Favorite returning TV shows in trouble


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After we analyzed which new fall shows were in ratings jeopardy, readers keep asking: What about the returning shows? Fringe? Community? House? Gossip Girl? Your wish for additional stress, granted: Here are some veteran series that returned weak in the ratings this fall and could be in danger when networks make their renewal decisions next year:

Gossip Girl: The former crown jewel of The CW is barely outperforming Nikita — which airs on Fridays. Viewers can tweet about GG all they like, they need to watch it too. Given The CW’s lowering ratings limbo stick and importance of this show to its brand, we suspect it will squeak out a final season (especially if modestly performing newcomer Hart of Dixie is not renewed and the network has to add another show).

Fringe: Fox brass says all the right things about Fringe: The well-written fan-favorite has improved its Friday time period, it’s the most DVR’d show on the schedule, they love the series creatively. But it’s tough for broadcast’s top-rated network to look at its lowest-rated weekday series (currently at a 1.6 adult demo rating including the first few weeks of DVR) and not at least think about making a change. You’re never 100 percent secure on a network’s bottom rung.

The Sing Off: Once, this modest show shocked us by how well it performed during its short-run stints. But the singing competition really crapped the bed when promoted to a two-hour block on Monday nights this fall, typically ranking as the night’s lowest-rated major broadcast network show. We suspect NBC will find a use for it elsewhere in the future, but probably won’t make the mistake of relying on it so heavily during a ultra-competitive part of the year again.


The Biggest Loser: Even just a year ago, NBC’s weight-loss competition looked unsinkable. And still is, given NBC’s overall performance. But Biggest Loooooser went from pulling mid-3s a couple seasons ago to dipping below a 2.0 in recent overnight ratings, and its name seems all-too appropriate.

NEXT: Community, House and five more shows that could end up on the bubble! …

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  • shaw202

    I will pay Nielsen families to watch “Community.” Seriously. Contact me.

    • GreendaleHumanBeing

      I second that.

      Community is the smartest funniest show out there right now.

      Watch it people. WATCH IT!

      • rachelleet

        COMMUNITY IS HAAALARIOUS people! I used to watch it because the Office was on soon after, but now I tune in to NBC Thursdays because of Community and P&R, and usually stay for the Office because I am lazy.

      • tjanders

        If NBC cancels community then not only do I boycott their network, but I boycott TV.

      • trev

        Who the hell are these Neilsen families and why do they represent the TV ratings for America?! IDGI… Community and Fringe better not get cancelled.

      • Anna

        Community can’t get cancelled. Six seasons and a movie!

      • Anonymous

        I completely agree with all of you.

      • alex

        I just sent an email to NBC pleading with them not to cancel it lol. God I love this show so much!

      • vicky

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      • Banks

        The Community pilot originally aired at 9:30. That seemed like a more appropriate time slot for such an offbeat show. Perhaps NBC should put it back there. I’m a proud Greendale Human Being and I want to make it to graduation!

      • Acaseofgeo

        JAMES HIBBERD. ALERT! Fox is NOT the “top broadcast network”. CBS is. Stop acting like everyone outside of 18 – 49 doesn’t exist. (I’m in the demo). You NEED to, as a SERIOUS JOURNALIST, QUALIFY your statements if you are bending the information to fit your article. Fox is top in the demo. Your Journalistic integrity is in serious jeopardy here.

      • Jon

        Smartest maybe funniest no

    • Sven

      Community is the only network show I consider don’t miss.

      • kw

        NBC has to save Community! It’s in its prime. If anything, cancel the aging 30 Rock, and give Community its spot. 8 p.m. is not where Community needs to be, it would fare so much better at 10:00.

      • Jessica

        I love community!!

      • Ames

        Same here. Community and Fringe are the only shows I watch live and get excited about watching. All other shows fall into the “I’ll get to it” category.

      • @Ames

        Same here.

    • Annie’s Boobs

      If Community gets cancelled, there’s no reason for living.

