'Dancing with the Stars' eliminated dancer: 'Everything happens the way it's supposed to'


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Carson Kressley earned the lowest score on Monday after his goofy run as a pirate but once again, the dancer at the bottom of the leader board lived to see another week on Dancing with the Stars. For more from this week’s eliminated contestant, head to the jump:

Too bad they were assigned the theme song to Mission: Impossible. The tango proved next to impossible, indeed, for Chynna Phillips, who relied heavily on partner Tony Dovolani to talk her through the routine since she forgot most of the steps. Inexplicably, the judges gave her a 21 — the same score earned by Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono (who remembered their numbers). But viewers weren’t as forgiving, so Phillips became the latest hoofer to leave the ballroom.

“I drew a blank,” Phillips explained after Tuesday’s results show. “It’s just one of those things where you’re about to take a math test, you think you know every answer and then all of a sudden you go blank. I felt badly it had to happen. Tony is an amazing teacher. We worked really really hard for that dance and unfortunately the whole thing sort of unraveled.

“A lot of different things kind of triggered it,” she continued. “There was a lot of waiting around time before we actually danced so I got in my head a little bit. But I really have to say that everything happens the way it’s supposed to happen, and I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to be on the show.”

Dovolani admits that early in Tuesday’s telecast, he began to suspect that he and Phillips were the next ones out. “I asked her if she had a speech prepared,” he said. “I’m so proud of Chynna. I feel like the rug got taken out from under us because she had so much potential and I was having such a blast this season. What does it say about our show? The couple who actually gets along goes home? I guess we should have simulated some fights! Maybe we should have a fight now, maybe they’ll bring us back!”

No chance of that — especially since Phillips is already looking forward to some down time. “I’m really excited to get back to my babies and get back home and maybe sleep in a little. This whole ride has been very emotional, a lot of late nights, early mornings, training, spray tanning. It’s been very, very all-consuming and that takes its toll on you. It will be nice to stop and take a big deep breath and catch up to my life.”

Next up on her agenda — recording an album with Wilson Phillips called Dedicated. “It’s a tribute to our parents,” Phillips said of the collection coming out in April. “It will be all Mamas and Papas and Beach Boy classics. Now I can get around to recording it.”

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  • joan keane

    This is an example of the way DWTS operates — chaz should have beenbooted the first night but he attracts more of an audience than say a Chynna (who is a beautiful dancer or the two who preceded her. They’ll keep Nancy Grace as long as they can fool the public because of her noteriety. It is not a fair show at all…..

    • dinny

      They are only keeping Chaz around because it’s a pathetic head case. I guess they don’t want it to be anymore screwed up than it already is

      • Pronoun Trouble

        Regardless of what you may think of Chaz’s choices, he is still certainly a human being..not an “it”, dinny.

      • bill

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      • Seriously

        Who is ‘they’, DWTS doesn’t decide who stays on, the judges only count for 50% those who vote carry the night. There is no great conspiracy to keep the transgender on. People vote for Chaz because they like him and are most likely making a point about transgender issues. People vote for Nancy because they are her fans and she asks for their votes on her show and she doesn’t ask because she is a great dancer. She also is donating her money which is a pretty sneaky way to get votes. What I don’t understand is why people who cannot dance want to stay on while people who can dance get booted off. I would think that would feel humiliating. But they know what they are getting into and so do you guys who watch. So why do you keep watching?

    • Sally

      Fair show? Whoever told you DWTS should be a fair show? Of course it isn’t.

      The judges’ comments vs scores rarely match up. The dance will be terrible and score a 7 (Cynna). The dance will be great and score yes a 7 (Chaz).

      Does anyone really know how the final votes really work? We’ve all heard that it is a combination of judges scores and votes but what is the actual percentage? DWTS keeps that secret closely guarded.

      I recommend people watch the show for fun. Vote for your favorite to hopefully keep them in the competion so you can watch again next week. But don’t ever think DWTS is fair – it’s not.

      • doglover

        The percentages of judges scores and votes is 50-50. Which means even with good scores, Chynna did not have enough fans behind her to vote. Carrie Ann once said they write down their scores immediately after the dance so from the time they do that until they actually comment, they may rethink what they want to say & therefore the discrepancies.

      • doglover

        To clarify, they write down their scores immediately after the dance and hand them to a production assistant who takes it to the producers.

    • JJ

      I refuse to watch this year as long as Chaz is on the show.

      • ew-bot

        oh, poor you.

      • DRG

        JJ = bigot.

      • Marie

        Wow, I’m sure you’re really putting a dent in the ratings, JJ. I wonder how many things you miss out on or “refuse” to consider because of your fear of what you don’t understand.

    • LOL

      America loves crap.

    • Marie

      Chynna forgot her entire dance! At least Chaz and Nancy remembered all of their choreography and didn’t just stand there and have to be pushed around by their partner! Regardless of what Chynna has done in the past, she dropped the ball this week and absolutely deserved to be the one who went home. She should have had the lowest scores from the judges and the audience knew that.

  • David

    This is getting ridiculous. Chaz and Nancy keep clomping around the floor like Clydesdales and they stay in the competition. Chynna had an off week but she could have been a finalist.

