'Terra Nova' scoop: Producers reveal death, romance, shark-dinos to come

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Terra Nova is about to get wilder. After experimenting with a couple stand-alone episodes, Fox’s dino-drama is taking a more serialized path for the rest of the season — solving key mysteries, introducing new dinos, and even killing off a character. (Don’t worry, we won’t say who.)

Terra Nova executive producers René Echevarria and Brannon Braga reveal some of the threats the colonists will face in the upcoming hours, as well as answer some burning fan questions. Will we see 2149 again? Will the season finale end on a cliffhanger? What’s up with all the teen romance? And hey, will the colonists ever actually kill a dinosaur? We have a mega Q&A that answers all this and more. The interview comes on the heels of Monday’s fourth episode rising in the ratings — a promising sign if the ambitious sci-fi show is going to land a second season.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Congratulations on the ratings uptick. I hear the show is going to get more serialized from here on?
RENÉ ECHEVARRIA: It does. We’re going to roll out the whole Sixer mythology this season. You’re going to see who sent them here and why, and it all comes to a head in the season finale.
BRANNON BRAGA: Whether it’s the strange markings on the rocks, or even the new thing we introduced Monday night with the container, all these things will culminate and be explored by the end of the 13. And it’s been fun doing that. As the episodes go on, the momentum will build with the ongoing storylines.

It was almost like you had these serialized elements in the pilot, then Fox said “make it more stand-alone.”
BB: Are you sleeping with a network executive? Do you have spies?

That’s sort of what happened on Fringe.
RE: It’s true in the first couple episodes, you do want to cast a wide net. And we are picking up those threads now. The story with Josh picks up a lot of heat about what he’s willing to do to get his girl here, and he gets way in over his head. It was an unexpected discovery as the season went along that this was a way to play scenes with the Sixers, but not with the adults. And it gives Josh and odd romantic triangle with Skye — how does she compete with an idealized person?
The question was asked in [Monday’s] episode — which we thought was a good template for what the show really is going to be like moving forward, with a mixture of stand-alone elements and ongoing storyline — there was a question asked: “What is Terra Nova really all about?” That’s a question we’ll begin to answer. Things are not what they appear to be. Clearly Taylor has secrets. Jim is keeping things about his Sixer visit from Taylor. And there’s something big going on that Jim finds himself in the middle of.

Will we see more of 2149?
RE: We don’t see a lot of 2149. We come to see the conspiracy with the Sixers is being orchestrated in 2149, and as we get toward the season finale we will go to 2149 and see that more explicitly. But most of our storytelling takes place in Terra Nova.
When we do go there, it’s very cool.

It’s a pretty cheerful show, usually. Was that a point of discussion — that to be a ‘family show’ it also needed a light tone?
RE: It’s the DNA of the show. It’s about a family with teenage kids and a really young daughter.
There’s an optimism about the show that we like. Which isn’t to say things aren’t going to get pretty scary. Dramatic things are going to happen with big challenges to the family.
Taylor and Jim are going to find themselves on a collision course about a secret Taylor is keeping.
At it’s heart, this is not a cynical show. You called it “cheerful.” As René said, it’s in the DNA. It’s something we’ve always liked about the show — that even in its darkest hours it’s about a family that’s sticking together.
You also want people to have that feeling — “I want to go to Terra Nova, I want to live in Terra Nova.” People die, bad shit happens, but you want to have that feeling. That’s one of the chords we’re trying to strike.

It does have a great farmer’s market.
RE: I read that recap you did of “Instinct”–

NEXT: Shark-a-saurs? Finale cliffhanger? Second season?


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  • Meh

    I tried to give this show a chance but it just is not that interesting and coupled with weak acting aside from the two guys in the picture above – this show is not worth watching. The teen angle was botched from the beginning and should be abandoned. In fact, they should have Jim by himself, get rid of the family

    • Duh

      “this show is not worth watching. ”

      You – in your personal subjective opinion – consider it ‘not worth watching.

      What is it with these forums and people acting like their goddamn opinions are ‘facts’?

      • maoi

        Budget and time constraints. They only have six weeks of post-production. Movies have from one to two years to work on special effects after they’ve finished shooting.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Millionaireloving.C óM ..it is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • Jim

        @Duh – I think everyone assumes that the comments section is the forum for opinions. Meh was giving his opinion that the show was not worth watching, nowhere does it state that was a fact. Stop trying to be the Internet police

      • eric

        of course it’s his opinion. he said it. it goes without saying that it qualifies as his opinion.

        people who need that pointed out are retarded.

