Is the World Series still worth it for Fox?


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If Fox were pushing around Zooey Deschanel for the Yankees, fans might understand. But for Rangers vs. Cardinals?

Last week’s flap over Fox pushing New Girl a few weeks to make way for baseball coverage and super-sized X Factor episodes had the network in the odd position of having to defend a routine annual practice — shuffling around its programs to make room for MLB coverage.

“I’d prefer not to do it, but I feel we have shows that viewers will come back for,” Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly tells EW. “We could have peppered New Girl and Raising Hope around the schedule. It felt like ultimately we didn’t want to knock them down by getting them lesser ratings in other time periods. It’s easier to say, ‘It’s off for three weeks and then we’re on for the rest of the year.'”

But given the amount of ratings success Fox has enjoyed with entertainment programs this fall (it’s the only broadcaster to have improved in the adult demo), and considering this year’s World Series yawner match-up, it does raise the question: Is disruptive fall baseball coverage still worth it for Fox?

So far, the six primetime MLB games that have aired on Fox this season have averaged only a 2.0 in the adult demo. That’s 31 percent below the network’s current 2.9 average. Of course, the largest ratings are still to come in the World Series, starting with Game 1 tonight. But while Cardinals vs. Rangers could be fun for dedicated baseball fans, it’s considered unlikely to bring in large numbers of causal viewers that really drive championship sports ratings.

The situation used to be worse. Until 2007, Fox had a larger MLB commitment. But that was back when Fox routinely lost the fourth quarter anyway, when its schedule didn’t really come alive until American Idol and 24 returned in January. “The 28-game package; that was a tough thing to manage,” Reilly said. “It was also a time when Fox was a patchier network.'”

That changed when Fox scaled back the agreement to only carry 14 games (two of which usually air in the afternoon), plus started boasting stronger shows year-round. Now, when Fox is trying to build audiences for New Girl, X Factor, and Terra Nova (the latter two being pricey high-wire endeavors), the last thing you want to see is what happened last week, when a rain delay pushed X Factor off Wednesday night at the last possible minute.

After the preemption, Thursday’s X Factor ratings dipped slightly, then the numbers dipped again when Factor had to air out-of-pattern without promotion on Sunday night in order to get back on track. Tuesday night’s episode largely recovered. “This year things have gotten more complicated,” Reilly said. “To play the mechanics of X Factor, we have to play that around baseball, and the you have a situation of a rain-out or a delay and it becomes a domino effect. It becomes harder to maneuver.”

The thing is, as Reilly also pointed out, when baseball works, it really works. Fox won the fall two years ago when it launched Glee, plus enjoyed sizable ratings from a New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies World Series. Suddenly, instead of being a drag on the ticket, baseball became a promotional platform for the shows it was temporarily replacing. With Glee lower in the ratings this fall, however, the serialized show probably isn’t going to be helped by the interruptions. “Glee is going somewhat through a natural life cycle for [its] third season,” Reilly said. “It’s still a Top 10 show with young women and a Top 20 show overall. I’m very happy with it to be a slightly more mature show. I’d be worried if I watched the show decrease each week with negative buzz.”

The upside, again, is Fox’s shows generate enough buzz on their own to have viewers annoyed in the first place. “We could be sitting here trying to figure out how to get to the press and fan the flames and make people care,” Reilly said. “Other people are going to be moving around in repeats later in the year, and we’re going to be on straight through.”

Fox’s current seven-year deal with the MLB expires in 2013. What do you think the network should do?

For more on Fox’s fall lineup, check out EW’s story in this week’s issue.
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  • Nathan

    Yeah not exactly clash of the titans in the WS this year, it’s one of those years that it doesn’t really matter who wins, it’ll be forgotten come April.

    • Steph

      Forgotten everywhere except in Dallas where we’ll be celebrating our victory through spring training!!!!! Go Rangers!!

      • cards are the 2nd winningest franchise

        get bent hibberd, some of us still love baseball.

      • MarcHon

        Nope…Cards in five.

      • ranliao

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      • Caiti

        You meant Go Cards. It’s an honest mistake.

