'Last Man Standing' opens well, 'Parenthood' grows


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All those pop-up promos of Tim Allen seemed to work for ABC: Two back-to-back original episodes of Last Man Standing on Tuesday earned a 3.5 rating/9 share — up 9% from the premiere of No Ordinary Family last season, according to early results. The block averaged 12.9 million viewers.

Dancing with the Stars also saw a boost. The results show that sent Chynna Phillips packing earned a 3.2/8 — up 10% from last week. (Each 18-49 ratings point equals 1.3 million).. It averaged 16.6 million. Body of Proof, however, wasn’t so lucky. It notched a  1.9/5, down 5%, and 9.3 million viewers .

NCIS on CBS led at 8 p.m. with a 3.9/11 and 18.6 million, even though that was a season low. Same for NCIS: LA, which got a 3.3/8 and 15.3 mil. Unforgettable dropped  8% to a 2.3/8 and 11.7 million, another series low. Step it up, Poppy Montgomery!

Fox aired baseball and will release results later. Over at NBC, The Biggest Loser posted its lowest-rated fall telecast ever with a 2.0/5 and 5.4 million, but at least it didn’t take Parenthood down with it. The family drama earned a 2.1/5, up 5%, and 5.2 million viewers. So is it just us, or are you folks tiring of the primetime reality shows this season?

Can’t forget about Sarah Michelle Gellar! Ringer posted a 33% gain in 18-49 (.8/2) versus last week. She averaged 1.7 million viewers.

Bottom line: CBS appears to have won the night in the demo (3.2/8) and viewers (15.2 million). ABC earned a 2.9/7 and 12.9 million.

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  • Fido

    Posh daughter gets job in clothes store and runs up big debt using her discount to buy clothes – wonder if we’ll see anymore 8 SImple Rules plots used in future eps. Though maybe I’m being a bit harsh as methinks EVERY family sitcom has used that plot.

    • Fido

      Should have used Spoilt rather than Posh – dammit.

    • Voodoo

      If done well, I don’t think that would be a bad thing.

    • Mike

      So what? it works

  • AN

    Way to go, Ringer!!! :)

  • Ava

    Let’s be honest here, the reason that shows like 2.5 men and Last Man Standing are opening with such high ratings is because the elderly are the only ones watching live TV.

    • Mike

      Plenty of young people watch last man standing

    • Voodoo

      Elderly? I watch live tv and I’m not elderly (far from it). Even YOO have to admit that ANY scripted show is an improvement on reality.

      • Voodoo


    • susan

      I’m not elderly nor are my two roommates yet all 3 of us loved Last Men Standing.

    • T

      Did you not see the demo, 18 – 49?

      • Elizabeth

        What I want to know is how they “know” who is watching the shows. I mean, seriously… where do they get their information from?

      • Sue1

        That would mean reading the whole article, T, something only the elderly must do. My parents are elderly, by the way, and they have never seen an episode of Two and Half Men.

      • Z

        @Elizabeth…I think the way the Nielsen boxes work is that each person in a Nielsen household has some kind of designated button or something to push when they are watching TV. So that’s how they know how many people and the age of people who are watching a certain show. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s essentially a simplified version of how it works.

      • George

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    • Direct

      You tried to be funny and sh!ted on b!tch.

  • Saran

    Two And A Half Men started off strong this season too, just sayin’.

    • Denny

      Two and a Half Men is also still pulling above its average in recent years, despite the drops. So I wouldn’t write off the Men’s current season just yet.

  • Melissa Blake

    Glee wasn’t on last night. When it returns, Last Man Standing will be screwed.

    • Trace

      If Last Man Standing loses audience members, it’s more likely it loses them to NCIS than Glee.

    • lil lo lo

      No way. Glee is on the decline. It’s hitting lows. It’s no longer the force it once was by a long shot and this hiatus will hurt it even more.

    • Sally

      Glee is on the decline. But even without that I seriously doubt Glee and Last Man Standing would share an audience.

      • Denny

        What’s Glee? ;)

    • CharlieSheen

      What’s great about NCIS, LMS, and Glee is that the audiences are different. NCIS barely lost any viewers despite LMS airing against it so there’s not a lot of crossover there. Glee isn’t that strong to be a threat for LMS. People are looking for something to watch on Tuesdays at 8pm so this might hold up pretty decently in the coming weeks like 8-11 million in the coming weeks.

