'Two and a Half Men': Judy Greer says 'Walden could win Bridget back'


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Judy Greer is having a moment. After playing opposite Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men back in 2007, Greer returns to her old stomping grounds in a new role, Bridget, Walden’s (Ashton Kutcher) ex-wife who he is desperate to win back. She is excited to be back on the program, but tells EW, “felt like a different television show to me,” returning post-Sheen. In tonight’s episode, Greer gets stuck in the world’s best triangle when part-time werewolf/full-time hunk Joe Manganiello guests as Bridget’s new boyfriend. Below, the actress chats about the show no one can stop talking about.

“It’s so crazy to be on something (this) successful,” Greer says. “My manager called and he was like, “Do you realize 22 million people are going to watch you tonight?” I’m like, ‘Shut up.’”

The buzz isn’t going to stop anytime soon: Greer is excited for tonight’s episode, in which she runs into Walden and Alan (Jon Cryer) while on a movie date with Manganiello. Naturally, he assumes Walden and Alan are also on a date. Awk-ward. “It’s a little Three’s Company to me,” she says. “I was laughing so much while we were rehearsing and shooting it because they run into me on a date, and they’re like, ‘Oh s—. She’s on a date with this super-hot guy.’”

Super-hot is right. Viewers will note that the often-shirtless Kutcher might have some competition in the hunky male department thanks to Manganiello, which, according to Greer, was the idea. “It’s pretty insane: ‘Who could you ever get to give Ashton a run for his money?’ And then you’re like, ‘Oh. Of course.’”

Bridget may be trying to move on from Walden, but Greer is certainly a fan of Kutcher. Kutcher was the executive producer of Greer’s Miss Guided (RIP). When Greer and Kutcher were shooting the pilot, the actor asked Greer what she would do if the show got picked up. The answer: Buy her dad a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Cut to: Greer getting an envelope from Kutcher with a picture of a Harley and a phone number of where to pick it up for her Dad. “I was so blown away,” Greer says. “I had this insane experience with Ashton. I’m still weird and nervous and giddy around him like a nerdy high school girl. I still can’t believe he did that.”

It’s no wonder she’s hopeful there is a positive outcome for their characters. Greer thinks Walden could eventually win Bridget back. “The thing is that I think Walden does need to grow up a little bit,” she says. But he better move quick — after tonight, Greer is currently slated for just one more episode, but is hopeful she’ll be back for even more Two and a Half Men shenanigans soon.

Beyond Monday nights, Greer’s got a pretty full plate at the moment: She’ll be in The Descendants with George Clooney in December, and Jeff Who Lives at Home with Jason Segel in March. And as for that other show she was in? Greer’s certainly hopeful she can return for the (long rumored and finally confirmed) Arrested Development movie. “I need new boobs!” she says. “I think they should get bigger. Definitely. I think the time (since the show ended) would have been good to Kitty Sanchez!”

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  • Cee Lo Gray

    I hope this is the final season and they finally cancel Two and a Half Men. I can’t manage to stay awake through this borefest anymore.

    • Skippy2You2

      See, this is the problem . . . as long as people tune in to this show, even to fall asleep watching it, the network counts you as a viewer. If you do not tune in, you make the statement that the show is a “borefest” and they will cancel it. DO OT TUNE IN AT ALL! Let’s put this show out of our misery and get something better . . . like Ashton Kutcher posing in the nude but not talking!

      • Anonymous

        How do they know what I’m watching?

      • SLC_Raider

        @ Anonymous

        If you are watching through a Cable provider, or either Direct TV of Dish Network and your receiver is connected to you phone line, then the service provider has a detailed record of every show you watch. This data is then sold to both the networks as well as the advertisers for Marketing and programing purposes.

  • Rob

    Don’t forget her role as Cheryl in “Archer.” She’s hilarious on that.

    • argyle

      it’s carol!!

  • Jeff

    This show is just sad. Judy Greer is still Aunt Myra to me.

