'Pan Am' takes a dive, 'Housewives' ties series low


Image Credit: Patrick Harbron/ABC

Jet lag, already? The ABC dramas took some serious hits in the adults 18-49 demographic, with new series Pan Am dropping 27% to a 1.9 rating/5 share and 6.4 million viewers, according to preliminary ratings. (Death watch alert! When a show hits the 1 rating range, its chances for renewal drop precipitously. Just saying).

Desperate Housewives also decreased 10% from last week, earning a 2.7/6 and 8.4 million. It tied its series low, even though it was ABC’s best performing show for the night. America’s Funniest Home Videos earned a 1.4/4 and 6.6 million and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition logged a 2.0/5 and 7.3 million.

CBS’ The Good Wife did an admirable number at 9 p.m.: It earned a 2.2/5 and 9.8 million while CSI: Miami beat Pan Am with a 2.0/5 and 9.7 million viewers. A football overrun helped 60 Minutes (3.6/10, 13.7 mil), which was followed by a decent showing of The Amazing Race (2.7/7, 9.6 million).

NBC, as usual, dominated the night with football. Green Bay versus Atlanta earned a  7.9/19, up 8% from last Sunday. The game attracted nearly 20 million eyeballs.

Fox ran repeats of its animated comedies.

Bottom line: NBC won the night in the demo with a 6.5/16, followed by CBS (3.2/8), ABC (2.0/5), and Fox (1.0/3). In viewers, NBC was first with 16.2 million, followed by CBS (12.1 million), ABC (7.2 million) and Fox (2.6 million).

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  • Sam

    Looks like Brothers & Sisters should have gotten that 6th season… A Far superior show with an incredibly more talented cast than Pan Am… I miss the Walkers, and it looks like ABC should as well about now.

    • jack

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      • bigbopper1212

        Really, Jack? ConDRAGulations! Thats a nice story, but WHY would you mention it here?

      • Debn

        Housewives should not even still be on the air. That show has been horrible since the 2nd season.

      • Joe

        There are a lot of posts below stating that this show or that show should be cancelled. Be careful what you wish for, people – scripted shows with actors are becoming dinosaurs on network TV. Do you really want MORE of the “reality” garbage that is cheaper to produce and more inviting for networks execs to throw on the air?!?

      • Acaseofgeo

        Its perplexing that “60 Minutes” is one of the highest rated in the 18 – 49 demographic that advertisers LOVE when everyone talks about what an old-fogey dinosaur it is. I also find it interesting that in your analysis, “Good Wife” gets a “decent” at 2.2 in the demo while “Pan Am” rates a death watch at just .3 lower. Everything seems to be in HOW you spin in cuz the numbers aren’t all that drastically different. But YAYYYYY for 60 Minutes lolololol.

      • mags

        60 Minutes isn’t really an “old-fogey dinosaur.” It still has some of the best news/documentary work on TV. The fact that it gets good numbers in the 18-49 demo gives me hope that not everyone in that demo wants junk like the Kardashians or Jersey Shore.

      • Shannon

        definitely cancel housewives.. nobody watches that anymore

      • lisa g.

        @acaseofgeo….I like ur comment. Interesting take n something to ponder!

    • Aaron

      Too bad, it’s really a fantastic show that deserves to stay on the air.

      • Debn

        They should give Pan Am at least a year more. Housewives can go though.

      • Garry

        “Pan Am” has only had three episodes so far, but the most recent one was a big leap forward in quality from the previous two, and I hope it’s not already too late for the writers/producers to continue to find the show’s groove. I love it.

      • Emma

        Agreed. I like the show a lot too. I wish more people watched live.

      • mheyize

        Love the show, but I watch on Hulu. I don’t have cable and don’t ABC otherwise I would watch it live.

      • thin

        I’m watching it, but I don’t love it.

      • lsufan

        I greatly enjoy Pan Am. I agree that Housewives can go. It is very hard to understand and it’s not a “hit” show anymore. I like Pan Am and like that the characters are developing nicely but with twists. I hope it can last a year. It is hard to compete with football.

      • FlyGirl

        Am watching the series right now. I find it entertaining given the fact I had been privy to their heydey years. My brother worked and retired w/Pan Am so there are many good memories for our family… fab trips, Interline parties plus flying First Class to Europe, dining in the upper lounge, white table cloths, on 747s. Now, those were the good ol’ days of Pan Am. Fun times.
        Hope the series doesn’t get canned!

    • endo

      You’ve gotta be kidding me! Brothers & Sisters had a great 2 seasons, but it nosedived into hackneyed writing. They didn’t just cancel that show, they put it out of its misery.

      • DThor

        I agree. Once they broke out the amnesia story and the kid living on the streets, I thought I was watching tv from the early 70s again.

      • Nick

        I completely agree! halfway through season 3 I stopped caring. I went from being obsessed to being indifferent about the show. And for those of you complaining about how ABC should’t have cancelled the show, if you read any article from the last season fo B&S you can tell that the actors and writers were even tired of the show.

