'Breaking Bad' finale rises from last season

Breaking Bad‘s amazing fourth season finale (which was so satisfying it could have worked as a series finale) rose in the ratings from its last closer.

Bad delivered 1.9 million viewers in its first airing, up 19 percent from its third season finale last year. Including repeats, Bad clocked 2.9 million viewers, with 1.8 million of those in the adult demo. Overall, season four is the show’s most-watched yet, up 23 percent on average from the prior season.

So Bad continues to buck the usual downward trend of aging serialized dramas by growing its audience (even if the number is smaller than fans believe the show deserves). EW recap here.


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  • JP

    How terribly sad that less than 3 million people watched the finale arguably the best show on TV. It is amazing to me that year after year, people continue to miss out on this and Mad Men even though they almost all have easy access to it.

    It’s nothing short of mindblowing that the viewing public just continues to ignore the best stuff on TV in droves.

    • mae

      what’s even sadder is that the repeat watching was probably a large amount of the same people who were in such awe at how amazing the episode was that they wanted to watch again. I’m glad AMC decided to continue this show (even for only 16 more eps) so that those of us who watch can continue!

      • jack

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    • Mary

      Completely agree that more people should be watching this BRILLIANT show! Now that Netflix has added Seasons 1-3 to Instant Queue, perhaps more people will catch up with the series thus far and Season 5 could see even bigger ratings.

    • Holly

      We cant even get this in the UK. They havent shown any series since series 2. We also cant get the DVD in region 2. Ridiculous.

      • nt

        the region 2 season 3 dvd box is released in germany, buy it on amazon.de if the german booklet doesnt bother you,

    • t3hdow

      Just be glad that even with these ratings, Vince Gilligan can control “Breaking Bad” the way he’s done it thus far. Remember, even the brilliant “The Wire” was never a ratings smash and faced cancellation twice, but still managed to end the way David Simon chose to finish it. We can complain about how lazy network shows have become and how dumb mainstream TV viewers possibly are all day long, but as long as the show we love stays on the air, let people watch what they want, and not brood over it.

      Besides, if BB became super popular, the network might force Vince Gilligan to do more seasons beyond what he wants to do. That’s what happened to The X-Files and what would’ve happened to Lost if the ratings didn’t drop. So being a niche title isn’t entirely a bad thing.

    • ectogestator

      Not as sad as your misuse of “less”. The correct usage is “fewer”. And definitely not as sad as your sadness – where do you rank this “tragedy” in the course of human events?

      • t3hdow

        Don’t be dense. Okay, so the OP sounds frustrated over BB’s ratings eclipses his feelings about real world tragedies. Big deal. Nobody likes to talk about life’s constant stream of horrific events all the time, and fyi, we’re in a website that talks about, um, things that entertain us. So in the context of this website, his annoyances are acceptable. If you want to primarily muse about what’s wrong with the world, go to NYTimes, HuffPost, and like minded websites.

        Oh, and before you become a grammar nazi again, keep in mind that the version of English we use has evolved so much from its original [Old English] form, they barely resemble each other now. So in spite of how many rules we inject into the language, there’s no such thing as “correct” English. Never has, never will. There’s no point getting pedantic everytime someone makes a slight error if the message is easy to comprehend.still very clear to most of us.

      • Chris Webb

        Well said.

        Also, ectogestator, periods go inside of quotation marks in standard English in most countries, excluding the UK.

    • elle

      I like the idea that a select few of us are B Bad viewers. Its like a very special restaurant with no crowds and having a wonderful meal that I know is available sometimes its fun not to share.

    • Rob O

      So true, garbage like “Jersey Shore” probably gets 5 times the viewship, but our country’s collective IQ is well below average when it comes to watching intelligent television.

    • Jose Cuervo

      Don’t worry. They only get statistics for the people who watched in on TV. There are plenty of other media options to choose from, so I am sure the actual amount of viewers is astronomically higher.

  • candace

    I loved it. watched it twice!!!!

  • Macr0p0d

    I usually don’t watch it when it’s broadcast, because of its late time, I usually download/tivo it to watch later. But I had to see WW stick it to Gus. Skyler…”It’s okay. I Won.” Classic. Love Breaking Bad!!!

    • LittleLu

      So true. America’s TV viewing and voting habits both.

  • deez

    They rather watch dancing with the stars and other mindless b.s. It really shows the mentality of our nation. I am afraid that BB’s next season can not top this it’s previous seasons and is doomed to fail. Just as Dexter is turning to sh!t.

  • Rodneynyc

    The finale was truly amazing. I was left awestruck by the entire season. The performances, writing and direction on this show are second to none.

  • yep

    Best show ever. biatch

  • HuffStuff

    Just started watching this season and am completely hooked (like a meth addict). Just bought the first season on DVD and can’t wait to catch up on what I missed before next season’s premiere. Summer never seemed so far away.

  • Jay

    Started watching this show about two weeks ago and breezed through it. Last night was epic. Can’t wait to see the final season. Brilliant show.

    • cal

      best show ever ,even better than the sopranos,pretty violent ,but its the best show i have watched in al long time

  • johnB

    this season finale was just amazing. Gus reminded me of the Terminator! DING!

  • Stacy

    It could have been a series finale but it wouldn’t been that satisfying.. I can’t wait for Walt’s downfall, and I really hope Jesse is a huge part of it.

  • Kevin Churchman

    An absolutely mind-blowing (pun intended) season finale of Breaking Bad. This IS the best show on television. Period.

  • Ace

    I think next season Breaking Bad will start getting more viewers once it wins the Emmy for Best Drama. Great finale btw, definitely could have been a series ender.

    • A

      The next (and final) season of Breaking Bad will start next summer, and the Emmys will be in September. By the time the Emmys roll around, half of the final season will probably be over.

      • j

        There are 2 more seasons.

      • Q

        J, there is one more season of 16 episodes, which they may or may not split into two blocks of 8 eight episodes (hasn’t yet been decided). Either way, it will be considered one season.

  • john

    Started watching on Netflix and couldn’t stop. Far and away the best show on television.

  • Kevin7

    Im kind of proud to be in the small group that watches BB. As great as seasons 1-3 were season 4 and last nights finale were the best yet. I don’t know how next year will play out but I can’t wait.

    • A

      So far throughout this season, I had been thinking season 3 has been my favorite season so far. But the season 4 finale was so fantastic that season 4 became my favorite season in one fell swoop.

  • steve

    this is easily the best show on tv! nothing comes close. this show has never dropped off in quality and this series is an all-time great

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