Sarah Silverman plans 'N*****head' live show in Rick Perry's home state -- EXCLUSIVE


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Comedian and TV actress Sarah Silverman is set to thump Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry with a provocatively titled live comedy show in his home state.

Silverman is marshaling fellow comics for a fund-raiser in Texas titled, “Live From N*****head: Stripping The Paint Off Of Good Ol’ Fashioned Racism.”

The title refers to the controversy over Perry’s West Texas hunting campground where the candidate has entertained friends and supporters. The campground’s former name, “Niggerhead,” was painted on a rock at the entrance for many years.

“This is a never-forget moment,” Silverman said. “The show’s provocative name holds a mirror up to an ugliness that seems to have become yesterday’s news without having barely even made news.”

The show will be announced Friday and held at the Paramount Theater in Austin on Nov. 1. Silverman plans to donate all proceeds to the NAACP.

Asked about the mocking use of the N-word in the title of a show to benefit the civil rights organization, Silverman told EW, “The positive thing about N-head and other outwardly racist actions — like trying to put the Confederate f—ing flag on Texas license plates — is that it’s no longer just a gas in the air. It’s something you can point to. It’s something you can fight against and expose. So I see this as an opportunity that should be taken.”

Other comedians on board include Suli McCullough, Tig Notaro, Ian Edwards, Dwayne Kennedy, and W Kamau Bell. “As a comedian, I have no choice but to protest with my punch lines,” McCullough said.

The ad for the show

“Niggerhead” was once a name that was given to mountains and creeks, but civil rights organizations have successfully lobbied to change that and other racially insensitive monikers over the years. As first reported by the Washington Post earlier this month, Perry claimed his parents painted over the campground’s sign in the early 1980s, though that’s been disputed by some locals. Asked about the word recently, Perry said it’s an “offensive name that has no place in the modern world.”

Silverman recently landed a sitcom at NBC and is set to guest star in an upcoming episode of FX’s The League.
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  • markinnyc

    wow, Suli McCullough is performing twice on the same show!

    • LOL

      GOP will be a regional southern party in a few more years. All they have left are racist, gun-toting snakehandlers. Republicans are America’s shame.

      • dumb

        @LOL I’m not a republican, so the fact that I’m calling your comment dumb should at least resonate a little bit. Their are reasonable (not racist) people on both sides, just like there are crazy extremists on both sides. Being so blatantly bias isn’t helping. Also gun-toting snakehandler sounds like an awesome job.

      • Larah Lilverman

        LOL loves crap.

      • Lee Harvey

        Get off the fence, “dumb.” It’s just plain lazy to blame “both sides.” If you honestly can’t see how destructive the GOP is, then I can’t help you. You’re willfully ignorant.

      • mike

        @LOL, @Lee Harvey: What has the Democratic Party done in the last 4 years that makes them the better option? Increase our debt? Fuel our inflation fire? Not keep their promise on ending the wars ’til the end of 2011?

        I’m an independent, but I would gladly take Rick Perry (who used to be a liberal) over 4 more years of indecisiveness and compromise.

        Btw, I’m also from Texas and I don’t know what the hell Silverman is talking about with the confederate flag…Texans hate the confederate flag, because we still think we should be our own country (which is similarly ignorant).

  • john

    An unfunny comedian plundering a uncomfortable subject for obvious publicity. I can appreciate donating the proceeds but the use of the N word in the advertising smacks of sensationalism.

    • Hank

      No, the use of the word is to point out how casual Rick Perry, his supporters, hell, the whole Republican Party are towards outright racism. If you’re not white, straight, and Christian….hey, sounds a lot like tha Nazi Party, doesn’t it?

      • Hank

        Godwin wins again. :)

      • Zack

        wow, hank, you are truly an ignoramus. a party with one of the candidates (not to mention leading candidate in some polls) who is black (Cain) is like the Nazi Party? stop repeating tired liberal talking points and educate yourself on the truth. in reality, the one group of people who repeatedly gets harassed in culture and media are white Christians. i feel it every time i watch a show or movie that so ignorantly portrays Christians as southern idiots or self-righteous hypocrites. i know countless Christians who are absolutely nothing like the way we are portrayed in media. regardless, you need to grow up and learn how American politics really work and stop letting liberals control your mind with this empty rhetoric.

      • @Hank

        You are truly too stupid to live!

      • t3hdow

        While I can’t quite agree with Hank (except in extreme cases, comparisons to Nazism will almost always invalidate your argument) , with all the recent evidence of Christian fundamentalism influencing politics in such a negative fashion, it’s tough to ignore. In an age when President Bush’s rationalization for going to war is partly fueled by religious dogma, in an age when talking heads from the right are vilifying Romney because he’s Mormon instead of his politics, and in an age when several states ban non-Christians from holding office (despite the Constitution forbidding such bigotry), it gets quite infuriating.

        While I know enough Christians who don’t fit this mold, it’s still unbelievable how this stuff is tolerated when this stands against what America was founded for.