      • Pan


      • ET

        Wow, I like Community, but that’s extreme!

      • jeffwingalingadingdong


      • Javadude54

        POP…. POP!

      • Clete

        I thought the same years ago when “My Mother the Car” was cancelled. But I got through over it…in time and moved on.

      • Tac

        If they cancel Community I’ll cry…no seriously. I love those characters so much. Yes I need help.

      • Bob R

        @ Clete: Laugh of the morning – good job

      • Jean

        Are you serious???

    • JenJen

      I sadly don’t register as a Nielsen family but I watch Community and Fringe without fail. Who are these families and why do they watch Two and a Half Men and Whitney? I don’t want to know these people.

      • Josh

        We need to not let 1% of the country control 100% of television. Occupy Nielsen.

      • TV Gord

        LOL @ Josh!

      • Loni

        Josh, funniest comment I’ve read today!

      • Jenn

        Josh = streets ahead

      • angelcop74

        @Josh~ My Hero!
        I took the stupid Nielsen survey and didnt get a box! Sad bc even though i APPEAR to be represented on paper (married, white, 29-40) My BRAIN is definitely NOT represented! All my fav shows get cancelled! Or, at least threatened yearly – I’m lookin at you, Supernatural. Don’t let it happen to Fringe!

      • georgie


      • Tajah

        @Josh You just might have an idea there! LOL!

      • Christine

        Josh, I am serious. That needs to be a thing. Make a website right now.

      • Bored

        This vexes me. It really, really vexes me. I don’t know even one person who watches, or has ever watched, Two and Half Men, yet it gets great ratings. Who watches that crapfest and how do we start a sterilization program so they don’t procreate?

      • Dann

        Nielsen seems to get the lowest common denominator viewers. Two and a half men and Whitney are their preferred shows? Ugh, talk about bottom rung ladder taste.

      • waya

        Snurtching Josh’s quote. *LOL*

      • Annie

        Anybody else thinking we need to make #occupynielsen a trending topic?

      • MarkL

        I have two DVRs and I record Community on both of them…now I’m considering a third DVR.

      • Jon

        I watch both Community and Whitney

      • Doug

        Thank GOD there are cable channels that create decent programming and don’t care a whole lot about Neilsen. Otherwise I’d only have sports to watch.

    • JQuin

      Community is the funniest thing on tv yet NBC keeps pushing that steaming pile of Whitney.

      • jodipo


      • tjanders

        Notice how everybody comments on saving Community NBC!!!!! I am pretty sure nobody would notice if that bowel-movement of a show The Sing-Off got the axe…..and I still can’t believe people watch 2 and a half douchers….worst example of comedy by the human species

      • tae

        Hey hey I loooove the paintballs out of my troy and abed but the sing off is a good show I’ll take them over any of these other talent shows out now but the reason its low on ratings is between dancing with the stars and two and a half men they can’t get any viewers and as far as Whitney goes its just not funny to me and really drags down thurs

      • tae

        Hey hey I loooove the paintballs out of my troy and abed but the sing off is a good show I’ll take them over any of these other talent shows out now but the reason its low on ratings is between dancing with the stars and two and a half men they can’t get any viewers and as far as Whitney goes its just not funny to me and really drags down thursdays comedy block imho

      • CP

        I can’t count the reasons I should stay… One by one they all just fade away

    • Senor Spielbergo

      I 100% agree! Community is the best comedy on TV hands down. All other TV shows can suck it.

      • Ruby

        Hey don’t forget about Fringe! It’s by far the best current drama on network television. #OccupyNielsen

    • Barak

      Call Chevy Chase, that’s his job.

    • Ava

      Word, I would do the same for both Community and Parks and Rec. Although P&R has been climbing slightly, it’s still not where I’d be comfortable.

    • Save Community


    • BC in NC

      Six seasons and a movie!

    • Jenn

      Me too. Let’s bribe the Nielsen viewers to watch Community!

