'American Horror Story': Ryan Murphy talks the Halloween episode and the tragic death of [SPOILER] -- EXCLUSIVE


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The first half of American Horror Story‘s Halloween episodes, discussed in EW’s cover story on the FX hit, aired this evening and jolted viewers wtih the shocking death of Adelaide (Jamie Brewer). Struck by a car while trick or treating as a “pretty girl,” Adelaide died despite her mother Contance (Jessica Lange) attempting to carry her body onto the Harmon property. The night also saw the debut of former owners Chad (Zachary Quinto) and Patrick (Teddy Sears), as well as more insight into what the origins of “the infantata.” EW talked to co-creator Ryan Murphy about all of the night’s developments. 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I think the biggest shock is that Addy is killed off. Why do that?
RYAN MURPHY: Well, I think it was very important to the Jessica Lange character and you’ll see coming up, once her beloved child is taken away, she needs another child in her life, and the question is, Will that be Vivian’s child? And I also love the commentary that the writers came up with that only in death does Jessica Lange and the other characters realize that this girl was beautiful all along and, in fact, a very pretty girl. I love what that says about the world and I thought it was very powerful.

Is Addy definitely gone or will we see her ghost? 
No, I think she was dead before she got to the spot.

Why do we only see the gays on Halloween? Why haven’t they popped up yet?
One of the things about the house we’re trying to say is that the house always has sort of a prescient intelligence in that it knows exactly the right moment to send the undead back to f— with the people who live in the house. The house knows what you’re afraid of and will scare you. The house also knows what you need to hear and then will provide it. So the timing of it, it’s almost like what’s going on in these character’s personal lives is what conjures these spirits. Also, in an episode coming up, Jessica Lange has a very long speech explaining the rules of the dead.

Will we find out why people like Moira are stuck living in this limbo?
Yes. If you die on the property, you die in this house, you are condemned to be there for all eternity. You can’t go to the next level of whatever you perceive death and spirituality to be. The house definitely has its own rules, and the evil that is created there is so intense that it does hold the feet of the dead and they’re sort of like slaves to the mythology of it.

Are we going to see Constance’s husband again, since he died in the house?
He does come back, and is having an unexpected affair with somebody in the house. Even in death. He’s a cheatin’ ghost.

So is Vivien’s baby growing faster than a normal baby?
Yes, it is not a normal baby. It’s growing faster than it should, and she’s eating way too much. We explain that actually in the next episode. Vivien starts to eat way too much food and have the world’s most horrible morning sickness and most horrible pregnancy cravings.

From what I gather, “the infantata” is basically a Frankenstein baby? The doctor sewed together the baby parts?

Will see show how he brought those pieces to life?
Yep. Episode 7 concludes the Nora/Dr. Montgomery story.

Will we find out more about Ben’s backstory?
Yeah a little. We learn more about Ben’s childhood. We learn about how he and Hayden got together. What was going on with Vivien and why did he cheat. That is episode 9.

What can you tease about part two of the Halloween episodes?
We find out more about what happened to Tate. Was the high school shooting a fantasy or was it real?

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  • Lauren

    I’m not sure what I should be more upset about- the fact that Addy died or that I had to see that Keep My Nets thing every break since I have Directv.

    • Lyonequeen

      OMG! I agree. The DTV bar at the bottom of the screen was so distracting that by the end of the show I didn’t (and still don’t) care if they take all the fox channels. I’ll watch AHS online!

      • Ellen

        Me, too! AHS is the only thing I watch on any of the Fox Channels, anyway!

      • Melissa in CA

        I was more annoyed by Mr. Murphy’s commercial trying to blame DirecTV for the conflict. Obviously he can’t speak out against the corporation that is putting his show on the air, but it is COMPLETELY Fox’s fault. Those ads really took away from my enjoyment of the show. I will miss AHS if there is no resolution next week, but not enough to leave DirecTV. GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER FOX!!

    • Sencho

      Are you seriously that easily distracted? Hope I’m never sharing the road with any of you “ladies”.

      • Melissa in CA

        Yeah, you should hope to not share the road with me, as I’d run you right off it. And not because I was distracted.

  • NYTeach

    This show gets better every week. Love it! Addy said she wouldn’t want to be a ghost because it would be too sad. Foreshadowing? The previews were off the hook, too. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Taylor

    Best. Show. Ever.

    • Aleksandra

      Amen, sista.

    • LorriM


  • Joe

    I don’t know if this was intentional, but this article seems to have dropped some pretty crucial bombs. Tate revealed as Constance’s son and Addie’s brother? Constance’s husband OBVIOUSLY being the one who impregnated Coach’s Wife? Tate being a ghost possibly? Come on EW, I wanted a discussion of the episode, not critical aspects of the series being spoiled.

    • Lincoln

      Joe, let this be a lesson to you. Never ever ever read a Ryan Murphy interview. He talks tooooo much.

      • Joe

        Lol, Lincoln, but at the same time, this is on the writer. HE asks the question “Did Adelaide know Tate was her brother?” Clearly he had inside information, probably from Murphy, true, but HE opened the door. Bad form.

      • Some questions have been deleted.

        The question of whether or not did Addy know that Tate was Constance’s son and her brother has been deleted. These comments should have been, as well.

      • Krys

        Thats crazy they revealed that but then later took it off. I had already guessed this to be so but to see the comments and to KNOW that Ryan Murphy blatantly

    • NYTeach

      Maybe Constance’s dead husband is having an affair with another ghost. He doesn’t say it’s Vivian. I’m okay with the revelations and confirmation (sort of) of some popular theories. I think they are still leaving a lot to the imagination. It just makes me even more anxious to see the next episode.

