AMC renews 'The Walking Dead' for third season


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Zombies rule: AMC has just renewed The Walking Dead for a third season.

The decision comes after only two episodes have aired of season two, but it’s still no surprise — the show’s premiere had more adults 18-49 than any other drama in basic cable history. (And for once, AMC has managed to renew a show without a protracted hand-wringing negotiation!).

Ratings for Sunday’s second episode: 6.7 million total viewers, 4.5 million adults 18-49. Including repeats, the full count climbs to 8.8 million viewers. That’s down 8 percent from the premiere (and down 20 percent if you include the repeats), but hell, at these levels TWD can still give viewers away like Halloween candy.
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  • Tammy

    I will be praying for all involved with and watching this work of Satan. Please look into your hearts and reject Satan.

    • DMG

      Lighten up Francis…it’s a tv show, not reality!

      • Tammy

        Sorry about the above post. Off my meds—you guys understand. It’s all good!

      • Tammy’s Mother

        Why Tammy—that’s a lot of prayers you have committed to—are you sure you have the time? Prayers take a lot of effort and sincerity, otherwise they become meaningless and rot the soul and the pray-er ends up just getting discouraged and depressed and then started hurting herself and one day succeeds and wakes up in Hell as the Bride of Satan.

      • Tammy

        Nice try but people are smart enough to know I wouldn’t say something like that. Why doesn’t EW give you the opportunity to report people like this!!!

      • Ian

        I wish I could report people like you Tammy. This isn’t a place for recruitment into your cult. It’s a TV show, and this is an entertainment website. Take your ancient superstition elsewhere. There are many places where it’d be acceptable to post your nonsense, but this is not one of them.

      • Snsetblaze

        You Sir Ian are correct. But Tammy 2 and Tammy’s mother were pretty funny.

      • Hank

        There is no such thing as “Satan”, Tammy. It’s a mythological creature created by those in power in to control the masses. And the weak minded. Now go back to watching your “Two and a Half Men” and leave the REAL shows to the adults.

    • Ava

      Done! I reject you Satan. Now let me go catch up on The Walking Dead on Netflix.

      • Damian

        I know and respect Satan.

    • McProphet

      Wrong article Tammy. You must have meant to post that on the Real Housewives recap page. Easy mistake. They both deal with people that just won’t die.

      • Brad H

        LMFAO!!!! Awesome comment.

        Thank you!

      • Me it!

      • Garry

        lmao..really great reply there

      • David Mize

        Haw! You made my day!

      • Bobby

        HA!!! HILARIOUS!!!

      • Snsetblaze

        The Real Housewifes – how about Jersey Shore or Toddlers and Tiaras?

      • Kim

        That really was perfect! lol

    • Jimmy

      Geez..what does that have to do with Satan,or Christ,or Church,or any religion for that matter.It’s a freaking tv show about zombies!!! And,besides,if this is a work of Satan,we definitely need him as a producer on more shows on tv,cause most of them suck,while this one is awesome!

    • JadeSun12

      Tammy… Satan? Really? Obviously you aren’t watching, but thanks for the laugh!

    • slick willie

      Benjamin Franklin is Da Debil

    • Vivi

      Don’t feed the trolls.

    • JE

      Thanks for the most most humorous piece of writing on this webiste in a long time Tammy. Keep up the crazy!

    • Sebrina

      Dear Tammy, Nobody forces you to watch TV. And wasn’t your God suppose to show up on Oct. 21st?. There is no such thing in Satan.There is no Satan in the show whatsoever, and Satan is a bedtime story to frighten children to get them into sleep. So you need to open YOUR eyes and see that faith comes on all shapes and sizes. Simply, get over your self, it’s a show….

      • LaMonica

        Sebrina..I think I love thee.

      • Tom

        How do Satan stories help children sleep. I would think that they would have the opposite effect

      • Tammy

        Tom, that just goes to show you how smart Sebrina is.

    • CWS

      I am confused, I would think that Christians would love zombies….dont they worship one?

      • Jeremy

        Well played, sir.

      • Barak

        Thanks for being so respectful of others.
        Time for an MSNBC hatefest.

      • Q

        I’m Catholic, and I still chuckled at CWS’s comment. LOL!

      • deanero

        As a christian, i found that comment to be hilarious!

      • LaMonica


      • MsAttitude


      • Snsetblaze

        It took me a minute on that one .. but it was worth it. LOL.

