thursday, you’re doomed. Fridays, less so, but still unlikely to last if the show’s not on CBS and/or if it’s not a reality TV show.

      • MRinLA

        I don’t get the importance of what day something’s on in the DVR age. When something airs has no relevance to when it’s watched!

      • Eolra

        DVRs can fast-forward through commercials. It is FAR more attractive to sponsors to have a viewing audience that watches live.

    • JF

      Hmm I think you’re forgetting there NBC’s ‘Must See-TV’ Thursdays line-up from the 90s/early 00s.

      THAT was what was considered the best line-up of all time.

      It started with Cheers/Wings/Seinfeld, then it became Mad About You/Wings/Frasier/Seinfeld, then Friends/Mad About You/Seinfeld and then Friends/Will & Grace/Frasier. And let’s not forget ER at 10 at its prime.

      And even now I still believe NBC has the strongest line-up of television but the most terrible ratings ever – I can’t understand why people choose to watch CBS crappy procedurals over the fantastic Thursday of 30 ROCK / THE OFFICE / PARKS AND RECREATION / COMMUNITY.

      • Chris

        I am SO with you on this JF. Those are some of the best written comedies on TV. The only thing I can think of for their low ratings is that you have to have a ‘real’ sense of humor to get into those shows. And somewhat ‘think’ while watching. Unlike the comedies on CBS, like someone mentioned earlier, that revert to sex and fart jokes all the time. (2.5 Men anyone?)

      • Acaseofgeo

        No, JF, I did NOT forget NBC’s Must See TV lineups on Thursdays. I used the word “perhaps” because it is open for argument. For me, there was no better time on TV, (and I was a chld back then) than CBS’s Saturday shows I listed. I’ll definitely give you Friends, Seinfeld, and Cheers (also Cosby) as shows that defined eras and created paradigm shifts in television. But are you familiar with the shows I listed? I challenge anyone to say that ANY show has ever done what AITF did. The netwoks, even cable are TOO AFRAID to do that today. Sure things are more vulgar but they cannot do what AITF did. That was so bold in 1971 to do that. But I’ll give you your lineup and I’ll take mine. (Friends to me, although well written and iconic, was also great at being annoying to me, same with Will & Grace.)

      • Jack Frost

        There’s a reason NBC isn’t what it used to be ratings wise.. The last 3 shows on that list are completely unwatchable.

      • opus

        JF: I’m going to join this argument and say that nothing, not even NBC’s “must watch” Thursdays can beat the CBS lineup on Saturday nights in the 70’s. One excellent show was left out of the list given: MASH!
        The lineup was 8:00 All in the Family
        8:30 M-A-S-H
        9:00 Mary Tyler Moore
        9:30 Bob Newhart
        10:00 Carol Burnett
        You are probably not old enough to have watched this incredible lineup but I am and nothing NOTHING will ever beat it.

      • Acaseofgeo

        Opus, I think you touched on something and you’re right. I experienced BOTH of those eras in real time. I’m not sure if JF did, but it would be interesting to see people who lived those moments first hand compare the two. I stand by my comments. The couple years that lineup was in place was pure TV nirvana. And the fact that 4 of those 5 shows had to compete against each other for Emmys year after year (and all won so many) is also a testament to how the industry felt about those shows as well as America in general.

      • Ben

        I agree with Opus. The CBS Saturday night lineup that included; All in the Family, M*A*S*H, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, and Carol Burnett had to be the best night ever in the history of American television. 5 classics in one night, those 3 hours were incredible television. Nothing like it before and nothing like it since.

      • peter

        JF..Actually the must see lineup started earlier cosby show/family ties/cheers/night court/hill street blues (then la law).

    • forrest

      In the 70’s though, there were only 3 networks (Pre-Fox) so the country had 3 choices for thier viewing. Fewer choices, more viewers. The heyday of TV?

      • Jen

        REALLY good point! Maybe there are too many channels now with too many choices and the viewership is simply spread too thin accross the board for any one show to get a huge audience.
        What a shame…

      • Eriko

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  • nicole


    • breaking bad fan


  • Dicazi


    I couldn’t watch more than 30 seconds at a stretch. It’s my candidate for 1 of the worst shows ever!

  • Kyle

    I didn’t even know the had show started yet.

    • Kyle

      HaHa oops, I didn’t even know the show had started yet

    • Asha

      I agree. I watch a couple of shows on CBS and have never even seen an ad for this show.

  • fbdbpw

    God that was fast lol

  • sam

    I’m not surprised. When even the pilot doesn’t have a laugh, it is hard to see why they put it on the air at all.

    • will

      I thought How to be a Gentleman should have been cancelled after the first promotional ads in August. It clearly had no substance. CBS wanted to cash in on the the whole “Odd Couple” concept again. They got lucky with Two and a Half Men. HTBAG was DOA.

  • Debbie H.

    I watched the first episode just because it came on after “The Big Bang Theory”. The showed was rather suckish!! I can’t believe CBS cancelled “**** my dad says” for that awful show.

    • Hibsta

      I agree, $hit My Dad Says was actually a good show. I just wish it was on either HBO or Showtime, that way we could get the full experience that the show is based on

  • Victoria

    I hope they dump Person of Interest as I do not think that is interesting at all.

    • sam

      I agree. I find it unwatchable.

    • mari

      How dare you diss Ben & Jesus’ show :D

    • Mo

      All righty, then just don’t watch it and let those of us who are enjoying it continue to watch. Not all of TV’s real estate belongs to you and your tastes, jeez. I’m always mystified by the “I hope they cancel…” posters. As for the show, I really like the actors in it, and it has a lot of potential. The cases so far could be a little less gooey and/or predictable, but all in all it’s still a fun hour.

      • will

        It is a cool show. But networks don’t like cool shows. So if it’s not like a NCIS: El Paso or some other hypothetical spin off…. it’s not going to survive. Enjoy it while you can Mo :(

  • Dee Jones

    I just posted yesterday that this moving the show to Saturday equal cancellation. They didn`t waste anytime did they?!

    • Shyam

      jkh March 14, 2011 Um, take it from an old lady who lived through the free-wheeling 60 s and 70 s wtuioht catching an STD or being raped. You don’t let a man pick you up at your home, you don’t let him drop you off at your home, and you don’t invite him into your home until you’ve had more than a couple of meetings. Bad pennies do turn up again.

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