    • KD

      Agreed! By far one of the funniest and innovative shows on TV

    • miss k

      Cancel Community and NBC is dead to me.

      • Dr. Linus

        For real I know that people say all the time that they’ll never watch a network if it cancels their favorite show but I’ll never watch NBC again. I say this not to make people watch it or even as a threat to NBC (because nobody cares). It’s just a personal decision. I’m such a TV fanatic and have watched countless shows on NBC (was never a CBS watcher), but that will be the nail in the coffin for me. I watch so little TV as it is.

    • Liz

      Nooooooooooooo! It’s the only show left I watch on NBC. I’m 48 and I watch with my 14 yr old son (he’s advanced). If it helps the network decide to keep it, I make a heap of money and I will spend it on what’s advertised during the commercials.

    • Barak

      “I will pay Nielsen families to watch “Community….”

      Hey, that’s Chevy Chase’s job.

    • Aprilcot26

      This. My husband and I stopped watching TBBT when they moved it opposite Community. Easily one of my two favorite shows of the week (the other being P&R, of course).

    • Michelle

      I’m a Nielsen family…pay me. That’s the only way I will watch that show.

    • Carol

      Yeah, you’d have to pay me to watch Community…

      • rlb237

        Over your heads, Carol & Michelle?

    • Roekest

      Community isn’t just funny, but it’s smart, deep, and not afraid to push the envelope. If it gets canceled, I hope it gets picked up by one of the cable networks

      • Damion

        Yes! And stop taking up prime real estate on Network TV that could be showing something that is actually funny! It’s the only comedy on Thursday I DON’T record…

    • Damion

      Ugh, why? The show deserved to be cancelled by the third episode and this season, is such a waste of a prime timeslot.

    • T

      I LOVE Community. It is one of the best written comedies on TV. It took a bit to hit its stride the first season, but they now have a great rhythm, smart and witty cast, and it is just HILARIOUS!

    • Emily

      6 seasons and a movie

  • B

    notice you did not include EW’s pet project “Parks and Rec” the ratings for that are just as bad as “Community” and this statement “but it’s popular the same way a cable series is popular and one wonders how long a company that needs to boost its primetime numbers like NBC will keep around a comedy just because it’s, well, great” could be used when talking about it!

    • James Hibberd

      I almost mentioned Parks because, you’re right, it’s sort of in that same “too low for other networks” group…But currently Community is averaging a 1.9, Parks a 2.2 … of course, Parks has the slightly easier time period…

      • Eric P

        They should put it on after the office and see how it does. I mean the office is obviously carrying Whitney and that just straight out sux.

      • B

        Community has the hardest timeslot of any of the thursday night comedies going head to head with The Big Bang Theory, I agree they should give it a try after The Office like they did with Parks and Rec last year, I just hate seeing you lump it in with Harry’s Law!

      • B

        and maybe a EW cover story would help Community..you all did one for Parks and Rec last year!

      • ree

        I agree – a Community cover story would be nice. Seeing it on this list is painful.

      • Becca

        Parks and Rec has higher ratings AND gets Emmys love (including a Best comedy nod this year). It’s far more safe than Community at this point.

      • Jenn

        A Community cover feature on EW would be AMAZING. The cast has great chemistry – could make for some awesome pics! Save Community!

      • Jennifer

        Parks & Rec benefits from not being opposite Big Bang Theory. I know I’m not the only one who has to choose between BBT & Community every week. Used to choose BBT, now go with Community, but I like both a lot so it’s a tough choice.

      • B

        Thank you for the shoutout in the article James!

      • Damion

        Parks and Recreation is a brilliant show…and Whitney is 1000 times funnier than Community could even HOPE to be. I adore Whitney! Community is just plain useless….

    • B

      Sorry James I still think you should mention Parks and Rec in your “Hall of Shame”

      • ger

        Wow, conspiracy theory much?

