'Terra Nova' dinos on Fox scare up more viewers


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Are the families finally discovering the dinos on Terra Nova? The prehistoric drama posted an 8% gain in adults 18-49 over last week and earned a 2.7 rating/7 share — not enough to help Fox win the hour in the demographic but good news for the very expensive series that’ll wrap its first season in December, according to early results. The show was also up 14% in total viewers from last week, attracting 7.9 million.

Even more folks turned up for House (3.1/7, 8.3 million), which was up 15% versus last week’s telecast. Each 18-49 ratings point equals 1.3 million viewers.

As usual, CBS was the network to beat. How I Met Your Mother earned a 4.1/12, up 2%, and 9.7 million, followed by 2 Broke Girls (flat at 4.3/11, 11.2 million), Two & A Half Men (5.2/13, down 12%, 14.8 million), Mike & Molly (3.9/9, flat, 11.5 million) and Hawaii Five-0 (3.1/8, up 15%, 10.8 million). Dancing with the Stars on ABC got a boost thanks to ’80s night; the performance episode was up 7% from last week to earn a 3.2/8 and 17.4 million. Castle posted a  2.6/7, up 24% from last week’s season low. It averaged 11.4 million.

Over on NBC, The Sing-Off earned a 1.6/4 and 4.3 million viewers — that’s up 7% from last week but dang, still low — while a repeat of Prime Suspect earned a .8/2. The Save Maria Bello campaign continues. Order your placards now! On the CW, the combination of Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie rocked the hardest in the women 18-24 demo (1.3/4 and 1.2/3, respectively). How they keep the lights on at CW, however … I just don’t know.

Bottom line: CBS won the night in the key demo (4.0/10), followed by ABC (3.0/8), Fox (2.9/7) and NBC (1.3/3). Univision beat CW (1.5/4 versus .7/2).  In viewers, ABC dominated with 15.4 million, followed by CBS (11.5 million),  Fox (8.1 million), NBC (3.7 million), Univision (3.3 million), and CW (1.5 million).

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  • shawshank

    Now i’m off to google univision and figure out how it almost beat nbc for the night. Wait? In the 18-49, univision actually DID beat nbc!!! 1.5 versus 1.3.

    • Jessica

      Well, if it was anything like it was when I was a kid, it’s probably all of the boobies.

    • JAB

      Most Univision content comes from Mexican goliath Televisa, which is basically their CBS: utter crap that people can’t stop watching despite better quality at Azteca and Cadena Tres.

  • ddk

    yay! i don’t know why but i love this show and it got more interesting last night.

    • Lily

      Me2. I love this show. I want to know who the “6’s” really are, how the split with Terra Nova happened, and how they can contact the future?!? Very cool show.

      • Jack

        It’s “Sixers” or “6ers”…like the basketball team, not 6s.

  • Melissa in CA

    Really? I watched the pilot and that was enough to turn me off to Terra Nova for good.

    • asher

      The pilot was the worst episode, IMO, so you might give it another shot.

      • Lisa Simpson

        No, it just keeps getting worse. I skipped some episodes, then watched last night. It’s boring, with dull characters, and re-hashed plots from better sources.

      • wakeforce

        It’s Jurassic Park with a little bit of Avatar thrown in.

      • Arizona

        @lisa, yeah, stop watching it because you keep coming back here and saying the same thing and us that are having fun with the show are tired of your complaining.

      • @Arizona

        I like Scifi TV show but this is a horrible show unless you are into CGI Dino .

      • Larru in NoHo

        Why do I get the feeling that “Lisa SImpson” is a troll working for NBC? My family and I like “Terra Nova”. It could be better but as with any new show, it’s stil finding its footing. But we do enjoy it. Not many shows exist that the whole family is up to. Oh and Lisa – troll elsewhere. Nobody watches NBC anymore.

      • Lisa Simpson

        I don’t watch NBC either. I’m expressing my opinion, which I am allowed to do in the comments section. Lots of other people have found it extremely disappointing as well. If you like the show, that’s fine, but don’t confuse it with quality television. If you can turn off your brain and ignore the bad writing, terrible dialogue, and boring characters, go on ahead.

      • Jack

        Sure you can comment, but to say the same drivel over and over is inane. After you make up your mind that you don’t like it, take a hike.

    • Dicazi

      Several of my most favortie shows have had pilots that I’ve hated. I disliked Terra Nova’s pilot, but the follwoing episodes have improved greatly.

    • dbb

      You are right. It’s not worth it. Boring story. Boring characters. Stupid plot. They can’t even get the science right.

