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Any child of the ’80s will be happy to know that the cast of 227 is as entertaining in person as they were on NBC from 1985 to 1990. For our annual EW Reunions issue (on newsstands now), we gathered Marla Gibbs, Jackée Harry, Regina King, and Hal Williams in downtown Los Angeles for a chat about what made their Washington, D.C.-set sitcom so memorable. Here are the episodes the cast loves the most.

Marla Gibbs I always liked the one where Calvin [Curtis Baldwin] thought Brenda [Regina King] was interested in him. And he said, “I like you.” And she said, “And I like you!”

Jackée Harry She put on her makeup and came home fresh. And Marla was like, “Don’t get too fresh!” That was fun.

Regina King The relationship between Brenda and her father, that’s really special. You don’t see relationships between fathers and daughters on TV, ever. That was special for young ladies; I know it was for me.

Hal Williams We have this wonderful scene where she’s sitting on my lap and she’s talking about how she was wanted to be like this model, Janine. And she’s crying. And I say, “You are who you are. You’re more beautiful than Janine.” That was great. The other one is when Marla was on a jury and she gets sequestered in a hotel on our anniversary. And I dress up like a woman to get in and see her.

What moments do you remember from 227? Other than Harry saying “Mary,” of course.

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  • amy

    I remember Jackee Harry stole every scene she was in! She was funny! It still comes on in reruns.

    • stu

      my favorite moment is when the show was canceled!

      • stu

        Calvin was played by Arsiniooooo Hall?

      • Ramen

        Sandra was the best. Too bad Marla Gibbs got jealous and had her removed from the show.

      • Mac

        Between 227, The Cosby Show, A Different World, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, NBC was the original Black Entertainment Television.

        Each of the shows were well produced, had a lot of talent involved, and had multiple GREAT seasons (bad ones, too, but that’s the nature of a tv series). The networks nowadays do not even have four ethnic centered television series between them, let alone on one network.

        227 had a couple of excellent seasons and the expressions on Marla Gibbs’ or Jakee Harris’ faces often made dialogue unnecessary. Regina King is a fantastic actress because she had to oppurtunity to work around some of the best!

      • Ari


        It was rumored that Marla was jealous of Jackee. I’ve heard Jackee say in recent years that was never true. She said that Marla loved for people to get praise for their work. I assumed Jackee left for her own show.

      • @mac

        I’m glad we don’t have to watch that ghetto crap anymore. We gave em their own network, BET, so let em watch that and keep the networks for us.

      • @@mac, this is amy

        How do you sleep at night with so much HATE in you?? Bigot!!!

      • lisa g.

        @ari….u don’t know what ur talking about! Ppl who spread misinformation is one of my pet peeves!

    • Mirra

      I loved 227 but it’s unbeliveable how ridiculously stupid the show got after Sandra left and they added Toukie Smith, Stoney Jackson, and Barry Sobol. Three of the unfunniest human beings on the planet.

    • lisa g.

      It is FACT that Marla became jealous of Jackee. Jackee has downplayed this in recent years, perhaps out of pity or maturity. If interested, there are plenty of resources out there that document n confirm this and any so called reunion that doesn’t acknowledge or address it really isn’t a reunion.

    • David

      I loved when Sandra had a date with a Washington Bullets basketball player and she described him as “Tall, Dark, and ugh, Tall!!” HILARIOUS!!!!!

  • nicole

    This was my fav. reunion in the issue; i wasn’t expecting it. I loved 227. it made me laugh. i loved it when mary, calvin’s grandmother, and the best friend would be sitting on the stoop gossiping. and then sandra would walk up….and you knew she was going to say something outrageous.

    • Mae

      yes! their stoop conversations were the best. i loved this show!

  • gato


  • Lizzie

    LOVE 227! God that show made me laugh, Can’t wait to read their update!

  • PN

    There was an early 1987 episode of 227 I still remember. It was when Brenda took an after-school job at a restaurant. Unfortunately, she failed a test in school and hid the paper. So the job affected her grades a bit. Brenda’s mom Mary confronted her at her job and urged her to go home and study to improve those grades. That particular episode encouraged me to not take a job during high school. I was in high school the time that 227 aired. You can get distracted a little with the work even if you have a test the next day. This show always taught a lesson every week, whether you were a kid or an adult.

    • Mirra

      That is my favorite episode!!!!!! The girl Brenda worked with who seemed to have it all couldn’t even make change for a $20.00 bill when the register stopped working.

  • PN

    They only released the first complete season of 227 on DVD in 2004. I hope that they released the other complete 4 seasons on DVD soon. It’s been 7 years now.

  • damian

    I always thought it was funny that the show shared one its main set pieces (and actresses) with Sesame Street. It really makes no sense to me that networks 20-30 years ago could make excellent shows that focused on families who were not white and not based on stereotype and all we have today is “Meet the Browns”

    • annie

      I know. As an avid tv watcher it perplexes me that I can’t find an intelligent, witty, and heart-warming show featuring non-minstrel show stereotypes of Black people.

      • annie

        I say this as a Black person who is offended by shows like “Meet The Browns” and “House of Payne.”

      • nougat

        OMG annie, pleeeease don’t get me started on those asinine shows!! Embarrasing!!

      • lisa g.

        O gosh Tyler Perry should be shot (not literally, FBI) for the sh!t shows he gets on the air! To call it bad wouldn’t be good enough!

      • Champain

        I know right?? Can you believe he gets paid big bucks for that moronic drivel?

    • Sue1

      Excellent point. Nothing but big steps back when it comes to intelligent, quality shows.

  • Voodoo

    I’m a child of the 80’s but I don’t remember this show at all.

  • DZ

    I TOTALLY remember that episode. I was in junior high, but after watching that, I made sure I knew how to calculate change in my head.

  • Dinjab

    I think EW’s reunions have jumped the shark.

  • Beauty

    This needs to be on tv NOW!

  • Sina

    227 comes on the GMC network.

    • nougat

      Yes, but I hate the way they edit the show to make room for more commercials!

  • ilike2smize

    Hal Williams is actually mistaken on both counts. Janine was an older girl at the school that Calvin and she went to, she was not a model. In the Jury episode, he actually was hidden in the room service cart in order to see Mary and had to dress as a woman to leave the room without getting himself or Mary (or Sandra) in trouble.

    • Champain

      You are TOTALLY right ilike2smize, when I read his answer I was like huh?????

  • smiley37

    I agree why don’t we see dramatic shows starring Black people? Here is why we don’t WATCH OR SUPPORT. THEM. How many of us demanded NBC put the boris kodjo spy series back on the air, how many of us stood up when they took off the show starring Blair Underwood as president. How about the taye diggs drama on ABC NO ONE. NOW WE DARN NEAR RIOTED FORTHE. GAME.But where was the support for dramas we r our own worst enemy sometimes

  • Dee Jones

    Where`s Calvin? I miss Pearl and Rose RIP. Whatever happen to Rose`s daughter Tiffany? She was only there for the first season I believed.

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