Len Goodman on 'Dancing With the Stars' feud with Maks: 'You can't be a judge at your own trial' -- VIDEO

Dancing With the Stars head judge Len Goodman has taken to Access Hollywood to address longtime professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s claim on Monday night that the celebrities on DWTS are judged on their “so-called potential” instead of the performance of the night.

“How often, in the heat of the moment, we say things where we think why did I say that? I think Maks is going through one of those period right now,” Goodman said.

“What they have to understand is: They’re on trial. We’re the judges,” Goodman clarified. “You can’t be the judge at your own trial.”

On Monday night, after Len called Hope Solo’s rumba her worst dance of the season, he said Maks was to blame for half of that and reminded the pro that he’s been in this business for 50 years. “Maybe it’s time to get out,” Maks shot back.

Check out the full video below: 

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  • Makswasright…….

    I’m sick and tired of the judges crap. They are so inconsistent and they CLEARLY favor some contestants over others. GO MAKS!!!!

    • Riley

      Agree! They’ve been pretty hard on Hope all season and very lax on others, like Carson. Not that I blame them for being easy on Carson, he was simply funny. But still, agree with Maks, they tell some “stars” their performance was entertaining and don’t critique dance technique, and spend their entire critique nitpicking others’ technique.

      It’s always obvious who their favorites are.

      • jmm

        It’s all about expectation. Fair or not, the expected Hope to be good, they didn’t expect Carson to be good. So Carson was funny, but not good, so they didn’t bother to critique because they felt it’s the best he could do anyway. With Hope- I think they felt she should be doing better, so the nitpicked. It’s not fair, but it’s the way it is.

      • jmm

        OOps, missed lots of “y’s” in that response.

      • Juicy

        I agree!

      • sharon

        Maks was rude, but told the truth! Chaz was simply AWFUL but was scored the same or close to Hope was simply unfair. Hope deserved fairness.

      • AliKat

        Well Max is right..gosh some get a 9 for less than good dancing and Hope and Chaz only get critized. Yes they are Judges but Len is alway whinning that no one is good enough. The show as I thought was supposed to be about guests who don’t dance to get a chance to do so with pro’s. Bruno is so condesending…he does not act like a professional…saying and doing silly things to make the contestants feel embarassed. Those contestants deserve more and by that I mean JUST BE FAIR…JUDGE THEM ALL THE SAME!!!

      • Janey

        You folks need to understand that the main reason some of the celebrities stay on is because of the public vote factor. Not many people know Hope and she doesn’t have a real following. If you want her to stay on, tell your friends and make them vote for her!

      • Thessapean

        Hope cannot dance in any way, shape, or form. Maks had the bad luck to draw her has a partner. She should have gone home and Chaz should have stayed.

      • irish

        @Thessapean – Max didn’t draw Hope as a partner, he had expressed a desire to dance with her. He basically campaigned for her to be on the show. I do think though that it’s been a lot harder than he thought it would be….based on how well the other female athletes have always done.

      • Riley

        Maks knew who Hope was prior to this season’s competition, and asked the Producers to get her on the show and make her his partner.

    • whatever

      A few seasons ago I would have been on the judge’s side . But now the scoring seems to have changed .

      Mediocre performances are getting 9s and 10s and no technical criticism ? I mean , to me a 10 means perfection . I am not seeing perfection in any dance . There are no pros here .

      No need then to also berate contestants and partners if scoring and commentary is going to be so lax .

    • Stuart Goldsmith

      Maks was more than right. It’s about time that someone told the arrogant Englishman off. He is not the be all and end all and perhaps he should have the good graces and retire when people still have a modicum of respect for him

      • JAW

        For one thing – he is not an arrogant Englishman. He is a judge and therefore doing his job. And if you are wanting to talk about someone being arrogant – then you should have put Mak’s name there. He has got to be the most ignorant out of all the pros on this show. The minute something doesn’t go his way he sounds off. And in my opinion, Hope has not been the greatest this year and her dance last night was boring.

      • me

        I totally agree!

