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Fringe star Anna Torv was largely coy when talking about Peter’s return to the show after having turned the Fringe-verse upside down by being absent for most the season so far. (Save small appearances in shiny surfaces.) But she had much more to say when talking about Lincoln Lee’s addition to the team and his budding friendship (and possibly more!) with Olivia.

“The Olivia we meet and know has known about Fringe Division and had all this time to get used to it and work out that this is her life,” she says. This is a far cry from when Olivia met Peter following the death of her fiance, John. As a result, says Torv, “when Lincoln comes in, she’s a little more open to him [than she was with Peter] and working with someone again.”

But will this ease lead to something more — as some fans have speculated? “I don’t know if that’s going to end up being romantic or not at the moment,” she says.

For more on EW’s chat with Torv, watch the video below!

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  • Butterscotch

    I know I may very well be in the minority, but I can’t stand how perfectly good shows muck up professional relationships with the intro of romance. How does a romantic involvement with professional partners add to the depth and dynamics of the show, much less the original relationship? It’s as if networks can’t stop and have made a new fan – ‘shippers. Those that can’t be satisfied that pro partnerships can be just as interesting without romance, sexual tension and all the other requisite complications that distract from the purity of the show. Alias, X-Files, Bones (though I don’t watch that), Castle, on & on…

    Even if Peter weren’t coming back, Lincoln seems to be waiting in the wings.

    • Sandra

      I agree,I find that to be annoying as well.

      • ranliao

        Love Lincoln Lee and hope he stays on the entire season of the show. He is a great addition and could bring a new dynamic to the Peter/Olivia relationship. However, I think I would like it better if Lincoln fell for Olivia but Olivia was still connected to Peter- cause a little drama. Liv and Peter are meant to be together.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Millionaireloving.C óM ..it is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

    • Dicazi

      I normally feel the same way you do. I never watch shows where the emphasis is on romance, especially when it involves bed-hopping or will-they or won’t-they. But Fringe is different in this aspect, as it is in so many other ways. I totally buy the fact that Peter and Olivia belong together. I don’t need them to concentrate on that much. But I desparately want to end up together at the series end.

      • Matt

        To be honest, I always wished Fringe did a “family triangle” which would have involed Olivia becoming more of a surrogate daughter figure to Walter (love that JJ Abrams shows focus more on family and friendships that exclusively romantic relationships), but I think Fringe handled the Peter-Olivia romance wonderfully. It took about 3 seasons, and it happened very slowly, and was based more on mutual respect and affection that something forced and gross.

      • Erin

        Feel EXACTLY the same.

    • forrest

      I’m guessing here, but I think it’s an attempt to attract more viewers. From the producers / writers point of view: How do we expand the interest in this show? ‘Shippers. We have our core audience, how do we appeal to other groups of viewers? Make it a romantic drama. Grab a whole new segment of the viewing audience. IMHO.

    • Alicia

      If you don’t have personal relationships it just becomes another by-the-number cop procedural like Law and Order. It’s all the interpersonal relationships, both romantic and other wise (Walter and Astrid are just as interesting as Peter and Olivia) that make this show interesting. The thing that makes fringe different is that they confront those relationships and move on instead of dragging out the simmer for season after season after season (X-files, Bones, and a host of others) until people get bored. Real people have messy lives and fictional characters that reflect messy lives are more interesting.

    • shipp

      Because some think sticking solely to procedurals becomes boring and long arc stories and human relationships actually evolve over time and don’t fuction as MOTW

    • Erin

      I normally feel the same. I hate those relationship driven melodramas, couldn’t stand when the procedural dramas I liked started getting all shippery – House got hideously bad when they started hooking up the characters and focused on their personal lives and I hate hate hate triangles (particularly ones featuring vampires – they happen far too often). But I actually enjoy the Olivia/Peter relationship. I never rooted for them in the beginning but the way they’ve done it, it feels really organic and natural. I don’t feel like it was forced on us and it’s helped bond the little ‘family’ together. I also like the bond between Olivia and Lincoln too considering the history from over there… and it’s done in a cute way that I don’t feel is so anvilly. For example I don’t think I could say that they’d go there for sure unlike most dramas.

  • Dessy

    I am obsessively in love with Fringe, but I am extremely uninterested in a Lincoln-Olivia romance.

