'Sister Wives' stars defend polygamy -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

During this Sunday’s new episode of Sister Wives, the patriarch of the Brown family returns to his hometown to see his childhood best friend’s family. In this exclusive clip, Kody brings along his wives, and once again they have to defend their lifestyle choices to the ladies of the family who are all curious about polygamy — specifically, their sleeping arrangements. “They cannot wrap their heads around why we want to do this,” explains wife No. 4, Robyn. “They don’t get it.”

Also during “Defending Polygamy,” which airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on TLC, Robyn and Kody reveal the sex of their baby and announce the name.

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  • Pan


    • Gio


    • roamceou

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      ———Personally I find less harm in a man marrying 3 wives than people being bigots and trying to control the way people live their own lives.

      • Marieta

        A Vision of Submission and LoveI had been in search of what i then cllaed the church for a number of years prior to my receiving the vision that i will now share with you. In that search i heard many preach and speak of the need for husbands to love their wives .Ephesians 5:25 was the prime reference for such preaching. Husbands, love your wives, even as The Messiah also loved the ecclesia(church), and gave Himself for it. Love is not a husband and wife sharing their natural affection for one another, which is referred to as coming together again in 1 Corinthians7:5.And Eph 5:25 was preached and preached, again and again, and i wondered, why is it that Ephesians 5:25 was recorded after and not before 5:22 , and why is it no one preaches a message concerning those verses just prior to Ephesians 5:25 ?Eph 5:22-25 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Master(Lord). For the husband is the head of the wife, even as The Messiah is the Head of the ecclesia(church), and He is the saviour of the body. Therefore, as the ecclesia is subject unto The Messiah, so let the wives be subject unto their own husbands in every thing. Husbands, love your wives, even as The Messiah also loved the ecclesia, and gave Himself for it .Well the why no one preaches concerning the verses just prior to Eph 5:25 was readily answered as i began to recognize the manipulative processes used by women who desired to dominate the men folk within their particular ecclesia. And yes, that domination began at the home . However the question of verse order, why verses 5:22-24 prior to verse 5:25? was one thing i still could not comprehend.And today i yet remain thankful to GOD that i could not comprehend the verse order because that caused me to cry unto HIM for understanding, and HE provided such understanding in a vision, a revelation! In the vision there were two hands, a right hand and a left hand. And there was a person running about, to and fro in the left hand, and it was revealed the left hand was mine and that the one running about, to and fro, in the left hand was I in days that were thankfully long since gone. Days when I was doing my own thing seeking my own way, self-willed indeed and Truth. And the right hand in the vision?It was revealed that the right hand in the vision represented The Hand of GOD!It was then revealed that in those times past, when i was seeking to do my own thing , sadly, i did not know that GOD loved me. I did not know GOD. I was my god’. Then by the Grace of GOD, the time came when HE revealed HIMSELF unto me.And then HE led me to HIS Son, and HIS Son, The Messiah, led me back to the One i once knew as GOD . However, the One i had known only as my GOD , i now knew as Our Father ! The GOD and Father of The Messiah was now Our GOD and Our Father!All Thanks, Glory And Praise Be Unto Our Father !Then it was revealed that when i submitted unto Our GOD, when i was delivered from my own hand, seeking my own will, and into HIS Hand, desiring HIS Will, it was at that moment i knew HE Loved me.Yes, Our GOD and Father even Loved me when i was not submitted unto HIM, yet I could not experience, receive, or believe HE Loved me until I submitted unto HIM, HIS Will, HIS Way! And then it was revealed that it is the same with a husband and wife. When the wife submits, only then does she realize that her husband truly loves her. Oh, he loved her all the time, it’s just that she could not believe, receive, or experience the love her husband had for her until she submitted unto him.And so the simplicity of, and the need for, the verse order was revealed.Apart from submission, Love can not be received, GOD to Messiah, Messiah to man and man to woman. Love is given, yet only in submission can Love be received.Men and women are not the same and Thank GOD for the difference. Our Father has HIS Order, HE is The HEAD of The Messiah, The Messiah is the Head of the man, and man is the head of the woman .(ICor11:3) So why question The ONE GOD, Father of ALL ? Apart from the Spirit of GOD, The Spirit of Truth, women rule over men, and as they seek and desire to dominate, they scream, you don’t love me, you don’t love me ! For until a wife submits unto her husband she can not receive and experience the Love her husband was given, to give unto her.Yet there is hope for such women, and the men that are dominated.There is Hope that there would be those who see !For Miracles do happen!Hope is there will be those who experience The Miracle that is receiving love of The Truth for they will see that The Only True GOD is a GOD of Order not dis-order, and The Life is only realized by those who submit too, and abide in, HIS Order. Father Help! and HE does .Peace, in spite of the dis-ease(no-peace) and dis-order that is of this wicked world, for the WHOLE world is under the control of the evil one (1 John 5:19) indeed and Truth .Truth is never ending .

