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Wow, this week’s Spoiler Room photo has so much pretty…

Sorry. Back on track!

There’s a lot for you to eat up here, so I’ll make this brief. Thanks for all your questions! Keep it up! Tell me what you’re loving, what you’re hating, what you ate for breakfast (kidding!…or…) and what you’re dying to know! E-mail all your fabulous ponderings to spoilerroom@ew.com or find me on Twitter: @EWSandraG.

On to the scoop, featuring goods on the likes of Parenthood, Sons of Anarchy, Castle, Persons of Interest, Parks and Recreation, and a Titanic reference. (God, help us all.)

How much did you love this news? I was so excited I even circled Nov. 14 in my calendar and drew a creepy mask by the date to remind myself. But in case you need even more reasons to be excited about the impending romantic entanglements in this very special episode, executive producer Josh Safran told me that much “like masked balls in the past, there are multiple kisses — between multiple people” in the episode. “Like, quadratic couples, I’d say,” he teases. Could that have something to do with the “big kiss” everyone has been asking me about? Possibly…

Moreover, Safran says that November will hold many more surprises on the show. “Another thing that’s going to happen is that the audience is not going to have to wait that much longer to discover whether Ivy can pull off playing Charlie for too long. In November, her identity will come out, but it might come out in a surprising way… Diana’s definitely a part of it, but she sort of sets it in motion more than causes it herself.”

As for baby drama, well, Safran was mum, but he did say that it, like all the other major plots, would be addressed in some form during the Sleep No More episode. Hey, he can’t give up alllll his secrets. (But we’ll certainly keep trying.) Meanwhile, Gossip fans, is this not the most tension-building season yet?

For this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, I got a chance to hop on the phone with the master of Revenge, executive producer Mike Kelley. And in our chat, he gave away a few juicy teases that I thought I’d share with you! Behold!

* On the uber-creepy Tyler, Kelley said the Talented Mr. Ripley-inspired character will very soon “make things very difficult for a lot of people.” “I think what you’ll find with Tyler is that this is somebody that not only wants to be friends with Daniel Grayson, but he wants to BE Daniel Grayson. So the Tyler arc is a very strong one and he gets in there and starts to take over Daniel’s role inside the Grayson family as Daniel starts to marginalize himself with his budding relationship with Emily.” And if that’s not enough, Kelley teases that an upcoming arc will find Nolan, Ashley and Tyler involved in a “triangle.” I can only assume he means a love triangle, but you never know with this show.

* Craving more Nolan? You’re not alone. And soon, Kelley says the true past that Nolan shares with Emily’s father will come to light. “He knows a lot more than Emily thinks he does” says Kelley. As a matter of fact, he knows things that she doesn’t know. So you’re going to find out that Nolan himself has a bit of a motivation that informs the future story of Revenge in a big way.”

*Prepare yourself… for episode 7. “Something very, very big and very permanent will happen to one of our core cast members in episode 7. It’s going to really push the show up a level in the stakes,” explains Kelley. I shudder with excitement.

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  • Kelly

    SOA is such a crazy good show and this week’s episode was no exception. And I’m not absolutely sure, but I have a prediction about that final scene based on the audio as it faded out. Can’t wait for next week’s ep.

    • ranliao

      Sweet merciful Zorp, can you PLEASE give us some news about Ben and Leslie? They haven’t had a scene together since the first episode of the season!BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Millionaireloving.C óM ..it is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

  • lisa g.

    Sorry I don’t do spoilers, Sandra!

  • lene

    Gossip Girl sucks! Everything is so predictable. Blair is gonna get in a car crash and loose that baby. And Blair and Dan will grow closer… YAWN. Over this show!

    • Emily

      Don’t say that. :( I refuse to believe this baby is going to die. I just want Chuck to have a family and Chuck/Blair to be happy together again. :( Is that so much to ask, Josh Safran?!

      • Leigh C

        I don’t want the baby to die ether and I want it to be Chuck’s.I also want Chuck and Blair to get back together already!

  • Emily

    Tension-building season for Gossip Girl as in I don’t know whether it’s worth it to watch each week because of my fear of what direction the show might take, lol. Multiple couples? Quadratic couples? Oh, that sounds … fun …

    I don’t know, I would just find the show so much easier to sit back and enjoy if the producers just told us it’s building to DS or CB or DB (although in that last case I would just stop watching and just youtube Chuck and Serena scenes, but still, at least I’d know).

    I feel like the way the show was run in seasons 1 through 3 by Josh Schwartz/Stephanie Savage made much more sense. We knew mostly where we were going and thus were able to just enjoy the journey. Now I don’t even know what’s going on with friendships OR couples.

    Long story short: thanks for giving us more info on the kiss!

    • Sevim

      That’s really thinking at an imerpssvie level

    • Kouka

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    • Sdm

      I’m impressed, I sholud say. Seriously hardly ever do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and allow me to tell you, you might have hit the nail about the head. Your notion is remarkable; the problem is some thing that not sufficient folks are speaking intelligently about. I am pretty pleased that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

  • Kate

    I feel like Safran doesn’t understand his audience at all. Who on earth would be excited by “quadratic couples” kissing? My least favorite thing about GG is how everyone has hooked up with everyone else.

    • Enrichetta

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  • Amanda

    Are you kidding? Gossip girl is awful this season. Too much Dan/Dair and too little Chuck/Chair.