      • Jay

        If Parks and Recreation is EW’s pet project….I’m all for it. Love the show. Don’t really see why you would want the show to be mentioned.

    • bamabunny

      I thought Glee was EW’s pet project?

      • Angela

        Not really, at least not since season 1. I’d definitely say Parks and Rec. is at the moment.

      • Brian

        Darren Criss is still a priority at EW, but the show itself is not as high up the list as Parks and Rec!

    • Yusneyda

      AAAAAAA! Ε έ ου ί έ fan ου Fringe! Έ ε έ ό ο ου ε ό ο ώ εί ου ί ου ου ο ου ε ε ού ! έ ε ε ά ο εί ο , ε ο ο mind blowing seaosn finale ου εί ο έ, ε εί ο Dexter ο seaosn 4. ε ώ ώ ώ o υ ό ε ε ό ο έ ε ού ε ίο ο Peter ( εί Fringe junkie!)

  • Captain

    Nikita is the best show on television, its a shame the ratings don’t reflect it.

    • mel

      Love, love, love Nikita. Are prople seriously not watching?

    • Jake

      NIKITA is one of the best shows on tv, and it could easily win an EMMY, but The CW reputation turns off the appeal… The show is really smart… Sadly, people is not watching.

    • S.

      “best show in television”/”win an emmy” is a bit of a stretch, but it is very entertaining and I really think CW made a mistake not pairing it with Ringer which would seem to go for the same audience.

  • Templar

    I don’t watch a single one of the shows listed here. No one I’ve asked does either. Out of about 30 friends and co-workers, not one fan. that’s very telling. But Castle, NCIS, TBBT, Psych, Covert Affairs, and White Collar are hugely popular. Jeopardy is more well regarded than the list you covered.

    • Justin

      I get the first part of your comment, but why mention those hugely popular shows? Exactly where are you going with that? BTW, Jeopardy has nothing on Fringe since most people regard Fringe as the best show on television.

      • Ancient Lyre

        If most people regard Fringe as the best show on TV, why is NCIS consistently No. 1 in the ratings. They consider it the best, but don’t watch it? There appears to be a flaw in your statement.

      • NJ

        @Ancient Lyre
        According to your logic, TAAHM Jersey Shore and Idol should be the best shows on TV. Quality almost never has anything to do with popularity.Therefore, there appears to be a flaw in YOUR statement.

      • Ancient Lyre

        @NJ no. Justin stated that “most people” regard Fringe as best. Obviously not.

      • rawkfistmusic

        The Nielson ratings are nowhere near indicative of “most people” either.

      • Justin

        @Ancient Lyre
        Fringe is one of those “great shows but not many people watch” kind of shows, like Community, Parks and Recreation, heck, I’ll even include Nikita on that list. Fringe is consistently referred to as one of the best shows on television like the others I just mentioned, but the viewership just doesn’t reflect the amount of great accolades it receives. NCIS gets more viewers numbers-wise, no doubt, but as far as quality goes, it can’t hold a candle to Fringe. BTW, this is coming from an NCIS fan, so your response is very much flawed.

      • Tori

        I agree with Ancient Lyre. Obviously, if MOST people thought Fringe was the best show on TV, it wouldn’t be losing viewers. NJ’s arguement doesn’t even make sense because Jersey Shore and Idol aren’t the most popular shows. (Not many people even watch JS) Plus, they’re unscripted, so you can’t rate them on “quality”.

    • Grumpster

      I guess you’ll watch just about anything crap then, eh?

    • Jessica

      I’m surprised you don’t know anyone who watches House–it gets great ratings and is on everyday in syndication…do the 30 people you know watch TV? And just because something gets high ratings doesn’t mean it is good. A lot of the “best shows on TV” got awful ratings and/or were cancelled–Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, My So-Called Life, Pushing Daisies…It would appear that the majority of the shows that get high ratings are shows that you don’t have to watch very closely to understand–you don’t even have to watch them week to week to understand what is going on…Castle, NCIS, TBBT, and Psych—all episodic. Don’t you watch any serial TV shows?

