Jesse James returning to Discovery Channel for live 'American Chopper' battle -- EXCLUSIVE


Image Credit: Discovery

Huge news for American Chopper fans: Jesse James is returning to the network that made him famous to compete head-to-head against the Teutuls on American Chopper.

Marking his first appearance on Discovery Chanel in five years, the former Monster Garage star will guest star on Chopper across two nights in December. Not only that, but American Chopper is going live for the first time — pitting James, Paul Teutul, Senior and Paul Teutul Jr. in a bike-building battle at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

The face-off airs Dec. 5 and 6 at 9 p.m. both nights. The first night is the regularly scheduled American Chopper. You’ll see Senior, Junior and James building the bikes, and viewers will vote for their favorite. The second night is a live show from Las Vegas where the winning bike will be revealed.

For Chopper fans, this is the stuff of online message-board wish fulfillment. Jesse James’ documentary Motorcycle Mania helped launch the whole cable reality motorcycle craze back in 2000, whereas relative later-comer American Chopper helped bring the genre to a greater level in popularity. James then left Discovery and went on to other ventures, including his short-lived Spike TV series Jesse James is a Dead Man (and drawing international headlines for his divorce from Sandra Bullock).

Though James and the Teutuls respective motorcycle garage shows overlapped during James’ years at Discovery (Monster Garage ran from 2002-06; Chopper has aired since 2003), this event marks the first time the combustible personalities have gone head-to-head on one of the programs.

UPDATE: First trailer for the ‘American Chopper’ Jesse James vs. Teutuls battle is here


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  • Clete

    Where is Bob Ford when we really need him?

    • LOL


    • Bad a…s b!@#h

      If everyonecared less about jj, jr, or sr. and more about the bikes, maybe you’d get the point of the build off.

      • wilson rivera

        i like paul jr his the best

  • America

    i don’t want to watch that piece of human filth do anything at all. I love American Chopper, but will skip this on basic principle.

    • Jonathan

      afraid to see a real custom bike?

      • Al Manfree

        Seriously? That crap JJ puts out is almost as bad as his speech!

      • America

        Funny, thats exactly what I think JJ is afraid of. That d bags “custom” bikes all look EXACTLY alike, and they look like just a chopper. Different paint, different chrome, same pile of crap

      • Brent

        The thing is, Sr has no shot. He just signs checks. JJ has a lot of skill and decent ideas. If Jr can use his out of the box design ideas he will probably be the front runner I would think.

      • Ryan

        Regardless of how you feel about James personal life, you can’t knock the fact that he actually handcrafts his stuff. OCC just orders parts from a catalog.

    • king stone

      skip it on principal while calling jesse james names right great principle

    • don

      have you ever heard the word FORGIVE!

      • BelleMorte


    • Tripp

      Go ride your fatboy to new York and stay there please

      • Brad

        The bikes the Teutles build are nothing but art to sit in some big business mans front lobby to show how much money they can write off. Some are neat but none are cool. Jesse does build pure hotrod bikes built to go fast, stop fast, handle good, and look good doing it. Lets see one of the Pauls ride to sturgis. If they show them riding, its on a HD bagger

      • tonya campbell

        i made a comment on things as well and i got criticised about it but isnt this america freedom of speech right

    • DudeZXT

      I’m totally with you, dude. I’ll be skipping that episode for sure – especially with the completely idiotic crap he pulled on Sandra. He is nothing but worthless trash and I’d be happy to tell him to his face. Money isn’t what makes a man and these cable shows are showing less and less about their judgment and who/what they want to represent their shows.

      • Brad

        You people are so closed minded. It doesn’t matter how hot she is, How much money shes got. If you are famous and all the girls want u and your wife leaves the country for 9 plus months filming a movie. It is going to get extremely hard to resist. It takes a bigger man not to judge.

      • sidebar

        Jesse likes trashy women all ways what does that say about Sandy? hum?

      • Clam Crusher

        What he did to Sandy? Are you really concerned about that? Funny thing is “Sandy” Cheated with JJ while he was STILL married…….but do you hear anything about that? Truth be told OCC/JR Designs build garbage. Period. Unridable kit bikes. It wont even be close. Those dorks are like skullz and crossbones Fat Nerds from Wal Mart land.

    • sidebar

      your just p.o’d cause Sandy didn’t like you,but then again Jesse likes trashy women, all ways has

    • clay

      I could not agree more!! JJ is a huge dueshbag. I love American Choppers, but will refuse to watch it with JJ. Sorry Jr. – your the man, I hope to be back when the JJ stick is gone.

    • Bad as bitch

      JJ is a classic like chocolate and vanilla. His bikes are classic, standing outby true original craftsmanship.

      • Bad a…s b!@#h

        Got to watch the lang. My bad.

    • iwq734

      JJ: like, you know………… know, like,like………you know, like……….(repeat at least 10x per minute).

      JJ is the Pauley Shore of custom bikes!!!!

  • markinnyc

    I bet he is going to cheat

    • gobluefan

      of course he will

    • lisa g.


