'Dancing with the Stars': Maks Chmerkovskiy blows up at judges, claims 'this is my show'

Does Dancing with the Stars belong to Maksim Chmerkovskiy?

That seemed to be the pro’s perspective on Monday after he and Judge Len Goodman butted heads over the quality of his rumba with Hope Solo. (It earned a mere 20 out of 30). After Goodman called it their “worst dance of the season,” Chmerkovskiy lost his cool: First he suggested that “maybe it’s time” for Goodman to leave the business after the elder judge talked about being in it for 50 years, and then the hot pro got downright indignant when Carrie Ann Inaba chided him for being disrespectful. (Video embedded below.)

“With all due respect, this is my show,” Chmerkovskiy said to Brooke Charvet in the skybox. “I helped make it what it is. I love every aspect of it. I love every professional that has ever been here, and I love every celebrity that puts effort into it every week. Having said that, I’m a little tired that we are being judged, some on effort and some, being picked on (for) our heel leads.” (Among other things, Goodman also took issue with Solo’s choice of footwear).

After the show, Chermerkovskiy had yet to cool off. “It just kind of came to the point where I kind of had enough,” he told reporters. “It’s like give us a bad score, don’t call us out. Say it wasn’t my cup of tea…we’ll take the criticism. Don’t tell me it was your worst dance of the season because you’re an idiot, you know it’s not true. I’ve also danced for 27 years and I’ve won more titles than Len ever even participated in. That’s not to disrespect his opinion because we’ve all been here for 13 seasons. I’m just not going to sit back and let my partner get disrespected.”

As for that comment about DWTS being “his” show, Chmerkovskiy first tried to deny saying it before explaining, “I feel like it’s my show and together with other pros I’ve dedicated six years of my life to this show and I’ve helped make it what it is. But I never took it away from everybody else who participated.”

At least one of his fellow pros supported his outburst. Lacey Schwimmer — who was upset with Judge Bruno Tonioli for calling a tuxedo-clad Chaz Bono a “cute little penguin” on Monday — said she’d like to occasionally talk back to the judges but just doesn’t have the guts. “Regardless of what Maks said or if he hurt people’s feelings, he had the courage to stand up for him and his partner and I think that is amazing,” she said. “A lot of us wish we would say stuff, but we never do. We’re afraid of it.”

As for Tonioli’s comment about her partner, “It’s hard to hear your friend bullied by three people we are supposed to respect and called names like animals. It’s unnecessary, it’s rude. I feel embarrassed to be standing there when he doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. I actually lost it backstage. I was crying because I was so hurt. It’s awful.”

Not everybody took the row between Chmerkovskiy and Goodman so seriously. “I have so much to say, but I’m not going to say anything,” said Pro Derek Hough. “As a seasoned professional, you should know not to do that, I think.  There’s sort of an amount of self control…”

As for Chmerkovksiy saying it was “his” show, Hough quipped, “We’ve all had a laugh about that.”

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  • Seriously?

    Derek is full of crap. How long has it been since one of his partners has taken as muck flack as Hope has? Since Shannon maybe? He had a meltdown back then.

    Go Maks!!!!

    • dbanimate

      i was surprised he said that too because he totally lost it and was YES unprofessional when he was defending his girl Shannon in the confessional room way back when. short term memory that derek has for one so young. and yep, they always give him someone who has the potential to win – except maybe shannon, lol.

      • kathy

        I agree Derek never gets a weak partner.

      • karen

        The key point there is in the confessional room! That’s what the room is for,not for when you stand in front of the judges. It only makes them both look bad. If the pros are feeling the judges are being rude to their partners they should take that up with them privately or with the producers. In a professional competition would they mouth back to the judges? Doubtful! To hold the title of Pro, they need to act it!

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      • Hi

        Derek is a very good teacher. You’d never know if he actually had a weak partner or not b/c he does a great job with each partner he has. I bet if you switched Hope and Ricki Derek would STILL be winning w/ Hope. It’s not the student, it’s the teacher!

      • tom

        I agree with HI — he’s a great teacher and an inventive choreographer. I would not be as excited to see the show without him and Mark.

      • Barb

        Tom….yes Derek does make them look good, but not because he is such an “excellent instructor”, it’s his choreography and ability to showcase his OWN abilites so that his partners go unnoticed. I’m not a big Derek Hough fan for this reason. It is a fact also that Derek and Len work together outside of the show, so of course he will not say anything bad about him.

      • Mellissa

        Oh please, Derek could have a weak partner, and break the rules and still get 10’s. Remember when he put in a lift (a big one) with the Pusscycat Doll, and Bruno and Carrie Ann commented on in and still gave him tens?

      • M

        He gets good partners because the fans demand it, they want him on the show. The last season that he was gone, ABC was flooded with letters asking for his return. The guy is great, you wanna see him dance. Hope just does not have it.

      • louie

        Hi is right. It’s the teacher

    • Jane

      Because Derek is a far better dancer!!! Maks is a jerk and can’t hold a candle to Derek…that;s why. He’s a professional and has self-control.

      • The Hypnotoad

        Um… No it’s cause he’s powerful.

      • Sobo

        Please! Give Derek someone of Chazs’ caliber and he would be lost. And he says I’m not going to say anything and then says a mouthful. Yes he has lost if before too. Someone should say something they can be so rude. They called Chaz a penguin for Heaven’s Sake!

      • tim

        Jane, shut up.

      • Bernadette

        Derek has never gotten a sub-par partner – ever.

        Let’s recast and saddle Derek with some of the partners poor Tony Dovoloni has had and see how well it works out for the Golden Boy

      • JoMarch

        No @tim you shut up. What an intelligent comment “shut up”. Jane is right, Derek is a great dancer. You obviously have nothing to say and are an idiot.

      • Mellissa

        Derek is a good dancer, and so is Maks. I believe that Maks has one more titles in the professional ballroom world (meaning, not on the TV show), meaning, at least in the world of ballroom, Maks preforms better than Derek.

      • Evan

        I agree that Derek gets great partners but he also delivers every time. Before he won the show with Brooke Burke I never thought someone like her (talented, relatively unknown, young woman) could ever win the show. Mark Ballas failed to make the final with Sabrina Bryan. Maks failed to win with Mel B. Tony failed to win with Stacey Keibler. Derek gets more talented stars but everytime he does he delivers memorable performances and when he gets the most talented star he always wins. No other pro has done it as consistently with the exception of his sister.

      • anonymous

        jane, put your head back in the toilet, and shut up. you are a nut., and a wrong nut.

      • anonymous

        jane, zip it…we dont want to hear your hogwash.

      • Orval

        It all boils down to the fact that judges do not have to call names and be rude. Max has every right to express his opinion. If the Judges don’t want it then they should not be so disrespectful. And what business does Carrie Ann have in defending Lin? Is she is protector?

      • Janet

        Max was rude and disrespectful – sore loser. Let him be the judge one week and see what he has to say. I think Max is rough on his partners. I would much rather have any of the other professional dancers as an instructor.

      • Mel P

        I agree- Maks was very rude and deserves everything he gets for it. If he’s on Stars next season I won’t watch. Derek does get pretty good partners! I think the judging is totally biased.

