'Sons of Anarchy' creator posts expletive-fueled missive about DirecTV


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An FX showrunner has jumped into the imbroglio between DirecTV and the Fox Networks, which have yet to strike a new carriage deal so viewers can continue watching nets like FX, National Geographic and the Fox Movie Channel. Sons of Anarchy executive producer Kurt Sutter announced on his website that he shot a PSA for FX that will air before tonight’s episode that warns viewers about a possible blackout should the two sides fail to hammer out a new deal.

It’s unclear how much of what Sutter said will air before tonight’s broadcast, but this is what the normally outspoken writer-producer claims he wanted to say to fans: “Starting Nov. 1, DirecTV is pulling FX from your box. That means you’ll miss the last five episodes of Sons this season. Perhaps five of the most critical episodes of the series. I know Fox has a horse in this race, but they’re trying to negotiate in good faith. DirecTV is shutting down all conversation and using their customers as leverage. In the process, you’re getting f–ked over. They’re running ads with their corporate shill telling you how much `they care about your business;’ that dude’s got one sincere hand on his heart while the other greases your unsuspecting backside.” The message continues with more crudity so we’ll just stop there.

Not surprisingly, DirecTV didn’t take too kindly to the latest missive. (An insider notes, by the way, that DirecTV has not run any ads about the stalemate; those are coming from Fox). “Looks like News Corp and Fox are at it again,” according to a corporate spokesperson. “All of these shenanigans are fun to read about, but DirecTV is putting its focus towards getting a deal done that will  keep our customers’ monthly TV bill at an acceptable level.  We’ve been in discussions every day with News Corp and Fox and are perfectly fine paying a reasonable amount for the channels, but asking our customers to absorb a 40% increase in tough economic times is just not fair.”

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  • Karin

    sutter’s been going on this topic for some time on twitter, the crudeness in his blog is nothing compared to what he shouts out on twitter.
    i always enjoy reading my timeline a little more when i see he’s on one of his rants again

    • bfd

      These contracts expire and have to be renegotiated. It all works out in the end but a ridiculous tirade by a self-important producer does nothing but make him look further like an a**.

      • likda

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    • Jackson

      Oh look everyone! It’s greedy rich people vs greedy rich people!

  • AN

    I thought it was Dish not Direct that had the problem. Huh.

    • Karin

      dish was last year

    • Sawyer

      I thought Direct bought Damages from FX?

  • Mel k

    What about fx pulling everything from hulu? Hypocrite.

    • Barak

      Different deal.

      • hmmm

        still sucky. and makes it impossible if you miss an ep of anything. I agree – Fox stinks.

      • Mel k

        Not really, all about money and not the show or the fans

  • Joan

    I usually enjoy Sutter’s rantings but he’s way off base here. To make a case that FX owner News Corp is out to help the viewer is pathetic and sad on his part.

    • Jack

      Pretty much. “I know Fox has a horse in this race, but they’re trying to negotiate in good faith.” Yeah right. You just want your ratings to stay where they are, Sutter.

  • Tyler

    I switched to DirecTV last year and have hated it ever since. This was a good excuse to go back to Dish Network.

    • Rick


  • mad1026

    It’s worse with Comcast. I pay to subscribe to FX along with other channels yet I can’t watch Sons of Anarchy on my schedule. It’s not available to stream on Xfinity; it’s not on Hulu. Fox wants me to pay an additional subscription fee just to watch SOA; WHY? Guess i’ll have to wait for the DVD release; I refuse to pay twice to watch one show!

    • Jeff

      I have Comcast and Sons is OnDemand. The eps are a week behind, but they’re there.

    • daniel

      @ Mad1026, I don’t understand that. I have Comcast basic cable, & FX is part of the package. I don’t have to pay extra for the FX channel…

    • Rose

      I’ve been a customer of DirectTV for several years but there is something to what Sutter is saying. When ads ran continuously for the now defunct “The Ringer” series starring Sarah Michelle Geller, I set my DVR to record the pilot. When I went to view the show, I found out that DirectTV dropped the CW as a channel on my “Premium” service! If I want to watch “Ringer,” I would need to pay another few dollar per month; to an already increasing monthly bill. If they drop FX, right at the end of SOA, I will cancel my subscription with DirectTV. I’m too busy, and I have tons of DVDs to watch. People need to speak up and out for their rights and stop corporate greed!

      • Connie

        RInger isn’t defunct, it was picked up for a full season!

      • sean

        Strange, since the CW is included in every DirecTV package, even the baseline Choice package.

    • Rose

      Comcast is the WORST!

    • Whoopi Goldberg for President

      Fox put a gun to the heads at Brighthouse networks a year ago also, and had to back down when Brighthouse wouldn’t budge.

  • Melissa in CA

    I don’t watch SOA, but I do watch American Horror Story, Always Sunny and The League on FX. I’m also a loyal, happy DirecTV customer, so I’m conflicted. I’d encourage other DirecTV subscribers to send then an e-mail and ask them to please work out their issues before Nov. 1. I’ve found them to be receptive in the past.

    • M.

      DirecTV is trying to work it out, it’s Fox that’s being difficult- so direct your emails to them.

      • Melissa in CA

        Figures! Thanks.

      • Rose

        Well, that makes good sense since Rupert Murdock owns Fox, World Corp., The Wall Street Journal, 20th Century Fox, and TNTC other media enterprises. I guess we’ll find out come November 1st.?

