'Community': See Joel McHale transform into a vampire in next week's Halloween episode -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

You could argue that every week is Halloween Week on NBC’s Community, but next week is one of those weeks where you’re really right. On the evening of Oct. 27, things get a little scary when our study group meets up for a Halloween pre-party, at which everyone shares a horror story. (It’s all part of a perfectly logical plan by Britta to figure out who amongst them is a psycho.) Before you watch, let us warn you: Jeff Winger totally sucks in all the right ways. Proceed, you drained and tainted bitch-dogs.

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  • Kyle

    in an way that scene didnt have much laughs but kind of interesting

    • RK

      Sounds like the show lately…

      • chris

        are you kidding the last episode was one of the best they have ever done

      • @ RK

        Must be a BBT fan. The show was phenomenal last episode, might be the best one yet.

      • martinu

        @RK totally agree. first and second seasons were outstandingly funny. there are bits here and there that are funny in season 3, but the last episode just didnt do it for me. britta doing the stupid walk was painful. painful. glad people enjoyed it but saying its the best one ever is a bit much to be fair. probably one of the paintball eps or the dungeons and dragons. hope it inproves

      • max

        I honestly don’t think calling Remedial Chaos Theory the best is a stretch. It was very well-written/directed, with great editing and a wonderful concept. It shed light on the characters and had me laughing out loud a few times. What more could you ask for in an episode. As for Britta doing that dance, if you’ve watched the show all along you’d have noticed that silliness has always been a part of that character. Add weed in the mix and it makes perfect sense.

      • Mystur

        Are you kidding? Even this small clip got me chuckling. “Teach me to read!” Glorious!

      • Kelly

        I thought the timelines one last episode was excellent (Troy’s timeline made me laugh harder than almost any other moment in Community). I’m excited about this one – I used to read traditional romance horror novels too (not twilight crap, actual dracula!). That clip preeeeetty much sums them all up

      • Cris

        What show have you been watching? Community has been as funny as ever.

  • Skye Hill

    If all women looked like Alison, there would be fewer divorces. Stop being fat pigs, ladies.

    • BLM

      Few divorces sounds like a good thing. Eat up, ladies.

    • Land Sea

      Stop having small d cks you don’t know how to use well, gentlemen.

      • Land Sea

        Someones fat, huh?

      • Skye Hill

        They’re not small, they just look that way next to your ginormous ass.

      • defiant1

        Please people, this is a Community thread, if you’re going to hurl insults they must be funny.

    • Cathy

      If all men looked as sexy as Joel McHale, maybe women would care more about what they think.

      • Kristen

        Boo ya!

      • Sean

        haha, touche.

      • Tammy

        nice ;)

      • Skye Hill

        Women need to care about 3 things:
        Staying fit
        Keeping the vag smelling unfishy
        Making us sandwiches

        A bonus 4th – shutting up unless spoken to

      • Brandi

        Men need to care about 3 things:
        Staying fit.
        Keeping his entire body from smelling like B.O.
        Making us money
        A bonus 4th – pleasing us sexually then shutting up

      • jenn

        “If all men looked as sexy as Joel McHale, maybe women would care more about what they think.”


    • terrry

      dude you obviously never get laid

      • Skye Hill

        Never by a woman that smells like fish down south. I wont allow it. Keep it clean, ladies. And shaved.

      • @ Skye Hill

        How would you know dude, I’m pretty sure you’re a 20-something year old virgin.

      • T

        And one more thing women should care about…never hooking up with guys named “Skye”.

    • le

      maybe some women divorce their men because thry lose weight and their husbands are still fat old pigs who smell bad.

    • cln

      Maybe if you could find my g-spot once in a while I wouldn’t need to eat so much.

  • Heather

    This show is simply fantastic. My friends kept bugging me about it for over a year and I finally gave in. I proceeded to kick myself for not having watched it sooner. I’m super excited for this episode.

  • Matt

    This is going to be a great character study episode like the Remedial Chaos one. It’s very interesting how this scene sums up his relationship with both women. Though I must say… BRITTA FOR THE WIN!

    • fatimavh

      I second that motion!

  • Ry


  • Angie

    I can’t watch it because of my location. Not cool guys, I could watch videos of this page last week.

    • Kelly

      It’s on youtube for those that can’t watch from their location (I agree – not cool, NBC & EW! There are fans in other countries, you know!). Also, this looks awesome – runs into Beauty and the Beast crossover stuff at the end :P

    • Kristen

      Same here! usually NBC lets people outside the US watch previews at the very least!

  • lonestarjrs

    it took everything in me not to watch the video, I an trying to avoid spoilers.God help me

  • Amy

    “Teach me to read” made me laugh so hard!

  • Lauren

    oh yay more Annie/jeff ( sarcasm)

    • John S.

      Yeah getting sick of it now.

    • C-Phan

      Yeah I agree. They need to just pull the trigger on it or let it go. One or the other. The writers love to boast that they don’t adhere to traditional “will they, or won’t they” motifs, but this is getting pretty drawn out now…

  • Jose

    I predict Pierce’s story will be messed up.

    • jk

      I just wonder if Pierce’s story will involve having sex with Eartha Kitt in an airplane bathroom.

      • Dr. Linus

        I don’t know why but that made me smile like a butcher’s dog.

  • Nadine

    Can’t watch vid because I’m in Canada, even though we watch NBC up here.

  • Tammy

    it clearly shows how Annie views Jeff/Britta and Jeff and herself.. this clip won’t make any sense if someone hasn’t watched the show before

  • Caitlin

    “Teach me to read.”

  • bob

    “it’s fine. i’m okay with this.” dying. gillian jacobs has been killing it so far this season. also, i love that this is how annie sees the britta/jeff dynamic and the jeff/annie dynamic.

  • Zach

    Why is Annie the star now? I prefer Britta’s comic timing.

    • The Truth

      Both are neurotic but in a lovable way with Annie and a laughable way with Britta.

      I am hoping evil Abed and evil Troy find a way to enter the parrallel time line and bring evil Annie. An insane evil Annie that is comedy gold right there.

      • Casey

        I love them both but Britta is the People’s Champion!

      • aleksa

        I’m hoping for intermittent reappearances of Evil Troy and Evil Abed. Maybe even the creepy troll.

    • davey

      Britta’s “ME SO HUNGEE” was the funniest thing she has done so far with that character. Also, there is no ONE star, the ensemble cast is the star :)

      • Zach

        Yeah, but they’re acting like Annie is the breakout star, when truly Abed is the breakout star, but really Jeff and Shirley are the best ones on the show (and Chevy Chase is a legend). Annie’s very popular, but Britta doesn’t get enough to do – probably because they already exhausted the sexual tension storyline by having her and Jeff sleep together season 1!

      • @Zach

        Annie hasn’t been getting any more screen time than any other character, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Alison Brie DOES have a lot of fans, so she gets talked about a lot (and I will concede that a lot of the promos feature her), but I feel like the show itself does a pretty great job of giving all of the characters attention (except for maybe Shirley this season so far).

      • SJ

        I agree with everything you just said Davey. I think the writers are pushing Britta and Troy together, so Britta might get more to do with that potential story line. Gillian Jacobs [Britta] has such amazing delivery. I thought she just nailed it at the end of two episodes ago when she accused everyone of drawing penises on the scantron. “That was the test, and you all Penised. Er passed.

    • Tammy

      its an ensemble.. plus they just showed a single story..there are 6 more

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