    • Jane

      Hope’s a bad dancer. That’s why. Why blame the judges…they are supposed to judge!

      • Michelle

        That really was a bad dance. Hope is just not into it. She is not having fun…she looks like the little girl whose mother is forcing her to go to dance class. I really hope she goes home tonight. As for Max, he was a little disrespectful, but he stood up for himself and for his partner which is another reason why he is a good guy.

      • Mandy

        i AGREE!! Hope was the cause of the low score. I noticed when the other couples are finished dancing and they show the other couples, EVERYONE is standing and clapping – EXCEPT Hope!! She just sits there with her Cruella DeVille look on her face. Hope they go home tonight.

      • jen

        it may have been a bad dance, but explain to me how Chaz continues to receive good scores when he basically walks around Lacey and does nothing even dance related. I think that’s what it all comes down to the judge rate everyone on different scales instead of the same one. They have their pets (or the producer’s have pets) and they praise the chosen ones no matter how awful they are and they insult the others

      • Michelle

        @ Jen – Because Chaz is Cher’s son and has overcome numerous obstacles in his life to get to a point where he is happy and look at everything he has gone through and blah blah blah blah blah blah.

        I don’t get it either

      • Bernadette

        The song didn’t help things, either. I wish when they selected song and dances, they tried a little harder to pair them up more conducively.

      • suan

        Exactly! Judges to judge performance. When they yak crap they deserve crap back. Fire Inaba for playing favorites – her previous scores for Hope was far less than to Chaz. Dump grump Len. By the way time to assign derek a weak dancer. Cheers for Max!

      • Lori Lizanich

        Jen, have we been watching the same show? Chaz getting good marks? He’s been on the bottom almost every week. I wouldn’t call that good scores. The voting is saving hem NOT the judges.

      • Natalie

        Hope has been horrible. Maks just shoves her around the dance floor. She is just awkward. She deserved to be down there with Chaz last night and she deserved the scores that she got. Plus, she has consistently been judged on “her potential” rather than what she is doing out there.

      • Kelley

        I agree with Jane in this regard, Hope is an awesome soccer player, but is not a good dancer. She does not have the grace required and she looks awkward when trying to look graceful. She is trying very hard, but the dance was not complicated and didn’t require much in the way of technicality. I am looking forward to seeing her play soccer soon where she excells!

      • ashlee

        I agree with Jane. Hope danced badly. The rumba is a seduction dance. Hope is as seductive as a clump of straw on the dance floor. In addition her outfit screamed grunge, not romance. It was a distraction. She may be a fantastic soccer player but she will never be even a fluid dancer. As for Max his frustration at always getting below average partners finally got the best of him.

      • Dee

        I agree the judges should judge thats the purpose of them being on the show ,,but that does not mean its ok to call people names like a penguin very unprofessional and to comment and judge the dance is exactly what it means judge the proformance and it doesn’t give the right for insult ,,I feel max and Len was wrong and also Brono with the name calling ,,,rude is rude no changing the defintion remember they go out to do their best not to be insulted ,I’ve enjoyed the show up until now

      • Jean

        Hope is a bad dancer, the choregraphy was bad, and the shoes she wore were bad. Though Hope cant be saved, Maks’ choreography was Hope-less.

      • gmaj

        Not sure I have even missed an episode yet and I must say Len doesn’t judge fairly. He tends to vote according to popularity. I would really love to see this be a dance contest again.

      • bsbfankaren

        No one wants to take a good hard light at the gorilla in the room. Hope Solo is not taking any of this seriously, and is not really trying. It make me mad that Maks says things to Hope in rehearsal, then get’s annoyed if someone repeats the same criticism he as given Hope. Let’s recall Maks himself telling Hope she needed to walk sexier. When Len said the same thing, Maks had a fit. I think Maks need to take a break, and let another pro take his place for a season or two, and see how he feels then.

      • Debbie

        Jane, it that your name or is it really Derek H.? Don’t agree w/ everyone telling her/him to shut up though.

      • Julie

        Even tho I agree with you that the judges are supposed to “judge” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ but constructive criticsim without being “insulting”, is the rule of thumb. And that’s the way they use to do, with the exception maybe of Michael Bolten. Some of Len’s remarks this week were presented in a harsh manner, but Bruno’s personal attacks on Chaz were totally out of line. The show’s producer should ask the judges to critique the celebrity guests and offer encouragement . . . . . . not “belittle” them. They all seem to be working very hard on their performances and they deserve better than what’s being handed out lately.

      • Carol Johnston

        The judges need to point out improvements but do not need to be cruel and Len is just plain mean!!

      • IrishLoca

        Was glad to see that someone finally said it — HOPE IS A BAD DANCER — I have been a regular fan of Dancing with the Stars and I have to say this is the first season that I see no chemistry whatsoever with Max and his partner. She is a horrible dancer and should have been gone a while ago. Yes, Len was hard but they are there to judge on technique. Max could have held his comments for the confessional room. I have always liked Max but I think he is getting too cocky for his own good. Tony deserves a chance at a better partner as well as Louie who isn’t even on this time around. But in reality besides the judge’s marks it’s a popularity contest and those with a bigger fan base gets the most votes whether they are a good dancer or not. Thus, that is why Hope is still around.

      • sudha

        I agree that Hope has been a hopeless dancer from the beginning. She brings the athletic energy to dancing and loses being graceful. And dancing is all about grace especially for a girl. Unfortunately her pouts and attitude made her look so ugly which didn’t help either.

        Maks may be a good dancer but a poor choreographer. Derek is such a creative and talented choreographer. That is why his partners score well.

        I hope Maks doe not return. We don’t want DWTS becoming a Jerry Springer show.

    • Laugh

      I agree that Derek always gets the good dancers, but he also seems to have a more even keel. I think Maks gets all the hotheaded women to work with because it makes “good tv” to see Maks butt heads with them. My fave was Maks and Mel B…they were ROBBED! Helio was NOT a good dancer…nobody who gets only a 7 in the finale show deserves to win…booooo……that said, I’m rooting for Karina and JR this season…it’s time for her to finally get a win! I don’t care for Hope anymore. She didn’t do herself any favors by coming on this show. I don’t like her attitude at all. Kinda takes away my pain that I felt for her when she missed those goal kicks and Japan won the World Cup.

      • ray

        just to help Hope out a little here…they were penalty kicks that she did not block..and that her teammate didn’t make on their end. If you gonna comment at LEAST get it right.

      • Think Twice

        “Kinda takes away my pain that I felt for her when she missed those goal kicks and Japan won the World Cup.” It seems you don’t know about soccer. Very well taken penalty kicks are NOT DEFENDABLE by any goalkeeper! Saying that how about 3 of USA players who took the penalty kicks only as shot on target! In soccer there are many more shots on target, than goals! The goals that Japan scored were not the result of a brilliant Japan ofensive line action, but were man – to man marking mistakes in the box. We see that kind of mistakes in man soccer too. At none of Japan goals Solo had blame. If I were WS coach I would replace half of the 2nd place WC players and not … Solo. and I am not even Hope Solo’s fan.

      • Valdez

        I disagee. Helio was a good dancer. The couples both were evenly matched. It was just Helio’s and Julianne’s chemistry together that got them the win.

