'X Factor,' 'Prime Suspect' ratings dip, 'Charlie's Angels'... rises?


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Last night’s ratings are full of interesting moves as Thursday shows signaled some intriguing shifts. Here’s what happened:

— Fox’s X Factor dipped (10.8 million viewers, 3.6 adults 18-49 rating). The judges’ homes episode that was pushed from Wednesday due to championship baseball overrun fell a little from last week. Were viewers confused about whether the show was on tonight? Did the break in momentum hurt the show? X Factor always improves from its preliminary morning rating, but it will still fall a tad shy of last week.

— CBS’ Person of Interest (11.9 million, 2.7) improved for the first time. Just a 10th of a point, but still, always good to see a new show apparently find its bottom and bounce up.

Charlie’s Angels (6 million, 1.3) went up. Yes, you read that right. For the first time, massively under-performing Angels went up — yet only by a 10th of a point and its number is still really small. (Did guest starĀ Erica Durance help?) The word on the street was that Angels would get the axe today. But networks hate to kill a show right after its number goes up, it leaves executives tossing and turning wondering if the show was about to stage some unlikely epic turnaround. Too little too late?

— NBC’s Prime Suspect (4.5 million, 1.3). NBC badly wants this police drama to work but it’s just… not working. Despite running repeats on Monday nights, and despite the network ordering six more scripts as a sign of faith in the drama, the NBC freshman series hit a new low. Meanwhile, new comedy Whitney (4.2 million, 2.0) fell 13 percent too.

— The CW’s Vampire Diaries (2.8 million, 1.4) went up. In fact, VD outperformed Charlie’s Angels and Prime Suspect… which, of course, says more about Angels and Suspect than it does VD. But still — bragging rights! Secret Circle (1.8 million, 0.8) was steady.

Overall: After seeing most shows steadily dip since their premieres, Thursday had several programs rising — a least by a little. Fox won the night with Factor. CBS ranked second with Big Bang Theory (13.3 million, 4.4) down a tick and The Mentalist (12.3 million, 2.5) off 7 percent (one analyst pointed out that Big Bang‘s repeat at 8:30 p.m. beat X Factor in the same half hour). ABC had Grey’s Anatomy (9.7 million, 3.6) climbing 10 percent and Private Practice (6.7 million, 2.4) up 14 percent. NBC’s Community (3.8 million, 1.7) rose 13 percent, Parks and Rec (4 million, 2.1) was up 5 percent, and then aired The Office (6.1 million, 3.2).

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  • BeBe

    Im actually beginning to really like X Factor. There is some real talent there especially Brian Bradley ( “Astro” as he calls him self, I like Brian Bradley better) He’s so talented but has a bad attitude! I really love Drew Ryniewicz also, fantastic voice. Hopefully as time goes on the ratings will get better.

    • kate middleton

      I am really loving X Factor as well – much better than Idol, with having the older contestants and young kids too. Drew is definitely my favorite – she is utterly amazing.

    • Damn Shame

      Community was the best show of the night, shame it does not get the ratings it deserves!

    • lisa g.

      Im suprised at how many people here DVR! If I really like a show, i need to be watching it when the rest of the world is doing so as well! Seems like watching via a DVR takes away from the show….. IMO!

    • wakeforce

      What is this obsession with shows going up or down a tenth of a percentage? This is normal. We are not robots who eat, drink, or watch tv the same as we did last week.

      • lisa g.

        LOL good point

  • Sean

    I don’t mind Angels. I like Annie, as a gh fan. Hope it sticks around at least til mid season. Im sure a few more episodes will make a better DVD package.

    • Kris

      I’m a GH fan as well which is why I can say: How the hell can you like Annie? She was beyond terrible on GH and from what I saw in the pilot, not much better on Charlie’s Angels. Find me a more wooden actress.

      • Holly

        Found it! More wooden actress: Minka Kelly.

      • Princess

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  • Janae

    obviously people got confused and thought the games were still on. But a 3.6 demo is still pretty strong wow.

  • LB

    TVBytheNumbers has X Factor at 10.8 million viewers and Charlie’s Angels at 5.9 million (guess EW decided to round..)