      • Maryb889

        Frankly, the only thing bringing me to Fox right now is the World Series. Once that is over, I guess I’ll watch “Bones” when it returns. Tried “Terra Nova”; wasn’t impressed. Didn’t waste my time with “American Idol”; what makes them think I’d do any different with the overblown “X-Factor”? NOt sure what’s happened to Fox since “24” ended … just going downhill with the rest of network television. Thank God for cable …

        Oh, and STL in 6 …

      • Shannon

        Yeah, the Rangers are playing, which has DALLAS fans which is one of the largest sports markets in the country… so no one cares. pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hlynn

        Thank you Steph! I for one LOVE my Fox shows but am glad to put them on the back burner to see the Texas Rangers in the World Series. Only non-fans of either team would say it doesn’t matter who wins! God forbid we put shows on hiatus for a few weeks in lieu of Championship games whether it be baseball, football or basketball. Yes, I for one will be extremely happy when X-Factor and New Girl come back…but until then GOOOO RANGERS!!!

    • CJ

      I love it when so-called “small market” teams make it to the championship of the major sports. It’s good payback for all the overhype, for every time the “game of the week” is the Yankees or Red Sox (basically 90% of the time), for all of the “bandwagon fans” (whose ‘favorite team’ always seems to be the ones who have huge payrolls and win more often). The networks deserve it, the crappy fans deserve it, and most of all, the underdog teams deserve it.

      • Ava

        You know I’ve been a huge baseball fan my entire life. I grew up in a city that has a really terrible team (Pittsburgh Pirates = 19 losing seasons in a row), the funny thing is that growing up in a terrible market for it you really start to appreciate the sport more than your individual team. I was really rooting for the Brewers this year though and was sad to see them go. Now I’m hoping Texas wins it, they really did have a great team this year.

      • Tom in STL

        Ava, outside of the Cardinals I was definitely rooting for the Pirates this year. When they got to first place midway through the season I was hoping they would be able to keep it up and contend for the NL Central! They have a lot of good young players and I think they will be better next year!

      • Amy

        Well said.

      • Doris

        I’m a big Nationals fan, but, as my husband & I are from the Pittsburgh area, I was pulling for the Pirates after that amazing start. Too bad they lost it. Our son-in-law was born in St. Louis, so, go Cards!

      • Agreed

        CJ – I think your comments are spot on. (And as a lifelong Missourian – Go Cards!)

        Reilly should be careful with what he says. He is so lucky that with a few weeks of interruptions from baseball his shows can return and use the number of episodes granted to each show rather than forcing Fox to show re-runs (which the networks also don’t want to do and would not work for XFactor anyway). Reruns don’t do better than the MLB games he is broadcasting even to our mid-market teams so maybe he should thank his lucky stars and make a better game plan for after 2013.

      • Maryb889

        Big Nats fan, too (Hey Doris!!!) but I’ve been a baseball team all my life. Usually rooting for a loser team (Phillies for years … changed allegience when the Nats came to town just as the Phillies get good, too!!) I ALWAYS watch the World Series no matter who gets in. If it’s my team, bonus. If not, I root for the NL because I’m an NL girl all the way. It pains me that the NLDS/ALDS and NLCS/ALCS were shoved off onto crappy stations with no press and even worse announcers. No wonder there’s no buzz for the World Series … it’s on Fox who resents having it and has the two worse announcers I can think of. I guess you reap what you sow.

      • Maryb889

        OOOPS … I meant to say I’ve been a baseball FAN all my life. LOL …

      • Nee Nee

        Last I heard, Dallas is not a small city.

      • Small-market teams rule!

        I will never watch another World Series with the Yankees again, unless the OTHER team is interesting to me.

        I’m so SICK of the Yankees and the brain-dead bandwagon mouth-breathers that follow them.

        MLB is RIGGED to favor the large-market teams and THAT is one of the reasons why it’s no longer our “national pastime.”

        The NFL has promoted parity since the ’60s and THAT is why the NFL and the Super Bowl crush MLB in ratings now.

        The Green Bay Packers are arguably America’s favorite team right now and draw huge ratings whenever they play.

