Rain benches Fox's 'The X Factor'


It’s confirmed: God hates Simon Cowell.

A two-hour rain delay that pushed the start of Game 4 of the American League Championship Series has prompted Fox to reluctantly pull competition series The X Factor from its schedule Wednesday night.

The downpour delayed the baseball game’s East Coast start time from 4:19 p.m. to 6:32 p.m. By the time X Factor was supposed to begin, the game was only in its fifth inning. The episode will not air on the west coast, either.

Fox had scheduled a two-hour telecast of X Factor to start at 8 p.m. ET that included contestants going to the judges homes and celebrity guest judges such as Rihanna. Instead, tonight’s planned telecast will air Thursday night. And the Thursday telecast will air on Sunday — unless that gets bumped by a Game 7 — with next Tuesday’s episode airing as planned.

There’s a 30 percent chance of afternoon rain impacting tomorrow’s Game 5 as well, so there’s only a slim chance of the heavens spoiling X Factor a second time.

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  • mjiga

    Major fail Fox. Can’t they put this baseball stuff on some cable channel?

    • CJ

      God doesn’t hate Simon Cowell–haven’t you realized yet, Simon Cowell IS God. Or at least thinks he is.

      • Tess

        It’s not that God hates Simon – it’s just that he’s an American Idol fan.

      • ranliao

        Ugh. What does this mean for tomorrow, should we get to see it? The first part of judges’ homes, and we get the second part next week? That throws everything out of wack….BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Millionaireloving.C óM ..it is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • chico esquela

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      • kelly23

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      • Grumpster

        Shut up ranliou…we don’t want your crap site….nor do we want your crap spam site either kelly23

      • jlaporte


    • LOL

      X Factor is crap.

      • Brenda

        If xfactor is crap- why did u do a search fir why it wasn’t on? Hmmm??

      • Chad

        Lol! Good point Brenda! I enjoy xfactor!

      • Noelbelle

        Baseball is crap. It’s all subjective.

      • Jaywhoo

        Brenda–It’s called the interent, dumbass, you go to to a site, click a headline and it brings you to this. Fail dumb @$$

      • Goldust

        X-Factor sucks. Baseball rules.

      • Shut your piehole!

        X Factor is subjective too Noelbelle, and Noelbelle is a wh0re’s name!!

    • kate middleton

      I agree. Fox really loses major momentum with all this baseball stuff. I figured they got good ratings with it, but they don’t even. It would be better suited for cable.

      • Sarah

        Um, sorry. The playoffs aren’t (ever) going to be moved to cable. Deal with it.

      • Jeremy

        Sarah – Hilarious comment considering both division series and the NLCS are being played on TBS. Please tell me you were being ironic.

    • Rock Golf

      It looked fine in Canada. Cowell’s special guest was… NO ONE! It was supposed to be Mariah Carey (in Paris) but Hurricane Irene grounded her flight.

      • bfmmom

        yep, watched it fine in Canada…….however, if Hurricane Irene was responsible for grounding Mariah Carey on the East Coast, how is it the weather at L.A.’s home, in the Hampton’s, NY, was beautiful and sunny?……hmmmmmm

      • Meg

        Irene delayed flights all over the east coast because if it’s sunny in one location, doesn’t meant that the storm isn’t imminent or already affecting locations elsewhere. There’s a lot more to grounding flights than whether or not it’s sunny out–it’s called being cautious and when you’re in a hurricane zone, you’d rather have your flight grounded as a precaution than to sit on the tarmac in harsh winds and rain waiting for a gate to open up. Think twice.

      • bmfmom

        hey Meg, the entire East Coast from Florida to Newfoundland were under cloud cover and high winds 2 days before Irene hit until 2 days after…….the shot recorded, explaining that Mariah couldn’t make it, was of rain and lightning, insinuating the weather was terrible, yet it wasn’t windy, or cloudy at L.A’s……my point was I don’t think Mariah was ever 100% on board (pun intended) with going to France (she just had twins afterall)!! but X factor needed to save face

      • Matt

        Obviously the judges houses were not all filmed at the same time because Steve Jones was at them all.. LA’s house could have been filmed before or after Hurricane Irene and Simon in France.

        What is intersting is that all the constestants managed to get to France but Mariah couldn’t, and that Simon couldn’t network quick enough to get someone else in to replace her.

    • Jack

      Exactly I have been saying that for years. I know sports means money however, shows like Xfactor have PAYING commercials and If I paid to have my commercial aired aimed at xfactor watchers, I would sue. Not everyone wants to worship the almighty sport. Sorry but I am glad others feel same way

      • Sally

        And you think baseball playoffs don’t have paying commercials? That’s funny.

    • RobNJ

      I think I see more talent in the NYC subways during my commute than I do on X Factor or any of these talent shows.

    • Annia

      I know. You can’t pay me to watch Baseball. I don’t know how the games are play. Understood EVERY GAMES on earth, but stumped on this one. How weired! Anyway, my disappointment didn’t last long, thank goodness for Syfy Network. That PARANORMALWITNESS show was quite creepy last night. Awesome!!!