      • Chris

        Too bad Mork never visited the show. I saw the Happy Days episode where he faced off with Fonzie. My God, how awful.

      • CM

        Mork’s visit was all just a dream Richie had in the end though.

      • Bruno

        endo, you are right-on regarding the writing on Brothers & Sisters. It’s as if they fired the original writers and brought in a crew froam a dysfunctional soap-opera.

    • Robby Yates

      I agree wholeheartedly that Brothers & Sisters should have made one FINAL season. I could have easily predicted that Pan Am would bomb..Charlie’s Angels though, surprised me, I ACTUALLY like the show. BUT…I don’t think it will survive. ABC is always really quick to put good shows out to pasture.

    • nicole

      I agree!!

    • Sammy D

      I agree with you. Brothers & Sisters should still be on. Pan Am is just awful. I am bored watching it. And at least B&S could hold its ratings…

    • graeme

      I loved B&S but season 5 was crap, and Calista Flockhart wanted out. ABC didn’t want to continue the show without her (smart decision) and I heard the show was very expensive by season 5.

    • A

      I’ll take Christina Ricci over Calista Flockhart any day.

      • bri

        You like that bug-eyed, shrill-voiced twit? Eww!

      • Ryan

        I’m not into any of the new series this season. It’s hard to get invested in a show and its characters when there’s the possibility it might be canceled after only 3 airings. Why bother? All the good shows are on cable anyway.

    • laura

      I agree. I miss the Walkers too. I’d watch them over Desperate Housewives any day of the week. However, I do enjoy Pan Am. I am 60 yo w m f.

  • Tracy

    I have to record the good wife because the football Game runs over into the amazing race. Hope that doesn’t count for the good wife

    • lisa g.


      • Acaseofgeo

        Funny Shannon! I have to do the same thing as I watch both Amazing Race and Good Wife. But I LOVE the NFL and watch all the football games in real time. I usually watch Amazing Race in real time too so I don’t have it spoiled who is eliminated. Then I turn to NBC’s NFL game. I’m puzzle why you don’t want to give CBS ratings tho. That sounds a bit odd.

    • Shannon

      I got 1 better than that I have to record CSI Miami b/c football runs over into 60 Minutes which then runs over 30 minutes into Amazing Race which then runs over into GW leaving me stuck recording CSI. I’m outraged at this scheduling! outraged.
      I already schedule my dvr to run 30 extra min on the Good Wife, now in order the catch the last few min I have to record CSI! Does that count for them?!?! I hope not I do not like CBS getting any more ratings than it has to.

  • ceebee

    I miss B&S too – ABC should have played up a Final Season! The Walkers were a fun way to end a weekend before heading back to work!!

    • Joboots

      Yeah,right……………………..I think the cast of B&S were
      getting tired since the writing wasn’t as great the last
      couple years & wanted to move on to other things,in all

    • Melissa in CA

      I miss Brothers & Sisters too, but it was time for it to be over. What else could they have put those poor Walkers through?!

  • Lindsay

    I was just getting into Pan Am, I really enjoy it! Hate to see the ratings drop like that, I think it is finally starting to find its groove.

    • Ellie

      I agree. I really like it, and the character development is starting to get interesting. especially Collette.

      • Scott

        Collette was just amazing last night!

      • Marilyn S.

        I agree last night’s episode was a definate improvement over the first two. The actress who played Colette really nailed her scenes. I hope ABC gives this show a chance to see if it can reach its potential and find an audience.

    • Jimmy

      I just love Collette. She’s my favorite character by far.

    • MsMoneypenny

      I love Pan Am. If ABC bails, I think it should be picked up by a cable network with more patience.

      The only other new show I love is New Girl which is doing fabulously well, so at least won’t lose that!

  • Mike

    Pan Am should be moved to another night, switch Revenge and Pan Am in the schedule…I think DH is a better lead in for Revenge than Pan Am…

    • Rochelle

      Totally agree with this- I actually LOVE both shows. I thought Pan Am was fabulous last night, and Revenge is just so juicy, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure! I’d be disappointed if Pan Am were dropped- seems like it’s such a tough world out there trying to get a TV show off to a good start!

      • Matt

        I agree also. Loving both Pan Am and Revenge. ABC needs to make sure both get a chance to find and keep an audience. Maybe try swapping nights as was mentioned. These are both good freshman shows that deserve a chance!

      • Mike

        I agree. Give them a chance.

    • Marshal Knight

      That is a great freakin idea! I just want the Pan-Am ratings to rise, the show is getting so good! I smiled so much after she got the wave from JFK. And Colette rocked it last night too!

      • Mike

        Thought it was a great episode. ABC needs to take my idea here…lol. Switch shows instead of cancelling them.

    • Cin

      I agree that they should switch Pan Am for Revenge. Pan Am is just horrible!!! Nothing but fake, phony smiles!

  • Misspriss_1

    I really like Pan Am… It is the first ABC show that I have watched on ABC Sundays in years. Too bad that it is not doing well in the ratings. I will miss it if they cancel it. I do hope that they let it finish the episodes for this season!!