        The NFL works. MLB is broken.

    • LMFAO

      I wish FOX would get out of the sports business. Their coverage sucks. They ruin NFL games, too. Glad they don’t cover college football bowls anymore.

      • Riley

        FOX definitely has the best MLB commentators: Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Those guys were born to call baseball games!

      • Maryb889

        @Riley: are you joking? You’re serious? Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are the worse ever. I think they read off of cue cards or something. There is no value-added or even any passion to their commentary. Sometimes I have to turn the sound down it’s so painful to listen to them…

      • jones

        Their college football bowl coverage was awful. I had to turn off the volume. I do no watch baseball, so cannot comment about those commentators.

      • hlynn

        Agree to disagree! Fox has the most awesome MLB commentators. They have done a fantastic job this year!!

    • Barry

      Just because the Yankmees aren’t playing doesn’t mean that we baseball fans aren’t interested.

      • CJ

        You’ve hit on the nub of the heart of the gist: actual baseball fans aren’t enough for them. To justify the huge expenditures, the network needs to get real baseball fans plus local fans of the teams involved plus about 10 million more people to watch. That 10 million are the ones who watch the so-called “national teams” or might tune in if a Kardashian is dating one of the players or maybe if one of the players has a sex tape making the rounds–they aren’t fans, they’re rubberneckers.

      • No Doubt

        This is exactly the issue. None of the baseball programs – even on ESPN – give credit where credit is due. They (Fox and ESPN particularly) just want it to be NY, Boston, and LA somewhere in the mix of the playoffs or they don’t even talk about them or really cover them. This is unfortunate as a show like ESPN’s Baseball Tonight is supposed to be about what happened in today’s games, not just your big market blowout teams with an egghead or two. Most of those large markets have their own TV network (I’m looking at you YES) to slobber all over those teams. Give us some real coverage or get out of the market to be the one to host these games on your network. There are a lot of real baseball fans away from the big cities and there are a lot of posers in the stands of the Yankees, Red Sox, etc. Sure you might get a close up of Stephen King or Ben Affleck at a Boston Red Sox game, but are they really going to improve your ratings?

      • Mellissa

        I love baseball, and I’m always happy when the Yankees AREN’T in the World Series (and preferably, no where near the Play-offs). They’re my least favorite team in MLB.

      • Riley

        You guys are all spot on. I live in Utah, where there is obviously no local Major League team. Which means that unless I subscribe to a cable or satellite baseball package, the only games I get to see are the national broadcasts. And it honestly seems like 4 out of 5 of those games are Yankees or Red Sox games (I guarantee that if those teams are playing each other, that will be the “game of the week.”). I get really tired being force-fed those teams, for no other reason than that New York is a very big city. Especially in a season like this one, where so many exciting things were happening in some of the smaller markets.

      • JReo

        I have to say that I am a little suprised at my fellow readers’ reactions to the apparent over abundance of RedSox/Yankee games that are played. I live in Western Massachusetts (that’s right, I DON’T have an accent!) and my father/brother are bigtime Yankee fans and I love the Red Sox! So for us, having B-Town/NY games on all the time is the norm and quite expected. I didn’t realize that their games are that prolific in the whole country’s schedule.
        I love the game of baseball, but who really watches the thousands of games played every year unless they have some interest already? It’s hard enough to find 3 hours to watch a game, never mind a game played by 2 teams whose records won’t affect the AL East (in my case) standings or who have an eye-catching player (e.g. Griffey,Jr/Seattle). Other than that, it should also be noted that the NY/Boston rivalry is the greatest in the sports history and both teams have had mostly “winning” seasons recently and therefore draw the attention. But I do agree that if I got forcefed a bunch of oakland/seattle/cincinnatti/etc. games I would be irritated that I didn’t get to see my Sox game.

    • kgm

      Blow mw loser

    • CG

      yeah, your right. The Cardinals have no history being in a WS.

      • Let me educate you

        Maybe you should check your information before making ridiculous comments. The Cards have 10 World Series titles, second only to the Yankees. This is their 3rd appearance in 7 years. How’s that for no history?