    • TD

      Exactly. Why screw up everyone else’s tv night because sport gets rained on. Put it on the sports channel where it belongs!

  • Josh

    Thank God!!!

  • Unhappy

    No one cares about Baseball. Fox is loosing tons of viewers tonight for this blasphemy!!!!

    • Jazz

      FOX is going to lose major viewers over the next month! Think about it, no new Glee, New Girl (well, who really cares about that) or Raising Hope!

      • sad face

        What about us west coasters??? Are we going to miss X Factor also?

      • Tess

        West Coast gets X Factor repeats.

        But Canada gets the episode that was scheduled to air tonight.

        Figure that one out.

      • Shawn

        You should change your name to Smooth Jazz because you really suck. New Girl is awesome.

      • Grumpster

        No new Glee? How tragic.

    • LOL

      “Loosing?” LOL Idiot.

      • Losing

        I know. Why is this word so prevalent lately? Why do people add the extra “o” if the original word only has one “o”? I have been seeing it so much the past year it is frustrating. Too bad it will become the norm like the stupid “lol” trend. No one laughs out loud

    • Julie

      Ummm no. None of those shows are huge ratings grabbers. Glee AND the XFactor were beat in the 18-49 demo by 7 SEVEN baseball games ON CABLE last week. More people care about baseball than Glee and any show on Fox. Sorry.

      • Henry

        Doubt this. Where’s the proof. Glee is always number #1 in that demo. I refuse to believe 18-49 demo sit there and watch baseball when NCIS (the most watched show on television) can’t even beat Glee in that demo on Tuesdays. Not.Buying.It.

      • Grumpster

        We’re all gayed out with Glee…on with a manly sport.

    • Angela

      Speak for yourself. Tons of people care about baseball. I’m pretty sure more people care about baseball than The X Factor.

      • Annia

        I’d like care about the game, but I just don’t understand the game. I’ll stick with football for this season, I guess.

    • BeGa

      You have got to be kidding. What in the world is Fox doing. This sabotage of XFACTOR tonight is totally not acceptable. It doesn’t even show it on tap for tomorrow to complete the viewing. What is up?

  • Jay

    Morons. These games are getting horrible ratings. Pulling Glee, New Girl, and now X-Factor? Such a dumb move.

    • Les

      Exactly. Why can’t baseball be shown on—I don’t know, ESPN? Where it belongs. Now I have to wait nearly a month for all new Glee and Raising Hope.

      • LOL

        Oh, dry your vag, Sally.

      • The Chew!

        I suppose baseball belongs on whichever channel wants to buy and air it. In this case, FOX has decided that baseball is more important than your lousy piece of $#!+ retread shows. Maybe one day when you move out of your mom’s basement and into an executive office at a tv network, you can make better decisions.

      • Henry

        @TheChew actually its called November sweeps (which also happens in May and 2 other time periods) in which networks push for the best ratings during that time. So, technically FOX believes Bones, Glee, and Raising Hope are their November sweep candidates, so in reality they care more about these showa because they will bring in the best ratings for that time period.

      • Meg

        There’s more to life than TV. I feel sorry for you if you’re crying into your pillow because Glee won’t be on for a couple weeks. Ridiculous. grow a pair.

    • Dthor

      Hey Julie – you started your comment with “Ummm,” so no one’s going to get past it to read your lame accompanying thought. I know I’m not.

      • Jaywhoo

        Dthor–you had to read it to hit reply. Unless you’re a fully functioning retard….ok you didn’t read it.

  • Lindsey

    This is the reason why i don’t like baseball. can’t play in the rain? gee man up

    • Deb

      This is the reason why I hate Fox, well, aside from the conservatively biased news side of things… So now I have two reasons.

      • Stephanie Recchi

        Agree with you the baseball BS is retarted…no one cares. As far as Fox goes, you need to wake up and realize this country is in serious trouble!! Because of your chosen one..He and all you DC politicians need too go. Herman Cain for President!!!!!!

      • LOL

        “Retarted?” LMFAO Fox News viewers can’t spell.

    • ?????

      Lightning-metal cleats. Wet baseball- can’t throw it. Calm the hell down. You really care for the X Factor that much? Why do you think Idol happens in the Spring? hint hint Simon!

      • Josh

        there was no lightning….. baseball is a pretty weak sport, every other outdoor sport can be played in rain, maybe not tenis, but who wsnts to be lumped in with tennis players. This was MLB wanting to steal the spotlight because they are upset over being placed in thr 4 oclock time slot. Baseball has become irrelevant and they cant take it. If Fox execs wanted ratings they would have nixed the game. that being said i was thrilled to see the Detroit fans disappointment.

      • Abner Doubleday

        The reason this game was schedule for 4PM was so that it wouldn’t overlap with the National League Championship Series (Brewers v. Cardinals) on TBS.
        MLB picks the game times, and the series are rotated so that each one gets its shot at primetime. Fox (and TBS) simply broadcast the games based on when they are being played.