      • rita

        Bruno is a LITTLE freak and I think it is time all the judges to find another job Len is an old crab he needs to get some and Carrie Ann is o.k.

    • Mandy

      Jeez!! READ the article!! It isn’t DEREK, but MAKS!!

      • DUH

        No, YOU read the article. They’re responding to the comment Derek made at the end.

      • Mary

        Ditto!!!! I’ve been reading these comments and it’s amazing how the subject of the article changes so easily. Prime example of how gossip works.

    • Jenna

      I’ve never been much of a Maks fan. Always thought his ego was too big, but I became a fan last night. Its about time someone spoke up to these judges who play more to the camera now than they did in the past. They play good judge/bad judge against each other. Their comments and scores have become so scripted its a farce. I wish they’d all be replaced by more professional judges. And Tom needs to step it up in controlling things.

      • Karen Dooley

        I agree. All the judges needs to be replaced. They do not score according to their comments. There is no way that Derek & Ricki should have gotten the same score as Jr & Katrina last night and on previous nights.

      • Sprite

        Very correct Karen…I feel as if the judges are deliberately scoring JR down because he is clearly very popular even if he not well known (He is the only person on this year that I had never heard of before!). He is obviously a good dancer, has a heartfelt story and seems like a trully nice man who is just having fun, learning to dance and enjoying being with everyone. Derek on the other hand has Ricki…who seems nice enough…but not really compelling. Her dances have been good, but she just doesn’t seem to be having fun and has already threatened to quit several times. As a viewer, I am just not connecting with her and the fact that the judges continue their fawning over Derek, doesn’t help. I am voting for JR since it seems to me that they are trying to keep Derek by underscoring JR…maybe so that he does not take off another season like the last one. Maks was right…I just hope that he isn’t so p*ssed off that he takes off next season!

      • Julie

        I agree with u-it was a couple weeks ago when rob Kardashian did the paso doble and he wasn’t that good and got high marks-Carrie Ann plays huge favorites and is kissing up to the kardashians I’m over the show-fire Anaba!

      • Linda

        Hooray for Maks…From the beginning, the judges put down on Hope the very same way they came down on Ralph Macchio. He did not deserve it and neither does Hope. Kudos for Maks standing up for his partner. Not only should the judges be replaced but Brooke
        Burke Charvet as well. What an airhead…

      • anonymous

        maks is the only one who tells the truth, and expresses what others have felt for years. the judges are all biased, the show is dishonest, and, it is full of crap. it is all for show, and not authentic. chaz should have been kicked off right away and not chyna but carrie ann kept her on cause she felt the lesbian or transexual rights group would cause a big stink.

      • Brenda

        I was so glad MAKS let them know that they are human beings too. Those judges act as if the performers are DOOR MATS.. Carry Ann had the nerve to say Maks was being disrespecful??? She play favoritism, Len don’t care how or what he says to humans.. Those dancers are the reason most people watch the show. Show some courtesy and respect. Stop giving the same ones the trophy all the time. Maks and Tony deserves it too. People are buzzing about this. Carry Ann think before speaking. A change is coming…

      • Ballin

        Len has been pretty negative toward Hope. She’s been a difficult partner because I think her athleticism has gotten in the way instead of helped her. Regardless the judges have been unnecessarily rude this season, all of the dancers have worked hard and deserve respect. They don’t have to give them scores they don’t deserve but respect would help. On another note…..Brooke has to go, I have to mute the TV when she talks, talk about clueless….she’s the winner of that award!

      • Deymisson

        At about 2:05 left, on your spinning wheel, Andy goes to the 5th itensad of the 3rd, and is making a face at Derek when he does it. Lots of energy. Very, very, very cool.On another note, how amazing would a Derek/Andy/CC concert be? Answer: Cool, as long as it was about 10 hours long.

    • Beth in MI

      Totally agree. Judge the performance. Other performers come out and barely move and get 6’s & 7’s, but nothing critical is said to them in fear of being seen as prejudiced or judgemental (Chaz). I think Len has consistently been really negative with Hope.

      • Bob in So. Cal

        I totally agree. Len has been really negative toward Hope. Len is just to harsh with Hope. I think Len so be the one to go home and be replaced. Far too critical. Glad someone stood up to Len. Thank you Maks

      • Jane

        When have the judges ever given Chaz high scores? Maks was unprofessional and this is not the first time he has mouthed off about being picked on. Last season he did a good job with Kirsti and kept in control and got second place. I was hoping he would learn from that experience. He spoiled what was a pretty good show last night.

        As for Derek, it’s hard to be number 1 and by all measures, he is. Most mirrored-balls, most wins for DaD, most Emmy nominations. Does he have more competitive wins, maybe not, but he stopped competing at that level in his early 20’s to do this show.

      • Caren

        Do you think he is so hard on Hope because she is a professional athlete? I mean look at Chaz, he is severly overweight, so he gives him a break. He has higher expectations for the girl who has a fantastic physical body, good or not good? Are they all judged on a different scale?

      • kay may

        I agree it’s time to replace judges and Brooke. Maks has always been my one of my favorites. I’m glad he had the guts to speak up.

      • PR Diva

        Len does not like Maks so he will ALWAYS pick on whoever is his partner.

        But, I do agree the judges to play favorites and Derek can do no wrong …..EVER and it’s so obvious.

    • Silv

      Derek has lost it often enough. And the judges have been ridiculously inconsistent. They’re so far up their favorites’ skirts/pants that they’ve ruined this show. Maks and Lacey are right. When they don’t like a dancer, they get mean. Len’s been a cranky old fart all this season and should consider hanging up his dance shoes.

      • Jan

        Pls change the way judging is done. Bad show this year. Why is Chaz and Nancy still there? Len should not come back on the show. Show should be like So You Think You Can Dance, grreat way to vote. Pros won’t come back nx yr and the show will tank.

      • LiT

        I agree, if they can’t handle the commute to and from the UK without it affecting their attitudes, then please don’t do both shows at the same time.

      • anonymous

        silv, you are right…derek has lost it before, as other’s. maks is totally right.

        len need to retire or get fired.

        jane should shut up and stop badmouthing maks, because he is a definate asset on dwts to the group., as everyone has kept the truth in..so sad how scared they have all been to express themselves. a real sick system…kudos to maks…great job maks.

      • leanorap

        Best said!

    • Manu

      Derek is a fantastic choreographer and he doesn’t act unprofessional like Maks.

    • tom

      Can it please be hope that goes home? I could care less about maks outburst — she’s terrible — alright, just not that great and should have gone home weeks ago. I’m just afraid her going will make some believe it’s because of maks comments — which is not the case.

      • Devender

        1. It does totally have that SMASGF thing going for it, and that is deiltfneiy not bad. I love the Andy vocal on it, too.2. Has anyone else noticed that it’s my sister (singular), my brothers (plural)? As in, Danielle and the six other Caedmon’s guys? (Is that the case, or am I reading too much into this?)

    • Mary

      I totally agree with Maks.. The judges have their favorites..Personally I would like just once for Derek to get a crappy partner oh wait he did and through a hissy fit too.. It’s always easy to say Maks is wrong when your not the one getting put down week after week

      • Debbie

        and Carrie Ann swooning over Rob K every week…he can’t dance from the waist up but she keeps giving him great marks. Probably hoping she will get invited into the Kardashian clan!