      • Lola

        I think CG was being sarcastic about the writer of the article thinking these teams are a bore b/c they aren’t the Yankees.

      • Cards Fan

        I think CG was being sarcastic. I would hope so anyways. The Cards are awesome :)

      • Brenda Barrett

        Yes, I too think CG was using sarcasm. Any serious baseball fan knows that the Cards’ 18 pennants and 10 WS championships make them second only to the Yankees as the winningest team in MLB history. The Cards are one of the marquee franchises in baseball, with a long glorious history. Any true fan (not Hibberd) appreciates their accomplishments. (We have the best uniforms in MLB, too!)

      • Riley

        I’m a Cincinnati fan, so it’s my sworn duty to dislike the Cardinals… But even I can’t deny their history. And I respect the fact that they build winning teams without being flashy and throwing money around like the Yankees. (It doesn’t hurt that Tony LaRussa is undoubtedly one of the all-time great managers). As a fan who lives for continuity, I really hope SL can resign Albert Pujols after this season (especially since Cinci has their own marquee first baseman, so I know they won’t be in the bidding).
        But I do have to disagree with Brenda Barrett: Cincinnati has the best uniforms in MLB!

    • Mike

      Not really, I haven’t forgotten about the Giants last year, which is the exact same track the Cards are on. Rangers going for the first ring. You can watch your New Girl reruns online, stop crying.

      • Sara

        The Giants-Rangers match-up last year was great television just because the Giants were such an underdog going in to the series, they had a line-up of interesting personalities, and their triumph was such an unlikely thing. The Yankees making the World Series again is just a yawn.

    • JJo Baltimore

      Th Yankees (and modern free agency) killed baseball and Baseball Ratings. Since the Yankees have decided to buy all the teams best players, people prefer to watch the NFL. What was good for the Yankees is not good for the other markets. As a kid, I would have cared for this series, not now.

    • gazmo

      Baseball Bites – it belongs on transistor radios not Network TV.

    • Brenda Barrett

      Hey, guess what James Hibberd and Nathan: There are people down here in these “fly-over” states! I am THRILLED at this year’s WS opponents, not only because I am a die-hard Cardinals fan, but also because it’s payback for all of the games the Cards had to play at 3 p.m. so the Yankees could play in prime time. Anyone who appreciates good baseball appreciates the Cards and Rangers; if you don’t, I think you’ll live missing Glee for a week or two. (I watch Glee, and I’m doing just fine without it.)

      • Mellissa

        This. I have my favorite teams (I’m in Northern California, so I dare you to guess who my teams are). But I will watch the World Series no matter who plays, because I love baseball, and I love a good series. Although there won’t be as huge of a celebration as there was last year in my appartment complex.

    • jen

      I actually tried watching the game for an hour last night. Damn, baseball is boring. Seriously. yawwwwwwwwnnnnnn…..

      • Maryb889

        Then that was either your first game or Joe Buck and Timmy put you to sleep with their soporific commentary. Baseball is not boring if you understand the game.

    • Preston

      Have you seen these two teams this postseason? These are the most deserving teams this year. Power vs power, bullpen vs bullpen. This is how baseball’s supposed to be.

    • Jim

      Wow, did you actually watch game one James. A 3-2 battle that was in doubt to the last pitch. Just cause a team from one of the coasts is not involved does not diminish the game……typical media bullcrap.

    • Andie

      Go Cardinals!!! The World Series quite matters in St. Louis here. Plus, David Freese is cuter than Zooey Deschanel, so I’d rather watch baseball.

      • Rob W

        Nobody is cuter than Zooey Deschanel. She makes babies playing with puppies look hideous in comparison.

  • kate

    As a big sports and Glee fan I was fine with missing Glee when the games were good but now that the final matchup is less than glamourous I wish Glee was on Tuesday nights instead of baseball or the X Factor.

    • Acaseofgeo

      Well Kate, as a “BIG SPORTS….FAN”, (if you REALLY ARE one), you should LOVE that “less than glamourous”….matchups are in the Worlds Series. Doesn’t sound like you are one based on your post. I don’t ever see anyone moan about the Superbowl matchup; they watch whatever is on, over 100 million of them versus MLB’s 10 million.