      • jenny

        i totally agree. Maks should be kicked out of the competition; he was way beyond rude if he did not want to criticized, do not bother to be in this competition. Lenn is one of the judges, he is entitled to give comments. I believe the judges are knowledgeable, they can see what others can’t see. Last night, he sounded harsh, but he was right. Maks on the other hand, he was so rude. He is good at what he does, but he is definitely not a good teacher. I just wish he would be replaced by somebody else who had much better attitude. There are plenty people out there who have the capability as good as he is or even better than he is. Go judges!!

      • krista

        I think its about time that someone stands up to the judges…i can’t stand when len and bruno are plain out MEAN to the celebrities. just give them constructive criticism when they need it, praise them when they deserve it, and move on. i dont watch the show so i can see bruno call people names and for len to bully them around. obviously, these people are famous for a reason and they dont need any of this. the judges need to stop trying to be simon cowell, and just do their job the right way.

      • danjae

        well i have to say max was not rude at all, he had the balls to say what 98% of the others wanted to say.all but the golden boy and we all know who that is…….lets look back at his past partners, all of which were pretty good,and should have gone all the way,and not judge fairly. yet he kept going with out saying anything . so now when he speaks up not only for his partner, for everyone that’s been insulted he is being rude, i think not!!! he spoke his truth, and i have even more respect him,,, maybe those of you that really don’t know what max is all about should look up his credits, of what he has done, and is still doing, and you will see,not only that he was correct in what he was said .. he also could be in that judges seat as well..

    • ChaCha


      • AliKat

        If Maks left the show there it would never be the same…he is loved for his outspoken way…sure he gets in trouble but he is passionate…he is a great dancer…he knows the Judges are not consistent…it is so obvious…Hope has been critized so much…what a great sport she is…I would have walked out. Len is arrogant – Bruno is not a professional always standing up wiggling his ‘has been’ body…I would like them to give the contestants the credit they deserve for hard work especially those who have no acting or dance experience…I respected the Judges until I realized they just don’t respect the contestants…it goes both ways…

    • Teresa

      I agree with the comments. Go Maks.

    • Carol

      everone looked so beautiful–except Hope! Whats that about? She was dressed like a wrestler and then a stupid blanke thrown on her, and then supposed to dance sexy!! Come on people get real and FAIR!

      • JAW

        You are so right!!!!

      • Michael TX

        She was dressed like the character from “Rent” from which her number was taken. It was actually very accurate for the song. Not flattering, but accurate.

      • noway

        Carol – did you even realize that Chaz was dressed with a mask because he was portraying the Phantom of the Opera? Or did you think he was just trying to hide his face because of some zits on half his face? It was Broadway night – Hope was in character.

    • Dal

      I agree with Maks! Len is so rude with his comments and he is inconsistent with his scores. His high scores to awful dancers proves the point.

      • joan

        seems to me that the dancers are assigned according to how ‘good’ they think the celebrities will be. Tony and Lacy never get the better dancers. Derek always get one who ‘should’ end up at the top. Definitely not fair in the assignments

    • Chandra

      Totally agreed. Len’s head is up his butt, seriously. Why in the last eight seasons have the only pros who’ve won had the last name of Ballas, Hough or Johnson? Because the judges aren’t judging as judges anymore, they’re judging as fans. They’re biased, rude, show preference and favoritism. They knock one person for something but not another. They need to be replaced.

    • barbara

      need new judges not going to watch bad judging

    • Patricia Tucker

      I completely agree with Max, I thought the judges were absolutely unprofessional, maybe even cruel in their handling of Hope. I think the judges are completely OUT OF CONTROL and they need to be trained on how to evaluate the dancers, after all they are professional athletes. I think the judges should be rotated with different judges on a regular basis so they won’t begin to think they are god. Len Goodman has no personality and I don’t think people watch DWTS to see him as they do to see Max.

    • Tarc

      I quit watching long ago because the judging was just bizarre and the show seems so arbitrary it’s probably rigged. Maks is more thqan a bit insane, but he’s right about the judging.

    • Mary Beard

      maks was right! the judges are inconsistant, they show favoritism twords the contestants they like and no matter how well maks and his star dance they are gonna be in the bottem, it should be the same across the board and this isnt the case, thats why my family has stoped watching DWTS, its not about how well they dance, its what kind of mood the judges are in.

      • Prince

        I appreciate you taking to time to cnrotibute That’s very helpful.