  • dusty

    what about community? last nights episode was a masterpiece!

    • kate

      3.8 million. Which is sad because it is so good.

    • DThor

      Hooray for over-usage of the word “masterpiece.” Good God!

  • Jane

    I really like the X-Factor but find the families watching to be a powerful part of the show so didn’t enjoy the bootcamp or judges house as compelling as the auditions. The over the top production makes it interesting and I really like the judges. Good show

    • LiLa

      Funny, it’s the over the top production that is causing me to lose interest. I wish they’d spend more time on the performances and less time recapping what we just saw.

      • charlie fan

        Very well said. I love Simon and Paula, but the ump is not there. I feel like they are trying to hard to find a Carrie Underwood. I wish they would look for talent and let everyone decide who wins. They are looking for stuff we already have. The tattoos and piercings are not what I want my children to see in a role model (and I do like the girl, but those are her life choices and consequences).

  • yahoo

    Don’t knock Vampire Diaries! That show rocks and is one of the consistently best shows on TV!!!!

    • asher

      I don’t think EW was knocking it, they seem to be a big fan of “VD,” which is not really a great nickname, huh?! I think they were just talking about its ratings, which aren’t bad for the CW but aren’t good compared to the other networks.

  • Vanessa

    Two words as to why Charlies Angels went up last night: Erica Durance

    • Lupe


      • katg

        That’s the only reason I watched.

      • sun

        Erica Durance’s Samantha Masters was sooo much better than the angels!

    • Gigi

      Yes! There were a lot of people watching just that particular episode because of Erica. That certainly help the mathematics, to replace the number of viewers who claimed to be leaving ship last week. Because, babes, these Angels still suck.

    • tj

      Yes! It was because of Erica Durance. The woman is an amazing actress. And very stunning!
      I give CA a week, then cancel the show.

    • Jesse

      Yep. Only reason I watched

      • Zandri

        I agree, I definitely think The Walt Disney Company shloud take a look at the Travel Channel two main reasons (1) Great synergistic opportunities between other Disney businesses (primarily Parks & Resorts ) and (2) at a time when broadcast ad revenues are diminishing, cable networks are on fire because of the dual revenue stream Ad revenue and Subscription fees. I think Travel Channel would fit in well with Disney Media Networks.

    • sun


  • Gale


    Oh, and time to get rid of Prime Suspect. Promising idea, in theory, but it just totally lacks appeal. Replace it with something worthy midseason.

    • kate middleton

      Vampire Diaries is really good. They do a great job on that show.

      I think Prime Suspect is actually quite good as well, but I can understand why people don’t watch. I don’t think NBC did a good job promoting it – and people have procedural fatigue a bit. But, the thing is…does NBC have anything to air instead that would do better? I don’t think so….they are in terrible shape right now.

    • christin

      Prime Suspect is good, it’s just Jane is a hard character to like but do you really need to like her all the time? Probably not. She has a good heart underneath the crass behavior and she’s good at her job. She’s … well human. The series is just getting started, NBC is right to give it time.

      Charlie’s Angels … yeah, that show bit the dust episode 1. Hard to get through without cringing.

      • georg

        I love Prime Suspect! To me, Jane is extremely likeable, and very easy to relate to. The series is basically the American version of the British show by the same name, so if it gets cancelled, you can bet BBC America will be all over the original.

  • Paula

    Why on earth community was low, it was the best episode ever. I hope dvr help to bust up.

  • jenler

    That’s a shame about Prime Suspect….it’s a really great show. I wish people would give it a chance!

    • charlotte

      Me too! I really hope that it can recover. It’s really a good strong cast and I like Maria Bello.

    • Jay

      I’m with you. Prime Suspect is so well done. It’s the est police show since early days of Homicide/NYPD Blue.

      I watched Charlie’s Angels for the first time last night. It was like a bad episisode of VIP.

    • justjack

      Prime Suspect is the only new show that I have stayed committed to so far… already dumped Person of Interest, Playboy Club and PanAm. I really hope it survives. Maria Bello is outstanding.

