'Fringe': John Noble on Walter's excursion outside. Plus, behind the scenes of one of TV's most elaborate sets -- VIDEO


Image Credit: Sandra Gonzalez/Entertainment Weekly

Fringe fans can attest that the show has been creatively soaring this season. And this week’s episode is no exception, John Noble told EW last week during a set visit.

“I love that episode,” he told reporters, explaining that while Walter fears the world outside the lab, he’s more worried about going back to St. Claire’s mental institution if he’s deemed “too unstable and unnecessary.” He explained: “The episode where he does go out is to prove a point. It’s to say, ‘Look, I’m alright’ — whether he is or not, you’ll have to wait and see.”

You can check out the full chat with Noble below, which was fittingly conducted inside Walter’s incredibly elaborate bedroom. In fact, most of the Fringe set is quite similar in that aspect — every piece seems placed with care and thought. That’s quite a nerve-wracking situation for a group of accident-prone bloggers to find themselves in, but everyone managed to walk away unscathed — minus one close call involving a falling exam lamp.


Image Credit: Sandra Gonzalez/Entertainment Weekly

Having been on a few TV sets, what I loved most about the Fringe set was that for show so grounded in surreal situations, the stage felt quite real. Walter’s bed was cozy. (I know because I tested it.) By the bed, a half-full glass of water was placed on the nightstand, next to a slightly worn record (Peter, Paul and Mary In Concert, for those wondering). And one of Walter’s incredibly cozy-looking sweaters hung on a chairback. As a result of all this attention to detail, I didn’t want to touch a thing. This might sound strange, but I felt a bit intrusive — like Walter wouldn’t want me there.

But that’s the magic of being on the Fringe set. It suddenly made sense why I was so invested in this world — because it is a world. I just appreciate it a little more now. (And I’m not going to lie — meeting the cow sealed the deal.)

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  • Jealous


    • jim

      Easily THE BEST show on tv now

      • Bishoff

        ‘scuse me, but it IS the best show on tv now!! easily the most creative & thoughtful show out there.

      • hahaq

        Fringe is good but apparently you have not seen Breaking Bad, which is the best show on television rightn now.

      • J-Mac

        @hahaq….Breakin Bad stinks. Just because something’s on cable does not make it better. Once again, I repeat, Breaking Bad sucks the duck.

      • Judy

        NOW NOW CHILDREN, they’re both good shows.

      • jacm

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  • tracy bluth

    I’m so incredibly jealous of you, Sandra! Also, yay Gene!

    And seriously, give John Noble an Emmy.

  • Say it ain’t so …

    Say whaaaat !. You were in Walter’s bed.

  • Rudy

    Love that he “gets” and is so invested in his character. How did this man not even get an Emmy nom?

    • Matt

      I know, it shouldn’t matter, but I hate when actors come across as distant or indifferent to the show, that it’s just a job.. and it’s more about how THEY are playing the role, etc.. rather than talking about the story.

  • wendy

    Love,love this show! And I agree John Noble needs an Emmy.

  • trish

    Fantastic acting, set design, story. Best part of Friday!

  • Jiji Moran

    Who cleans the cow’s patties? I bet Walter recycles them for tea or something.

    I’m jelous!

  • Jiji Moran

    I still remember John Noble’s rendition of Denethor in “Lord of the Rings.”

    His scenes being hateful toward his son Faramir are heart-wrenching, but I also found them funny.

    I mean, how bad a father he was that he preferred his live son to be dead, and his dead son to be alive… and he told him so.

    He also sent the young man on a suicide mission knowing he was to die, then he wanted to burn him alive after the horse dragged his son’s body back to the castle.

    Brilliant! No, BREEELEEANT!!!

    John Noble played the character so fiercely.

    Now playing Walter is a refreshing sight to behold, he’s so much into character and so believable.

    I luv you John!!!

    • AB

      You do realize that what you’re touting as brilliant was written by Tolkein? Just saying – John Noble was a brilliant Denethor, but he didn’t create that characterization, Tolkein did.

      • Mike

        Yeah and Peter Jackson directed him. So what?? That wasn’t JiJi’s point at all, so what’s yours?

        “John Noble played the character so fiercely.”

        That pretty much says where JiJi was coming from.

      • Jiji Moran

        Thank you Mike.

        Glad some of us still got a few neurons left.


      • Theresa

        AB, your point is unnecessary. Even more annoying is that if you’re going to bring up Tolkien at least spell his name correctly.

        And yes, I read the books and love Tolkien’s work. Writers create brilliant characters and then, if we and they are lucky, brilliant actors breathe life into them. Back off.

  • Jiji Moran

    TO WHOEVER PROGRAMMED THIS PAGE: your alignment is “center”, when it should be “left”. Everything is centered, and looks weird.

    • Grumpster

      Yeah…but at least it’s not off to the far right like the entire republican party and teabaggers.

      • Dicazi


  • PSB1962


  • Hania

    John Noble is too good for the Emmys..can’t wait for Friday with less of Lincoln,and more Peter.

    • Bob

      Can’t we have Lincoln and Peter?

      • Hania

        We can have both,I just don’t like how the new guy gets more screen time than Nina,Astro and our wonderful Broyles..me no likey..

      • Dicazi

        Lee’s not really the “new” guy. Alt-Lincoln was on last season.

  • Susan

    I absoutely love, love, love this show. John Noble is not only brilliant, but lovable in his own confused way. This is the best CSI meets the X-Files in a long time. Look forward to it every Friday.

  • Grumpster

    Even my wife, who doesn’t normally watch this type of show, couldn’t stop watching last Friday.

  • passing

    The pilot provided backstory for Walter and Peter, an overdose compared to Olivia who had no backstory at all, just that she was an FBI agent and the partner that dies. And in the season 1 and mostly 2 they only wrote for Walter and Peter, Olivia was just the FBI agent, and she got a stepfather line in 2 episodes and a bit of cortexiphan.
    I find it amzing what Anna Torv has done with the little information she got and how she handled everything, with Jeff Pinkner admitting that they forced her to play Olivia the way she did in the beginning.The showrunners have waited far too long with giving Anna material to work with, and Fauxlivia is more or less her creation.
    For me John Noble has it easy with Walter , and with all the backstory Walternate has, I expected him to do more with that character.
    The Olivia/Walter scenes are always the best scenes and I hope that they will do more with that relationship.

    • passing

      What Anna Torv is doing now with another shift in an Olivia, a change so subtle but so clear is brilliant.
      Episode 4.02 , last week, with the two Olivias working together was beyond awesome. Each scene required Anna to change wig/clothes a couple of times, she had to remember the expressions and attitude of each Olivia , yet everything was fluent. Indeed one of the best Fringe episodes ever.

  • Fan

    Absolutely the best show right now. Anna Torv is incredible but John Noble = Emmy.

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