    • Laura

      I agree. Derek is good at what he does but he never has a bad partner so he has a big advantage. He’s not in the same boat as the rest of the pros.

      • Tyler

        Crossfiter moving tadorws CFE. Here is the problem. Im studying for the CPA exam and have only about an hour to devote per day tadorws fitness. Anyone have advice on how to work the two a days into my schedule. Or any programing on rotating a WOD & Sport training. After completion of exam I will be devoted to the program but for right now I just need to make it fit into my schedule. Thanks

    • Gina

      I do like Derick, but there is a conflict when you work with Len outside of the show. Of course Len is not going to be callus with his comments. Derick does get better partners. Max had ever right to stand up to Len especially when the judging is not fair across the board.

    • Are you kidding?

      The bottom line is that at least 2 of the judges are rude. There is no excuse for calling someone names. Didn’t we learn this in school and at home? I agree with Maks and I support him comments 100%.

    • ;ona Trinosky

      You tell them maks good for you ; All over tv is talk about bullying and standing up to bullys. Well the judges were asking for it. The comment about Chaz being a penguin was uncalled for.And sitting back at home you can see them picking on certain people. They need to watch the past epesodes. Maybe they will think twice when they speak because they need to. It is dancing with the stars and you my friend was shining bright.They are stars but they have feelings. You can critique the dances but not the person.. You called them on thier crap and so very glad you did because if they continued on the path they were on the show would die out because it would end up no stars would want to participate. I wouldnt put myself in the line of fire. Keep your head high and be proud of standing up to bullying.



      • Barbara Madigan

        I agree. Good Job Maks. I believe we need new judges. It’s so unfair. It’s making a bad name for the show. It was my favorite show, but I really don’t care if I watch it anymore. Hang in there Maks..

    • Jimmy

      I have read all your comments, Thank God we still can speak our minds. As for Maxs, let’s not forget he is a professional and deserves respect. The judges which, I think all should be fired. It’s like they are up there to think of the harshest and rudest thing to say about someone instead of being the professionals they say they are and give constructive criticisms. That is what judges do. I have watched this show since it began and CareyAnn is a has been and a wannabe and as for Lin, the old goat should retire or losen his panties and the other idiot judging, no hope for him. These contestants have feelings and should be given credit for trying. All I can say is Maks, Good for you. I would have put a fist in Lyns mouth and knocked Carey Ann on her ass. The other one is a waste of time.

    • carlea

      i totally agree. derek is the chosen one so he always gets good partners so he doesn’t need to defend his partners. even when he danced with jennifer, she had mistakes in several dances that got 30s. so it just goes to show that the judges have their favorites

  • Sarah

    Why would Derek say something bad to the judges? They Think everything he does is perfect

    • roy

      Well if you look to what Derek brings to the table in class and quality in comparison, why would he have to defend himself.Maks is a self arrogant prick who needs to show more professionilsm to ballrom dancing…..

      • mostboringseasonever

        Maks is the most arrogant and obnoxious pro ever to grace the DWTS stage. It’s time for him to hang up his dancing shoes.

      • Barb


      • Barb

        Let me clarify…that AMEN is for Roy’s comment, not mostboringseasonever’s.

      • Allymax

        Maks has an inflated view of his abilities. Since when is he the show? Hope’s bad attitude and lousy dancing should’ve sent her home a long time ago. As for judges, they’re there to critique and judge the routines. Maks has always been thin-skinned but the judges were right: he created lousy choreography for a lousy partner. As for Derek, he’s the best choreography pro on the show. Send Hope home, then Chaz, then Rob (enough already with the Kardashians anywhere on TV) and have the final between JR and Ricki, the best of the bunch.


        NOT TRUE

      • Jimmy

        you are an idiot

      • sudha


      • sudha

        Amen to Roy’s comment. Derek is a gifted choreographer while Maks is not.

    • BobS

      Well, if you watch the show, you have to hand it to Derek! Great talent! Most everything he does IS superior to the others!

    • Kathy

      Derek is a professional, Max is not, it’s that simple.

      • Kitty

        Maks is more professional than Derek would ever hope he could be. I love Makes for the way he stands up to those idiot judges. Like Maks said, you can critize all you want, it is the disrespect he had a problem with. So before you put down Maks, how about you ACTUALLY GET IT RIGHT!

  • Mike

    I do think the judges are biased and don’t judge equally from contestant to contestant – so, Maks was right. BUT he was also over the line in some of his comments. And as for Derek – please, Derek is VERY good, but he is the golden boy of the show and every season gets a celebrity that has a strong chance of getting him to the end. Having him somewhat side against Maks is just Derek knowing where his preferential treatment is coming from.

    • Lindsey

      Totally agree with everything you said. The judges definitely don’t judge equally. They rated Chaz Bono and Hope Solo almost the same. That’s inexcusable. Chaz is a nice person, but he can’t dance at all. Hope has some dancing ability. I think Len and Maks both crossed the line. The dance was much better than Len gave it credit for and Maks lost his temper. I enjoy Derek and really do think he is the most talented male dancer BUT he is given an advantage every season by being paired with a probable winner. It’s clear he’s the favorite of the judges and the producers of the show.

      • andi

        Well said!

      • Jake

        I do like Derek but this notion that he is “the chosen one” by the producers is beyond ludicrous. How would the producers know his partners are going to be good? Or popular? Maybe some of his partners are “good” because he is a good teacher/choreographer. Derek had only had one true ringer–Nicole. Everyone else has been a crapshoot. Jennie Garth was sweet but never brilliant. Shannon Elizabeth was a mess. Brooke Burke and Joana Krupa were nobodies. Lil Kim was an ex convict and he took her to week 9. Jennifer Grey was a 50 yr old has been and ricki lake has not been on television in over 10 years and is chubby. How can anyone honestly say that the producers always give Derek “the good” partners. I think people here forget that Maks has gotten 3 singers, 3 athletes and the uber popular kirstie whos dances were hit and miss and he still has yet to won.

      • PPO

        Well said Jake. I could’t agree more! Who could have EVER guessed RICKI LAKE would be this good?!!!

      • Barbara

        I agree with Jen. It has been a puzzle to me from day 1 how Chaz was even on the show—he has almost no grace and it’s been painful to watch him. It’s a good thing he has a patient partner. Why are dancers with potential voted off and he stays on?

      • Cahow

        I agree with Lindsey. BOTH Len and Maks are at fault: Len, for being an Old Fart, and Maks for talking back to an Old Fart. They BOTH need “times out”.

      • Ana Logan

        Bruno, Len and Carrie Ann are getting way to much power..they are rude and insensite and definitively have their favorite,,they already decided who is gonna be at the finale…Mask was right last night but Hope needs to change her attitude also…

      • Barb

        Totally agree and let’s not forget, if Derek were given the lesser talented that Maks and Tony get once in awhile he may have more to complain about. However, he is the favorite so I’m sure it wouldn’t happen that way anyway. Oh well..