    • kate middleton

      Ummm….doubtful. Glee and Last Man Standing are not exactly targeting the same demographic. Much more crossover with NCIS than Glee. And Glee’s ratings are seriously declining after the awful Season 2.

  • kate middleton

    Glad that Ringer made a good comeback this week. It is getting seriously good.

    • Helena

      I know! I love the show it’s fun … I wish the recapper *person* liked the show.

  • Mike K

    Great start for Last Man Standing, hope it can keep the majority of its audience going forward but its real test will come when it goes up against both NCIS and Glee.

  • Richard

    watch “parenthood.” its a fine show with great characters. support it! if not, it may be replaced with “extreme scrapbooking.”

    • Krista

      I will, I heard many great things about. Usually good quality shows comes last in the ratings. That’s how dumb Americans are. Its all about reality and those horrible comedies on CBS for them.

      • Mike K

        The first 2 seasons of Parenthood are on Netflix Instant Play so you can easily catch up.

      • Mike

        Only bad comedy on CBS is 2.5 men the rest are liked by critics

      • Kato

        I agree Krista, quality shows go last in ratings (and people complain they arent there). And Richard, all i could think with that “extreme scrapbooking” comment was when NBC canceled American Dreams and replaced it by Martha Stewart’s THE APPRENTICE which barely lasted a season

      • Ryan

        Parenthood seems to get lost, but look at the comments from people who watch it – it’s wonderful. Touching and poignant and REAL and just absolutely a pleasure to watch. Check it out. :)

    • HLB

      LOVE, love, LOVE “Parenthood” ; always have!! Wish EW Mag would give it a weekly recap; Wonderful ensemble cast & good stories; there is drama, also funny light times – just like real family life…

  • ta

    LOVED Last Man Standing!! NO I’m not a elderly person. It’s about time we go back to funny, family shows. I am so sick of reality shows.

    • megan

      Thanks for saying it–I agree completely.

    • Greg

      Aman! :-)

      • Juliana

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  • Torrence5

    Really enjoyed Last Man Standing & Body of Proof – an excellent and enjoyable show. Hopefully ratings remain high and both shows enjoy a long run.

  • Krista

    “Parenthood” has low ratings..it must be GREAT. I’m going to give it a try.

    • lil lo lo

      Reality shows get big ratings, they must be GREAT, right?

      I love Parenthood, though. It’s the only drama I watch.

    • hlynn

      You should. It is by far one of the best dramas on tv right now. Great acting and storylines all around.

    • T

      I just started watching it again, I had only watched the first few episodes of the first season. It’s great! I was surprised how much I enjoyed it – solid show. Figures since its a Jason Katims show!

  • GillenH20

    Tim Allen’s new show is just not funny. No surprise there, because HOME IMPROVEMENT was just as bad, and the SANTA CLAUSE movies were just horrible. Mr. Allen is just NOT a funny guy! He is, though, not too bad of a dramatic actor, and would probably do quite well in “bad guy” roles if he chose to steer his career in that direction.

    • Jon

      It is very funny

  • Dana

    Good to see Parenthood rise. It´s such a prescious show!!

  • Sal

    Loved the show… had me constantly laughing (which is not necessarily the case from pilots… even of shows that I come to enjoy). For those that don’t like Tim Allen, that is fine… that is your choice! Why do you have to spoil my enjoyment of something because you don’t like somebody involved with it? To those crying about how “offensive” it is, please… just don’t watch it! You have plenty of other shows to choose from! Obviously, you won’t like this show because you are the targets of the brunt of (Tim Allen’s character’s) jokes. The show is about the pacifying of America and how people are too sensitive these days. GET OVER IT!!!

    • megan

      To the contrary, people are NOT too sensitive–far from it. Many are crude and thoughtless– Also, I’m interested in how you tell us that we have a choice not to like Tim Allen–then tell us we’re spoiling your ‘enjoyment of him’ and to ‘get over it’. If you like the show-fine—if I don’t–fine. Calm down——

      • Voodoo

        I guess Sal means people are spoiling the enjoyment because they’re screaming they want it cancelled. Why would people want it cancelled? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  • AM

    I think people are very much tired of the prime time reality series. I know I am. What I was so excited about with this new fall TV season was the fact that there were ACTUAL shows to choose from to watch.

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