'Big Bang Theory': Leonard as Lion-O from 'ThunderCats'? -- FIRST LOOK


Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

ThunderGeeks, hooooo! On tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory (on CBS at 8 p.m.), Leonard (Johnny Galecki) meets the holy grail of heterosexual male geekdom: A girl who loves comic books. He even meets Alice (Courtney Ford, True Blood) while shopping for comics, and the two bond so well over their respective collections, Leonard shows off one of his prize possessions: A drawing of Leonard as Lion-O from the animated series ThunderCats by DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee. Naturally, the fine folks at Big Bang actually got the real Jim Lee to do the drawing. Wanna see it? Of course you do: 


Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Aw, but the drawing is so small there. Don’t you want to see it close up? Of course you do:


Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Admit it. You’re jealous.

New episodes of Cartoon Network’s ThunderCats begin tomorrow at 8:30 p.m.

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  • Sue1

    Pretty cool.

    • Jim

      No offense, but the guy who currently voices Lion-O (Will Friedle aka Eric from Boy Meets World) has a million times more talent than Johnny Galecki. Will Friedle deserves to be on TV – he is hilarious and good looking

      • Gueststar

        Horrible things should happen to you…

      • Cronus

        If you intend no offense, then why run down Johnny Galecki with such a ridiculous statement (“a million times more talent…”)?

      • Boy

        Agreed, will freidle is a talented man, does he only do voice acting? Leonard is getting on my nerves, I hope the show focuses more on the rest of the group (Raj, Howard)

      • Schwartz

        Will Friedle’s best-known role is and will always be, arguably, that of big brother Eric on Boy Meets World.

      • Goblin

        @ Boy: I know him from Terry McGinnis on Batman Beyond. Where he was AWESOME.
        Anyway, I like Johnny Galecki. Leonard might be annoying, but that’s his job as the straight man. Don’t confuse the actor with the character.

      • Xiuh

        I hope this is not Jim Parson writing XD. By the way, Leonard is my favourite TBBT character and Johnny Galecki is great doing it.

      • Chris

        HAHA!!! i can´t stop laughing at all the comments !!! Nerds!!!

      • Totaldork

        Will Fiedle’s ok, he was good as Terry McGinnis, but he’s really wrong for Lion-O. As is the way they write him. He’s annoying, thick headed and has absolutely no leadership qualities. He -should- be immature, but open to advice. That being said, I don’t get the comparison, Will Freidle’s work is largely dis-similar to Johnny Galecki, though despite that I could see him being an interesting addition to the show, which admittedly I have stopped watching the past couple of seasons as it’s run it’s premise into the ground and the plots are getting more than predictable.

      • shakespeare2021@blackplanet.com

        Jeez dude. Your actors last job was a Disney channel teen idle. Galecki cut his acting teeth working along side Rosanne Barr & John Goodman. Years before your actor could walk. & maybe theirs a reason he’s doing voice overdone a cartoon & not actual acting. Granted your Guy attended college after his show was CANCELLED.


        @ Jim:: ASS

      • Mulder

        Check your facts, “Shakespeare”. Friedle and Galecki are less than a year apart in age. The shows where each cut their teeth ran for comparable lengths (Boy Meets World – 7 seasons, Roseanne – 9). Friedle went into voice acting almost immediately after BMW. Your comments and “analysis” are shoddy and biased. Shakespeare would write a tragedy to see his name abused so.

      • BBT Fan


      • guest

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      • Gannon

        It makes no sense that you think it sensible to post comments like this. You either have no idea of proper Internet social conduct or you’re just not a very kind person.
        What being a fan of a show allows you to do is to appreciate the work that the staff and cast put into it. What being a fan of a show does NOT allow you to do is to criticize actors in favor of other, irrelevant actors.
        Please take your post somewhere it belongs. And if you think your privilege is to criticize, then I welcome the flaming your posts will receive until you get a sense of how unbecoming it is to insult shows in their own domains.

      • shuido

        I wonder who actually owns the artwork. I’m sure that’s something Galecki would love to take home and put under glass.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Matchriches.CoM ..it is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • Jayne Hamlet

        Your wrong!!! He’s great!

      • jj

        bs, jim. use your REAL name: Will Friedle!!!

      • Leo

        Thundercats are back?! What? Where? When? I need to watch it. That was such a cool show.

      • Chloe G.

        Jim Lee, is that you? Whoah!

  • Brenna

    really neat! excited about this new girl in hopes of getting rid of pryia (though still totally rooting for leonard and penny!!!)

    • The Clooney

      Such a moronic show.

      • Melnutz

        I second that notion!

      • Cricket

        Then don’t watch and don’t post in an article about it. Simple solution to a simple problem.