      • Templar

        Not really, no. Although I’ve just begun loving Once Upon A Time. Does that count? To me serial TV shows = night time soaps. So I won’t be watching the new Dallas either.

      • Blame Leno!

        whoa let’s put on the breaks here. I don’t like seeing Psych being lumped into this subpar list. I love me some Psych and I think it’s streets ahead of anything the 30 or so friends of Templar are watching. It just means they are capable of enjoying smart fun comedies if they just give them a chance. Just cause you and your friends haven’t watched these shows doesn’t mean they aren’t great. I had a lot of friends that didn’t watch Community or Parks N Rec and I told them about the shows. I went over their houses and watched it with them. Not one of them wasn’t hooked after they started watching. So maybe Templar and his/her friends need to broaden their horizons. A love of Psych means they have potential. Come on Templar try something new, have a viewing party, be the change we need. LOL!

    • Alana

      The people you work with are lame. All the cool kids watch Community! Wait no…All the smart kids watch Community.

      • Jamie

        I love community as well, but as community fans, we need to stop saying our show is the smartest. In case you didn’t notice, ‘smart’ isn’t a trait that apeals to Americans anymore. Americans vote for President based on who’d they rather have a beer with. Thus if we want to save community, we need to stop acting like we’re all intellectual geniuses for watching the show, as that turns off potential viewers. Start saying stuff like I love community because Troy and Abed’s friendship is as cute as a box of puppies.

      • Marie

        I do love Troy & Abed’s friendship! Slightly reminds me of JD & Turk from ‘Scrubs.’

    • GreendaleHumanBeing

      are you my MIL? She and her friends like those shows too.

    • /

      NCIS killed television. Such a crappy show with huge ratings.

    • radiofreeagent

      NCIS is literally one of the worst shows on television. CBS dramas are all basically unwatchable. So so bad.

      • Tori

        Are you kidding? NCIS is waaay better than any of those shows.

    • Sue

      I thought I was the only one who had not seen one of the shows on the list. I almost want to see Community now, since all the love people are throwing its way.

    • Panglima

      WOW you’ve been reading for over a year, thkans granny.I will Erna thkans.Maybe after a few sherberts Daisy.You should travel over and experience it for yourself one day Stephanie.

  • Pan

    Is it because of chair being dragged out too long? Characters that fans dislike the most are given more screen time? The story lines aren’t as good as previous seasons?

    • BLM

      Blair’s pregnancy and Prince Boring are killing this season for me, but I just can’t seem to quit this show. I wish this was the last season.

      • Nik E

        I agree. I’m bored with Blair being prego and Prince Boring. I think I’m giving up on GG.

      • angie

        GG needs to take a page out of Vamp Diaries – GG drags and recycles so many plots – its hard to watch something when NOTHING new has happened.
        They really were on to something with the Dair potential – I’d rather see Dair VS Chair – over Prince Whats-his-Name…SNORE.
        I gave up on GG last season – and I don’t miss it.

      • Alana

        Agreed! Gossip Girl is nearing the end of its run and they are still keeping Chuck and Blair apart. The writers need to realize that the viewers they are losing are the ones that are sick and tired of not seeing Chuck and Blair. They had 0 screen time together this week and barely a few minutes last week. Less Humphrey/Ivy/Serena more CHAIR!

  • Michael

    The only thing I hope for “Fringe” is that it is given enough notice so that it can have a proper ending. Of course, I’d love for it to go on for as many seasons as it can creatively do, but if it can’t, PLEASE don’t just leave it hanging.

    • Bob

      It’s one of the best shows on television and it just sucks that Fox has done so much to try to kill it. It started on Tuesday back when there was no programming for the 18-49 demo on the evening and did well so they moved it to Thursday in the most competitive time slot on network and it hemorraged viewers. Then they moved it to Friday to shake off anyone still watching. It’s a shame because it’s a fantastic show and each season gets better and better.

