Taiwanese animators explain NBC ratings woes by executing Playboy bunny -- VIDEO

The annual NBC media pile-on has begun in earnest this week, as the perpetual fourth-place network sunk 17 percent below its performance last fall. NBC is averaging a 2.5 in the adult demo (and that’s aided by Sunday Night Football), compared to ABC’s 2.7 (down 7 percent), CBS’ 3.3 (down 8 percent) and Fox’s 3.4 (up 17 percent) and The CW’s 0.9 (down 31 percent). We could run down the new fall shows that didn’t work, the struggling returning shows, the hopes for midseason turn-around, blah blah blah. But I’d really rather just show you NMA’s Taiwanese animation take on NBC’s fall performance: 

UPDATE: An NBC rival just emailed: “Funnier than Whitney.” Owww….

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    Parks and Rec, Community, The Office, SNL and Sunday Night Football are the 5 programs I watch on NBC. The first 2 should be doing much better in the ratings than they are.

    • guest

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  • lisa g.

    That was pretty cool.

  • Q

    It’s weird because NBC actually has good shows, more so than some of the other networks. Almost the entire lineup on CBS is garbage. Half of Fox’s schedule is reality or competition shows. I don’t watch anything on CBS, and the only show I watch on Fox is Fringe. ABC has some good stuff at least, yet they seem to basically be struggling as well since they’re only in 3rd place and only doing slightly better than NBC NBC has quality shows. Community, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, The Office are all great (The Office may not be what it once was, but it’s still good, and way better than any “comedy” on CBS). Up All Night is decent so far. I’m not a fan of procedurals, but Law and Order certainly isn’t any worse than all the procedurals on CBS. And Prime Suspect is pretty good. Even the canceled Playboy Club was better than most people thought. People seem to have some kind of aversion to NBC and won’t even give many of their shows a chance. They really don’t deserve to be in fourth place.

    • LOL

      If CBS didn’t have the NFL, I’d never watch it. Same with Fox. Only thing I ever watched on ABC was LOST. NBC has the best shows, but people aren’t tuning in.

      • Necro

        If NBC did really have the best shows like you say they do people would be tuning in.

      • Brock

        I agree, NBC has great shows and it is somewhat dismaying that its behind a network like CBS which shows garbage like 2.5 Men.

        @Necro, since when did all the best shows get the highest ratings? That’s a pretty stupid argument to make.

    • katie

      It’s all because quality does not equal ratings. 2 and a half men, American idol and dancing with the stars are proof of that.

      • Zahid

        Thank you for this information. I can let a few of my fndreis know of it. By the way, I think I saw you from a far distance when I was on the National Stadium tour this morning. I was with the first tour group. My friend wanted to start the tour early, so we joined the first group.

    • Genesis

      I completely agree with your assessment of NBC. I really feel as though people are too hard on the network — their shows aren’t terribly horrible, but people are too quick to dismiss the network. In my opinion, NBC has some stand out comedy shows and a few of their police procedural are also decent. Hopefully things will turn around for the network because I hate it if the network gets cancelled.

    • GoodWifeFan

      You don’t watch CBS, but are qualified to call everything on it garbage?

      Not seeing the credibility in your post.

      • Q

        I said ALMOST their entire lineup is garbage, not everything. The Good Wife (which you seem to be a fan of) is a good show. How I Met Your Mother has had its moments. But that’s about it. When I said I don’t watch CBS, I didn’t mean that I’ve never seen a single thing on the network. I meant that I don’t watch anything on the network regularly. I’ve seen enough episodes of the various CBS comedies and procedurals to call them garbage.

      • Acaseofgeo

        Q, you don’t like procedurals, but they aren’t “Garbage”. When you summarily dismiss stuff like that, it lessens your argument. They are well-produced, basically well-written and well-acted, so its anti-intellectual to dismiss them as garbage. When you make arguments, you need to substantiate, expound, and reference. I don’t watch any of CBS’s procedurals, although I used to watch CSI, which was pretty good in its heyday. I do like Big Bang, 60 Minutes, Amazing Race & Survivor, all on CBS.

      • Q

        I never dismissed all procedurals. I said I didn’t care much for them, but I didn’t outright dismiss them. The problem is, most of the procedurals on CBS are generic and uninspired. CBS doesn’t take risks with their programming. Many of their shows are carbon copies of one another (3 CSI shows, 2 NCIS shows, and they tried to do a 2nd Criminal Minds, which ended up canceled).

      • Acaseofgeo

        Thanx, Q. . Those are excellent points. To me, many of CBS shows, while basically OK, ARE uninspired. But, my original point is, they can’t really be labeled as “garbage”.

