'Glee Project' winner Damian McGinty gets roughed up on 'Glee' -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO


Image Credit: Adam Rose/Fox

Fans of the Glee Project have been eagerly waiting for appearances from the four kiddos who walked away at the end of season one with multi-episode arcs on Glee, and EW has your first look at arguably the most anticipated Project winner, Damian McGinty. Check it out:

As if the wait for the next episode of Glee wasn’t painful enough, this exclusive shot from the the Nov. 1 episode, “Pot O’ Gold,” teases McGinty’s seemingly rough arrival to McKinley High. (C’mon, Damian, you can take a couple of jocks with mullets!)

Back in August, McGinty, who is the second contestant from the Oxygen reality show to appear this season, won a seven-episode arc on the show’s third season. Runner-up Lindsay Pearce appeared in the first episode of this season, and runner-up No. 2 Alex Newell and fellow winner Samuel Larsen have yet to appear.

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  • SC

    Four guys and not a respectable hairstyle between them.

    • RJM

      What’s with the mullets ?

      • Caroline

        It’s a hockey thing. A lot of famous hockey players have had mullets.

      • patty

        Mullets are hairstyles that used to be popular with guys a long time ago

      • jack

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      • roamceou

        My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC ! They met via —M’αrrУ’Millionαire. СòM—-.- ..it is the largest and best club for wealthy people and their admirers to chat online. …you don’t have to be rich there ,but you may meet one ,maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends !
        ———It is just how the writes want his character. Calm down. They will probably get him better stuff after this upcoming episode.

      • Glee

        Next week we devote the show to bullying straight boys at school. It should be excellent.

    • jj

      WHAT & WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS HORRIBLE STYLE THING TO DAMIAN! This is the second picture I’ve seem from up-coming episodes&they have him w/ this stupid looking 50’s hair & clothing! Is this because he is Irish!!! They do NOT look like that! It is rediculous! Even if he is pushed around, etc. doesn’t mean they have to have him looking stupid!! It is though powers that be think he might be liked as much as REST OF GLEE CAST!! ARE THEY AFRAID TO WRITE GOOD MATERIAL FOR HIM!!! THEY WILL PROBABLY NOT GIVE HIM ANYTHING GOOD TO SING EITHER!! What a SIN!! LOL linda

      • S.F

        But He Still Looks Cute :D << And His Talent Will Overcome It !!! :D

      • Sami

        It is just how the writes want his character. Calm down. They will probably get him better stuff after this upcoming episode.

      • DeAnna

        well from what I can tell they have been doing allot of 50’s reference, Blane when he joined the New Directions was wearing pants that was way to short and a bow tie…. I guess they are trying to be more geek this year?

      • Denise

        You do know that they are doing “50s references” because of West Side Story, right?

      • RK

        He sings in a crooner style ala Frank Sinatra etc. so perhaps his hairstyle is reflective of his singing style? And as per the poster below, they are doing West Side Story – possible he is one of the Jets?

      • Nathaniel Higgins

        Calm down, it’s called “satire”. You take everything over the top to make it funny.

      • Cassie

        It may be a Mr. Schue flaskback from when he was in glee. Just saying.

      • dirpok

        I think Damien looks fine. Mostly because I think he’s fine anytime. haha. No but seriously, they wanted to show that he was from somewhere different, and the style from a different era is an effective way to do I think without making him look ridiculous. Plus I agree perhaps Brittany styled him to be her Leprechaun that’s always an idea. Haha. After all they could play up the fact that he doesn’t really know American customs. Glee has always been over dramatic.

      • meg

        anyone else think this looks like an 80s-esque music video? maybe aha’s “take on me”? i think this look might just be for one song.

    • Alicia

      was thinkin the same thing

      • Treasa

        I totally agree! I’m Irish and it’s sad to see how they are styling Damien with this obvious green and stupid hair. Very disappointing that they were so unoriginal. Just because he’s Irish doesn’t mean he should be styled like a leprechaun!

      • Lily

        That stupid hair ressembles Kurt’s and I think they want to make Damian’s character compete against Kurt. And Brittany thinks that he IS her personal leprechaun… which might explain the stylings as well.

  • James

    Ugh. TGP disaster. I hope he goes away and goes away fast.

    • lea

      Why don’t you go away… ALOT of us like him so keep your rude opinions to yourself. Jealous much?

      • Shaye

        Amen! Everyone else still love Damian so just pipe down and stop being nasty and horrible!!!!!!!

      • Kris

        That’s a respectable argument “I don’t like your opinion so shut up.” Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I loved the Glee Project but Damien was honestly the least deserving of the group. He’s weak at acting and singing and basically won because he’s nice. It’s a shame some seriously talented people were passed up for him.

      • RCB

        you can’t argue with charisma. talent can only get you so far, but it is charisma that can make you a star. damian is a star.

      • Andrew

        lol no. you can’t be a star just by charisma… u actually need some sort of talent…. damien doesn’t have ANY!