    I’m having a party when the number of viewers falls below 10 million. We’ll invite former fans of the show and play reruns from when it used to be good. Good excuse for a party and the way things are headed, it will be soon!

    • Michelle

      Thank you. Every time I watch it, I say “But she’s Aunt Myrna!!” My boyfriend was watching an episode the other night and he didn’t recognize her, even after I pointed her out to him. And I kept saying it over and over…but she’s Aunt Myna!

    • CW

      Count me in for the party!!!

  • bigmac

    Walden winning Bridget back? Who cares! This show is on life support and the plug needs to be pulled.

  • Player87

    Can we keep Judy Greer and get rid of Kutcher? Better yet, keep Kutcher and get rid of Cryer. Just eliminated this show from my timers on my PVR. Got better things to do.

    • Diane

      Keep Greer and get rid of both Ashton and Jon

  • Steve

    I miss “Miss Guided.” But yeah, I love Judy Greer on “Archer” as well!

    • Nicole

      Same. I loved that show.

  • Captain Obvious

    I’m sure the ten people still watching will be happy to hear that !

  • Frank Wright


  • stephenita devlin

    I don’t watch 2.5 Men anymore because it falls mighty short from what it was when Charlie Sheen was the main character. Ashton Kucher isn’t anywherebas talented nor entertaining as Mr. Sheen. Get Sheen back!

  • Charlie

    The writers blew it! The show went from a funny, edgy/sexy, and entertain to babysitting an immature, inexperienced idiot. Kutcher’s character needs to “MAN-UP”. The writers could have done so much more by writing in Kutcher as a half-brother (fathered by one an Evelyn’s many husbands), or a close friend of Charlie. It is obvious that the producer do not care about the show… Example – brining in Herb’s sister (Judy Greer) as Walden Schmidt soon to be ex. If the producers gave up on the show so should the audience… TUNE OUT.

  • Anonymous

    The sleaziness used to be a little more bearable because it was so funny. Now it’s just a pathetic embarassment. Ashton walking around naked while everyone either envies or admires the size of his penis?

    • amy

      I agree with you! And they really should change the name of the show. Two and 1/2 was a cute name when Jake was a cute little boy, but, it doesn’t apply now!

    • Charles Van Meter

      Does anybody else find it creepy that’s it is Okay for a naked near-stranger (i.e. Walden) to sit next to and up against his teenage son?

  • Wain

    Is it just me or this show is going down like the challenger: I may be wrong but at least 95% of the comments are negative, how can the network allow for the show to go on, are they hoping for a miracle. how long before they come to their senses and finally drop the show out of respect to their viewers.

  • dman

    zzzzzzzzzzz! omg… who cares? she’s talking like this is some great character in the annals of tv history or something… she’s dull… her character has been in the universe for what? like 10 minutes? and i’m sorry but i cant stop watching it… it’s so amazingly bad… it’s like a car crash… i can’t turn away.

  • o

    Come on fess up. Even when Charlie Sheen was on the show it was not funny. The only part that was somewhat amusing was two brothers trying to take care of a kid but that went out the window when the kid turned teen. And they stole the brothers who were different one a playboy the other one resaponsible from the show wings but it was done so much better there with tim daly and steven webber.And the girls they pretended to be charlies girlfriends were so unrealistic. The show was lame from the get go.At least with ashton on the show you can watch it for his hotness but he needs a haircut.

    • Lea

      Charlie Sheen made this show funny and at the beginning you could watch for his hotness too !

    • Charles Van Meter

      “Hotness”? U got to be kidding. Kutcher may look good when he’s put together, but he looks like a homeless crack addict on this show. He need’s a shave and a haircut (and he ought to lift some weights and tone up if he’s going to be naked all the time).

      • CW

        Kutcher is hot??????!
        I didn’t find him good-looking nor remotely attractive in other places/shows/movies, let alone in the new 2.5 Men. And the topless/naked Kutcher just make me want to puke!!!

  • anon

    I really liked her Miss Guided show!

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