Fox sets 'Terra Nova' finale, 'New Girl' pushed to November


Fox’s grand dino experiment has set a (first season?) conclusion: As Futon Critic first reported, Terra Nova will finish its 13-hour run on Monday, Dec. 19. The show will finish how it ended, with a two-hour episode (see last night’s recap, “What Just Happened,” here). Last night’s Terra Nova ratings were disrupted by Fox’s baseball coverage, but it looks like, after holding steady the first two weeks, the show might have dipped a bit.

In other Fox scheduling news, the network is expanding another edition of X Factor next week to two hours for the “judges house” episodes (producers ended up with a lot of good footage, a rep explains). Combined with previously announced Factor expansions and baseball, that means the network will hold off on airing new episodes of New Girl at 9:30 p.m. until Nov. 1 (fellow Tuesday shows Glee and Raising Hope are also not scheduled to return until next month, either). All this sort of shuffling is common for Fox in the fall due to baseball pushing around the schedule, and shouldn’t be taken as a diss of New Girl, which is performing great.

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  • Chris

    Ohhh Tera Nova. Goodbye Dinos. ps FIRST

    • wsugar

      I am so glad they cancelled the New Girl. It was bad.

      • AB

        Its not cancelled. Can’t you read?

      • Eshia

        On what planet did they cancel The New Girl? READ the story.

      • bruno

        i WISH.

      • Greg

        reading is hard

      • Aaron

        This little blurb is fairly poorly written so I could understand some confusion but Fox has not cancelled Terra Nova or New Girl. Terra Nova was meant to be only 13 hours this season and I think they meant to say the season is ending how it began with a 2-hour finale.

      • Brenna

        Canceled has one ‘l”, not to be too much of a grammar snob.

      • Jett

        Brenna: You’re wrong, and AB has it correct. “Cancelled” does indeed have 2 Ls according to the Queen’s english. Only recently has it been acceptable to use only one L… which has about as much credibility of being proper english as “my bad” (ugh, also recently added to Webster’s dictionary). So sorry, the grammarian you are not. :-)

      • Wes

        Sorry Brenna, cancelled actually has 2 “l”s. And that would be a problem of spelling, not grammar.

      • Kate

        Wes and Brenna, cancelled/canceled can be spelled either way. But Wes is right — it’s a spelling issue, not a grammar one.

      • wsugar

        who cares, as long as it is off the air.

      • oiroi

        did you even read the article? it said new girl is doing great and is coming back in november after baseball. Let me guess you like shows like 2 and a half men?

      • EricCole

        Typical, americans make a clever show wrapped in a cute and funny package, and they’d rather cancel it to see another american idol clone. What was the problem with that one, too complicated again?

      • Ben

        The new girl is a great show. I dont know what your watching.

      • Sophie

        Wow Brenna!!! Do you feel as stupid as your comment? LOL. For a person who doesn’t know the difference between “spelling” and “grammar” — you should not be the one to correct anyone. Especially when your correction is a mistake. That just makes you appear even more retarded. Anyways…… I hope they DO NOT cancel Terra Nova. I love the show. I am confused on why they said it was a 2 hour Finale and not just a season finale. I researched everywhere on Google and getting mixed answers and want a solid one. Is it or isn’t it getting cancelled? Or for Brenna… canceled? hahah

      • Newman

        I went on here to read about Terra Nova and to see if anyone had a decent answer on whether it was really cancelled or not and the comments on the “Grammar Snob” Brenna has me cracking up.

        Brenna…. how does your foot taste? Do you want ketchup with it? hahahahahha. Grammar snob that doesn’t know she is incorrectly correcting a spelling error. Classic.

      • stacy

        The New Girl has not been canceled!!


      I freaking LOVE that show!!and yes.. 1st season, followed by many many many more!!!

  • Iakovos

    That baseball coverage on FOX really kicks the web in the shins each season. How do you build momentum and excitement when your schedule is disrupted that way?

    • llevinso

      Yeah, it’s hard for new shows to survive after people forget about them after a month long absence. Luckily last year Raising Hope was so good that I was happily awaiting its return. But this year I don’t know if New Girl is strong enough.

      • Sally

        New Girl will be fine. It was the first show to pickup a full season pickup this year, and it was an early pickup at that. The fan base will be back.

    • Ihatesports

      What really sucks is there was no announcement Monday on the Fox network that the baseball game was going to be on – much less any banner about what was going on and the potential late starts of Terra Nova and House (for those with DVR settings were really screwed).

      I thought with the advent of all these sports networks, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

      • Sally

        Monday’s day game was a last minute decision. It was a makeup game for a rainout this weekend and wasn’t previously on the schedule.

        Don’t know why DVR schedule didn’t reflect that though.