      • Shep

        I know Jesus. He’s my gardener.

    • John

      Bahahahahaha! Wow.

    • kingkrub

      I reject Satin.

      • Mother Nature

        I reject all synthetics, including satin.

    • Satan

      Tammy, you don’t really mean that…do you?

    • God

      Tammy – knock it off with that ‘Satan’ crap – I told you before…it’s ‘Lord Vader’, not ‘Satan’ – get with it girl!

    • Ta

      LOL To Tammy:
      Book of revelations tells the same story as walking dead… This one is just more entertaining.better writing. :O

    • LaMonica

      I reject all idiots who BELIEVE THERE IS A SATAN..

      • Robert

        I’m right there with you. People are still living in the Dark Ages.

      • Tammy

        The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

      • The Devil

        No, the greatest trick I ever pulled was Rob Schneider’s movie career.

      • BP

        I believe in Voldemort…

    • Steven

      I understand what you’re saying, Tammy. Satan clearly is ruler of the earth in this age. People are blind to that and freely indulge in evil.

      “What sorrow for those who say that evil is good and good is evil, that dark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.” – Isaiah 5:20

      Rebel against evil and follow Jesus.

      • Tammy

        Thank you Steven, I’m glad to see there are at least a few good Christians out there.

      • Kim

        Ok, I have to say something about this. I am a Christian, I do believe in God and Satan. This is my choice-as it is everybody’s choice what they believe in. But who the hell gave you the right to call someone a good Christian, which implies that anyone/everyone else who has commented on this article and watches this show is a BAD Christian? Not God, for He ALONE is the one who shall judge us. Sure, going into the lion’s den and trying to save souls is being a good Christian, for God told us to do this. But-we are suppose to love all others as we love ourselves. Telling people they are evil is working against what God said to do, and also implies hatred. Hatred turns people AWAY from the Lord. Not to mention the fact that the television, computers, and internet are all supposed to be tools OF Satan, and this is a gossip site, which is ALSO a tool of Satan. Seeing that you both are such “good Christians”, what are you doing on this site, on the internet anyway? I will also say that you obviously haven’t seen the show, because you see 2 of the characters-IN A CHURCH, PRAYING-main characters to boot. Take your self-righteous crap and sell it somewhere else, cuz nobody’s buyin it here…

      • Tammy

        Considering where the show takes place I’m assuming they’re in a Baptist church so I’m guessing those prayers weren’t answered. I’m sorry that you have such anger, I will pray that you can open up your heart to Jesus more than you already have. You sound like you’re on the right path already, keep it up!!

      • Kim


      • Kim

        You’re kidding me, right? What does being Baptist or Lutheran or Catholic have anything to do with any of this? And you mistook my distaste for anger…I am right with God, and I know where I’m going. Though now that I think of it, I’m close to believing that you are a minion of Satan himself! The way you oppose people, instead of trying to lead them with love, that way they go in the other direction…not to mention the fact that you couldn’t deny or disprove anything I said…you just avoided it and took another route, just as the devil would…

    • mistermoonlight

      Ok, I’m rejecting you Tammy. Zombies are much more intelligent.

    • Flyer

      As a huge fan of “Community,” I’m confused. I thought Tammy WAS Satan.

      • Krys

        you mean Tammy from parks and recreation?

      • Snsetblaze

        And is it Tammy, the original, or Tammy 1 or Tammy 2?

    • Jesus

      But, um, Tammy, The Walking Dead is fantastic! I mean, it’s not as good as the comic and no one should watch it since if you’re rich enough to own a tv you’re rich enough to give all your belongings to the poor, but it’s still a good show.

      • ken

        the show will open our minds to the chance of another apocalypse like the black death back in the day and other road blocks mankind has over come

    • Satan aka The Devil

      I had nothing to do with this show. Although, I do thoroughly enjoy it.
      And on another note: I hate to feel rejected. Just sayin’…

    • NoGee

      Hilarious! Someone always has to bring their God into it. For me, zombies are a whole lot more likely than God existing anyway. You pray for yourself and leave the rest of us alone.

    • Thorn

      Do not feed the trolls!!!

