MTV cancels 'The Buried Life' -- EXCLUSIVE


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MTV’s anti-Jersey Shore is no more.

The network has pulled the plug on its inspirational reality effort The Buried Life after two modestly rated seasons, yet hopes to continue working with the team in another format. The show followed a quartet of friends who went around the country helping strangers accomplish their dreams while crossing off ambitious and whimsical items from their own personal bucket list (like streaking a stadium, giving a toast at a stranger’s wedding, etc).

So what about that list of 100 things they wanted to do before they died? Sources say the group has maintained a close relationship with MTV and have been working with the network on ways to either extend the show online or develop new digital or TV concepts. But Buried Life will not continue as an on-air series. Fist pumping > Altruism = Bummer.
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  • GV

    This is a real shame. I really enjoyed this series and hope this isn’t the last we hear from these 4 upstanding guys. I suppose a show like this really can’t compete on a network with a hit like “Jersey Shore” (which, I’ll be honest, I also enjoy- but in a totally different way).

    Thanks for 2 great seasons, guys!

    • Greg

      It would have done so well back in oh say 1994

      • likda

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    • amanda

      This show was really cheesy. It may have been “Altruistic” in concept. But it was lost on the screen.

    • Loyalty

      Once again MTV cancels a show with substance as opposed to the ‘rank stank’ of the greed ho’ of 16th birthdays and jersey boars. MTV – your execs should be ashamed.

      • Holden

        MTV didn’t do a very good job of promoting “The Buried Life.” It would have had more viewers if people actually knew it existed.

      • Maddy

        sooooo true! i loved this show!!

  • lilsugirl22

    This just further proves that MTV is going down the drain…more and more trash like The Jersey Shore and the 100th season of The Real World (honestly how many times can you go to one city?!) is being acceptable…ridiculous.

    • Michael

      Is MTV going down the drain or is it the 7 million viewers who watch Jersey Shore. McDonalds food is making us obese, but I wouldn’t say that they were going down the drain.

    • Peyton

      You may think its ‘trash’ but America is signing their cheques. don’t blame MTV for wanting to make money off a hugely popular television show… thats kind of why they air any show… without viewers you have no show. so your beef is with America, not MTV. And also The Real World was the birth of reality television. This show paved the way for other monstrously popular shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race. I think you owe The Real World and the good people of MTV a Thank You for changing the way the world watched television. Also a little FYI, The Real World doesn’t go to just one city. It changes the location almost every year.

      • Edward

        The “Real World” needs to be retired, mostly because it is about as far away from “real” as you can get. The first 3 seasons were interesting (San Francisco being the absolute best), but after that, it was just a bunch of drunken jerks without jobs sloshing around in hot tubs.

      • Brandon

        hahahahahaha the amazing race? survivor? wanna give me a good example of reality TV please?

    • Amanda

      I totally agree mtv is going downhill. they keep the shows like jersey shore. for whatever magical reason, people like to watch people get trashed, act trashy, and talk trashy. i dont get the appeal. the buried life was funny, original, and inspirational. these are real guys that were funny, and they were checking off items on a bucket list.
      real world ive never watched because it looks unappealing. again, its only partying, drama, relationships. who wants to see people doing that??? and why is beavis and butt head even on?! i mean come on, that show has been annoying to me since i first saw it! and that one show they created, skins was wayyyy to over the line! i know thats why they cancelled it. some of mtv’s so called “shows” arent even remotely good. i mean, if i was a partier, i would go to hollywood (or jersey shore haha) and get paid to party. they get paid millions to get trashed! its total BS!
      a good show is my life as liz lol. about the only good show on mtv these days..

  • Anonymous

    God forbid MTV airs a decent show.

    • sarCC

      They do air a decent show. It’s called Awkward. It’s actually more than decent. It’s terrific.

      And Beavis & Butthead return Thursday night. So there.

      • Anonymous

        One show and some reruns. Wow. You proved me wrong.

      • Anonymous

        And I’m sorry, I think Awkward is verging on ridiculous. At least the episode I watched when the mean girl took a picture of her changing, posted it on the internet, and got off scott-free. Yeah, that doesn’t happen. That’s not just breaking a school rule, it’s illegal. I was told so many a time by my high school gym teacher. Other than that it seemed okay.

      • Peyton

        then i suggest you subscribe to The Discovery Channel because MTV is a little too wild for you.

