FX buys Charlie Sheen comedy 'Anger Management'


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Charlie Sheen has found his next home. FX announced today that it has acquired Anger Management, a sitcom loosely based on the 2003 movie of the same name from Joe Roth’s Revolution Studios. The home of Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story has ordered 10 episodes of the comedy from the Lionsgate-owned Debmar-Mercury, and will be written and executive produced by veteran comedy writer Bruce Helford (The Drew Carey Show).

The show will premiere next summer.

“We think that Bruce Helford, Joe Roth and Charlie Sheen have come up with a wonderful, hilarious vehicle for Charlie’s acting talents—and a character we are very much looking forward to seeing him play,” said John Landgraf, President and General Manager, FX Networks, in a statement.  “Two and a Half Men has been an outstanding component of FX’s schedule for the past 14 months, and we have every confidence that Anger Management will soon be as well.”

As part of the deal, FX will pick up an additional 90 episodes under a special syndication model crafted by Debmar-Mercury for the Tyler Perry sitcoms and Revolution’s Are We There Yet? The series will air exclusively on FX until the off-network episodes start airing in broadcast syndication in fall 2014. Sheen will have a “significant ownership stake in the series” that was inspired by the film about an anger management therapist who appears to need more counseling than his patients.

“I have been fortunate to work with Charlie Sheen on six hit films,” said Roth in a statement, in reference to movies like Major League, Young Guns and The Three Musketeers. “Now to have Charlie, the number one comedy star on TV, doing Anger Management, feels like a perfect fit.  And I could not be happier than being back at Fox with John Landgraf and Chuck Saftler.”

Added Lionsgate Television Group President Kevin Beggs, “The FX brand epitomizes creative excellence and risk-taking combined with entrepreneurial business acumen.  Partnering with them on Anger Management is a no-brainer and we are thrilled to bring Charlie Sheen, Bruce Helford and this amazing creative team to the FX family of original series.”

In July, Sheen announced his intentions to follow up his successful (and turbulent) run on Two and A Half Men with Anger Management. “I chose Anger Management because, while it might be a big stretch for me to play a guy with serious anger management issues, I think it is a great concept,” Sheen said in a statement at the time. “It also provides me with real ownership in the series, a certain amount of creative control and the chance to be back in business with one of my favorite movie producers of all time, Joe Roth.”

In the meantime, Sheen has made a series of TV appearances in which he comes across as a much happier and far more stable man. He appeared on the Emmys in September and went on the Today Show, where he told Matt Lauer he’d be up for a guest spot on Two and a Half Men. He also appeared on The Tonight Show where he talked about leaving Men and how “I would have fired my ass too,” before adding, “well, maybe not like they did.”

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UPDATE: 5 Reasons why FX bought Charlie Sheen’s sitcom

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  • Brock


    • Dessy


      • SheenFan

        Oh Charlie is soooo Winning!

    • joe the dirt

      This show was good the first time I saw it when it was a movie called ANger Management starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson wherein Sandler plays a businessman who is wrongly sentenced to an anger-management program, where he meets an aggressive instructor.

      • Brent

        Duh. They even said that’s where they got the idea for the show and will be it’s premise. Did you even read the article? Don’t act like they’re trying to steal the idea. People do this with movies all the time (they make books into movies), so why should it matter if they turn a movie into a TV show?

    • Lenny

      Yeah, Charlie is a real genius. Managed to get himself thrown off the most popular sitcom in the world. If the jerk could’ve stayed sober, he would still be on that show–even he agrees he screwed up. As to the new “2 1/2″, I think it’s great! My wife and I always thought the supporting cast carried the original version of the show. Charlie’s not winning anything, he is a raging alcoholic and an imbecile to boot. If I never saw him again, it would be too soon.

      • danny

        Two and a half was on its last leg anyway and was getting stale if you ask me. Sheen probably jumped ship at the perfect time.

      • beavis

        lenny is a douche.

      • MandM mom

        I do not know what show you are watching but the new 2 1/2 men is just sad its so bad.To me it is now quite obvious that Charlie was the only rason the supporting was even funny at all. But we do both have the right to our own opinion.