    • GemPuppy

      It is silly and ridiculous for CA (or anyone) to say that these judges deserve respect as judges. They are entertainers, deserving no more or less respect than Tom or Brooke or Carson or Cheryl.

      If Len wants to be respected as a judge with 50 years experience, he should go back to judging real dancing competitions, and the reality show DWTS should get a new cast member.

    • GemPuppy

      I’m disgusted with Len’s harping on Hope’s commitment. Quit expecting her to put in 80 hours of practice per week when she was hired knowing she had other engagements.

      It is silly and ridiculous for CA (or anyone) to say that these judges deserve respect as judges. They are entertainers, deserving no more or less respect than Tom or Brooke or Carson or Cheryl.

      • wierzba

        Totally agree! Len should GO!!!

    • cry baby makie boy

      Who is he to say it is his show. The show is about star to become dancer not dancer to become star. And im sorry Max if you where a good dance Hope would be alot better of a dancer by now. She should of want home along time ago. Max are a real man you would say you are sorry. I guess it would be hard. I mean your x is getting married and she is very happy,and she is dancing with one of the best dancer on rhe show. I filll so bad for you. Cry baby maxie boo. My guess this is the last season we wull see you on YOUR SHOW YAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA NO MORE MAXIE BOOOOOO

    • J-Man

      The judges are there to do that, judge. This is a dance competition. If you suck, the judges should tell you that. I am sick of the Paula Abdul type who says everything is great. What is the point of that? I am afraid that a lot of the singers on American Idol and similar shows seriously suck.

  • Bored

    Len, it is time for you to retire. You and the other judges do pick favorites every year and it is blatantly obvious. Personally I believe the show to be rigged which is why I quit watching a couple of seasons ago. I love that Maks finally stood up to your grumpy behind and told the truth. Wish I would have been watching but alas, I tired of you all a long time ago.

    • Guest

      You quit watching seasons ago — so you’re qualified to chime in on this little spat how?

      • Guest 2.0

        Because there’s video and we we have this thing called the internet…. dumbass.

      • megan

        Good point!

      • connie

        c’mon maks.You have always been too proud of yourself. It is your job and you can’t always get the best partner even though you think you deserve it.
        sometime you are tooo much…

  • Meli

    Well let’s see Mr. Goodman…so far this season you and your fellow judges have slammed one contestant over their choice of SHOES, you took five minutes talking about how the same contestant lacked commitment instead of actually talking about what that contestant could to on the technical side to improve their skills other than punching a freaking time clock, you told another contestant the sum total of ‘this dance was like a nightmare–terrible when it’s happening and a relief when it’s over’, and last night you and your fellow judges referred to another contestant as a penguin. You and your fellow judges are supposedly former professional dancers, and you haven’t shown anything other than being catty and snide, which is something any average viewer can achieve with no dance experience whatsoever. Face it–you pushed one too many buttons and you got called out for it by a professional dancer, and just about every other dancer on that show with their contestants was agreeing with him. Stop trying to be Simon Cowell and get back to work or move on.

    • Deb

      Your comment about giving feedback that could improve their skills, versus snotty remarks, is at the heart of this entire kerfuffle. The judges, especially Bruno, seem to think we tune in to watch them perform. News flash: we don’t. No one wants to see someone bullied, and that’s how it feels when Bruno and Len light into these stars. Sure, it’s cheesy and they’re not exactly “stars” and they are certainly not good dancers, but that doesn’t mean they deserve the kind of beat-down SOME have been getting this season. As for me, I mute the TV as soon as the judges start talking.

    • jmm

      I think the way the judges talk to the stars is another thing that keeps bigger stars from doing the show. Why put yourself through that if you don’t need to?

    • mtngerl

      I like the way you think, Meli!! Also, maybe I am mistaken, but wouldn’t her “costume” be picked out by the wardrobe department? Thinking this would also include boots!!

    • Carole

      WELL SAID!!!

    • Chandra

      Totally agreed and here’s the difference. It would SUCK to have a season without the likes of Maks, Tony, etc. but I wouldn’t care at all if next season they had all new judges.

      • Runrgrll

        Maks contract should not be renewed. He is disrespectful and an embarrassment to DWTS.