    • Jamie

      Saten got eatten by a Zombie…

    • Zombie Lover

      I didn’t realize the zombies were also possesed. I thought they were just poor souls with bad immune systems. Now that Tammy has spilled the inevitable “twist” that the walking dead are actually spawns of the big red guy, it will be more interesting. Sweet! Where is Hell Boy when you need him?

    • Mark

      I love The Walking Dead. And if you like that, check out Mark Stephen’s books entitled Seven Deadly Sins on ITunes and Barnes and Noble

      • dave

        Hmm. Thanks for recommending Mark Stephen’s book, MARK.

      • Mark

        Hey, man’s gotta eat…

  • Todd

    However, can they please cancel The Talking Dead? Yeesh, what an embarrassment that is.

    • HatAttack

      Well, it’s the character development that makes the show stand out. Without the ‘talking dead,’ it would be pretty cookie cutter.

      • Grubi

        Todd is talking about the half hour discussion show that airs after The Walking Dead. It basically discusses the plot developments of the most recent episode of The Walking Dead. He isn’t talking about the characters that “talk” in The Walking Dead.

      • Jacob

        He was referring to the talk show that comes on after the show with Chris Hardwick. Not the cast.

      • Jay


      • Mike

        Agree with Jay. This conversation is pretty hysterical! Although, I must admit…as corny as “The Talking Dead” talk show is, I do look forward to watching it on the DVR the next day. Basically, because it’s such a ridiculous concept to have a talk show dedicated to a “Zombie Apocalypse” show. But Robert Kirkman being available for interviews on that as well as on this site, is pretty darn cool. The people on the show don’t take it too seriously either which is entertaining by itself.

      • Big Walt

        Except that Kirkman can’t answer half the things they ask him without ruining the show.

      • Mike

        It’s still fun to watch him try and dodge the questions. It’s kind of like the LOST producers were entertaining to hear discuss the show even if they couldn’t answer what was coming up in the show. (cue people saying they never answered anything anyway)

      • Riley

        Oh Please! “The Talking Dead” is just a fun, campy show. If you don’t like it, Don’t Watch! My favorite part is when they do the “In Memoriam” for each of the characters, to include zombies, that died in that week’s episode.

    • DGH

      Here’s a secret I’ll let you in on Todd if you turn the channel after The Walking Dead is over then its like The Talking Dead never exsisted so no need to cancel!!!

    • Pam

      I like the Talking Dead for the tidbits it provides. But yeah, the forced conversations are pretty awkward. Most terrifying thing from this past Talking Dead? Zombies can climb trees! BRAAIINNNSSS!

      • Big Walt

        Seriously! I just keep assuming Sopia is hiding in a tree somewhere. Guess not.

    • Elle

      No. There are many more Republican debates before the election. Sorry.

  • Otis

    Walking Dead, American Horror, even Once Upon a Time and more coming… what are “Christians” going to watch on TV? Harry Potter books are taboo too. What a demonic state the atheists in Hollywood and NYC have created! Relax… I love Walking Dead, American Horror and the genre.

    • Mike

      “what are “Christians” going to watch on TV?” – The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time, Harry Potter. I think most sane people can distinguish between a television show and their faith. And for the record, the ending of LOST didn’t make me believe there will be a SIDEWAYS land after this life ends where I can meet up with friends in a church and then be consumed by a blinding light where I would then become 1 with the source of life, death and rebirth that is glowing on a mystical island either.

      • Tammy

        It’s not about people being able to distinguish between tv and their faith it’s about what these shows represent. They show how Godless Hollyweird is. It’s a travesty that the networks don’t offer more mainstream Christian programming or at least Christian friendly. Not to mention how these shows influence children who have a harder time distinguishing tv from reality.

      • JimmyH

        That’s complete BS Tammy!! Children should NOT be watching this show anyway. So come down off your soapbox and enjoy the show for what it is. Entertainment.

      • Tammy

        If you don’t think kids are watching this show, you’re as delusional as the people who think there’s no Satin.

      • @ Tammy

        Tammy, are you goofing on 30 Rock here? I’m picturing you as Rachel Drach from the first season- Hollyweirdos! You have very stylish helmet hair, I guess, to go into Christian battle with… I’m sure Jesus would care completely about a tv show. Oh I forgot, he wouldn’t be watching tv, he’d be working with the poor and not standing with you on a lame soapbox judging inane things.