      Just a though but I doubt any network wants to tick off J.J. Abrams so I suspect at the least it will get a solid ending.

      • Jean

        Yes, are they hoping to keep the young demographic they’re after home watching TV on Fridays? it won’t happen, no matter how popular the show. Networks should accept that and air Friday night programs the more-likely-to-stay-home-Friday-night demographic will like.

      • Psac

        Fringe was doing terrible on Thursdays (by Fox’s standards), and they moved it to Friday to try to put something more competitive on Thursdays. Fox has actually shown great patience with Fringe. They could have rightfully cancelled it after last season. I’m no Fox-lover, but you have to give them their due here.

    • MK

      That AND putting it on opposite Supernatural which shares a lot of the same audience. And now NBC adds Grimm to the same timeslot. How dumb are these execs? A monkey could program better than them!

    • Ari

      I agree with you!!!! Please let them finish this season with a proper finish. I hate Fox…..they should have left Fringe right on where it was from the beginning!!

    • Melissa in CA

      I also LOVE Fringe and hope it stays around, and if not, that it gets proper closure. But I think the problem with it is, to really appreciate it, you need to have watched it from the beginning, so they’re not attracting newer viewers.

      • passing

        Every episode this season has more then 2.0 rating when DVR +7 is included, the highest gain .
        So watching live is the problem, and new viewers now is not likely. A lot has to do with Friday, first half of season 3 was at Thursday, biggest competition , and still every episode had around 5 million live viewers and then a lot of DVR, since the move to friday it went downhill.
        A shame for a great production, wonderful cast and brilliant acting from especially Anna Torv and John Noble.

      • Angela

        I didn’t start watching until the beginning of Season 3 because Lost had ended and I needed a new show to obsess over. Got hooked instantly even though I wasn’t completely sure exactly what was happening (I knew enough about the plot so that I wasn’t completely lost), so I went back to watch seasons 1 and 2. At one point, I was watching all three season simultaneously (season 1 with friends I was trying to – and successfully manged to – convert, season 2 for catching up and season 3 live). I understand that lots of people can’t or don’t want to take the time to catch up, but for a show as good as this one, it’s more than worth it. Plus, it’s not nearly as difficult to jump in as Lost, though entering for the first time in season 4 might be hard.

      • Helen

        My gut says that even if this is the final season for “Fringe,” Fox will let them have the full year and give them time to wind up properly. That said, I hope we’ll get a fifth year; the storytelling is still so sharp, and the performances are stellar.

      • Mindy

        You DON”T need to watch Fringe from the beginning to get it. FOX needs to dispel this horrible rumor. Over the summer on an entertainment rel-ated message board I told people to watch one episode in season 1, and then skip to the end of season 2 and start from there. I gave them episode numbers and titles. This was no more than 10 episodes prior to season 3. And they said it worked perfectly and they loved the show. I know someone who started with “Entrada” and was instantly hooked. You DON’T need to watch from the beginning. Fringe isn’t LOST. It is way easier to understand.

        Fringe is great! I think it is now the best drama on network television. I hope it gets a proper ending.

    • Didi

      @Michael I completely agree with everything in this statement. If it ends this season, I will be sad but I’d rather it go out with a bang than a wimper. All I want from Fox at this point is for them to give the writers enough notice to write a satisfying ending for the fans.

  • Al

    Is anyone on Gossip Girl still going to school?

    • Matt W.

      They are technically, but I don’t think there has been one school seen this season.

  • Annie

    Gossip Girl writers and producers has no one but themselves to blame for their current situation. The characters have not had much character development for the last couple of seasons. They start storylines with a bang but never follow through with a satisfactory conclusion. They have no idea how to utilize the character of Nate but refuse to get rid of him because the actor is pretty. They throw their prized Chuck and Bair coupling at us to create tension in their respective storylines but the writers can not create a storyline to have the characters grow together as a couple. They have a gold mine now with Dan and Blair and they are ruining it with this whole Prince Louis storyline and Blair being a princess of a real life principality. Which we all know will never happen because Prince Albert got married this year and has a new princess and Princess Caroline son Andrea is the heir, in case Albert and Charlotte do not have children. The storyline as a whole insults my intelligence and might stop watching until Louis gets on that plane back to Monaco.