    • alfred katopodis

      Real Bikes Real People my money is on Jesse markinnyc>>>anything worth winning is worth cheating for..

    • BelleMorte

      hahahahahahaha. That was awesome :-p

    • steve e

      How is he going to cheat? Oh yeah he’s going to have to get someone else to build the bike while he supervises! Wait , that sounds so familiar! Now i know thats what they do on American Chopper!!!!

  • David

    Can’t wait to see it Jesse James rocks

    • Agnas Fruthousky

      You need a real role model in your life!

  • John Felli

    Tweaker bikes VS Custom choppers…hmmmm very interesting

    • Teutle’sSuck

      What the hell is a tweaker bike?

  • J-Lyn

    Finally, Senior will have to put up or shut up… or is this James vs Paul Jr. vs the employees at OCC?

    • JJ

      J-Lyn … This is more like James -vs- Jr.! Sr. just ruins any real design creativity! LoL You saw what happened with the Cadillac build! Jr stomped Sr!

      • DJ

        Caddy build, I liked Sr. bike better than Jr.

      • sc

        DJ i like jr’s better than sr. his team took that wonderful frame and designed a really goofy looking bike on it. the back end was a disaster. the tank was dullsville, and if it was a fast bike, they should have designed a proper fairing/windshield

      • Teutle’sSuck

        I think the bike Unior built was ordered right out of Custom Chrome catalog. Air suspension went out of style a year or two ago. Discovery Channel propaganda bull is why he won. You believe in Santa too? Christmas is coming!

    • truthmaster

      Your still a dumbass. What a double wide trailer comment. So what your implying is that backstabbing Jr. Is the only one building his bike with no employee involvement. You haven’t even see the show yet. I’ll make this brief. Your a moron.

      • Dave

        You’re *

      • Scott

        Hey Truthmaster – its “you’re” a dumbass. and “you’re” a moron, as in “you are.” Your is a possessive meaning something you own like your car. I love it when people too stupid to spell or understand basic grammar insult the intelligence of others. As for Sr v. Jr. I think both shops actively use their employees in the builds, but Senior pretty much just manages while Junior is actively involved in both the design and build process. Senior relies on others (mostly Jason Pool these days) to come up with designs and lacks the creativity to make anything truly original himself.

      • Mike

        I have to say I feel sorry for the old Man he has a lot of Baggage, recovering Alcholics with bad child hoods are like that. That said he has a Nice state of the art Shop to use and he make cool stuff but Paul is the Artist and level headed. He beats the panst off the old guy even with his new boy Geoffro on the computer. My Money is on Paul and Vinny.

      • uh huh

        Actually, there are a lot of extremely intelligent people who can’t read or write. I knew a literacy teacher who taught one who had run his own company for years.

      • Chris

        I would have to say that if you can’t read or write, you do not meet the minimum qualifications to be considered “extremely intelligent”. Just my $0.02

      • Urmomma

        @Scott, thanks for the grammer lesson. Maybe you should spend your time commenting abouth the focal point of this article and not your ass-clown banter on grammer. Remember these are comments and not thesis statements being posted.

      • jhl

        Just as there really aren’t a lot of alligators in the sewers of NYC, there aren’t a lot of extremely intelligent people in the US who can’t read or write.

        Not being able to string together a few sentences that aren’t full of typos and grammatical mistakes tends to indicate that you’ve got little to nothing upstairs, which isn’t to say that dumb people can’t have a death grip on an opinion or a stupid idea. It is too say that dumb people are dumb with those attendant implications.

      • jhl

        There are people with learning disabilities like dyslexia and dysgraphia who weren’t properly diagnosed until they were older. They faked their way through school. The majority of people with learning disabilities are of average to above average intelligence. Do you know how hard it is to be a success in life while fooling people into thinking you know how to read and write? You’d be surprised how many people in America are living like this.

      • @jhl

        I meant to post this ^ as @jhl.

      • Chris

        @urmamma grammar *

      • dave

        why do all of jesse james & sr,s backers do nothing but call names. try using new words & your brain.
        jr has the vision to create something different. No computers designed bikes , no parts from jc Whitney

      • iwq734


    • nobody

      Senior is useless at building bikes anymore all he does is boss people around. Junior does all the work and was completely right in taking his. Talent to his own shop. His dad has clearly never appreciated him.

      • steve e

        I think it is more like Jesse vs. Vinnie vs Rick! Without people to actually build the bikes for them Sr and Jr would not be in business.They can’t shape tanks,fenders, or even work or wire their own bikes! I bet Jesse actually builds his own bike!!!!