      • Maureen

        You can’t be a star just by charisma? You actually need talent? Then, can you please explain to me why the Kardashians are stars…I see no definable talent there. And at any rate, Damien does have a very natural approach to acting and great voice, so he definitely is talented.

    • amy

      Wow…..Id like to see you do a better job

      • Andrew

        he probably could, lets be honest.

    • Becca

      Damian is awesome. You’re just jealous (:

    • Gabrielle


    • Ashley

      Well you better get used to him, cause Ryan wants him to replace Finn eventually. So shut up.

      • NoShowTunes

        Finn fans are going to resent that when we have seen nothing of him this season, and now Damian’s character gets two solos this episode. It is not a very subtle way to introduce the Rory character. Be glad he actually has screen time and a storyline.

      • Andrew

        haha good replace a horrible actor/singer with another horrible actor/singer….

      • dirpok

        Well I like Finn, but he’s got to graduate and I love that theyre sticking to that. It would be annoying if they didn’t. And they aren’t replacing anyone I don’t think. Rather adding in new characters. Since they model them off the actors personalities to begin with… No one is really the same are they?

    • Rosaline

      Don’t bag on Damian!!! And I’m not just saying that because I’m from Ireland!! He’s no disaster!! Don’t hate on the poor guy!! A thiarna dean trocaire!!!!!!

    • Aislinn

      You’re just jealous! Damian is Amazing! I’d like to see you do a better job! Stop hating people for no reason just because of your own bitter jealousy! It’s quite deplorable (intelligent word for stupid, demeaning, and unkind!)

    • Viv

      I agree. Damian can’t act or sing or get off my tv fast enough.

      • alaz

        you don’t have to watch and keep your comments to yourself. It’t sad what being jealous can do to someone. Sour grapes!!

      • Cricket

        Can’t sing? Tell that to the guys of Celtic Thunder. They sure thought he could sing when he recorded / toured with them at the ripe old age of 14!

      • jayemeff

        @Cricket – I just saw Celtic Thunder in concert. Not the same without Damien at all!

      • brenda

        Cricket thank you.. I was going to say that .If Damian can’t sing why was he with Celtic Thunder.

      • Andrew


    • Courtney

      I agree. Damien sucks! He’s a terrible actor and the only type of music he can sing is frank sinatra type tunes and that weird celtic thunder crap. I mean seriously what are they gonna do, play swing music all season? I swear I’ll quit glee for good if that happens! I almost decided to quit watching the show when they announced that he won…

      • Andrea

        Like they need you to improve the ratings… go away you ball of JEALOUSNESS…

      • Brittney

        We won;t miss you.

    • ms mcginty :D

      If you don’t like him, why are you reading articles about the character he will portray? Just keep to yourself. Damian is AMAZING.

  • Plommu

    He’s perfect for the role

    • Cory

      The role was written for him. Lmao

  • lily

    MEH. Glee does not need more new characters.

    • Me

      seeing as though 3/4’s of the cast is done this season yeah they do for NEXT season

      • Marcus

        Then introduce them NEXT season.

      • Jose

        They’re graduating from high school this season, but they’ll still be staying in the show.

      • Brian

        So you want the writers to just introduce a good 10 new characters all at once? That will be one CharlieFoxtrot of new plotlines and we’ll be back to square one.

    • Patty

      uuhh….YEAH Glee definitely needs more characters. Most of the main characters are seniors this season and they’re graduating and if the directors/producers/writers don’t find more actors/actreeses to fill in their places then there won’t be a Glee season 4….

    • Becca

      If they introduced them NEXT season people wouldn’t care. This way people get to know some more characters and actually care what happens to them in the following season.

  • Gregoire

    Back to the clover field with ye, leprachaun.

    • angelwhiteraven

      That is so wrong! Funny but so wrong…

    • Gabhainn

      Yeah. Being Irish automatically means leprechauns. Racism and ignorance at it’s finest. Well done, hilarious.

      • WOW

        This whole show is 90% racism and stereotyping you idiot. Why is it only okay when the TV show makes jokes like that? In my opinion, its worse when the show does it, because they try to pass off Glee as being progressive, accepting, and open minded. MY. ASS.

      • Brooke

        OMG…really?!? You’re saying Gregoire’s are racist!?! Because he mentioned leprechauns? Wow!

      • Brooke

        “Gregoire’s comments”

  • amelia in portland

    Can’t wait to see all the winners shine! Lindsey was great as the “alt” Rachel Berry.

    • Kris

      Lindsay needs more episodes. How is it the most talented person of the 4 got one scene and Damien gets two musical numbers and a storyline? Life is unfair.

      • T

        Lindsay is a stuck-up snot, and the professionals on “Glee” don’t want to work with her.

      • katie

        Lindsay only “won” a role in two episodes. She will be making an appearance in at least one more before season end. Dont forget about Sam and Alex coming up as well. Sam will have 7 episodes and Alex will have 2. It was the whole point of The Glee Project to find additional characters for the show. And to the person who said their characters are graduating doesnt mean the actors are leaving tell that to Lea, Cory and Chris who have already been told their characters will not be on Season 4.