    • kgm

      Sports fan? Then you would appreciate underdogs doing well…or at least respect the history of one of the greastest sports I said sports fan?

    • Nicole

      Sorry, Kate. I hate to break it to you, but you are not actually a ‘big’ sports fan. Most sports journalists are predicting this is going to be a really exciting series.

    • Maryb889

      @Kate: You may be a “big sports fan” but it’s obvious that you are not a baseball fan.

  • Random American

    Are you serious? The Rangers may be a bit off a quirk, but the Cardinals are the second most succesful team in all of baseball, ever. It is easy to build a case for them having the most expansive fan base in all baseball, both diehard and causual. If Fox had low rating for the ALCS, that’s probably because it lacked either the Yankees or Redsox, it was a blowout anyway, and the NLCS was the better series. That’s off course from a baseball perspective.

    • Random American

      Seriously, the Cards get no media love. The coasts, particularly east, don’t seem to care about them, but they are the team of the Midwest and surrounding regions. Oh yeah, and Albert Pujols, easily among the biggest and most significant players right now, arguably the player right now. Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter, veteran All-Stars like Berkman, Holiday, and Molina. Did I mention they have the second most World Series Championships of all time behind only the Yankees. Are you saying the only good World Series is one with the Yankees? The number two team with the guy who’s currently setting all the records is trash? A retarded comeback playoff entrance by barely one game followed by not one but two exciting series, including Carpenter vs. Halladay (described by Kruk as one of the single greatest post season pitching performances of all time) is a boring story? Just be honest! “Say, I don’t like baseball. I wish Fox would just air the normal programs. Who feels the same?” I haven’t even mentioned Cabrera’s silly astronomical number of homeruns. A homerun is probably a casual fan’s favorite thing to see. You don’t have to like it. You can try to change it. But being outright disrespectful is unbecoming for a professional journalist.

    • RangersFan

      Rangers are a quirk?!??? Hmmm… Did I miss something?? The Rangers have now made it to the world series as AL Champions for the second consecutive year….. I think both you and the author of this article underestimate the wide-spread fan-bases for both teams.

      Prediction: Rangers in game 7.


    • Angela

      The ALCS was pretty darn exciting. Every game, except for the final blowout, was tight, tense and riveting.

  • Q

    It’s not worth it since the Tigers aren’t in it.
    But really, they do this every year and manage to survive. People who comment about it on the internet who are all “they’re going to lose me as a viewer, blah, blah, blah, rabble, rabble, rabble” are overreacting.

  • Laura

    I think the point about repeats is a good one. They are still going to air the same episodes later so it will make up for it. It may hurt new shows a little though, but X Factor hasn’t really lived up to expectations anyway.

  • Tom in STL

    You think this year’s World Series is “a yawner”, just because the overrated Yankees aren’t in it? You know, the rest of the country is happy not to see those tools from the East Coast teams playing for once. Plus, the Cardinals are the most successful franchise in National League history, and had to make a massive comeback to even be in the playoffs. I’m actually going to be watching Fox on a Wednesday night for the first time all season (I won’t watch that waste of time X-Factor). It’s actually nice to have baseball to watch on network TV instead of cable so that those without cable can see the games!

    • Bernadette

      This times 50!

      Fans of teams not in Boston or New York

    • Carly

      Well said! I know it’s hard to believe, but not every baseball fan loves the overpaid & overrated Yankees & Red Sox.
      Imagine the boredom people would’ve faced with a Brewers/Tigers World Series?! Two small market teams that have had little success in recent years.

      As a Brewers fan, I’m hoping for a St. Louis win. They are a talented group of guys. Also, I don’t like losing to losers!

      • Kelly

        Tigers a small market, boring team? Justin Verlander was hands-down the best pitcher in the majors. Miguel Cabrera was the AL hitting champion. Huge run of wins toward the end of the season. Texas was the better team, sure, but the Tigers were never boring.

      • Sam

        I just don’t think this article would be written if teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, White Sox or Dodgers (haha) were playing in the World Series. I agree with Carly, a Milwaukee/Detriot World Series would have Fox shaking in their boots!