      • Jacqueline Heid

        all too true
        that’s what’s wrong with this country
        oooo I said it

  • amy

    Looking forward to it! Gotta be better than the “new” 2 1/2 Men.

    • di

      Hopefully this will be a huge hit and replace Men for me on Monday nights. Because the new Men is unwatchable

      • dave


      • SheenFan

        And this time more hot girls too Charlie.

      • Sherri


      • Charlie Sheeen

        The original was un-watchable too so what’s the difference?

      • Leslie

        I watch it only because I would also stop and watch a train wreck. It really is awful!

      • BrevardMom

        I agree. I’ve tried to watch it, but it’s just not good. The fat old lady has got to stop with the sex comments, makes me want to throw up in my mouth. The show is just not funny anymore.

      • Ngo


      • jacq

        So true! The new Men is NOT the same w/o Charlie. Not funny in any way like it used to be. I almost can’t believe Ashton signed on. He’s not funny. He just looks stupid. W/b looking forward to Charlies new show. FX gets away with a lot more than network broadcasts.

      • Chase

        Anything this guy does is unwatchable.

      • Badly-Bent

        Yeah. I think John Cryer and Conchata Ferrell could carry this show on their own.

      • Nathan

        Unwatchable is the perfect word to describe the new 2 1/2 Men, Kutcher’s absolutely awful in it and not even close to funny.

    • Loki

      they could salvage the new 2.5 men…..IF they can Alan and Jake, then go out and get Jackie, and Fez, and Hyde, and Donna, and Eric….I just don’t understand….Kutcher has been in other movies without channeling his inner Kelso but seems like he can’t do anything but the Kelso on TV….

      • Indydon

        I concur!


      I agree. Ashton Kutcher is just plain awful. I watched one episode and turned it off half way through. Charlie’s the man!!

  • LOL

    WINNING! Sheenis Envy!

  • Lauren

    Too bad I’m with Direct TV and we’re losing FX. How come EW hasn’t written anything about how Fox is screwing over the Direct TV customers by raising our bill 40% to carry their channels?!?!?

    • Sherri

      Ooohh, glad I didn’t get it. I had an appointment with DTV last month and canceled it. Glad I did….

      • Margin

        Im pretty sure DTV is screwing you over, not FOX.

      • EX-DTV-Subscriber

        Yeah DTV definately put in they’re jabs when they could. Charging for EVERY little thing, and monthly billing going up every other month. NOT TO MENTION, the signal going out over any little rain drop.


        I’m firing DTV.. They are worse than cable. I’m going to Dish. They gotta be better. My bill with DTV has gone from $29/month to $79/mo in four years and I haven’t made any changes.


    As Seth Meyers would say: REALLY?

    • abadstroller

      I can totally hear Seth saying this, too!

  • Sam

    I’ll watch it! Loved the movie. So it’ll be interesting to see the show!

  • The Dude

    Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of the original film, and while “The Drew Carey Show” had its moments I wouldn’t consider its writing top-notch. In order for Sheen to rise above all the bad press he’s gotten he has to star in a home-run…and this does not sound like a home-run to me.

    • Loki

      Bad press? what part was bad? the part where he was right about chuck lorre being a complete @$$? the part where he was right about 2.5 men sucking after he left? the part where he was right about just about everything that ended up happening? The media ATTEMPTED to make Sheen look bad but all that got washed away when the first episode of Kutcher’s 2.5 men came on and the world all saw that Lorre is a petty douche….Sheen didn’t even have to say anything to be the one taking the high road after that crap….

      • Chase

        After he left?!? That show has always sucked. The media had nothing to do with making that hack look bad. His acting, comedy stylings, and actions make him look bad enough.

        Taking the HIGH road?!? Are you HIGH??? Incohearant rants on the web and in front of any camera that would film him is hardly the high road.

        It is people like you that make this moron look good.

        Yes, he is rich and in America that makes you a winner doesn’t it?

      • Tante Waileka

        Totally agree.