  • absherlock

    I’m constantly surprised at how much I like Terra Nova. The feeling that I get watching it is the same I get when I think back on the first season of ST:TNG or DS9 – not horrible, not perfect and a lot of potential.

    • Nadine

      That’s a good comparison. Terra Nova does have a lot of potential.

  • Pkeith

    LOVE Terra Nova!!!

  • QJ201

    this “key demo” thing is such a dinosaur, needs to be sent to a museum. At least upgrade it to 15-59 or something. There are more 50 year olds with kids under 18 than ever before.

    • erin

      50 year olds also have more income than 20-30 year olds. So I don’t understand why advertisers treat them as less important.

      • Todd

        Because they consider the older generation to be more frugal with their income than someone in their 20’s.

      • Varris

        And apparently, the 50+ demo is the largest block of viewers, however, everything I’ve read said this group is less likely to be swayed by commercials and less like to spend their disposable income, so the 18-49 demo is who advertisers focus on.

  • Dessy

    It’s always good news to hear about a show doing good.
    (Except of course anything with the words “Real Houswives”, really most reality shows, Grey’s Anatomy e.t.c)

    • PixxieTrixxie

      You just really made me laugh. I so agree with you – I left Grey’s a long time ago and am so glad that Desperate Housewives is done soon. Now if that pesky Whitney would just go away.

  • JimW

    What is funny about a fat couple?! I don’t understand how HIMYM is the lowest rated comedy out of the 4!

    • Nadine

      I’m also confused as to how HIMYM doesn’t get higher ratings than the other 3 sit-coms, it truly is the best one of the bunch.

    • wakeforce

      HIMYM is NOT funny, at all.

    • PixxieTrixxie

      It is on too early. People need time to tune in and then not get up to change the channel or lose the remote or whatever it is that makes CBS dominate every single night – gah!

  • Esox

    What are these shows? Everyone knows Monday night is Wrestling Night.

  • asher

    Love this line – “How they keep the lights on at CW, however … I just don’t know.” LOL

  • jack King

    I’ve watched Terra Nova so far and it bores me to death. I’m done with it.

    • Lisa Simpson

      Yeah, I don’t understand all the “it’s getting better comments.” I skipped some episodes, then tried it again because some people posted that it was improving, but it’s not.

      • Mike

        Well, I guess what you need to understand is that everyone looks for something different in their television shows. The show definitely has improved. Not by feet…maybe by inches. It’s not an Emmy-worthy show in the least but that doesn’t make it unwatchable. I am even starting to enjoy the show simply by anticipating the cheesy dialogue. lol But I stay in it for the concept and the potential for better things to come. Shows need time to grow and writing it off right at the pilot doesn’t really do anyone any favors.

      • spencer

        …and the fact that you keep on regurgitating the same line….”I skipped some episodes, then tried it again because some people posted that it was improving, but it’s not.” How the heck can you think that skipping some episodes and THEN watching a few espisodes here and there will actually make you understand what the frack is going on? Really? Wake up?

      • Lisa Simpson

        I read the recaps, Spencer, which are far more entertaining than the show. I didn’t miss anything because the show’s overarching storyline isn’t that interesting or complex. If you think that saying the same thing to two different posters is regurgitating, then I don’t know how you’re handling all the third-rate ripping off of better sources that TN does.

      • Nadine

        Yes, the EW recaps are very funny and well-written. I keep watching Terra Nova for the recaps.

  • VeraT

    I didn’t like the pilot of Terra Nova either, but it grew on me and now I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • NJN

    Two and a Half Morons will continue to sink until they have Rose push Walden onto the train tracks.

  • Sherry

    Terra Nova is too lame and predictable. Pretty soon we will find out that “The Sixers” are actually the good guys blah blah blah awful show.

    • Merry Bear

      I realize this show is predictable, but there is a very compelling reason for me to watch this show: it is the only show I get to watch with my kids. They don’t know it’s predictable or cheesy. In the 80s I watched tons of shows that were predictable and cheesy, and loved them–Remington Steele comes to mind. Many horrible shows are beloved by my generation, and the kids have yet to discover how many times these lines have already be delivered. It is a good family show, there are precious few on, and I hope they keep it for that reason.

  • Mrs.Miller

    I hate Mondays nothing on for me,I only watched HOUSE because Wentworth Miller was on. That is one sexy motherfu©ker lol,he needs his own show.

    • Cheery

      Sexy guests just don’t cut it, last night’s ep was crap.
      Time to take House out behind the woodshed…

    • Vic Nardozza

      So nothing on Monday nights, on any network, appeals to you other than a show with an actor from a cancelled series. Some taste.

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