      • katie

        I’d like to ask Zack where the true, good “Christians” are when poor people need to be fed and given healthcare. So odd that one of the basic tenants of the modern Republican party is hatred for helping others in need. Who quote scripture as a way to speak out against gay marriage but ignore the parts about helping the poor. So hypocritical. If you show me a Christian that believes in welfare and free healthcare for poor people, low-income housing subsidies, planned parenthood, etc etc, you would not be showing me a republican.

      • Woody

        We are not racist! We hate liberals of every color, creed and sexual preference!

      • Woody

        Katie – I wish someone would show me these poor americans that need to be fed. The biggest nutritional problem in the inner city is now obesity. . . .

      • Woody

        “The poor will always be with us”
        -Jesus Christ

      • Pete

        Zack, I’d like some examples please. Far right Christians are aggressively trying to deny rights to gays, to muslims, to women. But the minute anyone questions these actions, these same Christians play the victim card. When you have ridiculous beliefs and prejudices, you can’t object to being ridiculed.

      • LiLi

        alright, alright children! You’re all pretty. Can we please pretend this is an entertainment blog?

      • Woodchipper

        Obesity is a problem in the inner city because of “food deserts,” or areas where the food choices.are substandard. Obesity is not evidence of being well or even adequately fed. Perhaps you should learn more about an issue before judging others.

      • wkbdmom

        Wow, you have a real broad mind. Im sure its vast and wide.

      • Nothing Can Keep Us Together

        actually the nazi party at least true nazism doesn’t automatically except all whites as superior. u had to be from austria/ germany. northern/western europe but nothing else. hitler would probably laugh at these so called neo nazi’s of today ironically

    • lisa g.

      ITA w/ John!

    • Meb

      When was Silverman ever a “comedian”? She was just a hot chick (although I don’t see it) saying things that for whatever reason, people find shocking coming from the mouths of babes. (Again, I don’t see it. How is she hot?) She was never funny, and now she’s trying to resurrect her “career” by latching on to a hot-button topic.

      • Josh

        Maybe you havent ever seen her stand-up, her I f-d Matt Damon, her various movie roles, her television show..etc.
        She is HILARIOIUS

      • Josh

        Maybe you havent ever seen her stand-up, her I f-d Matt Damon, her various movie roles, her television show..etc.
        She is HILARIOUS

  • Mike S

    I love this idea. Rick Perry deserves to get thumped as hard as he can for this little problem of his.

    • Zack

      this little problem of his that had nothing to actually do with him? it was the camp’s former name. it’s not like he wrote it there or even kept it there. the fact that this was even yesterday’s news, ms. silverman, is pathetic. numerous people black and white have come out and said Perry doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. come on, this is ridiculous.

      • csr

        “Rick Perry doesn’t have a racist bone in his body”,

        “the one group of people who repeatedly gets harassed in culture and media are white Christians.”

        “you need to grow up and learn how American politics really work and stop letting liberals control your mind with this empty rhetoric.”

        All he needs to do is read your tired republican BS talking points to see EXACTLY how politics work.

      • Gerrie

        Really? He does not have .a racist bone in his body?. I must be mistaken becuase I thought he was a rich, white, Texan Republican.

      • what

        Gee Gerrie Prejudice MUCH!!!

    • pnkl8y

      So anyone from Texas who is rich and white is racist?!! Gerrie, it sounds like you are the bigot.

      • BurgerMeister

        “So anyone from Texas who is rich and white is racist?”

        Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban are white and in Texas and they own teams of black men!

  • Chris in Virginia

    Perry says it was painted over shortly after his family took over the property. There is no proof to the contrary, other than some anonymous sources, so I will take Perry at his word. A show devoted to exposing the evils of racism is fine, but if they go after Perry for something that is not and was not his issue – that’s patently unfair. This from an Obama supporter.

    • Rob

      A very good point. This is done way too much in politics.

    • Al

      Perry’s parents rented it a few times before they purchased it, and it had the offensive name on the rock. They then purchased it and painted over the rock. Perry himself wasn’t involved either way, other than staying there a few times and bringing friends. It was an ugly name and shocking that someone would think it was okay to paint on a rock, but it is a smear to use this against Perry.

      • Al

        I should add that Silverman herself has been subject to the same type of controversy over her “chinks” joke. You would think she would refrain from smearing someone the same way.

    • Sam

      Welcome to modern politics. It’s sad. Obama has called for civility..but watch MSNBC sometime, a lot of name calling there.

      • whatever stupid

        by whom????

      • arm

        @ Sam, have you ever watched MSNBC? Although you probably don’t agree with the opinion shows’ politics, they don’t resort to name calling. Geez, quit swallowing what the fox is cooking.

  • Jack Steen

    Texans are turds that have to be scraped off the bottom of a gentleman’s shoes before he enters educated, genteel company.

    Rick Perry is a piece of barnyard effluvia,,,,,and he and his party of pederasts will soon be alone in their barnyard when they all get sent back home.

    • Al

      Posting disparaging comments about a whole group of people based on the actions of a few is discriminatory.