    • anna

      agree 100% , no one wants to see the Yankees and Red Sox AGAIN. go cardinals!!

    • Angela

      I don’t think that’s necessarily what the writer thinks. He’s just echoing what lots of people have been saying (just look at the message board for the article about the X-factor being preempted by the ALCS and you’ll know that it isn’t entirely inaccurate). He’s saying that that’s what the complaints have been about.

    • Nicole

      Agreed. New Yorkers are so out of touch.

  • Morgan

    As a die hard Rangers fan I know I’m biased, but their games are anything but boring. They are, besides being an incredible and powerful team, a lot of fun to watch. I hope the fact they’re not the most well known team won’t keep people from tuning in. Go Rangers!

    • Savol Ate My Baby

      I’m a life long Cardinals fan and I agree with you 100% based on what I’ve seen of the Rangers this year, they are a fun team to watch. I’m really excited about this World Series! Fox and MLB do this to themselves, though. They hype East Coast teams to death so when it comes time for them to fail and other teams to make the Series, nobody knows who these players on these great teams are.

    • Mellissa

      As an A’s fan who is always irked when the Rangers do better than my team (which is almost always these days), I do have to say, the Rangers are playing very well.

  • Me

    I have gas.

  • Bernadette

    I do wish that the networks would bring in color commentators from each of the teams to share some insight on the teams participating. The national broadcasters don’t pay attention enough to bring enough insight to most fans. They know one fun fact about each team (St Louis: Albert Pujols is good; Texas: Josh Hamilton had a drug problem and is good) and they just repeat it over and over and over and over and over again.

    Maybe thats why the games seem boring to entertainment writers….

    • Amy

      I am not a huge baseball fan even living in St. Louis but I do agree that the coasts seems to think that if not one of their teams “No One” cares. I did find it amusing that after spending all that money both the Yankees and Red Sox crashed and burned (and for Boston in an epic way). Does it bug me that baseball somewhat interrupts my schedule? Sure, but I am a big girl and can handle it without whining.

      As far as national broadcasters, Joe Buck has a long, long history with the Cards and still lives in St. Louis. However, he has said that he goes somewhat out of his way to keep his comments in check so he isn’t accused of bias.

      • Brenda Barrett

        And, any long-time Cards fan knows that Tim McCarver (despite/because of the fact that he played with them) actually dislikes the Cardinals. I “love” listening to McCarver — or Bobby Valentine — try to say something good about the Cards; they look like they are drinking cod liver oil when they spit the words out.

    • Angela

      I hate how the mainstream media acts like the Yanks, Red Sox and, sometimes, the Phillies are the only teams that matter. However, as a fan of the Nationals, I also feel obligated to point out that those aren’t the only teams on the East Coast. But I’m also a Rangers fan, so I definitely empathize with other West Coast/Central teams.

      Also agree about the broadcasters. They’re not absolutely awful, but I find myself tuning them out most of the time.

  • LisaMama

    The Cardinals are a Cinderella story that anyone would love. They made it into the playoffs on the LAST day of the season! And then they had to beat two great teams in the Phillies and the Brewers. Plus, it might be Albert Pujols’ last season in the Cards line-up. That’s enough drama to satisfy any TV watcher. Go Cardinals!

    • Doris

      My Nationals beat the Phillies 4 straight IN PHILLY at the end of the season. They were in a decline then. I’m happy for the Cards, but at that point the Phillies weren’t so great any more. In 2 or 3 years Steven Strasberg will be starting the opening game of the World Series.

      • Nicole

        In 2 or 3 years, Strasburg may be playing for the Phillies.

      • Maryb889

        @Doris: That Philly sweep sure was sweet, wasn’t it!!

        @Nicole: That’s not going to happen. Stras will be a Nat-for-life.

    • Doris

      Nicole, bite your tongue!

  • Matt

    Why is it only worth watching if the Yankees are in. Damn! I HATE east coast snobs who think the only things that matter are the things that happen in New York. Get over yourselves. You are NOT the capital of the country!