    • Grumpster

      Exactly why this show should never be seen by anyone who is a true fan of dance. SYTYCD is far better and no needing to put up with the egos of celebs who already get paid too much and get more exposure than they deserve. Example…I certainly don’t need more exposure from Chaz Bono…who aside from being a tranny, has no merit in the industry.

      • Kat

        Hmmm. I’m a true fan of dance. I danced for many years myself, and I do love SYTYCD. However, I also ADORE Dancing With The Stars. It’s ridiculous, it’s fun, it’s NOT to be taken seriously. It’s a weekly masquerade party. No, Chynna didn’t deserve to go. But in the grand scheme of things…who really cares? It’s a d-list celebrity dance show. It’s for FUN. Chaz and Nancy are pretty bad, but so what? Part of the show’s appeal is watching people try really hard to do something they suck at; sometimes they actually get better at it. Chaz was noticeably better this week, although still bad. He could be interesting to watch.

      • From Canada With Love

        @Kat – I watched this week’s episode last night and thought about why I am enjoying the show. You are exactly right – it is the goofyness, the glitter, the little meltdowns and the fun of seeing someone do better than expected. It is like a cult movie – you either get it or you don’t. And I was a dancer for 20 years – I take no offense at seeing someone like Chaz or Nancy dance – I give them credit for even entering the nutty world of DWTS. I think people need to stop getting all bent out of shape and just have some fun.

    • kate middleton

      I think it hurt Chynna that she went first too – it seems people who go first do home disproportionately.

    • Sally

      Yes I agree. Chynna easily deserved to make the finals. Her other dances certainly merited it. But I blame the judges for this one. They scored her too high. She forgot half the dance. And yet the judges scored her the same as 2 other dancers who remembered their steps. I think the fan base did not vote for Chynna because they realized the judges scoring was wrong. Score Chynna accurately and maybe her fan base would have stuck with her.

      • guest

        Chaz and Nancy look just as lost as Chynna. What’s there excuse? She wasn’t scored too high, they were. There’s no way they should be getting 7’s.

    • Juanitaville

      Did you watch last year’s show when they kept having Kirstie Alley returning week after week? What a joke that was!

      • Sally

        Or the year of Marie Osmond. Or the year of Kate Gosselin – the “free Tony” year. Every year there’s someone that stays wayyyyyy to long.

      • dinny

        Bristol Palin anyone???

    • Alice

      If Chazzzzz is going to stick around, then can he at least get rid of the beater shirts? It offends our sparkly sensibilities!

      • Sally

        But Chaz was wearing a sparkly boxing jacket over the beater shirt this week! But yes – please lose the tacky ugly shirts that should not be worn outside one’s home.

  • Nshi

    Chyna was horrific, she needed to go. You’re only as good as your last dance.

    • mdjo

      Shouldn’t your mama be keeping you away from the grownups’ computer?

      • ew-bot

        ooh, burn.

      • Gio

        No, not really.

  • Shawn

    Such a shame. So the rules are if you dance good and have one bad night you leave, but if you have a bad night since the start you get to stay over more talented dancers. I’m quite tempted to talk to some friends who don’t watch the show to vote for anyone but Chaz, Carson, and Nancy because it seems like the people who are voting for them are not watching the show themselves.

    • Johny

      juju, i cant believe im sainyg this but u r sort of right, because Chaz is not, nor will he ever be TRULY male. Having testosterone injections provides male traits like broad shoulders, deeper voice, facial hair, muscle development, etc. but nonetheless I will support Chaz on DWTS VA:F [1.9.15_1155]please wait…VA:F [1.9.15_1155](from 0 votes)

  • Peter

    I keep thinking that Dancing with the Star’s is a dancing competition. But those on the bottom of the leader board continue to advance. Oh Yea! I forgot, it is a popularity contest. So long dancing with the stars, I am done.

    • Meg

      Did it take you this long to figure that out?

      • Sue1

        It always has been a popularity contest. These complaints have been voiced before, in every season, only with different names. It is what is is, and it’s not going to change–that’s why I just read the recaps, and listen to my last friend who still watches fill me in.

    • Sally

      Duh. Yes DWTS is a popularity contest.

      Enjoy the show for what it is – occasional good dances.

  • ~~Dancing With the Stars~~

    Yeah right Peter, you’ll be knocking at my door at 3:00 in the morning, with a bottle of cheap wine in your hand begging me to take you back!!!!

    • ew-bot

      keeping it real.

  • Tracey

    They have decided that Ricki will be this seasons winner. Big surprise. Derek wins again. Chynna was a good dancer but the judges never gave her the credit she deserved. I don’t think that Ricki is that special.

    • Eurydice

      Really? The judges gave Chynna more credit than she deserved – she got 7’s and she didn’t do any of her dance. Carrie Ann knocked JR down to an 8 just because she didn[‘t like the humor in his performance.

  • Eolra

    I’m surprised people get so upset about this. We’re talking about D-List celebrities – no need to get your panties in a bunch people. It’s always been a popularity contest – that’s just how it is when you allow America’s vote to determine who goes home. That’s true of every show with that format.

