'General Hospital': See Carly and Shawn first kiss! -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS


Image Credit: Paul Skipper/jpistudios.com

Dang, now this is hot.

EW obtained an exclusive first look of the you-knew-this-was-going-to-happen-sooner-rather-than-later moment when Carly (Laura Wright) and Shawn (Sean Blakemore) get up front and personal on ABC’s General Hospital. The lip lock won’t actually occur until Oct. 27, but here’s a good idea of what we can expect.

Nice touch with the tiki torch. Helps to light up the magnificent gun show, don’t you think?


Image Credit: aul Skipper/jpistudios.com


Image Credit: Paul Skipper/jpistudios.com

You digging this love connection, fans?

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  • Liz

    Like you said, it was so obvious this would be the direction GH would head with these 2, but I am glad it didn’t happen the week or so after they met haha
    I have been enjoying them interacting/flirting without anything happening, so hopefully they will still be interesting after such a photographed liplock

    • tracy33388

      Wow, My best fríènd ,she just has annóuncéd hér wēddīng wīth a mīllionairě mān who is a cèlèbrìty !They mèt via~~~~НiМilliΟΠαiRεs.Сσм ~~~~ ..it is the lārgēst and bēst clúb for cělêbrīty and theìr àdmirèrs to chát ōnlìnè. …You do nǒt hávè to bê rīch ór fāmóùs. ,bùt yōu cān meēt yóùr trùē lòvê , It’s wòrthy ǎ try!

  • Beauty

    Damn, gonna have to start watching again. They have great chemistry.

  • Sina

    This show sucks so bad right now, a picture of a near kiss isn’t going to make anyone want to tune in. Shaun acts like Lassie to Carly’s Timmy. Everytime she screams, feels down, happy, heck even when she’s PMS’ing, Shaun hears her call and runs to her.This show is so stupid that instead of Jax taking his little girl out of danger, they have Carly bring her right into danger. STUPID! Don’t get me on the ever so boring JaSam. First their McDonald’s wedding and this boring honeymoone. Give them something to do NOW. Everyone and their daddy tearing down Liz. Heck ppl who don’t even know her business is talking crazy. Lulu is a drunk now…whatever! Just get rid of that girl. Lucky and his never ending snot tears are annoying. What the heck is Lisa doing back? ABC wants to get rid of soaps, well they are doing a great job. Keep it up

    • Beauty

      The only thing I agree with is Jasam is BORING!

      • lola

        I agree…Jason and Sam have always been a boring couple. Elizabeth always kept things interesting with Jason. I much prefer them together.

      • caroline

        I totally agree!! Jason and Elizabeth were the best, whatEVER on Sam.

    • Dave

      JaSam are hot.

    • tamr21

      hey Sina, why do you bother watching if you hate it so much. Watch something else. Or just go away,just don’t throw shade on what others are enjoying. Read a book,if you know how.

      • Carlyfan83

        HaHa nice comment

    • Annette

      Wow – I agree with everything you said!, esp. everybody dissing Liz lately and throwing her 3 baby daddies in her face. Uh, doesn’t Carly also have 3 baby daddies and no one ever brings that up or insinuates that she’s a slut!!

      • Carlyfan83

        Actually I’ve always hated Elizabeth. She’s always annoyed me. It’s def not a “lately” thing

    • me

      You said it all in a nutshell, sina. This show is BEYOND bad, and I didn’t think it was possible to be worse than what Luza wrote, but it is. For example, does anybody really care that Lisa is dead, or who killed her? Last I saw, it was DEAD last in the ratings. It will be gone by 2012.

    • Coby

      GH is good:Loving th ideal of Carly and Shawn. Love Scrubs and JaSam are perfect. I like Olivia with Steve and the reason why everyone is tearing on Liz is because, the character should have been gone!!Instead she is till on GH, so you should be happy!

