Jeff Probst on episode 5 of 'Survivor: South Pacific'

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Each week, host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: South Pacific.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You and I talked on location right after the opening about how Ozzy seemed like he was in great shape, sitting right in the middle of his tribe after his big one-one battle and fitting right in, while Benjamin — excuse me, “Coach” — was practically ostracized by his group off the bat, sitting off to the side with nobody even talking to him. Is it amazing how 13 days later, Coach — the guy no one seemed to want — now seems to be in a much more secure spot than the person that Savaii was so thrilled to have in Ozzy?
It’s a fantastic turn of events. Both of them came back to improve their social game. One is succeeding. The other isn’t. One thing I have always believed about Coach is that he is earnest. His approach may be full of bravado but it’s sincere. Ozzy has always struggled with authenticity when it comes to his relationships in the game. Savaii is smelling that Ozzy is out for himself but is pretending otherwise. Coach is sticking with his truth — that he wants to play the game with a group of people that he likes. Coach has grown since he last played. He now realizes that you have to meet others “where they are,” not where “you are.” Ozzy can still go all the way because he is such a dominant force, but he needs to “see the light” if he wants to have a shot at winning. 

I’m not sure anything will ever gross me out as much as the balut, but damn, this challenge came close. I love the way you guys slapped extra sauce all over the pig to make it even more disgusting and then added a super-gnarly POV spit cam in the basket of gnawed off meat. Where does this one rank for you on the Survivor Food Challenge Digust-o-Meter?
This was originally a complete pig with ears, snout, tail, etc. It was just too much for me when I first saw it, so I asked the guys to make it a little less recognizable. In exchange they loaded it with BBQ sauce to make it nasty.  As for the gross meter, it was up there. I almost lost it a couple of times when they were pulling it out of each other’s teeth. And they really did lose by only 2 ounces. One bite.

You and I have our opinions about the contestants before the game begins and it’s always fun to see which of those opinions prove true and which don’t. Five episodes in, which of the remaining players has not lived up to your expectations in terms of what they would bring to the show, and which person has exceeded them?
I’d have to say that Rick is the biggest disappointment. Sure, he’s in the game and in an alliance but as a “star” on the show, which we really hoped he would be, he has not shown up. That’s just the way it goes.

Oh, the Ozzy fallout looks good next week. Tease us up as to what else we can expect.
That’s not enough? Ozzy fallout is big. His social game is getting worse.

For more from the host on last night’s episode, check out Jeff’s Tout page. To read Dalton’s recap, click right here. To watch an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s episode as well as our pre-game interview with Stacey, simply watch the video player below. And for more Survivor scoop, follow Dalton on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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  • Mike

    I wonder what would have happened if the challenge ended up in a tie.

    • Jerri

      Wondering the same thing. Do they go to a tie breaker and have the tribes make fire? or keep going for the meat for 5 more minutes or something?

      • Me

        Google “Sean’s Random Thoughts” for my recap

      • LOL

        America loves crap.

      • danxin

        Reckon Ozzy is going to get voted out with an idol in his pants again? Given by how he’s NOT learned from his previous trips to the Islands, it seems to be that way it’ll go down.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via
        Millionaireloving.C óM is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • Jon

        Great tiebreaker would have been first tribe to finish eating the meat they got.

    • Mangan

      There would have been some sort of tie breaker if that had happened. Probably a one v.s. one square off contest in whoever gets the most meat of in 60 seconds or something like that.

    • HatAttack

      Maybe they would just bring out a more accurate scale – no matter how close they are, one pile of meat and spit is going to weigh more than the other!

      • Mangan

        True! It coming down to the exact weight Hatattack is in the billions. It can’t really happen.

    • wsugar

      Mike, thanks for keeping Sean out of the top spot.

      • Saline

        If only Mike can keep wsugar from the seventh spot!

      • Jersey Jeff

        What a shocker! Saline can count to 7!

    • Pumpkin seeds

      Seriously? What are the odds of an exact tie?

      • Mangan

        In the billions! Like I said!

      • Saline

        The Great Saline can count to infinity! But not the Jersey Jerk. Shouldn’t you be on that foolish MTV show, drunk and making a fool of yourself on the boardwalk.

    • JRockSurvivor

      Then they break out the dental floss and see who has more pig in their teeth

      • Tajah


  • Jerri

    Reckon Ozzy is going to get voted out with an idol in his pants again? Given by how he’s NOT learned from his previous trips to the Islands, it seems to be that way it’ll go down.

