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Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl is easily one of my favorites of the new season. So in prep for the awesomely drama-filled affair, I picked out a few questions.

I’d love to learn more about Nate and Chuck’s stories on #GossipGirl. Anything on Monkey Bass is particularly interesting — @chateluy
Awwww, Monkey Bass. Well, I can’t say you see too much doggie action in Monday’s episode, but I can tell you that the plans are currently for Monkey to stick around for a good while! He’s not going anywhere.

Despite recent events, I still root for Dan and Serena as a couple. With Dan’s book coming, is there any hope for DS to reconnect somehow in the near future?Leslie
I’ll only speak for Monday’s ep, but let’s just say Serena joins the Humphrey Haters as a result of her portrayal. It’s safe to say a relationship with Dan is pretty far from her mind in this episode. Can’t say the same for someone else, though…

Fishing for new Chuck/Blair info like it’s my job: can you give us more hints about the great Chuck/Louis scene coming up? #GG — @lucreziareigns
Thought it may be brief (I could honestly watch those two interact for hours!) it’s an emotionally raw moment that made my heart hurt.


Sandra, did you see the pics of the Slutty Pumpkin!? Would love to know your thoughts…and some scoop would be nice, too! — Tori
I did. And though I first was skeptical about the casting choice, I’ve come to peace with it and have become full-blown excited about the appearance from SP. Also, it helped that Carter Bays seemed confident about the choice last time I chatted with him. “We’ve met with Katie a couple times, and she’s definitely very excited to do it,” he says. “As fans of TV, we loved Dawson’s Creek, and I’ve been a fan of Katie Holmes since Pieces of April, which I thought was just a fantastic movie.” As for scoop, Bays also shared that as of right now, “there may be more” than just one episode with the Slutty Pumpkin. “That’s still being hashed out,” he said.

As a fellow fan of
If you love Zoe and Wade interactions, brace yourself for the next episode. Let’s just say, things get hot. Um, literally. There’s a heat wave in Bluebell, but that could give way to some steamy action of another kind, if you catch my drift.

The Closer, please! I feel like the final months are going by way too fast!! — Jarret
Here’s a bit of casting news. Detroit 1-8-7’s Amanda Warren has been cast as Deputy DA Claire Baldwin, a young DA who ends up squaring off with Brenda over a rape case. Let’s just say they have different definitions of “justice served.” She’ll appear in the episode titled “Hostile Witness,” airing next summer.

I’d love some scoop on Damien’s appearance on Glee! I loved him on The Glee Project and can’t wait for him to come on! — Alex
Wait no more. Here’s your sneak peek.

Thanks for your chat with Eric Christen Olsen! Would love scoop on anything on NCIS: LA! — Marien
Well, there’s a lot to get excited about in November, and next week I’ll have more details on that. But frankly, I’m most excited about seeing Olsen and co-star Daniela Ruah hit the dance floor in the Nov. 8 episode! “Danny and I do the waltz,” he says. “It’s brief and hilarious.” Natural next question: Who’s the better dancer? “Are you kidding me? Totally Dani.” He admits, laughing. ” [It’s] not even close. She, Daniela Ruah, is winner of Dancing With the Stars Portugal. She is the real deal.”

What is going to happen to Tara on SOA? I need to know! I hope she doesn’t die. I would be so sad, and I’ll probably want to throw things at my TV if it was to happen. — Briauna
The next two episodes of Sons are en route to me as we speak! But a spy tells me the Tara arc is something that will take more than a few episodes to play out fully. “S—s gonna go down!” says my source frankly. As for the possibility of more bodies piling up? “You might have a few…”

Is there any juicy stuff coming for Sam Winchester on Supernatural? — Andrea
Always! But especially if he’s the brother who ended up filming at **e ***i* **** I saw on the call sheet during my set visit last week. But there’s no way to be sure who that was exactly. Actually, there is. But I’m not telling.

NEXT: Scoop on ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Psych,’ and more

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  • oif

    I am beyond excited waiting for Bones Nov 3rd season start.

    • Sue1

      So am I, iof. This looks as if it’s going to be a wonderful season.

      • becca

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        I hope that comes back around, in the mean time, I hope that someone is Chuck, cause Duck is probably Dan’s best pairing ever.

        And thank goodness for Monkey Bass!!!!

      • Iin

        My Uncle Chuckie has had several seeruzis today. I always try to hold on to seeing him completely recovered one day. His progress in the months since January have been wonderful! I am praying this will only be a bleep in his progress. With God, all things are possible!! If only we believe! A photo of him today has been uploaded to the Albums section.

    • jack

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      • Kathi M. Snider

        And this would have to do with this article how?!

      • Charles

        I always told dad that you could save his dirty ties and we would boil them for boollin soup later. I forgot how to spell boilion? oh well

  • Patty

    I am so glad Monkey Bass is sticking around. I am excited to see the Chuck/Louis scene.
    Welcome to the Humphrey Haters Club Serena. Its a huge club. Please help Blair get membership.

    • Ava

      Word. I think we should have T-shirts printed. “I hate Dan Humphrey and his father who thinks it is cool to wear skinny jeans in his 50’s.”

      • O’Brien

        I like Dan (though I want Chuck with Blair), but damn, what was his father doing in those pants last week? Matthew Settle is hot. Those skinny jeans? Were WRONG. Thank you for saying this.

