Jonathan Groff returning to 'Glee'

Looks like another familiar face may be headed back to Glee: Executive producer Ryan Murphy just declared at a press event celebrating the taping of the show’s 300th song that Jonathan Groff will reprise his role as Jesse St. James.

Groff played the male lead of rival glee club, Vocal Adrenaline, for 10 previous episodes, and was Lea Michele’s love interest. Now, however, he’s going to be the group’s new vocal coach. First Chord Overstreet, now Groff…

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  • Carmania

    FIRST! woo! let’s post a positive comment before all of the other comments on here become about how EW is obsessed with glee and blah blah blah.

    I’m for it. I like him on this show. that’s my opinion.

    • Michelle

      Agreed. Love the actor, love the character.

      • Lee

        So excited! His character is hilarious and provides a much needed spark when he’s on.

    • Trent

      I saw Jonathan a couple of weeks ago in an Off-Broadway play called “The Submission” (co-starring True Blood’s Rutina Wesley) and he was terrific. He was also great in “Spring Awakening” and “Hair.” Happy about his success on Glee but I hope it doesn’t keep him from returning regularly to the theater.

    • abadstroller

      Thank you for the positive bounce, Carmania! The trolls will be here soon, but at least they didn’t get to go first this time. It will be interesting to see how JG’s character fits or doesn’t fit in with the kids this time around.

  • jane

    I like Jonathan Groff but can’t stand Jesse St. James. Also Glee is wonderful, I just thought I’d say that before all the negativity comes.

    • Somebody

      I totally agree. Jon is great, but Jesse is so annoying, and I don’t want him to be back.

  • lou

    Excellent! Now, let’s bring back Cheyenne Jackson’s Dustin Goolsby, too. He’s a terrific foil for Shue.

    • dvnovert

      ew. he’s attractive enough, but I’m sick of certain comedies trying so desperately to pass him off as FUNNY.
      just because he’s gay, doesn’t mean he has to be funny.
      let it GO, Tina Fey! That applies to Jon Hamm too!

  • italics

    Another positive comment before the h8rs arrive. Go Glee!!

  • Michael

    “Glee” has gone way downhill. I just wanted to say that before all the positivity becomes too overwhelming.

    • quincy

      hahaha totally agree.

    • Sara

      haha thank you michael

      • Marthel

        I for real just loled

    • abadstroller

      I knew that it wouldn’t be long before the glum crowd showed up. Move along, sad and mad people, move along….

    • Trey


      But in all seriousness, season 3 is so far much better than season 2.

  • Snsetblaze

    Ok – I like Jonathan Groff but isn’t the character around 18 or 19? I know we have to suspend belief when it comes to Glee or pretty much any of Ryan Murphy’s shows but really, how would he be able to get a job at a public school essentially teaching at that young age (without a college degree, license if needed), etc.

    • Howie

      Well, last season he dropped out of college, which was his first year. So, really he is two years older than Rachel. If she is turning 18, he should be about 20. He could be a student teacher, a student that trains with a teacher to become an educator himself, you don’t have to go to college to become a student teacher. So, they have them and there is the explanation. Ryan said no couples would be breaking up this year, so U’m not worried about Jesse maybe trying and succeding to sweep Rachel of her feet. Even though RM lies, I don’t think Finchel is going anywhere. But I do like the rivalry and snarky comments between Finn and Jesse. I guess with Jesse returning ND will get the tough love they need (ahem, Mercedes) and finally that Nationals championship.

      • Three

        I wonder if Jesse will work with ND or if he will wind up working with Shelby’s new group.

      • @Three

        Good point. However, he could come in since ND is an after-school club, and they don’t need licensed coaches.

      • Q

        Bring the drama. Jesse works with Shelby & tries to lure Rachel away from ND — if only for personal reasons. Finn goes crazy trying to keep Rachel with him and ND, and then has to fight off Blaine, who is suddenly scooping up all the male ND solos. Mercedes is ready to kill Jesse because she was looking forward to a Glee club sans Rachel. Shelby can’t coach well because she is fighting off Quinn, who wants to take back her baby. NOW EVERYBODY SING!

      • Kris

        Ryan said Finn and Rachel wouldn’t break up last year…cut to Christmas.

  • Edward

    Groff is a good actor, but “Glee” is getting overloaded. Sam will be back. Jesse will be back. Rory will be introduced, and Samuel Larsen’s character will eventually arrive. There are too many people, so it will be hard to focus on 2 or 3 strong storylines.

    • Conflicted Glee

      Yup, overcrowded, overloaded…
      I think the show is all over the place. There are too many characters and ongoing plots. Shelby and baby Beth came back. Then there is Mercedes’ bf (with whom I see zero chemistry) and Sugar Motta…
      Who else has already appeared? Mike Chang’s parents and the ginger supremacists, the NYADA prospects…
      We’ll see the Irish kid and the dreadlocked one, Sam Overstreet returning, the football recruiter and possible Beiste love interest, the Warblers, the Warbler that will create problems for Klaine…
      The list might go on and on and on.
      Btw, where’s Finn Hudson? His presence is almost negligible.

  • Brenda Barrett

    (SQUEALS OF JOY) – Jesse St. James is my favorite character on Glee; he’s sexily disdainful and hilarious. I hope he gets a multiple episode arc, and lots of lead vocals…

    • Jena

      I am officially back on Team Vocal Adrenaline. My loyalty lies with Jesse St. James.

  • Gregoire

    He looks like he’s 40 years old.

  • theatergal

    First two seasons: TERRIFIC! Since then, not so much. Production numbers are still first rate, but plots and characters need to be re-worked. Can’t start off doing a 100 mph almost at the end of the road, then be surprised when you run out of road!

    • Banks

      The show got thrown into a tailspin by its own success. The artist theme shows interferred with the storylines. The last two episodes were more on track.

  • Jessie St. James Jessie St. Sucks

    I love Glee (I would say I’m a Gleek) and really enjoy Jonathan Groff’s role as Jessie St. James but I think EW is way to Glee obsessed…the report every little Glee thing and stopped recapping a brilliant show like Boardwalk Empire because it is way over their heads.

  • Karen

    Ryan Murphy and the whole Glee team are idiots for not having Cheyenne Jackson sing. They let John Stamos sing and not let “arguably” one of the best voices on Broadway sing. Are the Producers on crack?

  • Beth

    Geez Glee, are you so worried about the drop in ratings that the kitchen sink will be making a comeback also?

  • Kris

    Why? Johnathan Groff had a purpose in Season 1 but now there is no need for him. His return in Season 2 was useless and this will be just more of the same. Why not just let Rachel/Finn be happy and keep Groff away from the show? Lets not make him Glee’s Georgina Sparks.

  • Julie

    Glee is terrible now, even with Jonathan Groff’s beautiful voice. Time to face facts – the show’s success was its enemy.

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