    • Leah

      Not all of us. I’m a Red Sox fan, not a Yankees fan, but we catch a lot of the same crap. There are plenty of people who latch on because they’re popular teams. But I’m a Red Sox fan. Even after their epic fail in September. Even through their disastrous start to the season. Even before they won two World Series. Same as other true fans of any team. I’m a Red Sox fan, and I’m disappointed that my team didn’t make it all the way. But I’m not a snob – I’m a baseball fan too, and though I was rooting for the Tigers, now I’ll root for the Rangers, cause I’m an AL fan all the way. Sorry, that was sort of rambling, but I just wanted everyone to know that not all Red Sox and Yankee fans are jerks or snobs.

      • Angela

        Gotcha. At for me personally, the vitriol I express toward Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies fans is always directed toward bandwagon fans. For the real fans, I have no issues.

      • Mellissa

        I rooted for the Red Sox in 2004, because really, who didn’t root for them then? It was kind of a magic fairy tale story. Who wins the World Series when they’re making four errors a game? The Red Sox.

  • Irwin

    I’m still furious with Fox with these two-hour X-Factor shows. Couldn’t they put New Girl on at 9:30? Fox can’t afford to mess around with hot scripted show, especially with Glee stumbling. X-factor is only so-so, and baseball is a real snooze.

  • Jason

    BOO to James Hibberd! Just because the Yankess aren’t in the World Series doesn’t make it a yawner. Obviously the author is a Yankee’s fan who’s upset that his favorite team didn’t make the playoffs. GO RANGERS!!

    • Tess

      Why does he have to be a Yankee fan because he thinks it’s going to be boring? I’m not a Yankee fan (but I am a baseball fan) and I agree with him that it’s a boring matchup. Fact of the matter is that when the series has at least one bigger market team (not necessarily a high spending team, just a bigger city one) that more viewers tune in as a whole. It just so happens that more of those teams are on the east coast. Keep in mind, the games start after 8pm here and especially on weeknights, folks on the east coast just aren’t going to stay up to watch the whole game if their team isn’t involved.

      • Keith

        It’s not boring when you have Albert Pujols,only the best player in MLB for the past 8 or so years.

      • Nicole

        If you think this is a boring matchup, you are not a baseball fan. You should rethink that statement. I’m a Phillies fan, and even I can’t deny that this should be a really good series.

    • justsayin™

      “BOO to James Hibberd! Just because the Yankess aren’t in the World Series doesn’t make it a yawner. ”

      You’re right.. the fact that it’s baseball is what makes it a yawner… it’s called the national past time cause it’s passed its time! It was great back in the day on the radio cause that was the only entertainment at the time.

  • Kaiulani

    It’s time for Fox to give up the ghost and let ESPN air baseball playoffs and WS. I want my Fringe back!!

    • Petra kovana

      I want my Fringe back too!!! And Raising hope..don’t care about the rest.

    • Darrin

      That would make sense if Fox was pre-empting Fringe for a game Friday night, but instead they’re just showing a rerun. Maybe that’s on the chance of a rainout pushing a game to Fri. night, but it’s still Fox’s choice not to air a new episode that night. And believe me, I’ll be hugely missing my Fringe this week.

      • Angela

        What… I assumed Fringe was being preempted because a game was airing, which would make perfect sense, but it is true that Friday is a travel day, so there’s no real reason for them not to air the usual Friday line-up. GAH! It’s been less than a week and I’m already having withdrawal.

      • j maxwell

        FOX and Fridays can be a recipe for unpleasantness

      • Dan

        There still could have been a rainout, and that would’ve postponed the regularly scheduled lineup on Friday night. Next Friday should (presumably) be clear… so that’s why we are getting new Fringe.

    • Nadine

      Totally agree. The sit-coms should be fine, but the hiatus will hurt X-Factor and Terra Nova for sure.

  • Dennis

    If Fox would go to a 3 hour prime time like the other
    networks, maybe they wouldn’t have as much of a problem.

    • Bob

      What, so they can create yet another Gordon Ramsay show? Or heaven forbid, make X-Factor two hours long EVERY night? Fox doesn’t have the brain power to put together a 3-hour prime time schedule.

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