      • ozfree

        I think Sr all this time was just trying to teach Jr how to run a business. When snot nose Jr worked for Sr and took off for the afternoon leaving the shop a mess while Vinnie, Rick and the gang got the bike done, this drove Sr nuts! And understandibly so! You can’t run a business like that. Then Jr would do the reveal and take all the credit for the bike. Yes Sr has problems articulating in a constructive way but its the school of hard knox. Jr thinks he is the end all be all and couldn’t take orders from his pops, THE BOSS! So, Then Jr starts his own business and begs all of his fathers clients for business. Like, really? WTF? Jr’s roll is a designer only. Always has been. Vinnie is the mechanical talent. Sr’s roll now is to run a business. It takes a team to build these decorative bikes. But Jesse James always built them from SCRATCH by HIMSELF! And for this reason, I’ve always had more respect for Jesse as a bike builder.I can’t wait to see the show! I’m voting for Jesse. He’s the pioneer of the bunch.

    • Gar

      Sr. is outclassed, this build off is between Jr. and James and I think it will be a great show

    • the old guy

      cant stand the tutles .big mouth and way to big egos,,,rock on jesse

    • steven

      discovery shouldnt even put occ in this build off beacuse he dont design or build bikes he pays people to do that for him and say he did it

    • Evon

      Bingo, Paul SR will make comments but the guys at OCC build the bikes. Sr.. meh not so much.

    • Teutle’sSuck

      Have you seen anyone but Vinny or the tank fabricator kid work on a bike at the Coleman barbeque garage (I mean PJD)? Unior just “looks” at them and gets “inspired.”

    • Teutle’sSuck

      Senior was building bikes before his punk kid was ever in the picture. He has earned the right to pay others to do it after being in business for 25 years. You don’t forget how to build a bike and I bet he can build a killer ride.

  • todd

    No comp for Jesse poor tutles

    • long hair

      you said it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jelley



    jesse james live,u can do this

    • long hair

      Jesse James rules i build bikes occ are parts swapers Jr is good BUT NOT AS GOD AS JESSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frankie K

    Gonna be hard to beat Paul for Jesse He is The Godfather of Custom Chopper Motorcycles and as for Senior He Best not let Jason Pulh design it He Dosen’t know the first thing about Motorcycles.

    • Chris K

      You obviously have never heard of Indian Larry, Arlen Ness or any of a number of other builders I could list that were doing custom bikes before Jesse James was a twinkle in his daddy’s eye. Jesse James is a joke.

      • long hair


      • BigMike

        Hey, almost an intelligent comment about indian larry and arlen ness… Except for the fact that Larry and Jesse were good friends and Larry even purchased a custom from Jesse!

      • Batman

        Arlen Ness is a joke all he wants out of his bike is the leading role in the next Back To The Future move as for Indian Larry he kicked ass in his time JJ rule the chopper world now

  • Hack Martin

    Had it not been for Jesse James, the OCC bunch would probably have never been heard of much outside rural New York. They are ALL talented in their field, and it should be very interesting.

    • Sylvia Duke

      I give Jessie credit for starting the whole chopper thing on TV and being talented in that way, but as a person, he is nothing.

      • Not2kool

        Why is he nothing? I guess because he cheated on his wife. Not condoning it but If that makes you a nothing then probably about half of the population is a nothing.

      • AustinTexas

        Dumb guy to lose Sandy B. Sheesh!

    • long hair

      you got that wright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Evon

      OCC has lasted because people tuned in to see them fight. I watch it with the sound off lol

  • Matt D

    Oh yeah the man the myth the legend is gonna show the teutuls how to build a real bike not a trailer queen cant wait. If it wasnt for jesse nobody would know who the teutuls are.

  • brian

    jesse will WIN blindfolded and one hand tied behind his back

  • m300

    Paul jr. all day …………Jesse mad some good bikes back in the day but since juniors been on his own hes been making some of the nicest bikes iv’e ever seen

    • Swede

      Agreed! Paul’s bikes since he’s been on his own have been game-changing. Not only as far as looks go, but what Vinnie and Paul have done mechanically. The steering on the Gears of War trike was unreal, and was done all in-house.

    • steve e

      What Vinnie has done mechanically and the other guy that does the sheet metal work! I think Jr actually made the nerf bars on the Gears of War bike but i cannot think of anything else he made on that bike!

  • Glen Stevens

    I think this is great competition.You are going to see some really badass choppers. Looking forward to it.

  • Shauney

    The Teutuls must have some balls taking on the mighty Jesse James…no contest James all the way!

    • robert

      jesse james will get his BUTT KICKED BY JR. N VINNIE NO CONTEST

      • steve e

        Will the bikes be built by Jesse ,Jr and Sr only? Have you ever seen Sr or Jr build a complete bike by themselves? They can’t build one without Vinnie ,Rick and the others!!!

      • steve e

        By Jr and Vinnie? That’s why there will be only one true builder on the show that night! Sr. and Jr cannot build a bike without help, and by help i mean someone doing 95 percent of the work for them!

      • long hair

        put the bong down and step away !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • joe

      Jesse James will win. Jr. will take 2nd & senior’s crew will come in dead last because Jason Tool will cut & paste another design thats as goofy as he is.

      • D smith

        Joe how about that out come on the build off

    • long hair

      hell ya

      • tim torres

        kick there ass jesse james west cost but still like paul jr bikes too but your head got to big i think so its time to back down here with the rest of the world

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