'Two and a Half Men' comes down to earth, 'Dancing with the Stars' trips


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The hype over Ashton Kutcher and Two and A Half Men has finally settled down and the ratings are starting to show it: The sitcom posted a 5.8 rating/13 share and 15.8 million viewers on Monday — down 7% to its lowest rated episode this season, according to early results. But hey, the competition should be so lucky to report such “dips” in the ratings: CBS still won the night in the key 18-49 demo (3.9/9), even though all of its comedies — and one drama — posted season lows. How I Met Your Mother earned a 3.9/11 and 8.9 million, followed by 2 Broke Girls (4.2/10, 10.5 million), Mike & Molly (4.0/9, 11.7 million) and Hawaii Five-0 (2.6/6, 9.7 million).

Ratings are all screwy over at Fox due to a baseball overrun so take these numbers with a grain of salt: From 9-10, the combination of Terra Nova and House posted a 2.6/6 and 6.8 million. From 10 to 11, House got a 2.3/6 and 5.8 million. That is, we think. Better results will come out this afternoon.

Local NFL preemptions helped Dancing with the Stars on ABC — not that its numbers were that super. Monday’s episode (3.1/8, 16.3 million) matched its lowest performance show rating ever. Is Nancy Grace or Rob Kardashian to blame? Through its first four weeks, Dancing is down 24% versus last fall (3.4/8 vs. 4.5/12). Castle, as a result, hit a season low (2.4/6, 11.1 million).

On NBC, The Sing-Off notched a tiny 1.4/4 and 4.2 million. That’s its worst performance ever, man. A repeat of Prime Suspect (.7/2, 2.9 million) replaced the canceled Playboy Club.

Bottom line: ABC (for now) came in second in the demo with a 2.9/9), followed by Fox (2.7/7), NBC (1.2/3), Univision (1.4/3) and CW (.6/1). In viewers, ABC was on top with 15 million, followed by CBS (11.1 million), Fox (7.6 million), NBC (3.8 million), Univision (3.3 million), and CW (1.4 million).

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  • Beth in MI

    I think it is because Monday Night Football had a good game on for once. Go Lions!

    • Rick

      By Monday night I, like any other average football fan, am footballed-out and looking for something funny to watch. I can always get a fix of football by clicking over for a few seconds. But, Two and a Half Men is no longer funny nor is that show with the two stupid waitresses. Finally, Mike and Molly got some better writing which has made that the only funny show besides The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, on TV, period!

      • asher

        Have you checked out ABC or NBC sitcoms – The Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family, Parks & Rec., 30 Rock? I find them much funnier than any CBS sitcoms. I like Raising Hope and even New Girl on FOX better than the CBS shows, too.

      • kelly3

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  • stu

    monday tv is Netflix time.

  • Saran

    In a few weeks the ratings for Two and a Half Men will be lower than last year’s. Epic fail CBS!

    • Topper

      I agree. This season 9 of Two and a Half Men is just pathetic. The storylines are unbelievable and the writing is horrific. The Walden aka Kelso Jr character just doesn’t cut it and there is no chemistry between him and the other characters. The show is no longer funny or entertaining.

      • Claire

        I agree and the numbers agree with you too: 1st episode over 28 mill, 2nd just over 20mill, 3rd 17.8 mill and now 4th episode 15.8mill – that’s almost 50% less than the premiere. I think the numbers are still way too high as there are obviously still people being curious about the big Kelso insertion change. It saddens me to say it, but 2.5men is dead with these story lines and this constellation of characters. You just can’t get away with taking Robin out of Robin Hood and putting in another friar if you get my drift…

      • vman

        I totally agree. The chemistry is terrible and, yes, I know, it’s a “sitcom, make believe, not real”, at least credit the audience with some intelligence. The concept is stupid. In what reality would this happen? “I like you alan, so can you please live here forever?” Really?? Bring back Charlie already. Say it was a dream, or he some how survived, or it wasn’t him, but a sandwich that exploded. They can make up a more plausible excuse than the excuse they still have on TV. I’m done watching it. Winning? Not this show. It lost its Tiger Blood.

      • phmj

        I agree..I didn’t even watch it Monday nite..just not funny with Kelso on there..he is just a dufus, therefore not funny, I didn’t like him on punked either, so I am watching another show now..

      • jeff

        No different from when Sheen was on – crap then, crap now.

      • CanFran

        I agree. The show simply isn’t funny anymore. Ashton Kutcher is doing a terrible job. Although I never liked the Charlie Harper character, I used to watch the show because of the incredible talents of Jon Cryer and the rest of the cast. I keep hoping that something will change but somehow I doubt it. I just wished the writers would have gone with the option that was mentioned a lot in this comment board and elsewhere which is have Herb split from Judith and move in with Alan and Jake. There was a lot of great chemistry between Alan and Herb.