    • Roy

      They have to replace len’ he is to old and a downer.he is ruining the show..

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • Charisse

      LoL @ LOL

  • Al

    I agree and this year, with the lack of talent of many of the contestants, it’s far worse. Len seems to believe that it’s fair to pound on Hope because he “sees unrealized potential” while giving a free pass to much less capable dancers. If you are going to give Hope a 7 then give Chas and Nancy 4.

    • Josie

      I do not agree with giving Chaz a 4. Chaz should have been given 2’s and been sent home packing after one roll around the old ballroom. Nancy is not someone I watch on t.v. (or any place else), but she does know how to do more than waddle around. Chaz has gotten better, but that is after weeks of tutoring. If the others that had been kicked off had received that sort of kid-glove treatment, they would’ve improved as well. No, Chaz received preferential treatment from the git go. Nancy Grace has not.

      • Rose

        Time for new judges!

      • Isaac

        wow wow WOW . how cruel liberals can be Kudos to Bristol and Mark? You’ve got to be kdidin’ me?? Why don’t you apply to get on the show, then — again, I thought this was a DANCE competition — it’s not “let’s see if your neighbor can put one foot in front of the other — not!” Besides, that, I agree: how in the world is Bristol a star? Are you kdiding me? Pregnant at 17, paraded around on political platforms during one of the most historic elections in our history? Trust, if one of President Obama’s girls had been of age and pregnant, the story would have been a whole lot different! What happened to all the “American values”? Or is it that it’s okay to spread your legs, so long as you don’t get caught — but even if you do and your mom’s some rightwing inarticulate, illogical politician, then all’s well? I think I can see Russia from here, too! Wow. Let’s just reenact Jim Crow . . .

    • Susan – Canada

      I agree…..and what’s with that Kardashian kid. I don’t believe he’s that good, but yet they keep giving him glowing compliments. Personally, I think it’s only because they know that people will watch just to see his stupid sisters.

  • sheila tkatch

    Maks is conceited! He also was rude to Len, who was only doing his job.

    • amy

      He was very disrespectful to Len! Maks should be fired!

      • cheryl

        Len had it coming…big time. Just like American Idol, this show has now become about the judges.

      • amy

        OMG! Are u serious? So u think Len made Maks be disrespectful to him? No one deserves that! That’s almost as bad as abusive men who blame it on the women that they beat the hell out of, “she made me mad!”

      • BeverlyDWTS

        Sheila, Cheryl!
        Have you watched DWTS from Season 1? Well, I have. The judges think they’re gods. They have their favorites each year. They’re ciritical of the ones they don’t like and they make fun of some. They’re hurtful in their comments and we’re suppose to show them some respect? Respect is earned. I’m glad Max called Len out. Len deserves it and the other pro dancers are too scared to voice what they really feel inside. If Max was to leave, I would probably stop watching. I almost stopped watching when Edyta left.

        Sheila, you take Max’s attitude as conceited. He should be confident in himself because he’s good. Len is all washed up and should leave.

        Amy, you obviously have not watched all these years to see how Len and Bruno deserves to be knocked down a bit.

      • sils71

        And telling Maks to just stand there and be quiet as Hope gets unfairly “judged” is comparable to saying women should just allow abusive men to treat them like crap, and any guy who tries to step in and defend her should just mind his own business and stay out of it.

      • jude

        What about Bruno insulting Chaz with the penguin joke… I found that extremely rude and hurtful

    • Heidi

      Maks was not defending his ego, he was defending his partner and saying ‘why do you have to say that’ – they’d just seen a clip of her feeling like giving up and then Len was so insensitive. It was not her worst dance and her worst is far better than Chaz. I actually thought Rob was worse than her last night as well. And, I love David, he’s my favorite because of his joy but Hope fared better than him as well. I find even when either of those dancers are praised and have a great week, you don’t see the numbers you’d see Rikki or JR get. I don’t blame Maks for losing it.

      • Jane

        I have watched every season and this is not the first time Maks has mouthed off to the judges. He also does the same thing to his partners.

        It’s not just the judges keeping him from a win, the voters have kept him from it also.