    • Annie

      Sorry, I mean Princess Charlene, Charlotte is Albert’s niece.

  • Fan

    Agree Michael. Fringe has been such an excellently done show with great acting. Please let the show continue but a well written ending would make me cry a little less to lose it.

  • PutAforkINit

    what about THE OFFICE?
    the show should have ended with Carrell leaving.
    painful to watch now.
    i think i will finally quit on it.
    think it will end after this year??

    • Senor Spielbergo

      You almost wrote that like a haiku.

    • Mike

      My guess would be that the ratings are still decent for the Office hence why it wasn’t mentioned. And actually, the show hasn’t been too bad in the new season in my opinion. They have had a bit of a creative resurgence. Not sure how long that will last though.

    • Jean

      I’m enjoying how they’re developing the other characters so far this season. All the actors are so good and the writing is so good, I think the show can survive Carell’s departure.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. Though there will always be a soft spot in my heart for Michael Scott.

  • MK

    Maybe FRINGE could move to SyFy…..they have lots of original scripted programming now and with four years it’s already good for syndication. I just do not get why more folks don’t watch?!?! It’s L&O with weirdness (and FAR better acting) — what’s not to love?

    • Ari

      Most people dont “get” Fringe. They dont like the sci fi aspect.

      • LOL

        Most people are stupid.

      • ikagirl

        SyFy doesn’t get sci-fi, they’d just try to include a wrestling element. I so want Fringe to continue, but as I’m not a Nielsen viewer, my viewing doesn’t count.

      • qtipbabies

        But they DO “get” a bunch of zombies, vampires and stupid fairytales. Amazing.

    • Toby Wan

      I wonder why they won’t move Fringe to FX? The ratings it gets on Fox would be considered a hit at FX, and the cost of the show would surely be in line with their other original shows. Come on, man! Don’t kill the best sci-fi show on TV!

      • NJ

        Not everyone has FX. Therefore, the ratings would likely go down to FX levels if they move it there.Besides, the budget is too high for it to be profitable on cable. If anything, they should move it to the CW cos WB owns it. But then again, you never know.

    • Bob

      SyFy is owned by Comcast/NBC. FX doesn’t have the budget to support Fringe, so you’d probably see a cast shake-up.

    • Ames

      I think SyFy would kill it faster than even Fox could.

    • bootsycolumbia

      I have to confess, the reason I didn’t watch Fringe at the beginning of its run was because I thought FOX would cancel it after 4 weeks. I never had any problem with the show, it’s just the network executives who panic whenever a show is edgy or different that I don’t trust. All the networks are guilty of this and it makes me gun shy about getting too deeply involved in a new show unless it looks like an instant hit.

    • waya

      SyFy is a bunch of cheapskates. The quality would tank and they would kill off our fav characters. I love my Fringe and a pox on Fox if they axe it!

    • Bus Driver

      I’m not a sci-fi fan, after glowing initial reviews in Season 1 I did try to watch Fringe. It lost me very quickly because of Anna Torv – I felt like the poor girl was still in school and completely incapable of the material the show was giving her. It was painful to watch; I felt vindicated when a couple of weeks later EW ran a column with the author complaining about Anna Torv as well. I’ve seen a few random Fringe episodes in the years since and it appears Ms. Torv has stepped up her game considerably; she’s even gotten pretty good. I wonder how many random potential viewers were lost in those early days?

      • Ginny

        I don’t remember her acting in the first season, but nowadays, she consistently impresses me. I find her very, very good.

