Goodbye girls! ABC cancels 'Charlie's Angels'


Image Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC

Some classics — even the cheesiest ones — are better left in the past, and Charlie’s Angels, it seems, is no exception: ABC has shut down production on the reboot from Smallville scribes Al Gough and Miles Millar.

A network representative says the show will continue to air on Thursdays, filling the 8 p.m. slot with an unknown number of episodes (four of the show’s eight shot episodes have aired). Last night’s hour showed some ratings growth for the first time, climbing a tenth of a point to 6 million viewers and a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating. But it wasn’t enough to reverse the show’s fate.

Why did the reboot fail? As Ken Tucker said in his review, the series found more of its inspiration from the Angels movies (co-produced by Drew Barrymore, who also had a production hand in this TV remake) than it did from the 1970s TV series featuring the late Farrah Fawcett. So there was lots of Hollywood-style kick-assery, before Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh retreated all kitten-like to the requisite speaker phone to check in with Charlie.

In a column they wrote for EW, Gough and Millar saw it as a plus that Charlie’s Angels was picked up on the same day the series finale of Smallville aired. “We took that as a fortuitous omen,” they wrote. “The truth is, we won’t know if all our creative bets pay off until the show airs. We have our fingers crossed that the angels will be smiling on us.” Not this time.

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  • Les

    I JUST posted a comment asking they not cancel it. I was going to accept it was getting canceled, but then a ratings rise happened. Oh well, just release the complete first season on DVD and I’ll be happy. At least, they’re airing the rest of the episodes before they pull the plug.

    • Oh no!

      This show was a national treasure—how could we let it go so soon? Perhaps “Glee” could do a “Charlie’s Angels” show in order to keep the hope alive! Or Pia Toscado could do a guest spot—please, anything—the American public won’t stand for this!

      • SMALLVILLE NOW!!!!

        This is the perfect opportunity to relaunch Smallville with the new show “Metropolis” bringing back Tom Welling and the rest of the Smallville crew for one great show!!!!!!

      • jack

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      • Chloe

        A NAT IONAL TREASURE?????? Get a life, Oh No!!!

      • Phillp

        Actually most of America will be happy that a crappy show is off the air

      • Barry

        Until they see the crap that ABC puts on in its place. Another reality show.

      • Hudson

        I am sure that you are being ironic by calling it a “national treasure.” Right?

      • Sean

        But I was just starting to get into that whole monochromatic outfits they were wearing. It just made so much sense.

      • coco

        It was dead when the finished casting it. None of the ladies had anything special about them and there was no chemistry between them like the original.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a businessman!they met via Millionaireloving.C óM is the largest and best club for rich people and their admirers to chat online. …You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • jack

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      • Ben M.

        Or, Elen, Rosie or

      • Alicia Molina

        please it is a dumb show with ugly girls, waste of time and money.

      • hallie

        i loved this show even if it might not of been as good as the original it was a wonderful remake and showing the american youth like myself what we missed in our modern also was one of the only shows that shoed the power of woman i hope abc will reconsider and mabey bring a guest star or two to boost ratings but overall one of my FAVORITE shows of all time

    • lisa g.

      Later, beyotches!

      • Dave

        Good riddance too. This showed failed because the gadgets were totally believable (nothing like a “wire tab” app on an iPhone), and the lead actresses were definitely not good picks for angels.

      • Nate

        That show was so fappable. This sucks!


      ABC tends to cancel things without a hint of consideration for viewers or fans. I personally didn’t watch this reboot, but I know people clearly did. So now with the loss of Brothers & Sisters, ABC has a solid two hours to fill with vacuous fecal matter that no one will care for. What do you want to bet it will be either another reality show or another game show?

      • Joan

        I think it’s the lack of viewers and fans that led to the cancellation.

      • Kim

        Are you serious? Charlies Angels and Brothers & Sisters was trash.

      • JC

        Last night The Vampire Diaries beat Charlie’s Angels in the adults 18 to 49 demo. When one of the shows on the Big 4 networks loses in demo to a show on the distant 5th place network, there are no fans to consider and they have to cancel the show.

      • lisa g.

        I agree with Kim! b& s sucked!

      • Acaseofgeo

        None of the stars on this regurgitated remake had HALF the chemistry of whatever the worst Angel was on the first series (Shelly Hack?). That’s why the ratings were so low.

      • Sean

        Drew Barrymore is probably happy either way. Now she can get back to more important things.

      • JohnT

        Two hours to fill? What are you on about? Brothers and Sisters was cancelled months ago and has been replaced by Pan Am. Charlie`s Angels didn`t have fans, or few enough not to matter. They could put a rerun on and get the same ratings that it got so can`t blame them for axing it.