      • America

        ok Barb, your vendetta agaisnt Derek makes no sense. “If Derek were given the lesser talented that Maks and Tony get”

        Ok lady, Derek got Ricki Lake, a washed up fat chick who’s biggest success was a tabloidesque talk show and Maks got a world class athlete in her prime. So, explain to me again your point, cause you are lookin like a total fool right now

    • kathy

      I agree

      • woodrow

        what is wrong with you,chasticy is not a man at all but a highly confused woman,like bruno said a penguin trying to be a falcon

      • Rick

        Jennifer Grey was a trained dancer and Ricky Lake was an actor and performed on Broadway … It is no surprise they did well!

      • Mellissa

        If you’re going to insult, at least spell correctly, woodrow!

    • Sandy

      Derek was once again complimented for his cherography & Carrie Anne & Bruno both gave him & Ricki a standing O which I think is very inappropriate (judges should not be doing that ever). He not only gets partners with potentional, this is the first season he has received challenging songs. For paso or Argentine tango, he always gets the most traditional perfect songs. Add the perfect lighting – dark with a spot – which they rarely do for anyone else – he is the golden boy. I think Maks was a little over the top – but was also reacting from previous weeks. Hope is struggling, but they have been calling her out for ‘lack of effort’,’not being committed’, nothing about dance itself & then Len attacked Maks directly. Too much. She did better than Chaz & they ended with almost the same score.

      • carrie

        I agree with the previous comment and couldn’t have said it any better!

      • Chris

        Hope was not good at all! She dances like a dude. So awkward. The Judges should not call names but you have to admit….both Chaz and Hope are due to go!

      • Carol

        agree with Sandy! Hope was dressed alful! I wouldn’t walk a dog looking like that , let alone being on a dwts tv show, when everyone else looks beautiful. Whats the deal anyway. You can’t be sexy much less dance sexy if you look like that wearing a horse blanket! OMG!!!

    • Lisa

      Derek gets preferential treatment cause he’s the best choreographer. His personality is irritating, but he really knows how to make his partner look good in a routine. Maks only tries to make himself look good.

      • Mellissa

        He gets preferential treatment because he’s got realitives who are producing the show.

      • Chris

        Melissa, where did you get that from?????

      • Mellissa

        I read somewhere that a Ballas family member works on the production team, and because the Houghs were pretty much raised by Corky and Shirley Ballas…however, I just checked IMDB and didn’t see the last name of “Ballas” under the production staff…meaning, I could be wrong, or they’re not working under the name of “Ballas.”

      • Bev Moore

        Derek is a excellent dancer. Makes is also but he should not have outbursts like he did the other night especially when he knows his partner hope cannot dance. come on maks you know better.

    • fg

      I think the fact that Lacy sided with Maks and Derek with the judges says it all.

      • vestal

        Len works with Derek….that says it all…plus Derek siding with the judges when there was a time that he mouthed off at them too!! Derek is not even half the man/pro that Maks is!!!

      • Seth

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      • Michelle

        As a lifelong Bulls fan who vildivy remembers watching Jordan against the TrailBlazers in the 92 finals at 6 years old, this book is pretty much right up my alley. I’ve always known Jordan was a hard worker and fiercely competitive. By many accounts he wasn’t a very nice guy either. His fairly recent HOF speech seems to back some of that up. How does this book paint that part of him (if at all)? Just curious.

  • Sheran

    I find the judges horrible this year. With the exception of Carrie Ann, they give NO positive feedback and to ridicule the stars they way they do..I don’t know if I’ll continue to watch the show. Bruno’s comment about Chaz Bono is unforgiveable and completely disrespectful. Maks is so correct. Len needs to step off from the show…he’s been very cranky and annoying this season.

    • Alex

      Maks needs to shut up about disrespect because Maks himself is the most disrespectful to Hope of anybody. She is miserable on the show and wants to quit because Maks berates her all day every day and tells her everyone has given up on her. His way of teaching is awful and has had a negative effect on almost all of his partners. He’s an egotistical a**hole and doesn’t know how to be positive and encouraging. He makes me cringe he is so rude to everyone.

      And HIS show…..what an effin joke that is!! He thinks the world revolves around him. He needs to leave and he’ll see that DWTS will do just fine without him!!!!

      • dee

        i agree a lot with what you said about maks teaching methods. EVERY season he makes his partners cry and pretty much s-ks the joy out of the experience (with mostly lame choreography besides) and he wonders why he never wins? his teaching may get results in the pro circuit, but these are celebrities and his “i will never change” attitude hurts their chances every time. you can get results and WIN with positive reinforcement – kim johnson is a great example of this. sometimes you need to put your ego aside (hello) and alter your teaching method to help your student learn best. hope even said this in rehearsals “i know how i learn best.” NO ONE wants to be beaten down 24/7 like he does to all of his partners. no wonder she wants to quit.

      • audge

        I agree that Bruno goes on about nothing sometimes, bu let’s face it..the judges are their to give constructive criticism. Max has a negative attitude and was out of line. Totally disrespectul. His partner Shannon has an attitude problem also. Everyone has gotten some form of criticism and they don’t fly off the handel. I do agree there is favortism for some but hey that is the real world. Suck it up.

      • nuffsaid

        @audge….. Hope is his partner this year, not Shannon. I do think that Max was a little out of line this time, but I can understand why he was upset. Len has been a bit miserable this whole season. Maybe he needs to retire. Bruno seems to get away with a lot of inappropriate remarks.

      • Sally

        OMG! Be realistic! When do we see Maks celebs cry – during the video package. And the video package is HEAVILY edited. Maks is the bad boy of DWTS therefore they edit his package that way. Nancy has cried a few times and yet Tristan isn’t called a bad guy. Ricki talked about quitting the show, and yet Derek didn’t get any flack for that. Don’t read to much into those ridiculously edited video packages. They are there for one thing – to waste tv time.

        And audge I’ll agree with you – the judges are there to give constructive criticism. Still waiting for that though.

      • Caroline

        I was shocked at Mak’s total disrespect to Len. For Maks to say it is his show was appalling. I was totally taken aback by the whole episode.

      • Vivish

        Really well said

      • linda

        i agree,why does Maks think it is his show,get real,he acts like he is gods gift to women.in reality he is a big jerk.He himself was chewing his partners butt off and putting her down during rehearsal.hope is an awlful dancer and so is Chaz so of course Maks and Lacy are upset ,they just are not the teacher that Derek is,come on Maks your little finger doesnot even compare to anything that Derek has.you only wish you have the sex appeal that he has.the judges are there to judge you and your partner and if you cannot take the heat,maybe you should hang up your dancing shoes and get over yourself.

      • Debbie

        well said, Sally! The producers show whatever they please in the editing to tell the story THEY want to tell! Hours + hours are left on the cutting room floor.

    • BobS

      The judges have been TOO vocal…attempting to be entertaining. Result…..just talking over each other. Bruno needs to realize that his over the top showboating was funny early on and then only within limits. Now he seems to do it with every breath he takes. WAY to much Bruno!

      • CJ

        I agree….WAY TOO MUCH BRUNO!!