      • kendall

        Sorry to say this but I think anyone that don’t like the show is stupid themselves I think it is an awesome show I hope they air it again and that’s my opinion

    • Russ

      I think the entire series was awesome. I literally couldnt wait to see the next episode!. I really hope there is a season 2-3-4-5.. .. .. . . lol Awesome awesome awesome

      • Doreen Rouse

        I loved this show along with my daughter and her kids. We could not wit to watch the next episode. I’m waiting for the next season to begin.

    • j0eschm0e

      I watched every episode and am anxious to see the 2nd season. so Im guessing youre not family oriented nor you like science fiction. so go watch greys anatomy thats a drama show for ya. lasts night show was irritating just like you

  • JLC

    I find this show enjoyable because of its aggressive stupidity. I hope they DON’T drag it down too much with its stupid Lost mystery. Just keep doing dumb stuff we can poke fun at and I’ll be happy.

    • Eric

      So you like stupidity, but you don’t like stupid, but you do like dumb. Great, thanks for clearing that up.

    • Veggiesaurus

      The show is stupid, and some of us like to watch it and laugh at people getting eaten by dinos; what’s wrong with a little dinocide? The show is inadvertently funny and once I get bored of laughing at it I’ll probably tune out; I don’t see Brannon Braga’s “genius” holding my attention for long.

    • Jaden

      If you like aggressive stupidity Michelle Bachmann and the GOP must have you near hysteria ….

      • swampfox

        Jaden Terra Nova seems like a good family show. I have had enough hysterical aggressive stupidity for the last three years watching Obama and the Democrats destroy the country F rated ideas .F = Failed.

  • endo

    I find it interesting that they read the recaps. Do they also read the comments, which are about 98% making fun of this show?
    You should have asked them which sci-fi movie they plan to rip off next. Have they done Terminator yet? E.T.? The Thing? We should start a pool.

    • DDubSolider

      They just released a remake of ‘the thing’ you idiot!

      • SueN

        He means the show itself doing a rip-off of “The Thing”. Not a movie studio doing a remake, you idiot.

    • GalahadsGurl

      They did a Terminator TV show, The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It lasted two seasons and starred Summer Glau (aka River Tam) and Thomas Dekker from The Secret Circle. And I happen to enjoy Terra Nova. I think it’s going to get better as the story line continues to solidify in the writers’ minds. No show I’ve ever seen is good right out of the shoot. It takes time to cultivate chemistry between characters and to arrange plotlines so that they interest people. I see this show having a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

      • beernutz

        Clearly, you haven’t seen “Boss,” Kelsey Grammer’s new show. It throws you into a muscle car, goes to 90 in a few seconds, and you’d better strap in, because it doesn’t slow down.

      • christine

        So some of the stuff isn’t exactly to everyone’s taste…it’s still a good show and the characters are starting to develop (which like someone else said, takes time). It’s an interesting show, with stuff that anyone with an interest in dinosaurs or sci-fi or anyone who is fed up with all the ‘reality TV’ crap that is on to sit and either enjoy, or pick out the occ. unrealistic aspects of the show. I agree with the person who made the comment that a show takes a little time to come into it’s own. I hope Fox gives this show a chance. I enjoy it…my husband enjoys it…and my grandson LOVES it!

  • Chris

    One of the writers said that most of the dinos in Jurassic Park were shown at night, as an excuse as to why their day dinos look so crappy, but have they every watched JP? Half, if not two thirds of the movie takes place during the day with dinos (cgi and animatronic) exposed in full daylight, which was filmed 20 years ago! So what is the excuse now, especially after the show had been pushed back a full year?

    • Mike

      Well they don’t have to say it but I would guess a Movie Budget vs. a Weekly TV budget would do the trick as an excuse. 20 years ago or not. It’s not like LOST had fantastic CGI Submarines or anything! lol

      BTW – James, I saw an It’s in there that should have been “Its” ….Braga might get you for a misquote! :-)

      And you might want to rephrase that last comment about the schedule. I’m pretty sure December 5th isn’t the week after Halloween. I think you meant it will be on from Halloween thru November and skip 12/5, but that’s not how it read! lol

    • chris

      budget, it would cost to much for a weekly show to have movie special effects

    • Sara

      Budget and time constraints. They only have six weeks of post-production. Movies have from one to two years to work on special effects after they’ve finished shooting.

      • Liam

        As a film student, I really think you should look at the overall picture of things. Ya some people may not like the show and others will, but what it really comes down to is that this show is a pioneer in terms of what we can expect in the way of production times. In my own opinion within the next five years, most deadlines will be pushed past this point. I feel that, having taken these risks already has earned them my praise and i wish them luck!!!