  • sadasf

    I like pan am! (I LOVE COLETTE)! Hopefully it wont get cancelled!

  • Chaz

    Desperate housewives is surely desperate now. What a pathetic rating for a new episode. Maybe ABC should move it and give the slot to something new since the show is going off the air anyways. Why keep losing this time slot

    • lisa g.

      They likely won’t do that since this is the last tango but I’d love to see it on a weeknite! Sun nites are just too hectic!

  • Carmen

    I actually like Pan Am. Too bad DH is the lead in.

    • bri

      If people wanted to watch Pan Am, they would regardless of which show airs before it. Also, notice that the Pan Am audience has plummeted since its debut. This means that a lot of people did watch, thought it stank major butt, and didn’t come back.

  • SH

    I love pan am. It’s my new appt. show.

    • teepoo

      :sigh: I miss appointment TV (Lost). :(

  • endo

    I like Pan Am, but I don’t think most people realize that it’s intentionally an overly stylized, candy-colored view of the 60s. It’s our idea of the 60s, not what it actually was like. I can see how that’s off-putting for many people.

  • Ora

    The only reason that the Good Wife is getting ratings is because we all have to TIVO it in order to see the end of The Amazing Race…Which runs late every week due to sports… I have Good Wife on my list, but have never seen the show…. they can thank TAR for their ratings…

    • CC

      The Good Wife already had good ratings (and a pile of Emmys) from its first two seasons. The only reason I’ve ever seen Amazing Race is, yes, the football that makes the whole schedule run late EVERY week now. I don’t care about TAR, but I have to keep checking in to keep from missing TGW.

      • kate middleton

        Not really. Good Wife has been a ratings stinker and on the bubble every year. But it does get awards, and that’s why CBS keeps it around.

        I think they go back in and adjust the numbers when there are overruns like this. Not sure if these numbers are adjusted or not.
        But it really annoys me that CBS never cuts 60 Minutes when football runs over – it would be really easy to only make that show 30 minutes long when this happens.

      • QWERTY

        @kate middleton, Check your “facts.” TGW frequently hit 12 mil last season. The new crap time slot is hurting it’s ratings.

      • Kana

        @QWERTY No, The Good Wife has always struggled in ratings. Remember it’s not the actual live ratings that matter to the advertisers. It’s the 18-49 demographic ratings that the network cares about since that is the demo the advertisers pay them for. Compared to other shows on CBS, The Good Wife attracts a much lower demo number.

    • Futurama

      If you’re not a Nielsen Family, it doesn’t matter in the ratings what you DVR.

      • Misha Lauenstein

        Your purchasing (or lack thereof) based on the commercials will be used by the advertiser to judge how effective the ad space on Pan Am is, and therefore how much they are willing to pay, and therefore how much money the network has to pay for a given show, and therefore the quality of show that the network model can support.

    • nicole

      The good wife is much better than Pan Am. Pan Am is so cheezy

      • Bruno

        Nicole – You’re missing the point of why Pan Am looks/feels like it does. The early ’60’s was basically a carryover of the ’50’s, with that over-stylized, saturated look. America was still in it’s age of innocence. After the assasination of Kennedy and the revolts of the mid-to-late ’60’s there was a shift in American culture. I think you will see this cultural shift as Pan Am continues.

    • Jacquelyn

      The Good Wife averaged 11 – 12 million viewers last year. You are mistaken to think that it is simply because of the Amazing Race. I like TAR too but I watch TAR every week because The Good Wife is on after. Otherwise, I would catch it online later.

      • Kana

        It doesn’t matter how many people actually watched the Good Wife last year. It’s the 18-49 demo ratings that matter. Good Wife has always struggled in the demo. One episode last year went as low as 1.9. That is not good. The 2.2 rating it got last night is low compared to others shows on the network.

  • CC

    I know why I didn’t see Pan Am. Like a number of people, I watch The Good Wife at 9 and Pan Am at 10. Except for the past three weeks, football has gone overtime and delayed TGW. I don’t have DVR, so that has meant missing a big chunk of Pan Am. Last night so much had already gone by that there was no point. I’ll just have to watch online.

    • bigbopper1212

      Just record the 2 hour bloc on your VCR-you do own one of those, dont you? Or you can enter the 21st century and obtain a DVR from your local cable, telco, or satco provider!

  • tomm

    Neilsen TV audiences are stupid, onlyt watch ‘easy to follow’ crime shows and sit coms. Nothing good will ever stay on the air anymore.

  • vinny

    I love Christina Ricci and thought I would eventually check out Pan Am and the “Gentleman” show on CBS. But this is such a reminder of why everything I watch is on cable TV…the networks give nothing a chance to find an audience anymore. If it doesn’t meet their whimsical expectations, the show is gone before you know it. I’ll stick to my programs on HBO, Showtime, Starz, AMC and FX.

    • Skinny Pete

      Breaking Bad was on last night. It’s the best show on television but most of America has no idea. Wake up everyone! You don’t have to look for crap on the networks on Sunday nights! Brilliantly well-written, acted and directed shows are just a button away…

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