      • Rick

        They weren’t expecting that game to still be on at 8 pm when Terra Nova started. It was a make up game from the night before and they started the game at 4:15 pm eastern so that they could get the game in before the 8pm Terra Nova start time. That gave them 3 hrs, 45 min to get the game in. Most baseball games of 9 innings last 3 to 3 1/2 innings. Fox couldn’t have predicted that this game would be tied at the end of nine innings. If this game had just gone nine innings it would have been over before 8 pm. I was watching the game and the 10 the inning made necessary by the tie started just before 8 pm.

        Also the game had to be played because it’s a playoff game and Fox had paid for the rights air the game. They did everything they could to try and get the game in and try to get their prime time shows to air on time, too. They could have decided to preempt Terra Nova and House and shown the game at night and gotten a bigger audience for the playoff game.

        There were no announcements before 8 pm that the shows were going to be late because nobody knew before 8 pm that the game was going to go into extra innings. But saying that Fox never said anything after 8pm about the shows being late is wrong because they said several times and put banners up saying that Terra Nova would start “immediately after the game, followed by House”.

      • Rick

        Edit: In my post above it should have read “3 to 3 1/2 hours” not innings.

        Most baseball games of 9 innings last 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Fox couldn’t have predicted that this game would be tied at the end of nine innings.

      • Ihatesports

        game startee at 4:15? I don’t think so. I was home flipping channel at 1pm CT and the game was just starting. Nothing was shown stating was going on (a remake game/whatnot). So I continued with my other tv shows. I flipped over several times, Including around 66:30pm CT to see where the game was and it was the bottom of the 7th inning at that point. Still nothing about late started for TN or House, or any mention about it moving to another FOX network.

        This is where I feel the FCC needs to implement rules about sports programming ending when scheduled. There’s enough data over the last 20 yrs to let the programming people know how much time they should allot to sports and not interfere with other programs.

      • Kate

        I honestly don’t know what can be done about late-running games — this happens every Sunday with football, which invariably delays the start of 60 Minutes and all successive CBS programming. It’s frustrating for the “I hate sports” crowd, but what can they do? They have a contract to show the game — it goes late, so they have to continue with it. Remember the Heidi debacle a few decades back? They cut to the movie Heidi in the final minutes of a Jets-Raiders football game, to the fury of sports fans everywhere. At least today they just push back the regular schedule so we get to see the full programs (rather than doing the “we’re joining ‘Terra Nova’ in progress” thing, which used to happen all the time).

        What can the FCC do about this? There can’t be “rules” as to when a game has to end — not without changing the rules of the games in question. Hey, Ihatesports, I’m not a fan either, but at least these days I get to watch the shows I’m interested in, even though I may have to wait a while for them to begin.

      • SadaK

        I agree. NO way I’m messing up my entire DVR schedule because baseball can’t end at a reasonable time. I’ll just find other shows to watch. Fox obviously doesn’t care about the shows following so why should I? Same with football. If games run that many hours over, they should show the end online.

    • Sooze

      It’s America’s Pastime sweetheart.

  • BaseballRULES

    wooohooo…baseball. better than the crap shows anytime.

    • PSB1962


      • @@yt

        It’s better to be a jerk and in great physical condition than to act like a dram queen on screen. Sports is for winners and might just save your life some day, fatty.

      • AB

        You suck, couch potato!

      • Lisa Marie

        “Sports is for winners and might just save your life some day, fatty”? #1 I don’t see a picture of the poster to make you come to that conclusion. That is RUDE!!! Who are you to judge someone’s appearance? Are you an underwear model? A muscular fire fighter? No. You are just some troll looking to insult people because they like TV shows more then sports.

      • @@yt

        AWWWW… Poor Lisa Marie’s cankles are hurting…

      • Dave

        Athletes are overpaid jerks? Yet you have no problem with certain celebrities getting paid $1 million or more per episode of a crappy sitcom?

      • Sooze

        Kind of like actors…

      • mo

        The sitcoms aren’t always crappy, and im not a couch potato either. There is no doubt i. My mind that i would skip watching a televised sporting event over a tv show. That doesn’t count skateboarding, because i don’t consider that a sport.

      • Matt

        Sports are for people who can’t think. Because catching a ball is IMPORTANT AND SERIOUS!!!! Morons.

    • AImster


      • Spaz

        I personally think “ALL” sports should be on its channel/network, then it won’t interrupt what people want to watch. I don’t like watching sports, and agree that they are way over paid. I like the persons comment about how its suppose to save you, it’s more like it will cripple you for life!

      • Monsterunderyourbed

        How does watching sports save your life? Most people who sit and watch sports are sitting,, because they don’t actually play a sport; they just lke to watch. My husband says he’s a sports nut, but that just means he sits on the couch like Jabba the hut watching instead of doing. Get off your behind and play a sport, sports fans; that’s how sports can save your life.

  • Gina

    I was saying that last night! Fox KNOWS it has the rights to all the baseball playoffs and they KNOW they’re going to take up the month of October. Just push back your fall season until November and stop killing great shows with lack of consistant programing!!!