      • La

        I agree with you!! 2 1/2 men is really bad. It used to be my #1 show.:( so sad…..miss ya Charlie

      • Xena

        I agree!!! One of my fave TV shows has turned to nothing. 2 1/2 Men isn’t even funny anymore. I love all the other characters but AK is not funny at all……Miss ya Charlie!!!!!!!!!!! The show woul be better with the rest of the cast sans kutcher. I don’t watch anymore, just the reruns.

      • mary

        I agree, and I guess they could not find another actress to play Waldens ex-girlfriend. did you know whe played Alan ex-sister in law on a couple of episodes. talk about being hard up!!!!

      • Dee

        There won’t be no one like Charlie..damn it had to messed it up..He was the man for that show. I don’t watch the new one anymore. Nothing funny about it..

    • Nathan

      Kutcher is really terrible in that show which seems to make everyone else worse at the same time. Should have just canceled the thing when they had the chance, that or begged for Sheen to come back.

      • Mike B

        Yeah. It is really hard to watch. Come on, bringing back Charlies old hook ups? That’s just sad writing.

      • mary

        I used to love Ashton on all he did, now not so much..

      • rani

        The show is stupid, boring and gross! The “billionnaire man”boy story just doesn’t cut it. Bring back Charilie Sheen, there is no show without him. The other cast members are no substitute for his fine acting a natural fit with the show! CBS, you need to crawl….

    • Joanna De Luca

      After I saw the first show with Kutcher I knew the show was
      a flop. You can’t keep a show alive be just throwing in another actor.
      actor in.


    House’s numbers literally had me laughing out loud

  • Chuck

    HIMYM aired one of their worst eps last night. I wonder how many other people turned it off. No surprise it had poor ratings. Hopethat’s not a trend for the rest of the season’s writings.

    • TR

      I agree, it sucked big time. All three storylines were stupid and unfunny.

      • Mike

        In my opinion, any episode discussing “The Ewok Line” is an automatic classic.

      • Mike

        Of course, some may use the word “instant” instead of “automatic” :-)

      • stephen

        It was a little poor but its clear that this episode was to do with storylines this season but to do them all at once, robin and her new bf, marshall and his boss, ted and… well ted stories are pretty poor anyway! Thank god for Barney and his ewok hypothesis, joining teds group and the jacob and edward debate (LOL!) we need old barney back, not new, barney with feelings!

      • di

        The ewok line was classic and I loved the polling questions but Ted might be the most unrealistic architect ever

  • justsaying

    DWTS’s ratings are dropping because people are tired of watching good performers go home while the terrible ones remain simply because of their controversy/drama. Chaz cannot dance regardless of gender and the fact that he received a 21 is beyond ridiculous. I have seen far better dancers receive much lower scores.

    • TolDavid

      People aren’t watching DWTS because there aren’t any Stars on the show! This is the most pathetic group of C-list people ever on this show. They’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel!

      • maggie

        There have always been questionable “stars” on DWTS. But this year is the worst for star quality.

  • Ugh

    Who are these people watching Two and 1/2 Men? For the love that all is good, please stop. I’m willing to give you five more seasons of Big Bang Theory if you’ll just let this one die already.

    • LustyMama

      I have to admit I’m one of the ones still watching that shouldn’t be. I guess I’m just being over optimistic that they’ll get some fresh new writers and revamp the show to make it entertaining and funny again. There really is a lot of potential for a great show if they bring back the normal Alan and Berta instead of the mean and bitterly sarcastic characters that are being written now. And Walden is such a pathetic, whining character I don’t know WHAT they can do to improve him. Let him go back to his wife and revamp the show around Alan, Berta, Herb etc. Jake has outgrown his part so send him off to clown college. If I can find something else interesting to watch I’ll probably end up turning the channel too. It’ll be a sad day.

  • Boiler

    everyone enjoy Hart of Dixie!! Its a fun show

    • Bri


  • Andrew

    Is there a problem with my eye-sight, or did I just read House got 6.8 million viewers?

    • Andrew

      Sorry, its even worse 5.8 mil.

    • maggie

      The ratings are screwed up because of baseball. The 9pm House didn’t start on the east coast until about 9:50. So most of those 9pm ratings are for Terra Nova, not House.