    • Annie


      • Takahiro

        Maksim has always been my fave, but this seoasn he acted like a jerk a few times. With Brandy gone, I’m pulling for Kyle. His dancing gets better & better, he’s entertaining, lovable, & always cheerful! Jennifer Gray is always good but she has a lot more dancing experience!

    • Teresa

      Len is over the top. He needs to realize that the celebrities are learning each week and are not professional dancers. Len is trying to score the celebrities as professional dancers for which they are not.

      • penny

        I agree, Len and Bruno can be like bullies in the school yard with the name calling. These are not professional dancers!
        Carianne should keep her nose out of others business and her facial expressions are over the top.
        There is a lot of favoritism on this show shown to the celebrities that have the “dancer body”.
        Criticism should be given in a more positive way.
        This is your worst dance yet? You look like an ewok? You look like a penguin?
        Gee, I’d just love to go back for more.

    • Jade marie

      Maks is conceited. His comments that this was his show were completely disrespectful to all of the other dancers involved with the show. He has also lost sight of what this show is about. Showcasing a non dancer to make them look better than they actually are. bristol is a good example. Mark’s choreography made her look better than she actually was. Also part of being competitive is leaening how to take losses and criticism with grace. The judges tend to nitpick on the dancers that they expect the most out of.

      • Cindy

        Len deserves every comment he gets and then some. How dare Carrie Ann say that, Maks was not the only one disrespectful. The judges are the rudest and most disrespectful trio. Maks is not the only one that has said something to them. In past seasons, Clyde Drexler and Billy Ray Cyrus both told them that they were not professionals and could give constructive criticism without being mean and trying to bring them down. And Chaz, seriously it’s about time.

      • Theresse

        I agree! Maks is a prima dona. He is so conceited, self-absorbed and arrogant. He thinks he is the best dancer that ever lived. How many years has this show been on? Everyone knows what the judges are like, so if they can’t take criticism, don’t do the show! For Maks to tell Len that maybe he should leave was uncalled for. I can’t wait until Maks is too old to dance and young dancers disrespect him. Could he have this kind of success in the Ukraine? And make the kind of money he is making? Who does he think he is? And to say that “this is HIS show!” OMFG!

      • Team Maks

        In Maks’ defense, I think by saying “It’s my show” he means that he’s contributed to the success of the show (just like the judges and the other pros) therefore he feels a certain level of ownership/responsibilty if the guests are being berated. The judges have been condescending and sometimes quite unprofessional in their critique and it is about time someone reprimanded them for it.

    • Linda

      Constructive comments are one thing, but rude, defaming remarks are another thing all together. Len and Bruno need to be more positive in their remarks if they hope to attract more qualified contestants and keep the wonderful pros that they currently have! Go MAX!!!

      • Linda

        The DWTS program sank to an all time low when Bruno busted out Michael Bolton and the problem continues. Who will be brave (stupid) enough to subject themselves to this punishment? No amount of money is enough to put up with the comments of Len and Bruno.

  • Maks

    Dancing With the Stars (D listed stars!!) There isn’t a star to be seen! This show is designed for 60+ crowd and they deserve better!

    • Guest

      And yet you’re still watching….

    • Shemale

      I agree being a “star” or “famous” is not the same as it used to be.

  • Meep

    It’s really important to Maks; it’s his job. Len used to dance. Used to. But overall, for viewers, it’s just fun. How much can a possible 30 points from the judges matter? Are the vote totals from the public that close?

  • tink

    Maks was wrong, He signed up for the show, He is the teacher and Len Is the judge. You don’t have to like it. He should be fired for his rudeness and unprofessional attitude. HE KNOWS BETTER. Telling Hope he was losing faith in her as well was no different then what Len said except, Len was doing his job, He is the judge.. I don’t think Maks likes Hope anyway, the way he has been treating her. Shame on You MAKS.

    • isabella

      Why are the judges allowed to be rude and call people names and not expect anyone to be upset after they have worked so hard. Week after week they are mean to the STARS, can any of the 3 judges do what some of the STARS do e.g. run across a football field. They are not professional dancers and they were invited to come on the show so that Len the other can collect a salary. Sitting in the chair does not entitle you to be abusive.

      • Linda

        I agree 100% and could not have said this better. Bruno was evil with Michael Bolton and now Len is his equal in trying to ruin the show. Thanks, guys.