  • Raj

    This show is just plain stupid, I’m afraid. The characterizations are paper-thin, the last outpost of civilization is as manicured as a Hawaiian resort, and there’s no evidence that they could pull off the serialized mystery with even a fraction of the style and panache “Lost” did. (Guess we know what David Fury DIDN’T bring to the table.) I deleted this from the VCR last week – no regrets.

    • Sara

      What style and panache? Terra Nova needs a lot of improvement but it’s not LOST was very strong either. It was filled with dropped storylines which were only introduced to get water cooler discussions going but the writers never had any intention of developing them.

      • Sara

        Meant to say: “it’s not *like* Lost was very strong either.

      • soonerwife

        yes, that was VERY frustrating!

      • Star in the Sky

        Not to give LOST too much credit RE: the handling of their storylines, but I do think their mysteries were introduced with lots of style, and certain kind of subtlety. I mean, the mysteries on LOST often seemed very “organic” and not forced *at the time they were introduced*. It’s only in looking back or watching subsequent episodes that one can tell how haphazardly LOST (following season 1) was written. So, if nothing else, LOST was better at faking order than Terra Nova’s been so far. And I guess that’s half the battle.

        Now, granted that could just be due to setting: LOST takes place on a mysterious island where there seem to be no rules, so, maybe that alone did most of the work for the writers. I mean, from the audience standpoint, it’s like why wouldn’t there smoke monster on a strange island? Or why wouldn’t their be strange people already living on said island?–Or a guy in undergroud hatch?

        Terra Nova doesn’t really have that advantage because it’s set amongst dinosaurs, and dinos and the prehistoric era are *loaded* audience expectations.

        However, I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say LOST was written with panache. Panache would have actually been finishing the storylines that they started…

        And I’m done talking about LOST now. *grumble*

    • Eric

      People need to stop comparing it to Lost, because as great as Lost was (which is why everyone keeps comparing shows to it, yes), it doesn’t help Terra Nova at all. Stop talking about promising a character dying later this season, or how much of the mythology you’ll unfold over how many weeks. The show just needs to find out what potentials it has, what interesting ideas it needs, and get writers who can craft compelling narratives. You’re in a pretty good position with the ratings, but my advice is to stop trying to make sure this thing is a success and just try to make it good.

      • Annette

        Now that has to be the one of the best peices of advice I’ve read so far!

    • AB

      You have a VCR? and I thought the dinosaurs were extinct!

      I like Terra Nova. Itscampy and its fun and there’s just enough mythology to keep me tuned in. Its not deep but its ok for a Monday night.
      For a freshman show, it’s doing ok.

    • j0eschm0e

      so dont watch it m o r o n, go watch greys anatomy. its about as irritating as you.

  • Kaitlyn

    Truth is,the show kinda suck right now and needs improvement. But give it time to develop,it might be a great show in the future. Besides, its fun right? Great show for the whole family. BTW I love the “Sixers” and would like to see them more. I want them to take Terra Nova down :)

  • Lisa Simpson

    A beloved character is going to die? Does the show even have a beloved character?

    • Clete

      It does. It’s one of the dinosaurs, his name is Rick.

    • Realist

      Good question. I know I can’t think of one…

    • wg

      I’d say Taylor and Maddy’s soldier boyfriend are my faves. So odds are, they’ll kill the soldier boyfriend thus losing half of my favorites. :(

    • Arizona

      Wow Lisa your back again! You must really like this show and to read about this show because everytime theres an article or recap…I knew if you just gave it a chance ;o)

    • waya

      Josh needs to go. The whole teen angst angle is stupid and ruins the show. Get rid of the horrid teens. Even my own two teens hate the teens on this show!

    • Veggiesaurus

      I really hope the annoying son bites it, that kid needs to be shipped back to 2149.

    • Mindy

      I would hope the annoying teenage son would finally get eaten by a dinosaur. But, from the comments the producers made, it sure doesn’t sound like that is going to happen. Alas.

  • Player87

    I tried to give the show a chance being a big dinosaur fan. But I never watched Lost. Had no interest and still have no interest in the serialized mystery format. Someone was right – they should have had Jim by himself. The teenage boy is a boring sulker who can’t see what’s in front of him. The guy who plays Taylor is laughable to me – sorry. But I just can’t believe him at all. They should have more dino, less serial. I won’t be continuing to watch given how they figure the future shows will go.

  • KB

    I really like this show, sure there are some things that could be better like the CGI and some of the acting from the actress who plays Skye and Josh but other than that it still finding it’s footing and I enjoy watching it. Like they said it’s not for everyone so if you don’t like it stop watching it and then wasting our time and space by commenting on it. It’s really that easy.

  • SMD

    I like this show…..but I am happy about the World Series….GO Cardinals…..

    • Liam

      Go sports……………all the way to a sports blog!!!!!