    • Sara


      • Hmmmmmmmmmm

        I agree, FRINGE is an excellent show, but we need to get rid of the romance angle. Keep it so everyone is like brother and sister.

    • Matt

      Yeah, and I’m not too attached to our universe’s Lee, either.

  • F

    I love Anna so much. Perfect and talented woman <3

  • AngelMoonGirl

    NO NO NO I would hate it so much if TPTB tried to force Lincoln/Olivia down our throats! Altlivia/AltLincoln is one thing but our Olivia belongs only with Peter! And now that he’s back, I hope the show spends its time bringing them back together, rather than spinning contrived love triangles…

  • kurt

    Nice interview, thanks Sandra

  • cotton

    love love love anna torv

  • passing

    Wonderful, amazing Anna Torv.
    Lovely interview, interesting questions.
    I see Olivia and Lincoln like Charlie/Olivia, with Olivia being the one with the experience, Anna as well is my idea. So Lance talks to much, hm.
    I hope the Olivia/Walter bond stays and very pleased that we are getting more Olivia/Fauxlivia because what Anna did in 4.02 was awesome.

  • Johnny

    Love Anna! She’s been terrific playing both Olivias.

  • Natasha

    I doubt they’re going to do Lincoln/Olivia Over Here, Peter’s already back, I don’t see Olivia not realising her connection with him and getting with Lincoln instead. At the most I see Lincoln having feelings for her maybe but Olivia being with Peter. I’m not worried.

  • Vela

    I loved your interview Sandra!, Big fan of Fringe, my favorite show ever. Lovely Anna, always engagingly charming. She makes a hell of a job in that show!. Hope to see more of her soon and for longer than season four.

  • Tajah

    Love Lincoln Lee and hope he stays on the entire season of the show. He is a great addition and could bring a new dynamic to the Peter/Olivia relationship. However, I think I would like it better if Lincoln fell for Olivia but Olivia was still connected to Peter- cause a little drama. Liv and Peter are meant to be together.

    All the actors on Fringe are amazing and the writers are doing a fantastic job this season!!

  • AuntieMM

    I’m okay with the Lincoln as partner thing but please no romantic relationship or triangle thingie. I’ve never ever been a fan of pushing the leads together especially in sci-fi (the X-Files is a prime example of what goes wrong) and I rolled my eyes when they started the Olivia/Peter thing. But I like it……the writers have drawn two people that really seem to be right for one another and right within the mythology of the series. With each other they are where they’re supposed to be.

  • Ginny

    Peter is back!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!
    ….Anna Torv – YUCK!!!

    • Homer

      Anna you are gorgeous adorable hot and a great actress.Great interview Sandra thanks.

      • Ginny

        as I said before…Anna Torv….YUCK!!!!!!!!!

      • corvus

        unnecessary. and off-topic. spilled you coffee or somethin?

    • Vela

      Really?…What are you, twelve?, well to level up…Joshua Jackson – CLOWN!!!!!!

      • Vela

        See!, I’ve already regret my own comment… Josh: Just kidding :P

  • corvus

    That was an really interesting interview with an amazingly charming and natural Anna Torv – must say I´m totally stunned in a very very good way!

    In general when I really like an actor/actress I´m often reluctant to watch interviews, but that woman comes off just so amazing and likeable. Really like what I see (keep up the natural) & especially hear (stunning voice that is Anna) – hoping the show will hang on and get even better!

    • Homer

      I love her voice too.So sultry. :)

  • corvus

    And to the rest: Yep – the Olivia/Fauxlivia crossovers are great! (Though i hope the writers keep “our” Olivia as focus, it`s just all the little flaws, problems and that familiar hauntedness as well as her trying to cope and get better that make her character so endearing…not all but hard to explain further …)

    Hm, if they get serious with either Linc or Peter again … well you need a high for a drastic downfall. :) It`s not that kind of show where the characters will ever be totally happy – would take the edge off, don`t you think…. ;)

    • get professional help

      Ummm – your level of obsession with Anna Torv does not appear to be normal.

      • corvus

        LOL! Since when is it ‘obsessive’ to speak out in favor of someone as well as their work? There`s enough people out there ripping everything apart, good or bad, just for the fun of it.

        Anyway, I could easily say some nice things about all those other really talented cast members – love the look on John Noble`s face when Walter`s just got hold of an idea – and the interaction between Peter, Walter and Astrid is hilarious.

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