    • Terry

      THANK YOU, Eolra. I only watch this show intermittently and the only reason I watch is for ENTERTAINMENT. I want to get a few laughs and be entertained. For serious dancing where I want the better dancers to advance, I watch SYTYCD. These are D-list and has-been “stars.” They are not trained dancers.

      The judges get worse every season taking things too seriously, which results in many of the contestants getting too serious and looking miserable. I want to see people enjoying themselves, having fun and entertaining me. So, I endorse someone like Carson Cressly all the way. Love him!! LOL

      • LSUgal

        I love Carson, too. And Anna is my favorite female pro. They look like they have so much fun.

      • doglover

        People get upset because the celebs train so long and work so hard only to be booted off by a less talented celeb who has nothing to show for their hard work.

  • Cat

    They really need to change how they judge this competition. Carson and Chaz should have been gone but no instead Chynna is gone. She is a very good dancer. This makes me want to stop watching the show.

    • JulieB

      The judges’ score still counts for half. It shows the power of the people’s vote. Believe me, Chaz and all the other inferior dancers will go home in good time; they definitely won’t win. Why doesn’t anyone understand this?

  • sam

    Chynna to me was the true revelation of the season, sorry JR fans, but I did not expect her to be so great from the first show and for the next two weeks — its just plain sad that voters give passes to sub par dancers but don’t give it to someone who could have gone all the way. This is as bad, if not worse than kristin’s exit last week — yet carson, hope, chaz stay — UGH. I’m all for gay rights but not to the point that you keep voting for someone who is not a good dancer.

    • tom

      You’re “all for gay rights” What?
      If you’re talking about those amongst us who attempt to mate with the same sex of their species–well, then what “rights” are they being deprived of?
      The problem is that they would like to enjoy MORE “rights” than the rest of us

      • ew-bot


      • Kat

        As a happily married straight woman…in what universe do gay people want MORE rights than straight people? As for what rights they’re being deprived of…oh dear. I doubt EW has the space for me to get into that. Suffice it to say, my dear friend of 15 years (<3 you, Matt) has had to suffer a great deal in his life and does not have the same rights with his long-term partner that I do with my husband (in terms of taxes, medical care and decisions, and the general nature of my legally-recognized relationship).

      • Alii

        though, there is no doubt that this show ranks #1 of all of them. Yes, there are shows that are a bit older but this one still has charm. There is comedy, love, and a llttie politics, easily moving it up to the top. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

    • LSUgal

      I agree. Otherwise, Chynna would have been paired with Derek and Ricki with Tony.

  • Dee Jones

    I called it yesterday! I knew this was gonna happen.

  • Dan N.

    On the DWTS message board, I wrote that Chynna would be going home next, not because she is the worst dancer but because the producers and the judges are PROTECTING the more controversial contestants, like Chaz and Carson. One guy replied that I am wrong… then he proceeded to actually MAKE MY CASE! He said the producers know who they want to see win every season, and they do it. Point taken! This “contest” is about as fair as a bullfight.

    • wddb

      Carson Kressley is not “controversial.”

      !. It is not supposed to be a show with great pros AND great amateur dancers; it originally was a show that highlighted improvement.

      2. It is TV, remember? “Characters” sell advertising, the only reason television programming exists (did you think it was to entertain?).

      3. Viewers can vote for whomever they want and for whatever reasons; get over it.

      4. The Finale will be between JR and Ricki Lake. AKA: The actual,best amateurs.

      • GoddessLu

        Thank you as to the first statement. Carson is fun and entertaining and gives it a decent go. When this show started, the “celebs” (and I use that term loosely) were primarily people who could not dance and they would evolve week to week. I don’t have a problem with someone like him staying as he tries, is slowly progressing and is entertaining as hell. Chaz on the other hand looks to be in pain, suffering and is really not improving at all, possibly worsening. Cher has shown up, he can go now. Neither of the above statements had anything to do with sexual orientation, as it should be. Who cares what people do in their own time? Grow up America.

  • Zzzzzz

    I’m more disappointed for Tony than Chynna. First season in a LONG time he has had a partner who had a chance. He seems to be a really nice guy as well as a talented dancer/choreographer. Mark and Derek seem to get first dibs every show. I was not unhappy to see Mark go early.

    • Lori

      I agree with you…. Tony always gets the “older women” and I was hoping he would get a great partner ever since he was stuck with Kate. He is one of the most down to earth pros and I was pulling for him.

      • doglover

        Every partner Derek has had has been older than him. Other than Joanna Krupa, his partners have been in their 30’s, 40’s & Jennifer Grey who was 50.

  • asd

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  • Nancy

    Chynna should have been one of the finalist. The same thing happened to Brooke Burke when she danced with Derek and they ended up winning! The voting system is very unfair.

    • Sally

      I’m confused. As you state, Brooke and Derek won their season. How do they compare to Chynna?

      • J

        “The same thing happened” is referring to the fact that Brooke apparently blanked out and forgot most of one of her dances, but obviously did not get voted out, and ultimately went on to win. But I don’t get how that makes the voting system unfair.

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