  • Lee

    Unwelcome. Go away.

    • Tricky

      Why don’t YOU go away! He’s the only reason I’m watching Glee on Nov

      • Bec

        Same. I’ve only stuck around this season to see him.

      • Pauly

        LOL. Then both of you and Damien’s couple hundred (if even that, remember TGP didn’t have stellar ratings, about 500,000 an episode, and considering the avergage public dosen’t know him) fans can leave after his 7 episodes, he’ll obviously join Glee Club so they can qualify for Sectionals, and Regionals considering the big black chick, Santana and I believe 1 or 2 ND member’s will be leaving ND’s.

      • emily

        actually Damian has almost 100,000 followers on twitter so……..

      • Kelso

        And 208,419 likes on facebook.

      • damianRory

        @ Pauly, poor research kid.. He has a lot of fans all over the world, Asia, South America and Europe, check his FB and twitter. he also listed by billboards up and coming..

      • damianRory

        Im sorry not @ Pauly, I meant Lee and Amelia..

      • Marina Moraes

        Hahaha… 100.000 followers on Twitter is NOTHING! Even Ashley Fink has more followers than him. Nobody watched The Glee Project. Ryan Murphy is stupid if he thinks that someone cares about those stupid Glee Project contestants.

      • Andrew A

        He actually has 210,000 or so followers on twitter. Do more research people. He is gonna surpass Ashley Fink soon by the way.

      • Marina Moraes

        210.000 followers. Well, this is still nothing on Twitter. This Damian is nobody in Hollywood and will never be important.

    • damianRory

      The only reason I’m excited for this season is because of Damian Mcginty…

  • Cat

    WHY is his hair like that and WHAT is he wearing?! :(

  • HC

    I can’t wait to see Damian on Glee! I love his voice and, of course, his accent! He’s also one of the nicest people in the business. Good luck, Damian and I can’t wait to see what you do!

    • MK

      Can’t watch Glee,preempted by baseball! Have been waiting to see Damian but can’t because of baseball.If you are a fan of Celtic Thunder you’ll know and love Damian.Grow up,stop with the nasty comments.

      • kim

        If you have internet access you can watch Glee. Just go to the Fox website. Each episode is shown 8 days after it airs on tv (unless you have DISH, then you can unlock it the next day) Also, you haven’t missed him yet, only Lindsey has been on so far.

      • katie

        It isnt on again until November 1st because of baseball.

  • megan

    Aw Damian! I can’t wait for his episode! Thunderheads unite!! :)

  • Malls

    I’m super excited for Damian Mcginty to be on glee!!! He’s amazing. And I hope he stay on glee

    • Summer

      You realize that he got 7 episodes, not a free pass for the whole season, nor for any episodes next season. I liked him, but we should all be realistic. His acting is not that wonderful, nor does he have the best/ easiest time learning the dances. He’ll be an Irish Finn, and then he’ll leave.

  • Samantha

    i think glee needs new characters if it wants to run after season three. the characters they have now are getting old fast and the how isn’t interesting anymore. they should use this season to try out new people because the original cast just isnt interesting anymore.

    • Marcus

      The original cast would be interesting if the writers would give some of the lesser-used ones some real story lines.

      • Sam

        Exactly. It’s nice that Mike’s getting stories this season, but how about Tina? And what happened to Artie? I don’t even like Artie, but all he does now is the play thing. It’s like the writers decided “oh, they’re juniors, we’ll deal with them later” while introducing new characters we’re supposed to care about.

    • Ashley H

      They are getting rid of at least 3 after this year: Finn, Kurt and Rachel. There isn’t much left with the cast after that. They’ve made such a big deal about those three that they forgot about everyone else. That’s why this year you haven’t really seen any of them.

      • Jane Humen

        Wasn’t that debunked? Chris said on two separate occasions he’s staying around.

    • Lary


  • Lauren

    Talk about jealous much guys !! Do we Irish threaten you ?? Haha

    • Ashley H

      Yes! You guys are too cool!!

  • Allie

    looking forward to seeing him :D

  • Marcus

    More characters is the last thing Glee needs. The writers can’t write the ones they already have.

    • Patty

      I kind of agree with you but at the same time I kind of don’t. I do think that they spent too much time focusing on just a few of the characters rather than all of them, but if next season they only focus on the characters that are left and don’t bring in new faces Glee won’t be as popular b/c we already know some of these characters’ stories therefor more characters are needed to keep things interesting

      • Abel

        I’m afraid you can only wish for that happy searcnio. Yeah, television is a business. And the networks make money whenever you watch one of their shows. Nowadays, though, a number of people have DVR machines, like TiVO, so they don’t have to chose between two great shows. As for me, well, I don’t have satellite or cable, so I can’t get ABC on my box. So I’m stuck with Glee for the night. Not that I’m complaining. I love Glee, and I hated it when NBC had Heroes and then Trauma lined up against back-to-back Glee. Now I can see Glee without impunity! Glee, FTW!

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