    • Ava

      Word. I feel like I am seeing way too much Dan Humphrey. He really serves no purpose now that he’s not firends with anyone and not dating Serena. Humphrey clan should get shipped to Hudson and take Lily with them.

    • A

      I agree with the too little Chuck.

      But I must say I’ve found Dan far more entertaining when he’s interacting with Chuck than say when he’s interacting with Serena or Nate.

      • Veronica

        Yeah, Dan with Chuck is actually pretty entertaining. Way better than Dan with Blair.

    • belle

      I agree! Too little Chair, too much Dan and Louis. They should just wrap things up and get Chair back together.

      About Revenge, please tell me Daniel wont die!!!! I love that guy

      • Leigh C

        They need more Chuck and Blair for sure. I don’t care about Dan and actually hopes Serena does something terrible to him after what he wrote about her.

    • Dia

      Interesting, I think it’s awful this season because they continue to prop up Chuck, bore us with Louis, and not make Dan/Blair a couple.

      • Sebastian Shaw

        I am so glad I stopped watching that crap. I am so sick of you morons with your Dan Dair blair flare mare tear bear chair care bear medium rare rhyme bs.

    • CBCris

      It’s just as bad as it was last season because they’re focusing on boring stuff. Blair’s crappy wedding to that stupid dolt of a prince, Dan’s boring book, Dan in general, Ivy who no one cares about, Nate’s dull relationship. I love Chuck and Blair (together) and Serena and we’ve had very little or anything interesting. They’re neglecting the best things about this show like last year and the ratings are still dropping.

      • Angelo

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      • Sindy

        Like Ginger, who posted above,, I strated watching because of Kathy Bates. I still love watching her but Damian is now her equal in terms of my attention and interest. I keep going back to that hilarious line, burglarized, vandalized, and PLAGIARIZED, wondering how long it took for you to be able to deliver that with a straight face. Your delivery was brilliant. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall in there while you were taping that episode. Wow! Anyway, I’ve become more and more curious about you and this morning I found this website. You’re an awesome actor and destined for the big time (although a starring regular spot with Kathy Bates seems already the big time but I see Academy Awards for you in my crystal ball.)Thanks for your incredible performances and I look forward to following your continued rise to stardom.. (p.s. Could you post some of your poetry slam work, if it’s recorded? )

  • Sarah T

    Sweet merciful Zorp, can you PLEASE give us some news about Ben and Leslie? They haven’t had a scene together since the first episode of the season!

  • Meg

    I’m sick of Gossip Girl. Focus on what we want Chuck and Blair.

    • Nalva

      Several jobs in today’s workplace pmaririly involve sitting and little movement. Less movement = obesity! So, keep moving people! Sport is everything. Sport = pure health!

  • Veronica

    Sigh… I wish GG would stop trying so hard to surprise us and just try to make sense and stay true to characterizations. I don’t want some “quadratic couples” nonsense, I want the storylines and couples I’ve been watching for over 4 years to progress and head towards some sort of meaningful conclusions.

    But thanks for the spoilers, Sandra, we appreciate them :)

    • as

      except it’s the last several years under SB that just about ruined the several of the characters, divided a good part of the fandom & caused fans to wonder what show they were watching

  • Dana

    HATE DB Gossip Girl. Not watching that crap!

  • Kristin

    I want more Chuck/Blair!!!!

  • MSC

    Quadrangles on GG? I won’t watch that shyte. Keep ruining the show Safran it’s about to dip below a million viewers. People want Chuck and Blair- get a clue!

  • Lexie

    The only tension I want to feel on Gossip Girl is between Chuck and Blair

    • Leociree

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  • leslie

    Gossip Girl has been terrible last season and this one and now he’s talking about lame quadrangles? Uh, just put Blair and Chuck on the screen.

    • Daniell

      The problem is that most sroites/sketches are too long, taking asometimes funny enough premise and over-stretching it into a pointless7-8 minute bit. In comedy, the golden rule is LESS IS MORE, hence whymost of these sroites have a grain of a potential but are quicklyruined by hammering the same joke, over and over, ruining itcompletely. The perfect example is the first story; I didnt exactlylaugh at the fact that the guy is stuck in the ground, but it was anoriginal idea if nothing else. But then they took this and turned itinto an almost predictable one-gag shtick. Another sketch thatoverstayed its welcome by squeezing the main premise dry until therewas nothing left is the black twins skit: it just gets dumber anddumber, without being remotely funny.

  • court

    Loving Revenge so much!!! Best new show for sure. Keep the scoops coming!

    • Noah

      Should I start watching? I’m hearing good things about this one, but I don’t know if I’d like it. Seems very Desperate Housewives-y, what with all the upper-class drama. I mean, I’m curious, but that’s just the vibe I’m getting.

      • Tarc

        It’s nothing (at all) like Desperate Housewives. It’s a suspense drama, not a soap with a hint of mystery.

      • Charlotte

        I remember watching the first couple of episodes of Desperate Housewives and just did not get the hype. After the first episode of Revenge, I was hooked! Housewives is so campy, but Revenge is much more of a thriller. Give it a chance!

      • Laura K.

        Revenge is pretty great. Definitely not campy. And the two leads are fantastic, particularly together.

      • pressa10

        WATCH. I was beyond skeptical, forced into watching, and now Im on this site desperate for spoilers on it. The lead antagonist has bad writing and bad acting goign for her, and there are a few other details thatll make you iffy in the first few episodes, but it’s definitely picking up speed and power. WORTH THE WATCH

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