      • Mother Nature

        “It’s a travesty that the networks don’t offer more mainstream Christian programming or at least Christian friendly.”
        Well, Tammy, you’re in luck. Here in the Bible Belt we have The 700 Club on around the clock, and at least three channels of preachers going to town on Satan for people like you, 24/7. Come to the red states; you’ll feel right at home.

      • megs

        there is no satin? or Satan?? if there is no satin the wedding industry is in big trouble!

      • Mike

        I think most people believe satin exists, afterall it is a fabric and there is evidence of it.

      • @ Mike

        It looks like you’ve given yourself over to Satin. I will pray for you. Synthetics are the root of all evil, and will lead to our downfall, and also bad prom photos.

      • Snsetblaze

        Youg guys with Satin commens are cracking me up and it is not a good thng because I’m in class.

      • meesh

        Christians don’t have time to watch tv, they are too busy hot-saucing their children.

    • @Otis

      Do you feel better about yourself now that you got your “Christian” bashing done for the day? I hope you really aren’t so dumb to believe that a person can’t enjoy a television show because of their religion, because your comment makes you sound like a moron.

  • Kevin

    Hey AMC, does this mean you will actually give enough budget to shoot some more ambitious places that appear in the comics?

    • DGH

      Sorry but we spent all our money on Mad Men…..

      • A

        Well Mad Men is a better show than The Walking Dead, so…

  • Summer

    The Walking Dead is the only tv show I watch, because it it pure amazing. So glad they renewed it! The Talking Dead wouldn’t be a bad show if they stop talking to people who have no clue what is going on. If they stop trying to make it a funny talk show & just let the jokes flow naturally, it would be so much better.

  • Anna

    Praise Judas!! Walking Dead rocks!!! *fangirling so hard* right now!!!!!

  • Breck

    I love the TV series, although it has deviated from the comics a little bit, but I guess it could work in the direction they are going….Some things they added in (places, characters, etc), but overall I think they are doing it justice…..Cannot wait until season 3, especially if thats the season they add The Governor and Michonne

  • Chase

    So glad to hear this. Love the show. I believe I read last year that each season was suppose to follow the corrisponding graphic novel. (i.e. season one follows book 1, season 2 follows book 2, etc…) Of course, the are deviating some from the original story so I guess they won’t follow exactly.

  • Andy

    Am I the only one who thinks this show is terrible? I watched it all last year hoping the writing would improve, and this year I’m blown away by the awful plot and dialogue. Dumbasses are still driving a busted RV…how many dealerships, RV’s, panel vans, etc must they have passed. The writers use stupidity, repeatedly, as a plot tool. There are virtually no likeable characters, etc etc.

    • JimmyH

      If you hate it so much, why are you still watching it and commenting on it?

      • Andy

        Holding out hope I guess….love the zombies, make-up and effects are awesome, I just think the writing blows (that and the characters are idiots). I’ll still watch it next week…then complain again.

    • MichaelC

      Only seen 1st season but love it so far. I just wonder where the heck they get this endless supply of fuel

      • wino

        they steal it from other cars.

    • JadeSun12

      Andy… if you really think it’s terrible, you should probably stop wasting so much of your time watching it. Just a thought.

    • Big Walt

      Maybe Dale has an emotional attachment to the RV. I’m with you though, I would have upgraded long ago.

    • brian

      then stop watching the show if you dont like it retard people like you make me sick

    • @brian

      Wow the dude expresses an opinion and you go right to the R word. Grow up.

      Andy I agree with you. My hopes for this show were so high because I like “Zombieland” but the writing has killed it. They need to change up the writers.

  • JimmyH

    I love the show. Have not read the books. Are they in comic book form or novel?

    • Summer

      Comic, but they sell them in book form. To get your feet wet, I suggest getting Compendium 1. It’s comic issues 1-48. You’ll go through it so fast, it’ll have you craving more!

      • JimmyH

        “craving”…good choice of words. Thanks

  • MCB

    Yes, reject Satan and continue to pray to Zombie Numero Uno!

  • Clete

    I thought we re-newed the walking dead after every election.

    • Phil

      Nice one Clete!

  • heej

    Will they ever get to the Fireworks factory?

  • john


    • Mike

      Most can construct “AN” 8 word sentence. Maybe you were just trying to be ironic?

  • jen

    so happy to hear this. Now we’re almost guaranteed to see Woodbury, the prison, Michonne, & the Governor. It only gets better after leaving Hershel’s Farm

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