      • G.E

        I love Carly/Shawn together,glad she moved on from that cycle with Sonny,Also, I think Sam puts Jason off his game.Olivia/Steve great couple but Steve is hiding something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • phine

      Ithink what u said was just they more chemistry than her sonny every had

    • constance 11200

      I think that we shouldn’t get caught up in this maybe love interest between Carly and Shawn, GH will not let them get too close, GH is afraid they will loose viewers if they show a little diversity, Jacks suppose to be coming back to GH very soon, so we have to enjoy what little we will be getting from Carly and Shawn story line…..I hope I’m wrong……………

      • kiko

        I agree 100%.I have never seen any soap have a sustained interacial (black man,white woman) relationship.Its 2012 and we have a black president,but america isn’t ready to see what has been part of our culture for decades.Someday maybe one of the soaps will have the courage to put what the majority of fair and progressive americans have no problem with, that is interacial relationships,which most of my friends call relationships no matter what ethnic origin they or you are from.And they do make a pretty hot couple compaired to the other standard unexciting pairings on GH.

    • Tasiana

      I agree with u about them getting rid of Lu Lu. I’m not really crazy about Shawn and Carly hooking up, but he’s hot and I want them to do more with the character….I’ve been a Jasam fan from the beginning. I think Sam is the perfect Mob wife for him. Liz is okay at times but I’ve never liked her and Jason together! Talk about a boring.

    • Jim Crown

      You and I need to write the scripts on all soaps – then they wouldn’t be so boring and stupid.

  • Sheryl

    They are boring to me. I don’t know why they got rid of Jax for this . Zzzzzzzz

    • kate middleton

      Okay, I haven’t watched in years. Is Jax not on it anymore? He was always my favorite.

      And it is weird for me to see this girl as Carly! I remember when she was first introduced. To me, Sarah Brown IS Carly. But I know that’s old news to recent GH-watchers.

      • Kris

        Sarah Brown was great but this Carly (Laura Wright) is the best Carly they’ve ever had. I dont think they got rid of Jax in favour of Shawn, it was a budget thing and the Shawn storyline is merely the result of it.

      • Sheryl

        they fired ingo rademacher so carly could have the new guy

      • Carlyfan83

        I liked Sarah Brown when she was on, but then I loved Tamara Braun. That weirdo Jennifer something or other was a random disaster. Not I love Laura Wright. I think they all had chemistry with the men Carly was with at the time. Like Jason/sarah, Sonny/Tamara, Jax & Sean/Laura

    • tamr21

      Rade was too expensive and took too much time off. (Started to think he was Tony Geary). So they fired him.

  • sunsetsnow81

    Yesssssss! They are hot together!

  • Daniella

    They have no chemistry , the story line is boring, and Carly is played out, especially the current version. She’s horrid.

    • Tim S.

      Laura Wright is doing a fine job as Carly, the best since Sarah Brown. She is an amazing actress. I’m really looking forward to the love story between Carly and Shawn!

      • tamr21

        Tim, I’m with you on on LW and she and Shawn.
        Sarah Brown looks much too young to be playing with the ‘over 40ish’ MB,SB,(see her with her blonde hair, back). LW is great as Carly.Just the right balance of crazy &sane.

      • sunsetsnow81

        LW is amazing! She’s one of my favorite actresses, including those on film. I never ff through their scenes.

      • me

        If you consider “a fine job” to be using the same exact expression on your face at all times and screeching every line. What a thespian.

  • Jj

    Yes!! They are the ONLY reason I’m watching gh right now. I can’t wait for next week :-)

  • Annie

    Even though the show destroyed their relationship, I still love Jax/Carly. Ingo and Laura had amazing chemistry, even during their biggest fights, they were absolutely beautiful together. I want Jax back now!!!!

  • Jj

    I love them! It’s what I’m watching gh for right now!!

    • Jj

      Didn’t mean to post twice…my post from earlier wasn’t showing up.

  • Barbara Darlin

    Oh lord, sorry Shawn. I like you but I can’t stand this snarling Carly.

  • Rachel

    Well I for on can’t wait. I love Carly and Shawn.

  • Brian

    Ugh, and here I thought Shawn was a smart guy and would have figured out that he needs to be running for the hills.

  • Kristin

    Hot! Can’t wait to see the episode!!

  • Jessica

    ABC is so far ahead of The Young and The Restless when it comes to controversial and ground braeking storylines. I stopped watching TYATR because they have no gay characters and very few minority characters.I wish that CBS were more open minded about letting gay or interracial storylines be produced.I only watch ABC now.

    • Ben

      Jessica my dear, you really need to get a life.

      • @Ben


    • Phyllis

      But The Young and The Restless does have a gay guy, he is a lawyer.

  • katina

    Omg I can’t wait to see this. I hope the writers do this right and not mess this up.

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