  • Razano

    I’m glad that somebody on Upolu finally found the hidden immunity idol. And that is was Coach. Now both allstars have the idols. And unlike the mistake that Ozzy made telling Keith that he had it who then turned around and told Whitney right away. It was a good idea for Coach to share the info about the idol with Albert and Sofie given that Albert did find the clue and their less shady characters then Keith and Whitney are over at Savaii.

  • Ann

    It seems like Coach is gonna go really far in this game. He’s so different from the delusional jerk he was in Tocantins.

    • Leslie

      Watching yourself act like a moron on tv and then having everybody make fun of you for it will do that to a person – ha ha.

      • Tommy D

        Leslie the loser once again has it wrong. Coach Wade the Dragonslayer is authentic. He’s not a fraud nor does he make a fool of himself on national television. At least not this time. The first time I’ll admit he was the biggest joke on the face of the earth. Like Russell said in season 20, everybody knows Coach is a big joke. And in Season 20 Coach proved that he is to be taken seriously and this season he’s proven that he is a great player and has learned from the past. The same can’t be said for Ozzy. Who is as predictable as the rooster he has in that cage in his camp. If it’s still there.

      • Saline

        Leslie is right – Coach did make a fool of himself the first 2 times he was on Survivor and now he’s finally realized it AFTER watching himself on TV act like a moron twice – that is why he’s finally playing better. Not great, but better. Now if only Russell had had the luxury of seeing himself act like a fool before he played the 2nd time – the 3rd time, well, I guess some morons just never learn!

      • Jersey Jeff

        @Saline – “I guess some morons just never learn!” , watch what you call that kettle.

      • Chris

        Hey – who’s the new Saline? I like this one way better :)

    • SANDY

      I do agree .. I really like him this time .

      • Saline

        Hey Jersey Jerk! I guess some morons just stay morons for life like you. The Great Saline doesn’t have to watch anything. You watch your mouth Jersey Jerk Jeff! And realize how dumb you are in replying to an imposter. I agree with the poster tommy d. Not Leslie! You were replying to an imposter pretending to be the Great Saline. A wise person would have noticed the difference because nobody can match my greatness. But you aren’t wise Jersey Jerk and will remain a jerk for life. As will the Phony pretending to be me. But that phony will never win. My Greatness will shine forever!

  • Hmmm

    This site just isn’t the same without the winsome musings of Sean’s “random thoughts”.

    Come back to us, Mr. F. We need you.

    • Jerri

      Hiya Sean!

      • Phony Saline

        I am the phony Saline that typed the post starting with Leslie is right. The real Saline didn’t type that. I am a pathetic loser that copies other people’s posts because I’m that pathetic. I know that Saline believes in the truth. That Russell is no fool nor is Brandon, or Coach the Dragonslayer. The real fools are those Zapatera Challange throwers from last season. So once again ignore my pathetic attempt of pretending to be like the Great Saline above. Because I can never measure up.

  • John Dreska

    Nice move by Cochran, Jim, Dawn, Keith, and Whitney at Savii. I’m glad that they got Elyse out. She was slowly becoming another Amanda and I’m just frankly tired of seeing this jungle boy Mexican punk luck into unrealistic scenarios. Now with her gone, Ozzy is now forced to play a more intense game like Coach has been so far. So far lazy and tired are the only two words I would use to describe Ozzy’s game so far.

    • Brock

      So far you said so far 3 times in just 2 sentences so far

      • John Dreska

        So far, I so far I, so far I , so far I, Is that enough so far’s for you Blockhead? Are should I add some more?

    • Sprite

      I think it was Jim, Cochran and Dawn that made the nice move to get Elyse out…Whitney and Keith were just dumb. They didn’t want to get on Ozzy’s bad side so they didn’t vote for Elyse but instead threw two votes which they knew wouldn’t count to Dawn. So now, Ozzy still will be ticked because they didn’t stick to the plan to oust Cochran and didn’t tell him about the blind side and Jim and his side wont trust them because they didn’t follow their plan either. They set themselves to be the next two out after Ozzy.

      • whitney and keith

        both know that Ozzie has the immunity.
        He would be a fool not to play it.
        He will never trust any of those people.
        And he is savvy enough to find the next one.

  • shannon

    That was some challenge. It was like driving by a car accident… you don’t want to look, but can’t help yourself! That challenge was disgusting (especially the POV camera, ewwwww) but I couldn’t look away!

    • Mangan

      That disgusting meat challange first debuted back in season 6 The Amazon. And it was used a second time in season 14 Fiji. Now a third time here!