      • Marianna

        Truer words have never been spoken. The judges have become a caricature of themselves. Bruno’s in and out of his chair like a demented jack-in-the -box in Pee Wee Herman’s House of Horrors, Carrie Ann vacilates between emoting teary eyed emotion and trying to relive her fly girl days bopping around behind the judges table, and Len seems to be taking entirely too much pleasure reveling in his status as ‘Resident Grouch’. All three of them are beyond tiresome. They need to get back to the art of the dance and quit making it so personal and all about themselves.

      • Soap On A Rope

        @Mari anna. I agree with what you said. Anytime a show such as DWTS which has three judges, each judge always tries to out do the other with their comments. This often gets out of hand. But sometimes I think that we the viewers encourage them.

      • Mari anna @ Soap On A Rope

        SOAP!!!!!!!! * Shrieks with pure unadulterated happiness* How was your summer? And Lady? You two got on alright while your wife was visiting the grands in Mexico? Usually I spend the summers in Portugal with the kids but this year I went to summer school instead. Interesting stuff. You can not begin to imagine how much I miss you on Survivor, it seems to be a season made for your special kind of observation. Such a shame that production manipulation had to spoil it to the point where you no longer have the stomach to watch. Puppy Dog is there but she’s being flamed something terrible right now. Actually, the entire board is being flamed by a trio of Hantz lovers who all happen to live in the same body. They even have conversations with their own selves!
        But on to DWTSs and the latest judging brouhaha….. You’re right in that the viewers encourage some of the judges behavior, it’s like we’re always needing to be entertained just that little bit more rather than leaving things purely professional. Bruno, Carrie Ann, and to a somewhat lesser extent, Len, unfortunately, have taken that paradigm and run away with it. The inmates have taken over the assylum.
        Be well my friend. And whenever you get a chance keep in touch. I miss you.

      • Soap On A Rope

        Great to hear from you. Yes my wife had a great time in Mexico visiting our grand daughter. Lady and I held down the fort while she was gone. Even though I have not commented on the blog this season, I still read them. I understand what you mean about flaming. Who ever the D**K head is that has been doing it has sure ruined it for everyone else. I noticed that he had even taken a turn at attacking you. I have found that the people who comment on the DWTS blog are of a more civil nature. As for commenting on next seasons Survivor, I will just have to wait and see. I don’t know how much you know about Wednesday’s show, but Ozzie is going to volunteer to be voted off and sent to Redemption Island. He is going to supply the other tribe with false information and let one of his team mates hold his HII. Next season they are not going to have any retreads return as well as NO MORE Redemption Island. I do miss commenting on the Survivor blog, but hopefully next season. I truly feel for Puppy Dog. The flamers seem to have concentrated their spitefullness on him.

      • Mari anna @ Soap On A Rope

        I don’t know how you get your information but I LOVE IT. I’ve been pretty happy with the season so far, but wow, that is surely going to perk things up around the island. Yeah, the flamer otherwise known as ‘Tommy D’ has taken a run or two at me. Well, every post, actually. It’s just what he does. A few fight back, most choose just to ignore him in the hopes he’ll go away. He won’t. And truthfully, if you ignore all the hyperbole and name calling, sometimes he can get you to re-think your posistion, or vigorously defend it – as the case may be, and sometimes, while I will never, ever say this out loud to him, he makes me laugh – hard. Like this one time, he was accusing me of nipping at moonshine. Side note – I am a girl of many talents and I actually do know how to make the stuff, you use the grape skins after you’ve finished pressing for the wine… But I digress, anyway, so then he writes something to the effect of, “Eh drunks, what are you going to do with them? You can’t shoot them. At least not legally.” And I can not, to this day, stop laughing about it. Mind you, I never showed my husband, he would have had forty five separate but equally bombastic crap fits, but to me it was just so Larry, Darryl and Darryl, I’m sitting here laughing just remembering it. Come back to us next season, it’s not the same without you there. I feel badly for Puppy too but truth be known, she’ll be okay, she reminded me a lot of Jane – till Jane tipped off the deep end, Puppy’s more pragmatic. To say nothing of opinionated, feisty, loyal and an incredibly gifted artist. Funny thing the internet, brings out the best and worst the human condition has to offer. Glad I was able to find some of the best of it in you, Puppy and a handful of others.

      • lar

        I really do enjoy the show for the entertainment factor. There has been many times that a less talented person has got to stay and the better dancer voted off.(Palen) Anyway, I agree that if the judges would stick to a real scoring on talent basis the show would be more fair. I feel like this season in particular has thrown in sexuallity exceptance not ballroom dancing talents!
        Too much more of this and I feel the ratings will drop and the show may be doomed. Bruno is just WAY too flaming and in your face for me. I just dred his comments because they embarass me for him. Bruno needs to remain in his chair and stop acting out every critic!!!!! Maybe “Dancingwts” has run its course. It is about ballroom dance and not social acceptance.I love all of the celebs for who they are and I know people are not kind always, but just shut up and dance for goodness sakes.

    • kathy

      Len has been very cranky….every show. I could see replacing him. Chaz looked so hurt. Rob has a baby face but he’s still a man. They where rude to him and I don’t think Hop does that bad. Len can’t even give out 10’s when the others do. I don’t like him.

      • judy

        They were SO RUDE to Rob, even more than Maks and Hope. Kept going on how he wasn’t a man, comeon! He was hurt, he even said “i graduated college” to defend her frat boy comment. They are tearing people apart in the wrong way, and not judging fairly.

      • Mellissa

        Which is why I think Maks was spot on–he’s the only pro with the balls to say it.

    • jana

      What Bruno said about Chaz was right. He is like a penguin out there. No rhythm, no style, no grace. It’s just a way for the show to get attention since it seems these boring d-list celebs aren’t drawing in viewers anymore.

      • Anna

        Did anyone really think that Chaz could dance…? COME on now…it is a reality show…the have some action and drama…Chaz is horriable but she/he has many followers…

      • Kristen

        The correct pronoun is “he”, not “she/he”. Be respectful.

    • Lisa

      Bruno can be cruel (calling Michael Bolton a dog a couple of seasons ago!) but I didn’t think he meant the penguin comment to be mean. He said a CUTE penguin…it probably wasn’t the best choice of words, but I don’t think he meant it to be harsh. Not that I’m a mind reader though!

      • Manu

        Bruno can be out of line with his words but I think it’s because he has trouble expressing himself/finding the correct words. He didn’t call Bolton a dog he said he was like a dog – meaning the way he was “dancing” was not like a person should on the dance floor (let’s face it Bolton sucked!) Also…what he said about Chaz was wrong but like I said I don’t think he knows how to find the correct words so he ends up making hurtful statements nonetheless he should check himself before opening his mouth with those comments. Now….Maks – what an egotistical ass. Every season he acts like he thinks he the greatest thing on earth and this makes him very unattractive. He was way out of line last night and can’t face the facts that he sucks as a choreographer. Was Hope dancing last night?? She was hugging herself most of the time and just walking around mostly….at least Chaz did some dancing last night.
        Anyways we all know it’s a popularity contest and not really a dance contest right?

      • colleen

        Chaz doesn’t deserve to be called a penquin, but he can’t dance. Followers or no followers , I wouldn’t vote for him even if he was my best friend. It’s not fair our votes should go to those who can or are at least showing real improvement.