  • BeBe


    • Kim

      It’s her right to find it disgusting, BeBe. Judging?

      • daq

        It’s Bebe’s right to find that person to be judging.

  • Mircat

    Defend all you want, it’s against the freaking law and you should be arrested.

    • Cameron J

      Personally I find less harm in a man marrying 3 wives than people being bigots and trying to control the way people live their own lives.

      • diane

        This situation is weird. Everyone knows it’s weird and they are saying so. If you call having a negative reaction to this weirdness biggotry, then your not being real. You know this is not biggotry, this is weird.

    • Jay

      So…. lots of things are against the law. That doesn’t make them wrong. Laws are created by men. They are not based on “right” or “wrong”.
      Lots of things that are totally “wrong” are perfectly legal. And many things that could even be considered “just” and “good” are illegal

    • Lizzie

      Yup agree

    • Elle

      He is not legally married to three of them. Nothing they are doing is illegal in Nevada.

    • Liz

      As he is only legally married to one of his “wives”… it’s not illegal.

    • polygrrl

      It’s only illegal in Utah, which also has laws against living with your boyfriend/girlfriend without marrying them, and against sodomy (oral or anal sex) in the privacy of your own home, between consenting adults. Are you really going to try to say that those laws have the moral high ground?

  • Kim

    I feel sorry for the teenaged kids. They seem depressed and confused since they moved to Vegas. Also, wife #3 is unhappy. Kody is nothing but a Player, imo. I don’t see happy times ahead for this family.

    • ceecee

      I agree that their move to vegas has been hard on them, but 20 years of marriage counts for a lot (minus the 4th wife). Players don’t play for 20 years.

      • Say What?

        Screwing 3 other women while married is pretty much a player defined.

    • Lizzie

      Well said

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

  • ali

    it seems not that hard 2 figure out. the girls are all ugly and they found one ugly man willing to marry them and have some ugly kids with them. my only question do these girls think there was some sort of shortage of ugly dudes they could marry because it is not.

    • Lizzie

      It is not nice to pick on the kids
      I do not agree with the lifestyle, but picking on kids is simply wrong

  • Lizzie

    It is just a way to have 4 women
    1 real wife and 3 not legal ones (aka mistresses)
    Simply an open marriage to the real wife

  • jerk

    The way he got the wives was he made a homedmade slop bin and filled it with 5 buckets of pig flob and yelled heeeereeee piggggggies.

  • Sari

    Gross. Hubby was in 1st wife’s bed on Monday. 2nd wifes bed on Tuesday. 3rd wife’s bed on Wednesday and 4th wife’s bed on Thursday. His man part sure gets around.

  • Anonymous

    why would anybody want 3 or 4 nagging wives? secondly why would any wife be willing to stay with a guy who is not happy with just her? ew.

    • Olivia

      Frankly I would prefer to be in a polygamist marriage for the very reason they say! I don’t think I could stand having someone around, in my house, every night for the rest of my life. I need time to myself. Polygamy is actually the most common form of marriage in the world.

      • Fact Checker

        Fact: Olivia makes stuff up.
        Polygamy is NOT the most common form of marriage in the world.

      • Olivia

        @Fact Checker, it really is. it’s funny because people think it’s so wrong but way more societies practice polygamy than monogamy. It’s just the way it is. Any anthropology book that discusses marriage will tell you that.

  • 1st time poster, long time reader

    I loathe how Kody sits in between the 4 gals as they go on and on and he just looks like a HS kid who was a total dork in jr high and freshman year but over the summer discovered “sun in” and grew his hair out and now the HS girls (the wanna be popular and have a boyfriend sooooooo badly) are all clamoring over him. yuck! To each his own but one nagging wife does it for me. Play on playa and hope you and the gals can figure out who gets to be your prom date…

  • Glowbug

    Don’t get what is so great about the husband that 4 women want to share him? He is going on 17 kids–that is disgusting—–he is only really married by law to the first wife—the others are not real wives—so why would they give up their rights to the first wife—and he seems really hot & heavy about cute wife #4—there is some jealousy that has been expressed by the “wives” about his new wife–who is already pregnant with another of his kids—-this is just a poor example to set for all these children–
    How do they make money?—they have four houses in Las Vegas—that takes some money? do any of the wives now work? Or are they taking govt money?

    • ks


  • Leeza

    Who watches this Cracker trash TV? *amazed*

    • miss k

      Extremely unnecessary.

  • jack

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  • Anonymous

    I guess cody must feel pretty good about taking 3 wives turning them into fat cows and having them cook and clean for him while he goes and gets a fourth wife to overfeed and have kids with and when she gets old and ugly he will probably find a another wife. the question is how is he finding anybody. he looks like what shrek would look like as a human.

    • Mrs. S

      Extremely well said, that guy is a high school loser, the women are all losers as well and think they finally found a man but he is no man – he is a pig!!!

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