      • Mike

        The funniest sitcom on TV….

      • Alan

        Don’t knock what you don’t understand!!

      • mistresspain

        Um, arguments to support that ridiculous statement would be nice. Don’t dis it if you don’t understand it. If you do and still don’t like it, don’t be a troll and post sh*t on subjects you have no interest in.

      • yup


      • Julie Anderton

        Oh, Alan, Mike, and everyone else like you, it’s so clearly NOT the funniest sitcom on TV.

        Look, I watch BBT, and I find it somewhat amusing. As with all Chuck Lorre shows, however, it’s a very traditional, formulaic sitcom featuring two-dimensional characters spewing cliched lines and acting out rehashed plots. If you can’t see the jokes coming from a mile away, you obviously haven’t watched enough television.

        And don’t get me started on the “audience,” who are either paid to laugh, drunk, or a laugh track.

      • Bob

        Overanalyze it all you want. All I’ll say is that, at age 52, I find TBBT to be the funniest show currently on television. It’s the only American sitcom since The Odd Couple and Taxi that gives me at least one genuine, hearty belly-laugh almost every week.

        And even when I do see the jokes coming, that doesn’t make them any less funny. It just means that I start laughing that much sooner. (Hey, I know Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s On First” routine by heart, and it’s still hilarious every time I hear it.)

      • Neomander

        The show isn’t moranic. Its’ mom had it tested.

    • Julieta

      I totally agree!

    • lola

      Why? Leonard and Penny make no sense as a couple…

      • Brian

        But that is the whole point. There needs be no sense in relationships, just emotion and attraction, and Leonard and Penny show those perfectly.

    • Adwina Lambert

      Will Friedle was also the voice in the new batman cartoon series. he really was sooo cute as the dumb and lustful older brother Eric tee-hee!!

    • Chloe G.

      Yeah, totally. He should hook up with some nice girl. The Penny and Leonard thing is tiresome. They really need to find some way to have a real relationship without muddling it with romance (which is as fleeting as it comes). Leonard needs to be less needy, and learn to like himself. He has to do this while he is single. Penny needs to figure her life out on her own. Friendship is a good option for these two, but a rekindling of their old relationship? That’s like a backwards step. They’ve obviously already gradually matured as people.

      Penny needs to fall in love with some other guy. Leonard needs to deal with what his true feelings are. Right now, he’s just a greedy bugger in love with the idea of being in love, not knowing what it really means. Let’s face it, what mainly drew him (or draws him) to Penny is superficial. He has to dig deeper than that. Otherwise, he doesn’t really deserve to be with ANY woman.

  • Chad

    And now the picture of Penny as Shetara….?

    • TV_Pete

      I suspect many people would love to see more of Penny…

    • Mike

      Cheetara genius….

  • Jeff Anderson

    As if the show wasn’t already Geek Nirvana!

    This is so cool to me (having grown up singing the theme song from Thundercats).


    creator of @theCRICKETtoy
    (for those awkward pauses-crickets chirping)

  • GeekGirl13

    As a girl who loves comics, I wish more of the heterosexual male geeks I met in my local store had Leonard’s personality!

    • Xiuh

      I second that

    • Totaldork

      You mean thin, submissive and attractive? The show’s amusing, but they have the stereotype wrong.

      • Nik

        Okay, Leonard *is* kind of a pushover, but at least he’s not a jerk and he’s not afraid to hold a conversation. Some guys I’ve met in comic book stores could take a few lessons from Leonard.

  • João Paulo

    Looks cool

  • brewnette

    Admitting jealousy… wishing I could be comic-morphed into a Thundercat!!!

  • Diane

    I think I’m in love with Leonard

  • Javadude54

    I wonder who actually owns the artwork. I’m sure that’s something Galecki would love to take home and put under glass.

    • Nik

      I wonder the same thing. I kind of hope Galecki gets to keep it, because seriously, that would rock for him.

  • Typo

    Jim Lee himself actually did that?! Beyond geeked out right now. (BTW, I am a girl who likes comic books but have yet to find a guy who doesn’t it weird.)

    • Goblin

      Me too. In my experience, though, they only find it weird when 1) they realize you know what you’re talking about, and 2) no, you’re not in the comic shop with your boyfriend.

    • Chung

      I wish when I was single and going to get my comics that there was a beautiful girl there as well.

      Plus, I love that drawing.

  • Catherine

    How cute is that? Johnny Galecki looks thrilled, as he should.

  • Eric

    I wanna see Penny as Chitara!!!!!

  • Naomi

    OH man!! I was @ NY Comic con and missed seeing Jim Lee. That drawing is awesome!

  • Catherine

    I love it looks cool.

  • Lauren

    Very cool!!!

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