  • Mom

    Please don’t get rid of Commander Taylor, or you’ll lose a fan! Watch it just for him.

    • JAH

      He is my reason for watching. I agree.

    • Madox

      Yep he’s my fav… but please make him kill a dino… with a machete or something sharp… ;)

  • mr. rosewater

    I don’t trust Taylor only because he was the bad guy in Avatar. I want to like him but I got this feeling…

  • ryan

    Are they going to answere or address many of the questions or comments I have left on the terran nova fox forum, under each show ? will they address my comments and questions on the facebook posts ?
    I hope they get rid of his wife. I dont care for her ! I am glad they are gonna address and close out many of the items already brought up inthe first few shows and not drag it out. I hope they do not leave a cliff hanger for the ending, because I doubt this show will get picked up again ! but i hope it does ! but the ratings need to jump higher fast ! there not bad but not great either. its just does the cost equal results for fox and thats about advertising money !!
    Someone asked the other day, why we do not see sky balloons for sattellitte or camera areal or a helicopter ? just like I have said there vehicles do not look heaby duty enough for going thru the wild ! you would beat yourself to death driving on not paved roads, ruff stuff, on a motorcycle fast or those smaller light weight vehicles ! I do not even see winches on them ! lol. They go out into the wild and you see hardly no gear ! any backbacker hiker knows, about taking gear with !! let alone 85million years ago. the dinos are great, but its the flaws that are the issue. but the last show was the best yet aside from the first them going into the time machine. I hope fox lets us know and not tinder foot around until 2 or 3 months after the last show, they famous for that ! this show can be great, if they listen to the fans, even if i come across as a gripe ! im a sci-fi fan, and I know what works and what does not ! seen enough failures over the years. lets not let this happer to terra nova.

    • Gabrielle

      Are you serious? Why even bother? There are much better sci fi shows out there,go check them out or…GO GET LAID DUDE!!!

      • Lex

        LOL!! at gabrielle.. seriously! get a life ryan or get laid wtf is not that serious.

      • MikeyM

        Farscape, Babylon 5, Buffy, Angel, Vampire Diaries, Wonderfalls…..
        All better.

    • Jan0

      it’s a tv show, not real life. if you want real life, look at the stupid reality shows that really aren’t REAL either. if people REALLY acted the way they do on reality shows our civilization is in dire need of Terra Nova and I’m in line be transported!

      • andrea

        ha ha

      • Liam

        Fully with you on that one!!!!

      • Madox

        Lol… good point… i like the show and please quit comparing terra nova with a movie that have more “everything” than a tv series… but just curious… is there another colony exist… i mean like another country colonist or else…

      • Erik

        Precisely ,,this is great entertainment ,an adventure worth taking each week . with all the so called “reality ” shows on t.v. showing just how disgustingly stupid American t.v. can get ,,,i think there is room for the rest of us to enjoy a show like Terra Nova ,, . Thanks for creating it .

  • Dicazi

    Hated the pilot, but each episode has gotten better. By “beloved character”, It’s got to be one of the Shannons. I hope its NOT the wife: I find this relationship to be one of the most believable portrayals of a healthy couple. But TV rarely kills off kids, and Jim is the hero.

    The show is far from perfect, but It’s eons more interesting than DWTS and I stopped caring how Ted met his wife a couple of years ago.

    • Jan0

      i agree. there’s a lot of same-old same-old with DWTS to name one. I enjoy Terra Nova. It’s suppose to be archaic – they’re “building” a community. i’m guessing not everything can go thru the transporter. sometimes when you have to start over you start with just the basics. it’s called survival of the fittest…. w/o fancy hardware, guns, vehicles and the like.

    • Sara

      I agree. The relationship between the married couple is my favorite after Taylor/Washington. Jim/Elizabeth have a lot of chemistry and go against the traditional assumption that marriage means less chemistry.

    • Star in the Sky

      Yeah, if they want a romance to focus on, then why not just focus on Jim & Elisabeth? They’re really sweet and adorable together.

      Also, I think it sends a much stonger message to emphasize a husband & wife with three kids experiencing a deep bond with each other, than dumb teens chasing tail (sorry to be crass). Ultimately, I (lady in her early twenties) find that to be much more uplifting or “hopeful.” Seriously, I’ve hated teen romances since I was dang teen myself. I don’t what it is about them, but they just always seem angsty and annoying and pointless.

      So, come on Terra Nova do better than that. I’m rooting for you, too!

  • Nadine

    The Terra Nova guys didn’t seem too thrilled about the recaps, but they’re so much fun that I kept watching TN to continue reading them. Now I’m totally on board with Terra Nova and want the show to continue – and not just for the great recaps.

    • debbie gutierrez


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