  • Trish

    I think the show is not good. I hate to say it but I miss Charlie

    • Lisa S

      I guess that asston is not winning the big lottery he so thought he had. Now you can go and laugh in you big monster truck they 2million to rent for you. what big asses you work for

  • heartsall

    Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, I believe Chaz Bono’s participation has played a role in the lower ratings. Many people I know decided to forgo this run of DWTS with Chaz’s participation. I think too many of the older viewers have trouble dealing with what they remember of little Chastity Bono on the Sonny & Cher show and the dichotomy is too much for them. Sad, but I’m afraid it is true.

    • B

      I find it hard to believe that ONE person on the show would cause that big of a drop.

      How do we know that it isn’t just because as a whole, these people are barely “stars” to begin with. Not to mention the fact that the premise is a bit tired. But add that to the poor D-list roster of “stars” and that could have something to do with it.

      I can’t imagine Chastity Bono being a draw even before she became a “he” anyway.

      • Rob

        I agree B.

        I just wish the ratings were indeed higher. Most of the blame will probably be put on Chaz and Carson, you know, for their gay agenda and all. Hearing and watching Keith Ablow and his fellow conservatives have hissy fits about it made me want to storm the bastille as they say. What’s puzzling is that I thought DWTS was a show you’d watch that was performer proof. Personally I watch for the pro-dancers more. Give me Derek, Tony & Maks and I’m a happy camper.

    • Erika

      I definitely think Chaz is the main reason for the drop. DWTS is remarkably consistent and last spring’s edition was actually up from the previous one with the same type of celebrities as this one. A lot of people I know who always watch DWTS are not watching this season because they either don’t approve of what Chaz did or they grew up watching Chastity and find it hard to watch him now. I suspect next season ratings will go back up.

    • Vicki

      Here’s how I feel. I have nothing against anyone who just wants to dance. I watched once and thought Carson was great, he seems to be there to dance and have fun. But I resent the fact that Chaz wants to “educate me.” I watch DWTS for entertainment purposes, not to be educated in whatever lifestyle you choose. I was extremely annoyed last season with Bristol Palin staying on long beyond her dancing talents and gave up before the end, and decided to opt out even earlier this year. I think the people at DWTS mis-judge who their audience is. I believe it’s just people, whether they be liberal or conservative, who want to enjoy the dancing, the fish out of water aspect, want the judging to be fair, don’t care to make the show a political contest. By choosing these contestants who bring controversy with them is taking the joy out of the show.

      • Nickie

        I was surprised that Rob K. scored so high last night on DWTS. Guess the Kardashian factor has influenced the judges also. I have been watching this season but have a hard time watching Chaz it kinda grosses me out, I guess I am old school and dont want to know. Please stay in the closed !!

      • Don

        You nailed it. Keep your agenda at home and just dance. An inspirational story here and there, but not “pushing a cause.” If I want to support or learn about a cause, I can search it on goggle.

      • heartsall

        I think “agenda” can play a much bigger role in the ratings than what we realize. I happen to like Bristol Palin but I don’t want to be told to like her. I felt like she (and her mother’s agenda) were forced on us week after week. I don’t have an issue with Chaz, but please don’t use the show to promote his agenda and the same goes for Carson. Just dance all ready! Anyway – the ratings for DWTS skew older so I think my original argument that Chaz’s participation is having a dramatic affect I think holds true. Even my parents who are more liberal in their views aren’t watching (and I was shocked when they told me why!).

      • Delilah

        Well said…my thoughts exactly. And why I am not watching it this season. I’m watching The Sing Off and love it but because of its ratings am sad it’s not doing better and wish they would have kept it on during the holiday season. And I LOVE Castle…so DWTS’s lackluster season definitely is impacting its ratings.

    • cj

      RJ & Rikki Lake are pretty good on DWTS. chaz did ok. House,MD bored me to sleep & 2.5 men is not funny to watch anymore. I went to taped DVR shows like Drop dead Diva, The Good Wife, Parenthood, and Castle…they are all very good.

  • Sam

    Usually on Monday nights I go to bed early because there isn’t anything worth staying up for. I did stay up last night to watch the Lions beat the Bears! WooHoo!

  • Ben

    I would not make that big a deal about tv ratings for the next few weeks. As stated in the article, there are the baseball playoffs and world series. A lot of people do watch those baseball games who normally don’t view it during the regular season where the outcome is not that important. The National League playoffs on TBS ran from 8:00 PM to 12:00 midnight Monday night. I am sure that a lot of people watched that as well.

  • December

    Those rating are inaccurate,as always.

  • Dennis

    Brilliant move by NBC. Cancel The Playboy Club and replace it with something that gets even crappier ratings in the same time slot.

    • Darrin

      The Prime Suspect episode was a repeat, so anyone interested in watching that show likely already saw it.

    • cj

      they could have just aired it at 10pm, what’s the big deal?

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