  • MCS

    That meat challenge was by far the most disgusting thing I have ever seen on television, and I am including the gory stuff on HBO. Please don’t repeat that ever again, though I do commend the editor who threw together the montage of everyone nearly vomiting in their baskets.

    • Mangan

      That was third time with that challange MCS!

      • MCS

        Really? I had never seen it before, and I considered myself quite a Survivor junkie. (obviously not)

  • CC

    I really liked your question to Jeff about his original impression vs. his new found impression 7 days in. And he’s right about Rick – BORiNG. BORiNG.

    • Brent Legunn

      I agree about Rick! He had that one great one-liner about Coach during the premiere episode but now he’s fallen on deaf ears. And nobody has a hearing problem that’s watching. He’s just not saying anything.

  • Daryl

    Someone should head over to Sean’s blog and post links to another blog inviting him and his imaginary groupies to visit that blog. see how he’ll like it

    • iAmMe

      I am new to the survivor blogs but I really like Sean’s. It reminds me of bitchy big brother.
      why do you not like Sean’s?

  • Fredo

    Please…no more Survivor retread players. They ruin the game and bring too much attention to themselves and distract the other players. Nice try but it’s ruining the original concept. Next time just bring in all new people.

    • Brent Legunn

      I don’t agree Fredo. Having two allstars mixed in with new players is a good idea and concept. And I’m glad that Coach is around this season.

      • Mircat

        If the “retread” players weren’t there, some of these shows would be dullsville. From where I view, they bring fun and interest. This season especially because I’m totally impressed with Coach. The guy learned, he’s come back and playing a great game so far. He’s done a 180 and it’s made the show fun to watch.

      • Valdez

        I’m so shocked! I agree with Brent for once.

  • Joe

    “Ozzie is out for himself and is pretending otherwise” Shouldn’t that be what everyone should be doing? That’s what the eventual winner will do except he/she will just pretend a little better.

    • Sprite

      I agree totally. It is so frustrating when players say that because they should all be like that if they are trully playing the game

    • Brent Legunn

      Agreeing with Brent Valdez. Yeah! Continue to be shocked! It’s a once in a lifetime thing when a fool like yourself sees the light. So enjoy the moment while you can before you become clueless again.

  • jeninge

    I feel so old because I can’t stand tout and hate the fact Jeff isn’t doing a blog. Does this mean Survivor is targeting the young kids who only have a 15 attention span?
    Watching this challenge made me miss the old days when they had the food wheel and it was one on one blending or eating something gross. Please bring that challenge back.

    • Wanda

      They did just do that challange back in Season 19!

  • D

    Ozzie & Coach should have been first to go..or close to it! Why they should get a second chance is beyond me.

    • Lecakes

      I’m glad that they didn’t do that. The longer the two veterans last the better.

    • Fredo

      I agree D. No more 2nd seasons for anyone….especially for a-holes like Coach who is now referring to himself in the 3rd person.

      • Brent Legunn

        I don’t agree at all Fredo. The returing players add a good flavor to the mix and make the season even better. Kind of like how good this post would be without you Fredo.

  • Paul M

    I can’t believe that 23 seasons in, people keep making the same mistakes. Pre-merge it’s all about keeping your numbers and the best way to do that is to keep your tribe at it’s strongest. There’s no way that Cochran brings as much to the table as the more athletic and dextrous Elys. They won’t be able to sit Cochran out at the next challenge either because they’re already down on numbers. If they lose again, I’d say it will be all downhill for the Savaii tribe. Eventual extinction awaits shortly after the merge. I’d say it was probably one of the dumbest strategic moves in recent Survivor history. They’ve retained the weakest player in the game and destroyed a strong 5 way alliance in the process. Don’t these people watch the show before they go on it ?

    • Lecakes

      That might be Survivor player 101 but not Survivor fan 101. It’s great seeing shake ups and unpredictability rather then a pecking order that’s set in stone.

      • D


    • Sharb

      I agree with Paul. Cochran should have been gone first. Being a fan does not make him the best player because he can’t do anything. Why would they want to keep him is beyond me? Just because Ozzie wants him gone is not a good reason. This team is going to go down like last season’s when they voted off Russell too soon.

      • Brent Legunn

        And that’s a good thing. Besides Cochran, Upolu is the better and more likeable tribe this season. Savaii sucks. Except for Cochran!

    • Valdez

      Yeah, after the merge with this demolished tribe, Coach will be licking his chops.

    • E

      Did you miss the Samoa season? It’s not always that simple–a tribe does not necessarily equate to an alliance.

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