      • Jack Steen


    • Laua

      Well, thanks so much on behalf of all the rational, secular (and there are many of us) citizens of Texas. How perfectly ‘genteel’ of you.

    • Kimberly

      You’re a close minded, judgmental, igorant load of worthlessness that needeth be detroyed.

      • Jack Steen

        Like you killed your last three husbands ?

    • Sam

      You’re an idiot.
      A ill-informed bigoted idiot at that.

      Texan, as a whole, are fine people.
      If you don’t like Perry (or anyone else) fine, it’s a free country, but don’t stoop to silly name calling.

      • Mitch Logan

        Worst Haiku ever.

      • Tim


    • Annie

      Whoa – Jack! I’m a Texan with a big brain and I think it’s important to note that Perry has never won the majority of votes in Texas. Feel free to bring your gentleman self on down to Austin – you might learn something!

    • BurgerMeister

      Curiously your choice of eloquent verbiage does nothing to disguise your bigotry and sterotyping millions of Americans based on nothing but geography. Apparently you double-majored in ignorance and hypocrisy.

  • Dgrant

    Just as Isreal has to give up land taken in war, we should do the same and give Texas and it’s inhabitants back to Mexico. Nothing good has come from Texas since LBJ and Sam Rayburn.

    • Laua

      Dgrant, is it dark in your cave?

  • Danny

    Sarah Silverman is blasting intolerance … really?!?!!!

  • Speeze

    That face of hers! Whoa!

  • Marah

    Sarah Silverman is a racist. Can’t stand that ugly woman.

    • Say What?

      Really, exactly who does she project or act racist towards?

      • CG

        Please refer to her asian jokes. Seriously, how can you comment on something you know nothing about.

    • Josh

      Ah because you dont know her particular brand of humor..she is obviously a racist. And I am sure she cares if you find her attractive.

  • opine

    It’s just such a funny word, right Sarah? Take a long hard look at yourself (I know, it isn’t easy) and then tell us who the racist opportunist is. The reason it “barely made news” was that these were unproven allegations. YOU are the racist. Now, prove that you aren’t.

    • The Clooney

      You sound like the racist, actually. Of course, racists never think they are.

      • Zack

        nothing in opine’s comment above makes her sound the least bit racist…can you point out one comment of hers that is? come on.

      • whatever stupid

        Sorry Zack… But most racist DONT declare themselves as such.. I’m betting that @The Clooney is correct in the assessment of @opine… And you too…

      • opine

        some ‘racists never think they are’ and some racists revel in the fact that they get away with it. As I said above, these allegations were unproven. Not to mention stupid. The DNC has turned into a party of people whose only defense is “na uh! YOU are”. I say we just go back to “I know you are but what am I?”….. infinity. Saves a lot of time. And DN, to say that you can prove I am a racist on a message board – not too smart. Please dust off your dictionary and look up “prove” “attack” “defensive” “potentially” and throw in “opportunist” and “meme” just for clarity.

    • DN

      I’ll gladly prove ‘opine’ is a racist. This person is taking offense at Silverman drawing attention to the fact that Governor Perry had a rock painted with that word — and that may weaken his presidential chances.

      So, in attacking Silverman for that act, Opine is trying to keep the controversy that could hurt Perry as quiet as possible. Opine is on the defensive. That is what makes this person potentially racist. If not, this poster would be supporting the comedian exposing the racism.

      • Al

        Perry did not have a rock painted with that word.

  • The Clooney

    Lots of racists here at EW comment board. Weird.

  • Joe G.

    LOVE this!! Rock on, Sarah. Repubs and racism pretty much go hand in hand unfortunately.

    • Zack

      yup, i guess that’s why the leading candidate as of right now in many polls is a black man named Herman Cain..they sure do go hand in hand. idiot.

      • whatever stupid

        Herman Cain… Who I bet YOU will not be voting for. The republicans ARE happy to have Herman & Michael so they can say “See we have these black guys here…. so we are not racist” … Yeah right…

      • Phil Esteen


        Ain’t nobody buying that you or any other white conservative is going to vote for Cain. But you and your white buddies just keep pretending, ok?

        On the outside chance that
        1) You do vote for Cain
        2) Monkeys fly out of your arse
        3) The Easter Bunny becomes the de facto dark lord of the GOP underworld

        then kudos to you and your slew of conservative buddies for voting another black man into the office of POTUS.

        All the Democrats will reply “nice job.”

      • A Democrat

        Phil, nice job.

    • The cast

      Joe, are you content in your stupidity? Educate yourself, open your mind.

  • I’m More Equal Than You

    Actually, the word “n—-rhead” was a fairly common place name at one time, over 100 places had the name. Also, “n—-rhead” was a brand name for plug tobacco. Black people were commonly used as advertising logos–the remnants today are Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben.

  • Norma Desmond Hume

    Capitalizing off the N word. Brilliant.

  • Marc Clarke

    Did they move the rock? Is it still visible? If I’m Perrry I would have redesigned the whole damn entrance to look like it’s a small world at Disneyland…that’s easy to fix…winning a debate, now that’s a real challenge for him

    • LOL

      GOP fears Silverman.

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