    • Heidi

      He is frustrated that Hope is giving up. He did not say he was giving up. He is mad because she has so much potential and I think he has been surprised she is so insecure. He also knew how Hope was going to hear Len’s comment and I get why it made him so mad. I was mad too.

    • Chandra

      So it’s okay to have bias, preference for stars and pros when you’re paid to be a professional, unbiased and impartial judge? It’s okay to call a man, in essence, a fat penguin and then another judge goes on to say that they did the best they could with their “situation”, referencing being transgendered? The judges suck and need to go.

    • Bobh

      Tink, you obviously don’t watch the show or “get it:”. The reason for Max’s outburst was for the very rude disrespectful way his partner was treated after trying very hard following last weeks rude judges comments. Time to change the insulting judges and get some one with experience and possibly some compassion.

      • jO


  • BP

    I like Maks but he was out of line. I understand defending your star, but Hope is hopeless. She is not a good dancer and that’s ok. It’s not a reflection on Maks that the girl has no rythym and no sex appeal. She’s gorgeous and strong and smart but she can’t dance. Maks needs to check his ego a lil bit.

    • nanaB

      Amen !! You hit the nail on the head…well said !

    • darlet

      I agree with you BP, Hope was not very good.

  • anthony paschal

    I agree with maks but with this bs show chas bono will probably win. How many great dancers have been dumped. Why have judges anyway if the public gets to choose the winner.

    • debi

      totally agree anthony- i don’t watch anymore just read the recaps…they’re more fun! it’s not a dance competition anymore anyway…purely a popularity contest. when good dancers are sent home & chaz who can’t dance his way out of a paper bag is still there you know it’s all down hill. can the judges i say.

      • Heidi

        Some of the weeks Rob has been just awful, Nancy wooden, and even though I loved Carson, I couldn’t believe Kristen and Mark were eliminated before any of them. But Chaz…he’s made NO improvement and doesn’t even want Lacey to challenge him. He wants to coast. It really bothers me. I really thought he’d give it more effort at this stage, and its hard to see others working SO hard to stay and learn and grow, and being given worse critiques than him. It may not affect their judges score but it does affect the viewers!

      • Luisa Morales

        Totally agree Debi. It’s even embarrassing to keep a person who doesn’t have any dancing skills in the competition.

      • Jack

        It has always been a popularity contest the first half of the season. Nothing has changed. I often think the judges (all of them) are a little harsh too soon, but they have always been that way.

        Maks will never win, regardless of partner, if he doesn’t start shutting his mouth and just do his job.

      • bevie

        @debi … I totally agree. I quit watching the season Kate Gosselin was on. I read the recaps and watch the dances on youtube without the judges.

        I did watch last season though … it was the best in a while. Judge fave Derek Hough wasn’t there and they had no one to fawn over. Even then the judges comments towards Kirstie and a couple of other celebs were ridiculous.

        The judges have gotten out of control. No one should have to their crap on national TV. I hope Maks and Hope are the first couple safe. I’m sorry I wasn ‘t watching when this happened. I would have voted for them.

      • penny

        I agree. Would it make a difference if the judges had the opportunity to save a contestant?
        I don’t agree with the abuse that Chaz took on the show, but he went on the show to promote respect and understanding for people and youth who are struggling with sexual identity. He at the very least could have tried to get into better shape before taking on the rigors of dancing. I think he was surprised at the level of difficulty and I was waiting for him to pass out. I don’t know how he stuck with it. I actually started to hyperventilate watching him.

    • Ashcyl

      Brilliant as always! Think I’m srttaing to not like Stacy Francis just because she can’t stop crying and Nicole seems to feel compelled to well up every time Stacy starts singing to seem like she has a heart. Man up, Stacy!

    • Chelo

      Would love to jog with you and follow your up and runinng blog. . And I get the need for that creative outlet. And I am sure a push from someone near and dear to you was all you needed Ollie. Good news its not another fine mess she got you into. Looking forward to you blogging away. radrocker

  • len

    The judging has been all over this season and I feel it is part of the reason why good dancers were sent home early (kristen chynna). However Maks was out of line and rude.