      • 3reddogs

        Fox wants a 40% increase in their carriage fee. Good for DirecTV for saying NO to that kind of rate hike. You’d think 800,000 people cancelling their Netflix subscription in the last 3 months would send these greedy clowns a message but I guess not. I hope DirecTV calls their bluff — I can live without those channels — lets see if Fox can live without all that revenue from DirecTV.

    • Krys

      I forgot about AMERICAN HORROR STORY AND IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY. That is conflicting.

      • Ward

        I can live without Fox and all its networks, Seems like every year they hold viewers hostage to boost their profits.

    • jen

      When Dish had the same problem, we missed several episode’s of It’s Always Sunny and SOA but when they finally negociated a deal they ran all the episode’s of those two shows we missed so we could get caught up.

  • ME

    We scrapped all that and enjoy basic, buying dvd’s and just spending time with family. TV is crappy these days. Some shows are ok but the majority of tv is crap and we don’t pay for shows/networks we don’t even watch so we’ve gone back to basics. Let alone paying a high price for these sorry cookie cutter shows. If customers could pick their own shows/network or whatever but pick our own shows we want to pay for, it would be great. Of course it’s all about money and they’re not going to do something as simple as that. They like to stick you with a package deal then you end of with reruns, movies that they show 4-5000 times a week, etc. And they’re all the same type of company-none is better than the other, I know because we’ve had each one at one point during the past yrs. That’s the sad part: they’re all the same crappy cable company (direct, dish and the other ones)!! Nope, don’t care about the cable. Feel sorry for customers going through all that.

    • Forrest

      Tv is the best it’s ever been. Anyone who thinks it isn’t isn’t paying attention or is watching network tv. Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, Justified, American Horror Story, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Damages, Dexter, True Blood and many many more. By far the best television ever has been aired in the currently and in the past ten years but NONE of it is on regular tv.

      • kONAkATHIE

        You are so right, Forrest. Watch AMC, FX, USA and the Audience network. Sooooo much better than anything you can find on the broadcast networks. This may be looked back at as another “Golden Age” of television.

      • Jess79

        Completely agree with Forrest! T.V. is the best it’s been in a long time!!! Especially since “reality” tv is starting to take a backseat to scripted shows!!!

      • Melissa in CA

        I agree with Forrest as well. If you think there’s nothing good on TV, you aren’t looking hard enough. Or you’re too cheap to watch anything besides network TV. But to Jess79 I have to say, not ALL reality TV is bad. Sure, the Kardashians and Real Housewives are garbage, but Deadliest Catch is one of the best shows on TV.

      • joe

        TV Sucks I give you the Kardashians,The Hogans and any other reality show it is all crap.

  • David F.

    FOX is the one wanting more money. Then again, this douchebag doesn’t have the balls to call out the company that airs his show.

  • AT

    I find it entirely amusing that the TV ad he is ranting about is one of Fox’s ads. I saw it last night. I could care less if DirecTV drops the Fox cable networks. My husband watchs “Always Sunny” but we don’t watch anything else on the networks. I’d rather not have my rates jacked up higher because Fox is being greedy. What I wouldn’t give for a la carte programming…

    • Sara

      Agreed! a la carte programming would be awesome!

      • Chris

        And more expensive for everyone. There is a reason things are grouped together because it is cheaper. Once, you go to ala carte it isn’t going to be cheaper.

        Heck, most cable channels do not cost you a thing. It is the one’s everyone wants that cost money i.e. ESPN, FX, TNT, etc.

  • Wendy

    We went through this crap last year! Why does DirecTV continue bend us over? I understand Mr. Sutter’s anger, but what about the other channels DirecTV is threatening to pull? His channel isn’t the only one in trouble. We got a note that National Geographic Channel is also being blacked out. If I lived closer to town I would get cable instead of satellite.

    • Jack

      DirecTV isn’t bending anyone over. Fox (News Corp) came to them and said, “Give us 40% more money, or you don’t get our channels.” DirecTV rightfully thinks that’s ridiculous. And Sutter is even more ridiculous for defending News Corp.

  • Dave

    They better resolve this. I watch more TV shows on FX than any other channel. It’s Always Sunny, The League, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Archer, Louie, Wilfred…i can’t lose all of them.

  • niko

    Sons of anarchy has quickly become one of the most overrated shows since it hits its peak in season 2. It is now gone the route of entourage and has become a favorite show for douchebags everywhere

    • Bryant

      Why we gotta be all that lol

    • Slackerking

      Umm, no you’re wrong.

    • Badlands

      Spot on.

    • kspank

      thats not even right why would you call people names just because they watch a program that you dont like. i feel very sorry for you its sad you are so mean i hope you dont have children that you are teaching your ways to

  • Steve

    What about Speed? How about it Nascar fans..

    • Z

      Nascar is for poor and stupid people.

      • Cam

        LOL so true

      • Sharon Warren

        well gee, let’s hope you’re not a football fan..cuz you’re gonna lose FOXSPORTS too..college AND pro.

      • Guy

        Sharon obviously doesn’t watch South Park.

      • melissa

        u must b a yankee cause nobody n va thinks that nascar is 4 poor people & we r not stupid i hope u lose all of ur service

  • Dusty

    They do know that if they pull fox networks that everyone will just torrent it, right?

    • Melissa in CA

      I won’t. I watch TV via DVR or not at all.

    • Me

      Why aren’t you downloading it from torrents for free now then?

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