    • Becky

      This show is getting killed by it’s lead-in, Whitney. That show is AWFUL! and people don’t come cack at 10:00. Move Up All Night to Thursday, where it belongs, and you will have a great comedy block. Move Whitney to, I don’t know, Wednesday at 3:00 AM.

      • Kris

        I think Whitney would be a crappy lead-in for 3:30am.

      • TR

        In these days of remote controls, I think the “lead in” theory is hokum. It’s notthe 1950s…

        Besides, Whitney is great. If you wantto blame a weak lead-in for NBC Thursday nights, blame Community. I used to like it, but it’s become too stupid/in-jokey for its own good.

    • TR

      Agree, it’s a good series. I’d like it to be a latter-day NYPD Blue.
      Enough already of the CBS alphabet procedurals.

    • MMJ

      Prime Suspect is only average at this point. I really want to like it, but I don’t. Maria Bello is a good actress, but I don’t see her as a homicide detective because she dresses like a narc—and has that addict sallowness.
      I wish it were better than it is. I love the cast. There’s just something about the show that doesn’t grab me. I watch week to week hoping it gets better. I guess the good news is that it isn’t getting any worse.

      • George

        Her character used to be in vice.

    • Turane

      Its just like you read my mind! You apparently know a lot reeatld to this, like you wrote the book in it or some thing. It is my opinion that you could do with some pics to drive what it’s all about home a little, but in addition to that, it’s really terrific blog..

  • Jill

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand how Community and Parks and Rec don’t score higher. They are the best hour block of comedy on television today. People are missing out!

    • Jeremy

      Community/Parks and Rec/Fringe/Parenthood/Raising Hope are all great quality shows, best on network t.v but has the least viewers. People with those nielsen boxes are incredibly dumb,thats how it is.

      • Voodoo

        Oh yeah, that’s the best argument out there. People who don’t watch so-and-so program are just dumb. People have different tastes, deal with it..

      • @Jeremy

        Or they just don’t share your incredibly poor taste in TV.

      • Shaye

        Those are great shows I agree.

      • Marsha

        True,those are actually great shows,but Don’t call people dumb for having a certain taste.

      • jess

        Those shows are awful. NBC should cancel Community/Parks & Rec/ The Office. How does a show stay on air on Network TV with just 3 million viewers??? That’s pathetic.

  • leftoverbiscuits

    Like Prime Suspect, but can only watch it on hulu the next morning. If it’s on at 10 pm, I don’t watch it. But it’s a decent program that I hope gets picked up for a full season.

  • Craig

    It’s a shame Prime Suspect isn’t working because it’s a good show. It’ll be canceled soon. Hopefully not before Charlie’s Angels though.

    • Lily

      I love Prime Suspect. I hope they’ll give it a chance!!!

    • Abdulkadir

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  • nelly

    X Factor got screwed because even though it was a new episode everyone’s DVR treated it as a repeat so it wasn’t taped.

    • Marvin B

      It was a repeat. Judges’ House #1 aired twice or just the 13th depending on your time zone. My DVR recorded it on both Oct 12 and 13 (I wasn’t bumped for baseball on the 12th since I’m on the west coast). Judges’ House #2 will air on Sunday night.

      • BeBe

        Hmmm…Im on the west coast and they didnt show it on Wednesday. It said it was new but was actually a repeat from last week. So they did air the new one only yesterday.

    • Micah

      Not sure that’s completely accurate. My FiOS DVR doesn’t seem to have refreshed itself, so it recorded Thursday’s thinking it was, well, Thursday’s episode; Sunday’s, as of now, hasn’t updated, so I’d have to manually record it (or select the Animation Domination block for recording). But, point being, I don’t think your theory of “everyone’s DVR treating it as a repeat” holds water.

    • kate middleton

      My DVR recorded it because it was still showing as “Judges’ House #2″ in my guide (Uverse). But if another provider’s guide updated it to be Judges House #1 again, you’re right that it probably wouldn’t record. Fox is getting screwed by this baseball stuff.

      • daphne

        or maybe the show really sucks more than the original number of viewers hoped it would. just a possibility.

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