      • Chacei is stupid

        Poor Chace, Sheen is talented and was right about lot’s of things, as for his so called ‘rants’ lot’s of it was funny colorful one-liners that morons like you took seriously..

    • Loki

      to put it more bluntly, the saying, “there’s no such thing as bad press” came from somewhere…..Sheen went from being the highest paid actor on TV to being the highest paid and most followed….NO ONE gets as much attention as he does and for an actor, that is a GOLD MINE!

  • John

    Lord knows he has issues.
    But he is talented…let’s hope for the best.

  • yep


  • Wha’ever

    No !! Even FX makes reality shows now ? :p

    • StopTheMadness

      Wow you are a tard. read the article instead of looking at the pictures.

      • Charlie Sheeen

        Check your mirror for the tard, tard!

      • OC Clever

        StopTheTard might want to look at everything in the very short posting before handing out “tard”awards.

      • wha’ever

        Woaw you’re an idiot. Do you know what a joke is ? Seriously, I’m worried, it seems like there are parts of your brain missing.

  • loaba

    As long they show boobies and drop the occasional f-bomb, the show will do fine.

    • abadstroller

      Well, we’ll let “the market decide” whether CS is winning.

  • TheGodMyth

    Sheen doesn’t deserve it. Sad to say it will probably be successful as long as he doesn’t manage to kill himself with drugs in the mean time.

    • StopTheMadness

      you are just mad because you can’t party like a rock star bang lots of women and make millions.

      I love haters like you makes me like what I have so much more.

      • Anonymous

        His behavior is self-destructive. If I was getting paid $1.2 mil an episode damn right I wouldn’t act psycho like he is (or Bret Butler for that matter.)

        If you idolize him, I seriously think you have a mental problem, or you are hiding your jealousy.

        Me? I’m not jealous. I’m sad for people like you who believe in his crap

      • kara

        maybe we are smarter enough to not idolize actors and just enjoy their acting skills and on-screen charisma when they have it..

      • OC Clever

        An accomplished actor/artist can detach themselves from their accustomed everyday habits and portray any character conceivable. So how they choose to live their lives really has nothing to do with their capabilities to entertain.

      • Loki

        Anonymous….the saddest part of it all is that you fail to understand that all of this was a publicity stunt….it’s called ACTING….and the end result is that Sheen is the most followed actor on the planet at the moment….things couldn’t get any better for him. He’s proven the nay-sayers wrong, is starting a new show that will undoubtedly take off even if it sucks because of the publicity stunt….

      • Loki

        people who call themselves “anonymous” have mental issues….what’s wrong? your self-esteem not up to par?

      • KadeeDigsLife

        @ Loki…”people who call themselves “anonymous” have mental issues….what’s wrong? your self-esteem not up to par?”

        You don’t get that every one of us that posts commets here IS anonymous!!…..we all don’t know each other, we’re all strangers, and we all made up screen names to post our comments….therefore, that would make us all….anonymous!…so, are you saying we ALL have mental issues, including you Loki??…and everyone’s self esteem isn’t up to par, including yours??….wow.

      • EatYouAlive

        Your real name is Loki?

      • Lydia

        I really doubt you can either… what is so fun is that all of you who are so on sheen’s d*ck idolize him so bad, and just want to be him, but WAKE UP, you are not him, and he doesn’t give a crap about you or even want to know you. the word fan was derived from the word fanatic, and i have never seen it so much than w/some of sheen’s fans. get over yourself, you will never be sheen. i don’t love or hate the guy, i could care less- you know why? i don’t know him, and he doesn’t know me. get a life!

  • Daniel

    Chuck Farley! I’ll never watch him.

    • Don

      Chuck U Farley………..LoL

  • JulieB

    Like others have said, it can’t be worse than 2 1/2 men with Kutcher on it.

    • Charlie Sheeen

      Sure it can. Just wait and see.

      • kara

        PLEASE go back watching Ashton show and let grown-up talk, thanks.

  • SofGangsta


    • derp


      • Lea

        TOTALLY !

    • Sherri


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