    • MCG

      @Joe ,
      I agree with you! Maybe this should have been available after Halloween Pt. 2! Some major plot points were given away- granted I speculated the Tate/Constance bond but I still would have liked to see the devolpment.
      Also, Connie will forever be Coach’s wife in my eyes too!

    • sally

      I’ve been following this show closely, and ALREADY had figured out Tate was Contance’s son. I don’t think things were spoiled for those of us who have already put the pieces together.

      • Shelly

        Sally, thank you! None of this was “spoiled” for me, either. Some of us had already figured this out.

      • Well, aren’t you special!

        @sally & shelly,

        No one who saw the original intereview was complaining about spoilers. I think it goes without saying the visitors to EW like spoilers. We were saying that the interview that was originally put online, discussed events that are seemingly in Pt.2. I was not mad that upcoming story details were discussed, but irritated (but not that surprised) that EW would run the entire interview. EW has some serious proofreading and edit issues.

      • aleksa

        Yeah, I figured Tate was one of Constance’s kids.

    • Cheyenne Stephens

      Where does it say Tate is Cknstance’s son and Addi’s brother?? I guess I must have missed that.

    • Jon

      Has the article been edited? I see none of those.

      That being said, it seemed pretty obvious from the Tate-Constance-Vivian triumvirate in the basement a few episodes ago that Tate could very well be her son.

      I didn’t pick up that Constance’s husband could be Rubber Guy, so that is a bit more spoilery.

  • Julius

    Loved this episode! It was my favorite one yet since the pilot. I was taken aback by Addy’s death, but what can you expect. Also, Zachary Quunto stole the show in this episode.

  • Dilsea

    So far I have been spot on! Love, love, love this show!!

  • Heth

    Okay- who else saw the skeletons in the front yard- hilarious! Definitely would leave an impression on anyone who saw the house!

    • Mandie

      I saw those frisky skeletons on the pumpkin! Lol!

      • NYTeach


    • roygbiv

      I thought it was just my crude imagination . Glad someone else saw them.

    • 75Heather

      BWAH! I had to rewind to make sure that I really saw what I *thought* I saw. Yup. Hysterical.

    • Squishmar

      Yes! I was wondering if anyone else saw them. So funny!

    • Eric

      Ha ha they were really “bonning”

  • Jennifer

    Note to self: stop reading EW interviews with Ryan Murphy unless you no longer care about the fun and freshness of mystery and speculation. (He’s already telling us what to expect in Episode 9?! Really?!)

  • Josh

    Yesh a bit too much is revealed here, but w.e I’m hooked on this show! Damn it!

  • J.R.

    This show is boring and tedious. The worst Twilight Zone episode, is so far better than this show.
    I don’t see how it ever got the okay to become a series!

    • chris

      If it is so bad and boring why are you reading an articles about the episode 4 and commenting on it? That is alot of time spent on something boring and bad LOL

    • Marc

      well then don’t watch it. jeez. it’s called metaphor. If you can’t see what’s really going on, or can’t understand the full picture, watch the episodes over again, and if you still can’t, stop trolling on AHS pages, and go watch the “good” Twilight Zone episodes.

    • O’Really?

      Boring and tedious? Are you watching with your eyes closed and the sound on mute?

    • Squishmar

      And you, J.R. are sanctimonious and tedious. Yes, as someone else said, why on earth are you reading an interview and commenting on a board about a series you find beneath you? If I truly have no interest in something, I don’t click on anything having to do with them. *Something* must have made you want to come here… or was it just to make a rude, “superior” comment showing how “above it all” you are? Get a life.

  • MCS

    I love the mythology that is already building in the show. It is like X-Files meets Lost in suburbia.

  • tg

    Wow! Another freak out of an episode. I’m soooo happy they are sustaining the quality and the scares and the mystery. Really well done and jaw dropping. LOVE IT !!

  • Flo

    Love this show and can’t wait for next week. Seeing Hayden at the door was creepy as hell omg. And one more thing,the girl that plays Violet looks a lot like the actress Vera Farmiga is that her niece/daughter?

    • Ashley

      They’re sisters. Vera is 21 years older than her.

    • C

      She is Vera’s younger sister

    • anna

      She’s her little sister… but the age difference is so great she could actually be her mom.

    • Karissa

      They are sisters…good catch

  • Ashley

    Well they deleted the spoilers about Tate but the comments gave it away!

    • JRH927

      Seriously…did you guys not catch it in last week’s episode when Constance was talking about her fine, healthy son – but he was taken from her? Then when she saw Tate in the window, there was a glance of knowing. Please tell me I’m not the only one. That’s why she hates Violet so much. Tate likes Violet. Ben couldn’t get any information on Tate in the 1st or 2nd ep? He’s NOT ALIVE.

      • Squishmar

        Yes, I think we all basically knew that stuff but it’s one thing to see it be confirmed once and for all in an episode… and to see how they do that and it’s quite another to have it just spelled out in an interview. Obviously it wasn’t supposed to go up yet because they took it down. Maybe that part of the interview was for next week’s after-show discussion with Murphy. I think they goofed.

  • Bendo

    I was completely shocked & bummed by Addy’s death. She was a spunky breath of fresh air. In exchange I would be happy to keep Zachary Quinto & Teddy Sears on as regulars. Hubba. Lastly, Kate Mara makes one sexy zombie.

    • Gracie

      Agreed – they made me love Addy in this episode, and then murdered her. Oh and I love love love Zachary Quinto!

    • Just Me

      I thought Addy was aleady a ghost! Constance said, I’ve dedicated that last 36 years of my life to you ..etc etc etc. Addy sure doesn’t look 36!!

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