    • Josh Hamilton

      Stop watching glorified talent shows and start watching baseball. Gee, man up…

    • Abner Doubleday

      Search for and take a look at the pitch CC Sabathia made a week or so ago just before the rainout of Game 1 between the Yankees and Tigers. You will easily see why baseball games sometimes get called for rain: in order to avoid injuries to the players! Cleats or no cleats, both the mud and grass become very slippery once they are too saturated with water. Safety is always the reason for a game being called. Games are often played in bad weather conditions, and Major League Baseball, the umpires, the team owners, all do everything they can to avoid delaying (or worse, postponing) the game. But sometimes it happens. Mother nature trumps us all!
      I guarantee you no one involved was happy about the decision. The teams, MLB, Fox, everyone certainly would have preferred to have the game start as planned so that you could watch X Factor as planned. As a baseball fan, I myself would have preferred to be able to watch that game at the time I planned to watch it. X Factor fans weren’t the only ones inconvenienced by the rain delay. But again, Mother Nature trumps us all. So if you need to curse someone, run outside and curse the sky– because that’s who is to blame!

  • Laurie-Ann Holding

    This is totally crazy….I can’t believe that I have to miss the X Factor tonight for baseball!! Fox needs to stick to it’s schedule!!!

    • LOL

      Wash your vag tonight instead. It stanks.

      • LMAO

        Why don’t you wash your mom’s vag instead?

      • LOL

        Oops, sorry, that stank is my jockstrap up my butt. I’ve been meaning to clean it but I’m too busy masturbating to baseball players to take the time to do so.

    • Stephanie Recchi


  • Lem

    oh hell no

  • sid ceasar

    XFlopter gets what its earned.

  • sv

    Ugh. What does this mean for tomorrow, should we get to see it? The first part of judges’ homes, and we get the second part next week? That throws everything out of wack….

  • Chelsea

    And for two teams nobody cares about. Awesome.

    • Kelly

      Speak for yourself. That’s okay. The game of baseball doesn’t need viewers who complain about missing a glorified talent show.

    • Angela

      There are plenty of people who care about those teams.

  • Craig

    you people are awesome… zomg reality tv lol … you think Simon Cowell has a bigger pull than the MLB … you so crazy .. it’s about money, not what you want to watch ahhaha

  • Paula

    I’m pissed.

  • Jeremy

    What the HELL is this BS? Baseball would NEVER cut into American Idol.
    I want XFactor? WTF? Im so pissed.

    • LAE

      Well, no because postseason baseball is only in October — so you’re right it would be impossible to cut into Idol.

    • Gabe

      LAE is correct that it’s impossible due to timing, but X Factor has had wayy lower ratings that expected. It’s not bad, but nowhere near expected. It’s not as big a show everyone here seems to think it is.

      • Tess

        The only reason why anyone had those expectations was because Simon got a big head and shot his mouth off about getting Idol like ratings or it being a failure. In truth, X Factor has had been @ 12 million each week and holding steady…about the same for the first season of The Voice which was largely considered a success. I guess if Blake Shelton or Cee-Lo went around saying anything below 20 mil would be a failure for their show, they’d be deemed a failure too. It’s all about perspective.

    • Canadian girl

      The X-FACTOR was so good tonight.SIMON got the girls,they flew to FRANCE, where SIMON did his part of the show at his home there,he has a beautiful home.
      Mariah Carey was suppose to be his guest to help with the judging of the contestant,but did not show up because of the weather,SIMON had to do it alone with some help from the guys from the band.

      • Forwarddad

        Do u feel better ruining for everyone? Could u at least have noted spoiler :-(

      • susie

        The word should be “supposed” not “suppose”

      • Jaywhoo

        OMG thank you Susie fur corektin the mis spellins of the iturnet. Pleze tell us whers u went to ceollege and whats u does for aliving. Youve got a lot of wurk gurl, the interznet has bunches of mispelins, start cleaning thems up!

      • Canadian girl

        @ Susie—I AM FRENCH CANADIAN, my first language is french,my second is ENGLISH,but thank you for the correction.I am a university grad,with my DEGREE IN NURSING,but i am not perfect,and don’t intend to be.

    • Grumpster

      Go cry in your hankie Jeremy…

  • Wyn

    I need my Steve Jones fix, Fox!

  • LAE

    If it comes down to live programming vs recorded — the networks will always go with the live stuff. Plus, Fox has been carrying baseball for over 10 years, they have a great relationship with MLB

    • spazin

      Viewers have been carrying FOX for a lot longer than FOX has been carrying MLB. Fox should put this baseball crap on FSD. FOX tends to screw with the schedules for a lot of their shows.

      • LAE

        Baseball is the longest brand that Fox has other than The Simpsons. And like it or not, Fox’s sports programming brought it legitimacy when they started scoring them in the mid 90’s. It went from somewhat of a joke network to a real player around the same time.

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