      • Katie

        If you think Mathew Seettle is in his 50’s then you need glasses pronto!

    • H

      But Dan gave Monkey to Chuck, even though he was digusted initially with it. Instead of being hateful, you should be thankful to him!

      • Nawafa

        Becky, you’re awesome!! way to go!! bring on Angie!! you’ll be doing plupuls all over istanbul WOD was tough. didn’t hit muscle failure on anything, which meant you had to keep going. kinda cool like thatweightlifting platforms should be in by end of day nice!!

  • Chris

    always quality, not quantity! I yearn for the CB scenes, even if it makes my heart hurt cause its worth it and I cant wait to see it be all about them!!

    Im sad about DS, I hope that comes back around, in the mean time, I hope that someone is Chuck, cause Duck is probably Dan’s best pairing ever.

    And thank goodness for Monkey Bass!!!!

    • O’Brien

      Agreed on the Duck. They are both so different. It’s like watching two people try to speak to one another in their native languages, and there’s no one to translate. Brilliant.

  • j

    why did you censor the word wedding? it’s the title of the episode. “Season seven, time for a wedding.” I’ve been reading about it for weeks now, it’s not a spoiler.

    • Sam

      about Chuckie today:They are thinking he has an ionectifn around his shunt. They haveto wait for one med to clear his system before theycan tap the shunt, probably this evening. They they willdetermine what type of bacteria to go after.

      • Leticia

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  • Marianne

    Thanks for the Chuck intel! Can’t wait to see Chuck, Sarah and the gang back on Oct.28!

    • Chiho

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  • Andrea

    I’m so excited for Bones!!! i think we’ve waited long enough, let’s go Nov 3!

  • JJovana

    Its funny how EVERYONE is so tight lipped about any Chuck and Blair spoilers. I must have read MILLION spoilers about Dair and Louis, but when people ask for Chuck and Blair…we get ZILCH. What the hell??

    • Ava

      I think it’s because the C&B stuff is actually GOOD!

      • JJovana

        You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!

    • Aykut

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      • Yavuz

        after reading your book your expatnalion of the events seem more plausible than the official record. I would be very interested to know about any local book signings I live in Virginia Beach and I know my dad would have very much wanted to be there..take care

  • Jacks

    WHAT DO THE STARS MEAN DUDE. Don’t tease us I want to know what’s up with Sam on Spn.

    • Claire Curley

      Maybe The Devil Cage (god I hope so) or The Panic Room??
      Although, going to the panic room would mean returning to Bobby’s. That probably wouldn’t be too smart…and who knows if the panic room even survived.

      • Nemil

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  • Gale

    Better be Blair who is thinking of Dan in a new light! I don’t want them to get together anytime soon, obviously, as there’s way too much drama going on with Blair right now. But man, do I ADORE Dair.

  • `toomuchpurple

    Thanks for the GG news! I am excited for the Chuck/Louis scene and what’s gonna happen in general. Love to hear the dog remains for long!

    • Bless

      So which EGF city councilman do you cpamore Michael Polensek to ? This guy has been on city council in Cleveland for 28 years, had 4 vans stolen, and wrote a letter about 18 year old Arsenio Winston, who was recently arrested for drug dealing in a local park. He called Winston : a moron, dumber than mud, and a crack dealing piece of trash. This must be a tough neighborhood in Ohio ! greenglass 4.

      • Kastura

        I personally say sir for the nltoevy of it. I guess it’s kind of like a random, unexplainable joke to myself and interestingly enough, I only say it to those I’m on a first name basis with anyway. Some people don’t like it though. I was on a shoot once where I kept answering Yes sir? out of habit when the director called for me from across the room, and every time, he’d answer back annoyed, No. It’s Joe .

  • Sandra

    Yay for Monkey! Excited for the upcoming Chuck/Louis scene! Girl wanting relationship with Dan? I’ll say either Serena’s boss wants to make a film out of the book (so professional relationship) or Alessandra who was making pretty eyes to Dan last week lol!

  • Erin

    Sandra, I think you mean some Psych scoop on that last one. Lassiter’s definitely not on Fringe :).
    Keep up the good work.

    • Josue

      From Sarpy Sam: She’s Alive!!! She’s Alive!!! Good luck and good posting. We’re wtiniag. I’ve had the same problem, I wanted to post a comment on Chuck’s blog but he doesn’t allow anonymous comments so I just didn’t comment. You’re a lot more dedicated than I am.

  • Rini

    Can’t say the same for someone else?
    My Dair senses are tingling.
    I can’t even begin with the amount of flailing they have caused me already this week >-<!

  • Gigi

    thanks for the GG scoop!! Can’t wait for this Chuck/Louis scene!!

  • dr

    monkeyyyyyyyyyyyy…I love him and Chuck…Chuck&Blair might share a heartbreaking scene yet it would be again amazing. I miss them so much!! More CB plssss

    • Cameron

      I really REALLY wanna c it again but i just wish they woulf epreon the show in San Francisco!! New York lets it run 4ever but u cant find a show anywhere in California! Cnt wait 2 b able 2 do it with my high school or college or whenever it comes available 2 rent on MTI or sumtin I dnt care wat it takes! I will b in Wicked!! Mwahahaha!!!

      • Sangita

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