    • JustMe

      God forbid MTV have music. After all, wasn’t that the original concept of the channel? It’s nothing but a joke now. And it needs to change its name to CTV…Crap Television.

  • M

    This is the first time I have even heard of this show.

    • Dave

      Same, I don’t really watch MTV though so maybe thats why.

  • jk

    Though it’s been said before why not air something crazy like music videos. And if MTV decides to take this crazy idea and go with it, please realize that more than just Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga make videos.

    • Edward

      What does the “M” actually stand for these days?

  • LOL

    Shows about self absorbed narcissists get big ratings on MTV. Sows about people doing things for others gets the axe. It’s true. America really does love crap.

    • Trey

      For once I agree with you.

      *goes to wash mouth with soap*

    • sarCC

      If you thought the guys behind The Buried Life WEREN’T narcissists, you might need to look up the meaning of the term.

      • Val

        They’re people, just like you and me. They’re thinking of the best things they could possibly do with their lives, then they’re going out and DOING them. Regardless of how you perceive their personalities, that sounds a lot better than spreading random internet hate to me.

      • Paris

        They weren’t people like you and me. They’re people like the Jersey Shore cast–looking for a reason to be on TV. If they are so helpful, they don’t need cameras around to accomplish the things they were doing. If they stop doing them because the show is canceled, then they are just TV-wanna-bes with a lackluster idea.

      • Ash

        The guys have been helping people and crossing things off their list way before MTV approached them. “Make a TV show” was on their list and they only signed up with MTV because they allowed the guys to have full control over their show. Get your facts straight before you start spouting off about stuff you don’t know anything about.

  • wow

    I guess the show got…



    • chris

      snooki? is that you??

      • poopersticks

        Haha just died right there XD

  • Val

    MTV has made a huge mistake. Still, I know the boys will continue to thrive whether they’re on television or not, as evidenced by all they’ve done between seasons. At least they got to cross off #53 on their list.

  • sarCC

    LOL Why is anyone mourning the passing of this terrible, terrible show. Yes, hipsters doing stupid crap and filming it. Nobody liked the commercials of this they were forced to watch before movies, and no one watched it when it was on MTV. Good riddance.

    • Adam

      Did you actually watch the show? Or do you just like to be a know-it-all on the internet? Don’t say “nobody” liked it. I don’t consider myself nobody, or anybody else in the “modest” audience who devoted a half hour each week to watching the only truly uplifting show on television. Well…a half hour, minus the crap 8 minutes of Jersey Shore commercials…

      The Buried Life was the one show on TV that consistently engaged me emotionally–every single one of their too-few episodes showed so much heart and character, it actually made me think we aren’t doomed as a society. That’s pretty impressive for a TV show, let alone a TV show on the same network as The Jersey Shore.

      These guys will continue to do great things, and I wish them all the best. And now there’s nothing stopping me from actually killing my TV.

      • Amy

        I agree. You guys are calling them “self-centered jerks” even though most of you never even watched the show. If you did watch the show you would know that for everything they do on their list they help someone else cross something off their own bucket list. And they didn’t make this show because they wanted to be famous. They made the show because before the show they were all going through a hard time. Jonnie and Duncan’s parents had split up and they were depressed. Dave had gained alot of weight and wanted to change that. Ben was tired of his grade A student life. There not “self-centered jerks”. They were the last decent show on MTV that had a real message instead of shows that show teenagers getting drunk AND pregnant.

  • Jeremy Rynek

    cool but you were supposed to cancel jersey shore

  • Amy

    Oh man! I really liked this show. It is a shame that MTV took a show with an actual original premise off the air. Not only were the guys hilarious as they tried to check things off the bucket list, but it was inspiring to see them helping others.

  • Ray

    Im a teenager. And I can tell you that that show is universally liked by younger people. Its the only MTV show that Jersey Shore-fans and haters both watched…

  • Samantha

    The ONE show on MTV I actually liked is now gone. Wow, MTV, nice job on that one, so far down the drain you are. Looks like you lost another viewer.

  • Avie

    Who the hell thought of the title? Doesn’t indicate at all what the show is about.

    • Ace

      It’s a reference to a Matthew Arnold poem, also called “The Buried Life”. It’s a gorgeous poem; I recommend looking it up.

  • Elizabeth

    I love this show. It’s the only redeeming thing on MTV. Plus they did good work for people. I hope the keep it up even though they don’t have a show anymore. I will miss their fun hijinks.

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