      • Jake

        Brothers and sisters was one of the best shows and it should not have been cancelled. Revenge is the must see new tv show

    • Mika

      Personally, I think the show totally missed the appeal of the original. I think the producers tried to over glamorize the whole concept. The appeal for me in the original was that the angels were “girl next door” and not super model wannabes.

      • Marco

        I would love to live whenever it is that the girl next door looks like Farrah Fawcett and Jacklyn Smith circa the 70s. Kate Jackson was the only one who didn’t look like a glamorous starlet.

      • SMH

        I agree. They should have made it more gritty and down to earth. This could have been a great remake but they were to Hollywood and not enough New York, if you know what I mean. It was too “where trying to be cute” and not enough “were kick ass chicks with a axe to grind” After the first episode I knew it was going to fail big time.

      • MMJ

        Actually, what they should have done was made it BETTER. I liked the original show; the movies not so much. If they had made this a TV show instead of a poor imitation of the movies, it would have succeeded. I watched the first episode and wanted my hour back. I stuck with it until the last few minutes of the second episode before the I-can’t-go-back-I-like-what-I’m-doing-I’m-making-a-difference-yadda-yadda-yadda speech.

        The stories were fluff (but expected from Charlie’s Angels). The “acting” was horrible. The characters were not engaging. Maybe the show would have done better on Friday night when there’s nothing else on.

        It will be funny to see if the ratings continue to climb while the shows run out. Maybe ABC will change it’s mind.

      • Ma’at

        Agreed. While the original were gorgeous, their “feel” was girl next door … approachable.

      • Mel

        As a huge fan of the original series, I found it odd that each girl in the new series had a ‘bad’ past and only one was a former cop – and a dirty cop at that. In the original series they were all former cops except Tanya Roberts. That premise itself lost its appeal to me. Even in the movie series, wasn’t Drew’s the only character with a questionable past? The new series was too much former bad girls who look glamorous and too much Miami glitz. The original may have been glamorous at times, but it was fun and campy and the girls had great chemistry – even with Bosley! And don’t get me started on their excuse to make Bosley ‘hot’ this time. Original Bosley was not creepy!

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      • Jennifer

        Save our youth? Do you have any idea how bad education is here in Texas thanks to Perry?

      • Ruby

        I think NOBAMA 2012 is referring more to our national debt than education, but I see your point Jennifer.

      • etm

        Well, we know Perry certainly isn’t going to save the planet.

      • Just A Guy

        I completely agree, NOBAMA. Katy Perry is the clear frontrunner in 2012.

      • JohnT

        @just a guy, I agree, it is clearly a teenage dream having her in office.

      • Emgee

        I will never vote for a Republicant (not a typo).

      • Josh

        If you don’t vote for Perry, our youth will be MURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDERRRRED!

      • i dont get it

        Don’t worry. I just read an article about how News Corp is going into the K-12 private sector education business. So even if Obama gets re elected our children can still be educated by a crazy republican. :-() Aggghh!!!!!

      • AntiTroll

        Nobama sounds like a pretty cool guy. He spouts inane political rhetoric and doesn’t afraid of anything.

    • gazmo

      Angels wearing BRAs???

      It never had a chance!

      No jiggle, no hard nipples, no viewers.

      Stupidest reboot misstep EVERRRR!!

    • ryan

      It was dead when the finished casting it. None of the ladies had anything special about them and there was no chemistry between them like the original.

      • dianaprince

        Agreed. Also, the times have changed. Back then it was innovative for women detectives to be seen on tv. Nowadays, it would have only worked if it was full camp like the movies OR totally serious like NYPD Blue or some other copy show. Actually the actress who died and was replaced by Minka Kelly’s character was waaaay better, and had more chemistry with the group. Maybe they shoulda stuck with her.

    • roamceou

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    • dianaprince

      Uhh, they only shot 8 episodes total before it was cancelled. They will air the final 4. Maybe they’ll put it out on DVD. But 8 eps for an unpopular show that was canceled within a month — might not make a great DVD.

    • Ben M.

      Hi, i just wanted to see if this would put me at the beginning of the comment list..Love the original Angels..

    • Ben M.

      Hi, just wanted to see if this would put me at the begining of the comment list…Love the original Angels..

    • Missing the Angels

      finally a TV Show that was exciting and cool. But they cancelled it. Everyone needs a second chance. I think ABC should give the Angels a second chance, Charlie did. We are now left with a want to be fairy tale/serious confusing show. Again, Please remember second chances.