    • JDD

      This. Fox made a borderline call for me easier since it will continue to be disrupted over the coming weeks. Terra Nova wasn’t engaging enough for me to put up with the scheduling acrobatics.

      • wsugar

        Yes, I can see how a TV schedule would go over your head.

    • ST

      I agree Gina. Its a bit ridiculous to show just a few episodes (especially of a freshman series) only to have it preempted for weeks by baseball. Either wait to start everything in November (my first choice) or start earlier than everyone in August so you don’t have as much competition and people can get more invested in shows and then come back.

    • anonymous

      The same circumstances happened to The Event, I believe. After a very long hiatus, it came back, but the numbers were never the same.

    • Sally

      And what was supposed to air during that time frame? When Fox shouldn’t air their new shows?

      Fox did it smart – which is rare for a network. They put 2 of their most popular shows on hiatus. Glee already has an established fan base and New Girl was the first show of the season, of any network, to pickup a full season. Rare that a network actually does a smart thing.

      Although I do think the August start would be a valid choice.

    • Ian

      Fox did this a few years ago and (iirc) it really hurt their viewership for the premieres.

      People expect new TV in September and are less likely to wait until November. It also leaves them with a big hole for the first 5 weeks of the fall season.

  • Petra

    Terra Nova eehhggkk no wonder David Fury left that crap.

  • Jethro

    What does Mr. Spielberg say about this?

    • wsugar

      Check clear for using my name?

      • Jason

        Are you an adult with developement disability? I really like seeing you guys get out there and participate. Really inspiring.

  • Chris

    So they are pushing off a show that has great ratings so far and replacing it with a show that has not so great ratings.

    Is there something I’m missing? Does Fox only care about reality shows?

  • Jazz

    Darn!! Raising Hope was pushed too,and “New Girl”? You must be on crack to find that show funny. Glee should have been cancelled,why even bother to bring it back?

    • BeBe

      Guess I’m on crack because I think the show has its funny moments and is one of the new shows I really like. I am also pretty disappointed that I have to wait until November 1st :(

    • Guy on crack, I guess

      Well, I guess I must be on crack because I find “New Girl” to be hilarious. And why bother bringing back “Glee”? Perhaps the fact that it has a huge fan following and unbelievable popular support has something to do with it? Methinks your opinions are unfounded.

    • Eshia

      Wow, “crack”… so that’s what it is. I’m not going to rehab. I’ll stick with it for a while.

    • Girl on crack

      I’m on crack too! Love the New Girl! I’ll be watching when it comes back in November!

    • crackhead

      New Girl is hysterical…I do agree that Glee isn’t that great anymore though

    • Pass the Crackpipe…

      We love “New Girl,” too. Go Zooey!

      • crack crack crack

        Love “The New Girl” !!!!!

    • Jason

      So you are clearly a former crack addict to make such a comparison. I am so glad I never watched those shows then, my job wouldnt approve of such a drug addiction. Also, similar comparison would be being very skilled in FPS games, coining the term “raping”. Id rather not be a drug addicted rapist. Thank you so much for that PSA. You’re a Gentleman and a Scholar!!

  • Liz

    I wish baseball would have a lockout. It’s what all the cool sports have been doing.

  • Scott

    I’ve liked TN so far but last night was foolish. Just few minutes shy of an hour later? Who do they think they are? Sunday-CBS? ;-) Fox would be wise to at the very least re-air this on the weekends. I agree with Gina (above). They need to better compensate and if that means waiting, then wait.

  • Sam S.

    I never understand why networks start new shows and then remove them as they are gaining an audience. That’s probably why so many great shows like Fringe and Veronica Mars never reached their full potential audience-wise. And X-Factor sucks, which makes this an even sadder situation.

  • Liz

    FOX only care about their stupid reality t.v shows,they’re a bunch of morons. And baseball sucks.

  • Skylar

    Fox totally screwed my taping of HOUSE. Missed the first 10 mins. thanks FOX. Next time don’t run Terra Nova.

  • TCin NJ

    I actually like Terra Nova…Jason O’Mara is hot in it. There are arcing stories as well as episodic stories…great show.

  • MickeyG123

    I actually like Terra Nova. I could use less of the sulky Josh sneaky Skye storyline. Which creeps me out anyway cause that “girl” looks about 10 years older than him. I like how the family is getting all comfy with Terra Nova, everyone knows there place and I have a feeling thats about to change. I don’t care about the little sideline stories on the kids. I would like to see more on Taylor and why this tough-as-dinohide soldier was willing to die when he found out his wife was dead. Now that would be a story worth seeing.

    • ROMANI

      How did Taylor’s wife die? I didn’t catch it or maybe they just have not mentioned it…TOTALLY agree on the Josh and Sky thing as well as the Daughter and the other dude she likes..he is WAY to old for her!!!!!!!!!!!


        I like Taylor & also want to see more about him… but I dont agree about Maddy & her bf. I’m the same age as she’s supposed 2 be and I think he’s sweet & hot… and if he’s happy 2 wait I dont see the problem…

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