      • Mindy

        It wasn’t Anna Torv. It is that the character she plays is very introverted and stiff. When seasons 3 rolled around and she was given another character to play this became very clear. Just start with season 3.

  • Nick

    Fringe and Community are SO EFFING GREAT WTF. If Fringe is canceled, I am DONE with Fox. Forever. They’ve messed up too many times now!

  • Meredith

    Fringe wouldn’t be in trouble if Fox wasn’t so blindingly stupid. It’s one of that network’s most popular shows but they move it to the death slot of Friday. Why? That show was doing great in the ratings until they moved it to Friday. I don’t get it. I don’t get Community either. That show is outstanding. It’s like smart shows just can’t survive. We’ll get 8 billion versions of the Bachelorette and all other kinds of reality trash but anything smart or anything that caters to someone who isn’t 21 gets cut. I’ll never forgive them for taking Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Boston Legal. NEVER.

    • shelly

      I agree Meredith! I am not over Boston Legal yet! Harry’s Law is the show on the list that is really bugging me. 10 million viewers doesnt mean anything because they arent 21 year olds? wow… I am still in the 18-49 demo (but not by much) I have more disposable income now than I did when I was at the lower half of the demo so why is it that if you are over 49 no one cares what you watch???

      • Herb

        What i don’t understand is if a Friday show always pulls in crappy ratings, why not keep one in that slot that at least has a rabid fan base and good critical buzz. Do they really think that whatever they replace Fringe with would do any better?

      • NJ

        No, but it could be much cheaper….

      • Alana

        But do you spend that disposable income or save it? I am of the understanding that the reason the younger viewers are so important is because we are stupid and spend more money on junk we don’t need.

      • bootsycolumbia

        Amen, Shelly.

    • Mike

      Totally agree with you about Fringe and Community being great shows. They’re my favorite shows on network television these days. But “That show was doing great in the ratings until they moved it to Friday.” That is absolutely false about Fringe. FOX moved the show to Friday to SAVE it from being slaughtered on Thursday nights. And it did work temporarily and got them a renewal to this year. You CAN, however, blame FOX for moving it from it’s comfy post IDOL slot on Tuesdays after the first season. That’s where the ratings were awesome. But Glee became a Tuesday success and didn’t fit thematically with Fringe and then they moved Idol to Wednesdays and Thursdays and Fringe had to be moved somewhere else. I take comfort in all of the scheduling moves in knowing that….as crazy and weird (good weird) as FRINGE has gotten, people would have abandoned the show anyway or the show would not have taken as many risks in fear of losing the viewers. What we ended up with is a FANTASICALLY written and executed show that isn’t far to go to the next level of weirdness and provide great drama in the process. I hope FOX will keep the show on the air as long as the producers can creatively go on with the show, but if not….I’m happy about the show we got to watch and hope they get the opportunity to provide closure. Same goes for Community with taking risks. That kind of show will never have a huge audience but the people that stick around will be obsessively loyal fans of it. Count me as one of them.

      • Mike

        “isn’t far to go” Yikes! isn’t “AFRAID” to go. Sorry!

      • Psac

        Good to see someone with the proper facts. Love Fringe, and thanks to FOX for giving it the extra chances they have.

  • RKron

    Everyone, please support Fringe! It gets nothing but good reviews for seasons now and it’s still struggling. Don’t prove other people right when they say Americans only watch trash.

  • Danitalicious

    I have to agree with the comments about Fringe. It’s one of the best-written, best-acted series’ out there. FOX really has beaten it down by constantly moving it. Fridays? Who the hell watches TV on Fridays? I’m one of the ones who DVR it, but that’s only because I would never watch any show on a Friday night. I agree that SyFy would probably be a better fit due to the content, but it’s still sad to see it languish on Fox, considering it’s such a great show.

    • LMFAO

      NBC has to move Community to save it.

      • Nadine

        Definitely. I admit I watch BBT at 8 and catch Community later. It’s an awesome show, the six realities ep was brilliant! I switch to NBC at 8:30.

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