InsideTV Podcast: Mikayla from 'Survivor' says she is 'praying for' Brandon. Plus: Murder and mayhem on 'Sons of Anarchy'

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Lingerie football player turned Playboy cover girl turned island temptress Mikayla Wingle is not opposed to flaunting her assets. Unfortunately for her, Brandon was. And his creepy, borderline stalkerish behavior ultimately led to her exit from Survivor: South Pacific. Making the entire escapade even more bizarre is the fact that Mikayla had no idea about Brandon’s obsession until she watched it herself on television. We learned that and more when Mikayla called in to talk to Jessica Shaw and yours truly on the latest InsideTV Podcast. Unsurprisingly, Mikayla is none too fond of Brandon — whom, in an ironic twist, she says she is “praying for” — but she also has some harsh words for Rick (the guy with the moustache who never speaks), Coach (whom she accuses of basically being the worst coach of all-time), and Edna (whom she pegs as “just a vote”). She also tells us which side she would have joined up with had she made it back into the game after the merge. (Oooh, alternate reality intrigue!)

But that’s not all. Our resident “Supernatural Sexpert” Mandi Bierly takes time out from hunting half-naked vampires and werewolves to check in on Charming, California and the gritty biker drama Sons of Anarchy(If you want to skip straight to the Sons of Anarchy chat, it begins at the 20 minute mark.) Didn’t Piney know better than to threaten Clay? Will Bobby still pursue his vote for new leadership? And why is Juice so gosh darn awful at killing himself? Bust out some chili as we break down all the insanity.

To join in on the fun, just click on the audio player icon below. Or, since we’re on iTunes, you can subscribe for free and take the podcast with you on the go. No iTunes? No problem. You can also download the entire podcast right here. And to send a question to the InsideTV Podcast team, follow us on Twitter @InsideTVPodcast. But first let us know what you think: Does Mikayla have a legitimate gripe or is it all sour grapes? Is Brandon bonkers? And will Clay on Sons of Anarchy ever have to pay for his crimes? The message boards are open for business!

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  • UGH!

    For Pete’s sake… ENOUGH PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Poppy

      @Ugh – agreed. I cringe every time they do it. I am so embarrased for real Christians who feel prayer is meant for unselfish reasons. To have to watch these clowns diminish the reasons for prayer to winning $1 million dollars is an insult.

      • econruth

        Well put Poppy!

      • Jolie

        It’s disgusting.

      • Badger31201

        pardon the irony, but THANK GOD to hear someone else say that! it’s just awful!

    • Cisco Kid

      Can Survivor milk this any more ?

    • grit2637

      Thank you! I’m so SICK of this church crap! ENOUGH ALREADY! GOD DOESN’T CARE ABOUT SURVIVOR!

    • David

      And enough saying ya kno it stinks?Mikayla=FAIL

    • Stephanie

      She sounds GHETTO.

  • Me

    Do writers write anything anymore or is it all video?

    • Me too

      I totally agree. I hate at all the people that I have enjoyed reading, now do video stuff.

      • Me

        It really sucks. I can read an article on break. I can’t listen to a webcast.

      • AB

        Totally agree.
        Lazy writers, don’t you get paid to do a job, not post a video link?

      • Sue-on-the-farm

        Count my vote for more writing less “-casting”.

    • deedee

      to top it off, it says file not found. i cant even listen to it

      • Me

        Quality work right there.

  • Tommy D

    She should pray for herself for being such a temptress out there and flaunting herself at a married man. Brandon did nothing wrong to her at all. She caused a lot of trouble. It’s Brandon and the people of the world that should be praying for her to help her not go after married men and tease them in the future.

    • jayemeff

      Get your head out of the Old Testament and out of your a#& while you’re at it.

      • Tommy D

        Who exactly are you talking to jayemeff because your stupid self never mentioned it. You’ve got to give the name and direct it at who you’re trying to insult stupid. Remember that next time jayemoron or jerkmeff! Pick one! One of those names are you! And the old testament has nothing to do with this. Mikayla was a temptress and a harlot and she tempted Brandon Hantz a married man. How dare she do that! Try to humiliate a Hantz on television like that. Well her ways didn’t work and they were thwarted by Brandon’s good character.