  • Mike

    Maybe we can get Minka back to Parenthood? Crosby needs him a good woman!

    • jen

      Yes!!! Katims, get on it!

      • G in PA

        I will raise you that yes and throw down a hell yes

    • PJ

      My first thought upon hearing this news.

      • Tony

        Maybe this show would ve had a full Season if this was om the CW

      • Doris

        My first thought was that she could go to New York & be with Derek Jeter again. They could even get married!

      • Doris

        Then she & Joanna Garcia Swisher could do a show called Yankee Wives–and Amber Sabathia MUST be on it!

      • IrishBlonde2

        The blonde could go back to Grey’s, Alex needs a girlfriend

      • Zach

        Just look at the casting. They’re generic and not beautiful enough to draw viewers. Too feminine and dainty to be believable crimefighters or femme fatales. No charisma either.

    • Jamie Light

      I totally agree! It worked for Jason Ritter after The Event, why not for Minka?

      • lisa g.

        Dang I forgot all about the event! Hahahahahahaha

    • Fabian

      Completely agree. Minka was great on Parenthood.

    • Erin

      That was my first thought when I saw that it had been cancelled. Loved the Gaby/Crosby storyline!!

    • dmac2498

      Judging by last Tuesday’s episode. I don’t see where Minka would fit in anymore. It’s kind of obvious that Amber’s going to realize her ‘calling’ is to work with kids like Max. And Crosby is destined to get back together with Jasmine at some point.

    • Chelsea

      That was my first thought!

    • A Fan

      My thoughts too…

    • Ma’at

      One of the worst actresses of our time. JUST terrible.

    • Caren

      Minka needs a good show and so does the blonde, get her back with Alex on Grey’s Anatomy.

      • dianaprince

        Agreed!! That’s the only way we know Rachel Taylor (i.e. the blonde) can act — she was good on Grey’s. They just wrote off her character…she can come back for Alex.

      • anikes

        That would literally be the WORST THING EVER! I hated her on Grey’s.

    • Brooke

      NOOOOO! I was just going to post that I hope she DOESN’T come back to Parenthood! I love the idea of Amber being the one who helps Max. And Minka’s voice is annoying.

  • googie

    Who out there thought this would actually succeed?

    • Dessy

      no one, that’s who.

      • Kyle

        Apparently just Mike K.

    • Sam

      not me either, the second i heard that this was coming on fall TV, my first thought was there was no way it could even begin to succeed. Perhaps it would’ve succeeded if it were 1980.

      • @ Sam

        But there already was a Charlie’s Angels on the air in 1980.

  • Mike K

    I wanted this to succeed, but knew it wouldn’t. Oh well, I’m sure Minka Kelly will be back on my tv in no time

  • JenH

    And maybe Rachel Taylor can come back to Grey’s and get Karev to lighten up.

    • orville

      Yes, please.

    • Hillary


  • Boring

    The girls , except Minka, were not memorable. Hey, should have cast Amber Heard as the blonde, and the black chic from Undercovers.

    • Kurt Russell

      No doubt!

  • bfett

    Damn I sure liked looking at Minka Kelly’s cute pooper shake each week.

    • mike

      The fact that you call it pooper tells me you’re not ready.

  • Hania

    I saw last night’s episode,it wasn’t bad at all. I hope Prime Suspect isn’t next because I’m starting to love it.

  • Keyes

    Rachael Taylor is really gorgeous. Australian perfection doesn’t get much purer than her. I hope she does more American mainstream movies from now on and begins her ascension to the A-list.

    • Erin

      Why must you write the same boorish drivel on every blog? No one cares dude!

  • ks

    Right after the glowing reviews….
    Knew this was going to happen

  • Sarah

    CA sucks!

    • Melissa in CA

      I hope CA is Charlie’s Angels and not California! Some abbreviations don’t necessarily work.

      • Nathan

        They both suck haha

      • Ruby


        LOL sad but true

  • Emoney

    Didn’t watch it, so I’m not crying. These are attractive youn actresses, though, andI’m sure they will end up somewhere just fine. And is it just me, or is the above photo the worst photo of Minka Kelly ever taken? She looks terrible, which is weird for someone so beautiful.

  • Chu

    Geeks rule Thursdays!

    • Cris

      Yes … Abed certainly does.

      • Casey

        And Troy!

  • Darcy

    When they finish airing the produces episodes GCB should fill its slot! I don’t think I can wait for Januaru for this show! It’s gonna be too good!!!

    • boomerangtheatre

      Or maybe we can finally get Cougartown back!

  • Amber


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