  • Vesita Lowman

    I love Maks..I think he is a great dancer but…Len is also a great judge and I think at time they favor some dancers over others..I really don’t like disrespect and Maks was out of line…come one lets keep it clean…A great show

    • megan

      Thanks Vesita–I agree with you. I’m so sick of confrontation being considered entertainment–the judges are the judges and until DWTS finds different ones, Maks should show respect. His choreography was not his best nor was his direction of Hope.

      • Pat

        Who in the heck coud direct that egocentric loser, Hope???

      • KIM

        I THINK MAKS WAS DISRESPECTFUL AND RUDE. He has gotten very grandoise and its very unappealing. I am a fan of his but the disrespect was uncalled for and the remark about ” my show ”. Was unbelieveable! Please! The judges have to do their job. I do not agree with name calling such as Bruno with Chaz that was hurtful and not called for grade his dancing not how you think he looks in a tuxado! That was plain mean!

      • Kitty

        Maks HAS SAID that he could take critism all day, it was the disrespect he had a problem with. He was standing up for his partner. Just because Len is a judge does not give him nor any of the other judges a license to be rude. I admire Maks for speaking up. If he didn’t they would keep on being rude. I bet from now on the judges will CHANGE the way they comment from now on.

  • Guest

    I’ll be the first to say that the judging has been more off this season than others, but Maks picked the wrong time to pitch his little diva fit because Len was spot on in his criticism of Maks’ choreography and costume choices, the latter which made it difficult for Hope to do the proper footwork and concealed her upper body movements. As someone who has been pulling for Hope I was saying the same thing during their number, “What the hell was he thinking?” There are ample opps to rant backstage that you know will be shown in the results show – despite Maks’ assertion last night to the contrary, DWTS is not the Maks Show, and it was unprofessional of him to pull such a stunt before someone else’s number.

    • Bob Frapples


    • beth

      Maks didn’t choose her costume… Hope didn’t choose it either… I think the only thing they chose were the boots

      • Megs

        It has been stated in previous seasons that the pros design the costumes with the costume department.

  • Andrea

    Sorry but Hope has sucked for 6 weeks and still get’s 8’s. I don’t think the judges have been any harsher on her than others. Even when giving her tough feedback they give her 8’s for dances that are barely worth 7’s.

    All of that outburst last night was an orchestrated effort by Maks to gain sympathy for Hope to distract from the fact that Nancy Fricken Grace is out dancing her at this point.

    I also loved seeing Chaz Bono whine about getting undeserved low scores lol! How delusional can these people be?

    Hope and Chaz should BOTH be booted for POOR attitudes and BAD Dancing. I’d bring back both Carson Kressley (who the dances were BRUTAL to but he took it with class) and Chynna Phillips (the only one who could even challenge JR and Ricki!).

    But this season really sucks. The wrong people have been going home and more than half the cast left is soooo medicore!

    • Andrea

      “Carson Kressley (who the dances were BRUTAL to but he took it with class)”

      sorry meant to write who the JUDGES were brutal to. Love seeing Hopes fans whine about the judges criticizing her boots would they told Carson to his face he was the worst dancer on the show to his face(even though he outscored Chaz!). Never saw Carson whine though!

      • MelindaLu

        Carson is/was the only dancer with true class… and I voted for him all the way. Go JR!

    • beth

      100% disagree. Nancy has NOT outdanced Hope. They’re about even right now. Maks was not trying to get sympathy for Hope, he was frustrated. He has a right to say his opinion. Neither Hope nor Chaz have bad attitudes. Both are really nice people who work hard. Chaz is not complaining about scores. He’s upset because the judges keep making fun of his weight and appearance. Last night Bruno said he looked like a dancing penguin. Hope is frustrated because week after week she has tried so hard and nothing is ever good enough for the judges. How you feel if week after week you were told “you suck?” It may come across as a bad attitude, but it’s actually that she just doesn’t like disappointing people and gets upset when she knows she could have done something better. I’m not trying to bash you, I just feel you’re being a little harsh.

      • mostboringseasonever

        I prefer to see Nancy dance than Hope.
        Hope may have started out with more potential, but she just looks miserable on the dance floor. It’s clear she’s not enjoying herself.
        And Maks was, once again, a total diva. He’s not that great a dancer or choreographer, yet he has the biggest ego of anyone.

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