      • Troll Alert


      • Try

        I’ve heard a few more responses; one from a uesdtnt and one from an alum.The uesdtnt stated that she goes to one campus ministry because that’s where she feels fed I am assuming that means the Bible study/teaching connects with her. She said she goes to a different ministry because that’s where she has found fellowship. An alum stated that she went to two for the purposes of helping someone else grow in Christ. She was connected to one ministry, but also attended another because she had a friend who would go to the other, but only if she went along and she wanted that friend to keep growing. So, she went to both.

    • PrincessBride

      Umm… did you watch the same show I did, Tommy? I fail to see what trouble she caused. Any “tempting” that was taking place was entirely in Brandon’s fantasies…. I feel for his poor wife having to watch his boorish behavior.

      • Tommy D

        What you should be asking Princessbride while you’re in your little land of fairy tales is did you watch the same season as I did. Because that temptress was flaunting herself all over the Upolu camp like there was no tomorrow during episodes 1 and 2. Brandon is a smart guy and a good judge of character. He recognized a homewrecker when he saw her and knew that she was the type of woman that plays the innocent act while she flaunts and fools everybody like it fooled all of you morons on this post that are on her side over Brandon. Brandon did nothing wrong. The fault was and is entirely on her.

      • SLB

        I’m just surprised that someone actually married that retarded little dwarf.

      • Yikes

        You’re right Tommy. Mikayla was the only one walking around in her underwear and tempting poor innocent Brandon. The horror!

    • Chris

      You’re the delusional one. go back to Amish country douchebag!

      • Big Dave

        There’s no call to go insulting the Amish.

    • Mye Naime

      Yes Tommy you are absolutely right.
      In fact, after 5 years of marriage I caught my wife saying hello to the next door neighbor and so I now keep her locked in the basement and will soon be divorcing the evil temptress.
      I think you me and Brandon should go out for a lemonade some time.

    • teresa

      Why is it that Tommy D. trolls these boards to find people to insult? It’s annoying and boring. I’d rather read about opinions of the show. Really, I’m interested in what people have to say, not the insults.

    • Player87


  • Trent

    Is it just me or is Mikayla totally incoherent? I didn’t get 80% of what she said!

    • Tommy D

      That east coast Boston accent goes along way along with her temping ways! How dare she try and tempt a married man! Shame on her!

      • spencer

        It was mildly funny the first time – but let’s stop at four shall we?

      • Big Dave

        Four, Spencer? This d-bag has been spouting this stuff ad nauseum for the last four episodes at least over on the Survivor recap board.

        Four hundred would be much closer to the actual number. Oh, and there’s no irony in it, either, which is actually pretty funny in and of itself.

      • Lisa

        Doesn’t anyone get that everything Tommy writes is tongue in cheek? Sheesh. Calm down.

      • dee

        No because most Americans have an irony deficiency.

      • Player87

        Hey, Tommy D, you are an idiot.

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

  • megr

    i liked mikayla on the show – but in this podcast she can barely form an intelligible sentence. really hard to follow. wow

    • caryn

      yeah, glad she didn’t make it farther and we didn’t have to listen as she fumbled to express a thought

  • Claire

    I love the podcasts and download them to listen to in the car. The stuff that Dalton and the other writers talk about in the podcast is ALSO covered in their articles so they’re providing similar material both to people who prefer to read and those who prefer to listen.

  • julz

    tommy D is a code name for “uncle russell”

    • LiLa

      I don’t think that Russell could be that much of an idiot. Evil yes, but not stupid.

  • Ripley

    Dalton, are you sure you can bring the idol to Redemption? My friends and I were wondering about that, because technically Ozzy is still in the game even though he was ‘voted’ out.

  • buccini

    To me the Brandon/Temptress plot looked like a producer-manufactured conflict. They’d show him looking intently at something, then cut to a shot of Mikala, with Brandon looking so creepy and stalkerish that I’d be surprised if it weren’t manufactured drama. We’ll see what he says about it on the live show.

    • Arnie

      And the comments were just lifted out of context too? Brandon Hantz is a full on idiot.

  • Wendy

    Temptress? Nope, much hotter girls have played the game. I didnt like her after she insisted on pulling the slingshot with one arm after she was repeatedly asked to use two hands. Seems maybe she wanted to get voted off.

  • David

    This is Mikayla ME ME ME & bashes on everyone else! ” YA KNO IT STINKS “

  • rgncajun

    How bitter can you be, wingle? Edna pwned your ass

  • viviennewestwood

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