'House': Olivia Wilde says she's likely done for good


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Olivia Wilde may have just made her exit from House on Monday’s episode, but if you were among the fans hoping for Thirteen to make a brief return in the future to close out her character’s relatively open-ended departure, you might be out of luck.

At the In Time premiere held last night at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, Calif., Wilde told EW that she didn’t foresee a return to the show — even if rumors that it could be the show’s last season prove to be true. “I think the way we left it, if she came back, it would probably seem forced,” Wilde said. “So I don’t think she should come back. I liked her exit story a lot, so I am happy with it.”

Back in June, executive producer David Shore told EW that Wilde would “be back for at least some of the season” but ultimately, Wilde’s sole appearance this season was also her last. In her final episode, Thirteen was fired by House so that she could make a guilt-free move to Greece with her girlfriend. Wilde said her time on the show, which has seen her character struggle with Huntington’s Disease and spend some time in jail, was satisfying without having to revisit it. “I wouldn’t be so bold as to ask for anything more from House,” she told EW. “I had such an amazing run on the show. They’ve done such cool things with my character. She’s been so fascinating, dynamic and cool and unpredictable.”

Were you happy with Thirteen’s ending, readers? Were you hoping she’d return?

(Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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  • Simon Jester

    I’m sorry to see Olivia go, but I thought her exit hit just the right note.

    • abadstroller

      Agreed. Her character was fighting the dilemma of how to live her life in a satisfying so this ending seems to have wrapped it up for her. She knew what she wanted to do, but didn’t know how to do it without the guilt of leaving people who need her talents. House made the decision for her by “firing” her, and Thirteen was relieved and grateful because she knew that HE knew how difficult the choice was. I would imagine Olivia’s dilemma was similar to Thirteen’s.

      • abadstroller

        Oops! Should be: “…in a satisfying way….” Sorry.

      • jack

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    • lisa g.

      Guess her house is paid for n she doesnt need the money!

      • Simon Jester

        News flash: movies pay better than TV.

      • The Field

        Actually television pays more… You are making around 250,000 per episode and most shows have around 20 episodes a season. With house Olivia probably made closer to 750,000. Movies are also more unpredictable than television. If you have not noticed a lot more movie actors are making the jump to television.

      • Meg

        Olivia did not make anywhere NEAR $750,000 an episode…Hugh Laurie doesn’t even make that much and I think he is one of the highest paid actors on TV, making around $400,000 an episode. If Olivia was making $750,000 that would make her basically the highest paid actor or actress on TV.

      • bleck

        Charlie Sheen made 1.25 mil/episode

    • Taz

      yeah her ending was just right. why do we need to see her die we all know its going to happen. It was nice and open with her not being alone which was nice.
      To be honest also probably the right time to leave House has the same format every episode. It worked when you liked the characters. But now..
      I think its easy to peg her as just being there for her looks. But I do think Olivia Wilde can act well too so I imagine her to be in more stuff in the future

  • Lana

    Bye thirteen! Glad to see you go.

    • Sean Lanes

      Here, here! She was useless anyways.

      • Anonymous


      • A

        So glad to hear people feeling the same way! Bye 13, won’t miss you.

      • regguy

        There are few situations in life that can not be improved by the presence of a smokin hot bisexual. Just sayin…..

      • Karl

        I enjoyed this short story. I could toallty relate to her as I thought back on teaching my step-daughter how to drive and she nearly ran us off the road and through a stop sign!I like your writing approach Wendy and will read more of your stories soon

      • Rupal

        Wow! I just now saw these so beautiful and ahtnks for posting. Man I wish we lived close together so I could have amazing photos of Olivia as she grows. Missing you all!

  • M

    Funny, I was done for good about 2 years ago.

    • Hmmm

      Letting go? Then why read this or comment.

  • sly

    I’ve been a faithful fan until this season – it truly sucks! I never thought I would say this but I’m done! I’ll stick to watching Mike and Molly!

  • Jake

    This will be the last season anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

  • Fido

    If House DID go on for a couple more seasons couldn’t they have her back for a “please House kill me, like you promised” ep ? – her agreement with House is still active, right ?!

  • Rex

    I like you, Olivia, but let’s not spin this, you think you’re a movie star who is too big for TV. That’s it. Period.

    • LOL

      You sound a little nutty.

    • Flip

      Agreed, Rex.

    • Tarc

      Wilde’s vastly better than the garbage that House has become, so yeah, I’d say it’s a no brainer that she’s outgrown the show.

  • Jay

    Olivia Wilde’s character ruined this show for me. When House hired his new team, there was a string of seven or eight consecutive episodes that were centered only around her and I just got fed up since she was so boring (hot lesbian action aside). And during that time, Kal Penn seemed like he was the one who was actually learning from House as he saved the patient-of-the-week a couple of times at the last minute! Then Kal kills himself and the next week everyone is ho-hum about his death and boom…I was done.

    • seattlemary

      Exactly! I could never understood why there were so many episodes centered around her I mean I get the whole she’s hot and we need to give her screen time to get audience attention, but it was crazy overboard. As for Kal Penn, I know why he left, but his character was really building up steam and his death didn’t really seem to have any resonance. I actually left shortly after the suicide episode too, though I did come back briefly, but I’m glad I got out again before last seasons finale.

    • MarcHon

      “ho-hum about his death”

      It put House into an institiution, so I don’t think it was ho-hum.

  • seattlemary

    I hated Thirteen, just another two dimensional female character written for male titillation. I had actually come back to the show when Wilde was briefly replaced by Amber Tamblyn, and even watched a couple of episodes when Thirteen came back, though I thought it was lazy storytelling to suddenly invent a brother character (we had seen flashbacks of her childhood and there was no mention of siblings), but I figured it was time to give up before I would be forced to watch another finale that was all based on hallucinations.

    • Maka

      Nononono. CUDDY was two dimensional. Thirteen may be in the running for one of the best written characters on House. She’s certainly the only one who experienced tangible and consistent character growth.

      • Jennifer

        Way too much screen does not equal character growth. Her character was one-dimensional from the start and never got any better. And that from someone who actually liked that House picked 13 over CTB to begin with.

  • nitemar

    How many times will she say good bye. It;’s like the old story that keeps repeating itself and never ends.

    • Tarc

      That’s what happenes when you get to be a hot commodity – they press want to talk to you, and they want to talk about your work…

  • Rex

    I liked Thirteen, but I liked Cameron too. I got over Cameron’s departure, I’ll get over Thirteen’s. Good luck, Olivia!

    • Loubna

      1:10 create snohteimg new? the hell! I’ve seen movies were people switch bodys before even in series people accidentally swap bodies sow tell me wallball-girlie how’s this new?f6

  • Lia

    I hope her movie career keeps going forward (sometimes the movie offers die when the successful TV show dies) I really like her.

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  • Cheery

    Good for her, now that she’s free and clear she should never look back. House has imploded and I hope both Cam/JMo and Cuddy/LE stay away as well. Returning to House will only sully their characters further. Let House burn out alone.

  • tahina

    They all should come back for the series finale since this is probably the last season..

    • Matt

      Agreed! I miss the old characters so much! Maybe they could even throw in some flashbacks to Kal Penn’s character, he was one of my favorites

  • EV

    House is not even being reviewed at EW as far as I can tell. That is how low it has gone.

    Think about it: House nearly kills his friends and 1) he is still a practicing Doctor and 2) Wilson has forgiven him for a second time (I could understand Wilson forgiving him for the death of Amber (?) but not so easily for his attempting to kill everyone with his car).

    In what reality would House still be a doctor? This time, the show has jumped the scalpel.

    • Ciro

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