      • Mimi

        With all the anti-bullying campaigns now, it’s really sad that a judge on a nationally televised TV show can call a contestant at “penguin”…and it’s not the first time this season he called Chaz a name. That is NOT constructive criticism, it’s bullying and Bruno should be reprimanded. That was more offensive than Maks’ rant on Len.

  • June Mertz

    Way to go Maks! The “stars” are not professional dancers. They are working hard and putting effort into it….some should have been voted off but they are still there and should be given some amount of respect.

    • Carol

      Actually, I didn’t think Maks’ and Hope’s dance was that bad. One positive thing I noticed is that the “sexy” lessons seemed to pay off, as Hope was sexier than she has been in past dances. She was also sexier in the group dance. Would it have killed even ONE judge to point that out??

      • Laurin

        Actually Carrie Ann did point it out

      • Valdez

        Chaz couldn’t dance period. I will watch the show next week because that disaster is finally gone.

  • Amy

    I am totally Team Maks. Len is a moron…this British imbecile needs to go back to where he came from. He gave Hope and Maks the same score he gave Chaz. Seriously? These judges have personal agendas. They love Derek Hough because he sucks up to them. Maks always puts them in their place and that’s why they are always unfair to him. They are 3 of the worst judges of any reality competition. I wanted to give Carrie Ann a tight slap tonight. Good for Maks…he is a MAN who is not afraid to defend himself against unfair judgment, unlike those gay boys like Derek Hough.

    • wizza b

      well said!!!

    • julie alvarez

      If you listen to Len, he gives constructive criticism. Can anyone say Hope danced well last night…she is just not that good and Len tells it like it is. It’s a British thing….they tell the truth and don’t sugar coat it. It’s amazing to me that people can’t take criticism and want nothing but praise even when they don’t do well. Hope’s attitude is terrible, and Maks was very disrespectful…like a spoiled brat ….I used to like him but not anymore. Everyone should remember that this is a dance show…it’s not life and death, it’s supposed to be fun!!!

      • IrishLoca

        So spot on. Hope can’t dance and she has a terrible attitude. Yes the judge’s have been a little cruel this season but Mak was just plain rude and cocky. I have always been a Mak fan but he needs to tone it down.

    • trish

      I second that!! The judges have their favorites and it’s wrong to show that. No wonder Derek didn’t side with the judges. He is the golden boy!

  • Taylor S

    I love Maks…he is so hot. He is the only reason I watch this show. In fact, he is probably the only reason anyone under the age of 25 watches this show. Because if you take him out…you are left with a bunch of gay dancers and old judges…no eye candy. I support you Maks…you tell ‘em! This is YOUR show! Haha.

    • Sal

      I had no idea young people under 25 were both sexist and bigoted. They hate gay people (“gay dancers”) and they hate old people (“old judges”). Illuminating comment.

    • Emma

      Me, all of my friends, and everyone I know under 25 and older than 25 , watch DWTS for Derek Hough. You may not like the attention he gets, but Derek is a HUGE asset to the show and ABC knows it. His choreography and talent is unmatched, and he always puts on a brilliant show.

    • Bernice

      I am over 25, over 50, and the only reason I watch DWTS is Maks. I agree with his comments about how hard the stars work and they shouldn’t be put down the way some of them are. I don’t think he should have sounded off the way he did though.

      • Barbara

        I agree adn over the age of 50, give them credit they are trying like hell, they don’t deserve to be spoken to like that, and Bruno, HOw dare you.

      • KarT

        I agree. I am 49 & I like Maks.
        I don’t understand why the judges feel the need to demoralize the stars. They are taking a lot of time out of their lives, missing time with family, working hard, and sometimes getting seriously hurt (big career risk for the pro athletes). Rather than respecting them for these sacrifices, the judges take pot shots by calling them names and being really cruel.
        **Random thought** “I wonder exactly what the criteria is for being labeled a Star?”

    • Scorpio

      I agree with Taylor S. I’m 18 and Maks is the only reason I watch this show. He is hawwt,if he leaves so do I. He makes this lame show that is geared toward lame old audiences that have poor taste in t.v actually watchable.

    • Lin

      You are sooooo right… I watch because of him

    • Megan

      I agree, I’m 14 and Maks is the only reason I have watched this show for the last three seasons! Derek is hot too, but when Maks leaves the show it won’t be the same. I keep voting for him just because he is an amazing dancer, so I know they will improve.

    • T

      Agree – I’m under 25 and actually barely watch the show anymore. The only reason I did watch it was for Maks (and occasionally when they have entertaining or talent cast members – seriously lacking this season). This season however has been dropping each week in the ratings (even though golden boy Derek is back). The show is entertainment at the end of the day and disagreements like this, make for good TV – Over 450 comments and counting!

  • Bevie

    I quit watching once I heard judges favorite golden boy, Derek Hough was coming back. I can’t stand how he gets the popular celeb and they fawn over him. The judgeing is extremely biased.

    • CJ


      • Forwarddad

        Can u shut off your caps.

      • sally

        When you have an advantage of an experienced dance partner (il.e. Jennifer Grey), you are able to do more challenging chorography. He always gets partners with some dance background. The others don’t. He is the fair haired child and everyone knows it.

      • dvelcro

        Sally is right, when you continuously get partners that have even a minisucule of dance experience, Jennifer Gray, even Ricki, you can up the choreography. Maks has been robbed for so long, Derek is the worst of the worst because he has his nose so far up the judges butts you can see if you look down their throats. Len is the worst of the judges, if you cant give constructive criticism than you shouldn’t be there. Even though Chaz should be gone, he is really bad, what Bruno said last night was just wrong and very mean. This show used to be fun. Instead of re-vamping the stage, maybe the show needs re-vamping, starting with all of the judges.

    • jks

      I agree that the judges are biased toward Derek. Maks is my favoriate. His reaction last nite was a build up of the treatment of Hope over the whole season. Len is very rude toward her. You can criticize without being rude and tearing a person apart.

    • Chris

      He deserves it. He’s better than the others.

  • CJ

    Maks, get over yourself. Derek, you are a great choreographer….stick to dancing. Maks’ show, i don;t think so. The judgers and the pros forget it is really about teaching the “stars” to dance. Although this year, there is no star. JR is great with his dancing and sense of humor. the others….not so much. This is not the Maks ,Derek or Judges show. They should remember that. Hopefully, which I doubt, they actually may get some “stars” on the show. Get rid of Brooke.

  • SF Polack

    OMG, are there really people who give a rat’s patootie about this blatantly fake, miserably shallow, meaningless pile of trash? C’mon, folks, get a grip. And a life. And a sense of self-worth. Turn. Off. Your. Televisions.

    • Fatima

      Self-Important Weekly.

    • erm….

      your life is so full and exciting that you don’t have time to watch the shallow meaningless program but you can post your scathing comments, huh?

      that said, while Maks could have been a teensy bit more diplomatic, i can’t say he was entirely wrong. these judges are just getting cruel if the pro isn’t their “baby” Derek. “cuddly penguin” indeed. Bruno is an ass of the first water and gives me the creeps. the judging isn’t remotely consistent this season, and while i believe Hope’s attitude is the main thing that’ll keep her out of the finals, she didn’t deserve that comment from geezer boy.

      • wizza b


      • fg

        ‘ass of the first water”?

    • Standards & Practices

      Now, Len, you know we’ve talked about you using ABC’s computers to troll the EW.com comment boards …

    • BobS


  • MLL

    Maks, there’s no ‘whining’ and Hope stop crying.
    This is the same reason that Brandy didn’t make it.
    The practice session whining and talking back!! This really takes away from your dancing ability, to bad.
    Mak, you are supposed to be professional and you sounded like a whining brat, constructive critizisims not to be taken ‘personal’ by either of you. It’s part of the ‘show’ remember it’s show.

    • Kevin Bradley


      (sorry, Tom Hanks flashback)

    • tim

      MLL- shut up stupid!

    • jks

      The judges don’t critizise they want only to tear you apart unless they like you.

  • Rob

    Len clearly said it was “your worst dance” not the worst dance of the season. Maks has a huge ego and whines every season. The judges are there to judge technique and Hope didn’t dance well. Maks wants to act like he’s taking the high road protectng his partner; the video they showed right before the dance shows how difficult he can be

    • Heidi

      The producers do it on purpose. Every pairing has to have an ongoing reputation. He may have been upset with her for five minutes, and Ricki could have gone off and cried but we never saw that, we only saw a clip of Maks (and Nancy Grace’s partner) not looking happy with their situation. Both are great dancers, choreographers…

      And no way was it Hope’s worst dance!!!

      • Lisa

        Actually it was her worst dance. Which of her other routines do you think was worse than that one?

      • jul

        I think the judges don’t judge fair. I think chaz should not been voted off a long time ago. I think Maz was right for sticking up for Hope. I know it is by public vote but come on Chaz should go ( I like Chaz but he is not a good dancing)

    • Cindy

      Max’s ego is his worst enemy and can really can get in the way of enjoying the program. He is always hammng into the cameras, trying to steal the limelight from others. Acts as if he’s God’s gift to women. He wasn’t protecting her. Doubt he has ever cared about any of his partners other than as a reflection of himself. He felt it was about “his” dance on “his” show. The show is designed for professional dancers to be supporters for the stars. It’s about their dancing not his. He’s got it mixed up in his mind. He thinks the show is all about him. He is an excellent dancer, not the best choreagher in my personal view. But there are plenty of other excellent dancers who could replace him. Wish they had gotten rid of him after his last hissy fit. Loved it that he felt the Judges were too “judgemental”. Duh!

      • Chris

        couldn’t have said it better myself Cindy!

    • Mellissa

      He has reason to whine. No way what Derek did was worth two tens. No way what Hope did was worth one point more than Chaz. Even Chaz deserves comments regarding his improvment, but instead, he’s a penguin? WTH?

  • Suzanna

    Hope and max danced to a modern musical, theirs was the sexiest dance of the night, true blue sexy broadway ! Judges appear to be using canned comment for hope, so not nice. Max was right to defend her. It was a treat to see an actual stage dance. Others were nice, but boring. Loved this.

    • Dellane

      I loved Maks when he was partnered with Mel B – that was a sexy pairing! – but I thought his dance with Hope tonight was as exciting as dry toast. Agreed with the judges (this time at least) that the best of the night, easily, were Lake and JR.

      • Jane

        Agree. Ricki and JR are joyful and fun to watch. Maks and Hope both have horrible attitudes and can’t take any criticism. They also seem to be the only ones who can’t see that Hope sucks! She’s been overscored by the judges to even keep her in this long. She’s a terrible dancer with a terrible attitude, and I lost all respect for Maks tonight too.

      • Caren

        Hope is not good and Ricki is not that good!!

        JR FOR THE WIN!!!

  • Jujubee

    First of all, Maks said they were being picked on their “heel leads” not “heelies”. Len said the dance was full of heel leads & he thought Hope’s boots were part of the problem. I agree with Maks in some ways though. The judging is too uneven. They didn’t think Chaz did very well but tried to make a point to spin the positive stuff. Len says all the things that Chaz did wrong but then says, “good job, well done” to him. They don’t pick on Lacey for giving him easy choreography (though Carrie Ann did mention it tonite). Then Maks & Hope get ‘it’s your worst dance’ & ‘Maks it’s half your fault’?? I can see why he is frustrated, but he just went about it in all the wrong way, & instead of trying to help Hope, I think he might’ve blown it for her.

    • Heidi

      i worry about that too; I’d rather see Nancy go as she is so rude and exasperating to her partner Tristain.

      Please keep David/Kim and Maks/Hope! We know Ricki and Derek as well as JR and Karina will be at the end but Chaz or Nancy deserve to go. Even though Nancy did a good dance this evening she gave Tristain no credit and I just thought this is probably such a hard job for him to have to work with her.

      • CJ


      • Amanda

        I thought it was so rude when one of the judges commented on Ricki’s weight after the group dance. I mean, she brought it up herself, but I thought they were being really insensitive, and then they complimented Nancy Grace, who is bigger and not nearly as talented. Bah.

  • Bob Schulze

    Len and Bruno are being disrespectful to some of the contestants. It’s very unprofessional. The producers of the show need to have a word with them. Maybe Mak’s outburst will bring that about.

    • LOL

      America loves crap.

      • DRG

        Not only does it love crap, it wallows in it.

    • Sally

      I agree with Bob. I would love if the producers had a talk with the judges, but it won’t happen. Or it won’t do any good. The year when Bruno called Michael Bolton a dog. That was the year Bruno should have been gone. And yet he’s still here.

      Nothing will change until the fan base stops watching. I’ve heard the ratings are down this year so maybe changes will come someday.

      • Dottie

        And I agree with Sally – as a Bolton Fan – I was outraged that Bruno talked thata way – not only to Bolton, but to all contestants – Len is no better – these contestants are NOT dancers , but do the best they can.

      • Mellissa

        Don’t forget when he called Karina a p*ssy……cat.

    • tim

      yes, i agree! People above- please read the article first!! Gos! and, Msks did as any partner should have. He was right. GO MAKS!

      • Linda

        Was a loyal viewer, but am getting disgusted with the judges. Derek is a great choreographer, however he is the one you are watching rather than the star, as he showcases himself! Other Pros don’t seem to get the same treatment as he does. I can understand why Maks went on the defensive for Hope. Judges should be marking more on the Stars not the Pros performance. Maybe it is time for Len to retire his “boots”.

    • shirley

      I hope so………

      • Mayuki

        I miss the old format as well. Where are all the blalroom routines? Where are the performances that dazzle us for being so far from the dancers original style? I think that the choreographers are being truly cheated this season as well. Very few times before, the choreographers would have to slow down their routines for the dancers because they were too challenging to learn in a week. But now, I feel that the new contestants aren’t being challenged at all. Every week we see Jazz, Contemporary and Broadway, maybe Hip-hop. There’s no variation for the viewer and no challenge for the performer. The audience and the dancer are each completely missing the journey.The all-stars were so loved on their own seasons for being amazing outside of their own style. It’s bad enough that mainly contemporary dancers got picked for the show this season, beyond that, they are doing contemporary every week! I think this format is a complete waste of the new contestants talent. The winner of this season will have learned maybe half of what past winners have learned in their seasons. Please bring back the old format for the sake of the dancers and the viewers!

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