    • Brock

      Your belief that Prime Suspect is “pretty good” is a delusion shared by NBC executives. Of course, nobody else agrees with them and that debacle of a show actually trails Univision programming in the ratings.

      • Q

        I guess it’s also a “delusion” shared by TV critics, many of whom have given it favorable reviews. You seem to be the type of person who judges a show’s quality based on its popularity. Enjoy Two and a Half Men.

      • Acaseofgeo

        Q, you seem to be the type of person who judges a show’s quality based on TV critics. LOLOLOLOLOL. Have you no mind of your own? Must those pretentious TV critics (YES, most ARE pretentious) really be your guiding light to what is good???

      • Q

        I do have a mind of my own. I don’t always agree with critics. I only brought up critics’ reviews to negate Brock’s notion that the only people who think Prime Suspect is good are NBC execs. If you were more intelligent, you probably would have understood that.

    • Cameron J

      I don’t like jumping on the “everything that is popular sucks” bandwagon. I judge a show on quality before ratings, which means I tune into Mentalist and Amazing Race as well. I definitely agree that NBC has a good lineup (am I the only teen watching Harry’s Law? ) I just get annoyed at the whole popular show stigma. I’m just glad you bothered to show you knew what you were talking about.

      • Leah

        I’m 18 and used to love Harry’s Law. I think it sucks now,I don’t even bother anymore.

      • Acaseofgeo

        Uhm Leah, its been on for less than a year. Has its quality fallen that quickly?

    • TerryD

      Agree with this assessment. As a whole, network tv is derivative and most of my favorite shows are on AMC, FX, HBO, Showtime & BBCA.

      I only watch Survivor & now Person of Interest on CBS (Emerson & Caviziel being what drew my interest)

      Fox – Fringe

      NBC – Community, Parks & Rec, The Office & Chuck

      ABC – nothing

      Reality TV, procedurals and nighttime soaps dominate the networks. They just don’t appeal to me.

      • TerryD

        Forgot about Up All Night. Another good NBC sitcom. ABC was dumb to cancel Samantha Who, so I was thrilled when NBC snatched up Christina Applegate.

      • LP

        @ TerryD I started watch Samantha Who? based on how good Applegate was on Up All Night. That’s a funny show (and I found the first season at Big Lots for $3). Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Esposito, and Jean Smart are all very good as well. I kind of wished I watched it while it was on.

    • Ava

      Totally agree!!! Two of my favorite shows are on NBC. I don’t know who these 20 million people watching 2.5 men are but I’d like to punch them in the nards.

  • lorne

    yeah prime suspect
    the playboy club the new no laugh office
    why didnt they do breaking bad or the walking dead.

  • Ames

    That was a little weird. Poor bunny.

    But anyway, like said above, NBC is actually the broadcast channel I watch the most. they have definitely made some mistakes (canceling L&O among the worst) but there are a lot of good shows that no one is watching.

  • adam

    If I could rank these networks, it’d be NBC > ABC > Fox > CW > CBS. Yes, that’s right, CBS is the worst.

    • Kirsten

      I agree,CBS and their recycled crap shows should be in last place,just awful.

  • Mincha

    Thanks for that! Pretty funny. Chuck is the only NBC show I watch, and this will be its last season. Comcast may regret that deal unless they fervently believe in miracles and actually happen to get one.

  • Tranzchick

    I’ll probably get shot down for this but you can’t really say that NBC has good shows with the problem being nobody is watching. The problem is nobody is watching BECAUSE they don’t have any good shows (comedies excluded). While Prime Suspect looks good I can’t remember the last decent, fresh show they’ve had. (Scratch that… Life was fantastic but they killed it)

    • Fido

      Is that Life with Damien(?) Lewis ?

      • Tranzchick

        Yes, yes, yes! Loved him on that show.

    • TerryD

      Life was one of my faves, too. At least I have Homeland now.

  • Jim

    Weird, tvbythenumbers.com has different data for the first five weeks compared to last years. They have Fox with 3.4 (up 21%), CBS 3.3 (even), ABC 2.7 (down 4%, NBC 2.5 (down 14%) and CW 0.9 (down 25%).

    • James Hibberd

      Every time I’m sent an update the numbers are a little different, depends which set is being used. This is accurate as of a few days ago using “most current” data….

  • taree Johnson

    NBC has had great shows in the past and have cancelled them due their constant need to switch show times and days. By continuing that behavior they lose committed audiences and thus great shows become cancelled shows. Luckily for me TNT picked up ‘SouthLAnd”, arguably one of NBC’s best shows ever , and of course, they cancelled it.

  • PBS

    NBC has decent scripted shows, but they never gave them much of a chance. Chuck’s fun and I actually enjoyed the axed Kings and the Cape. I didn’t even mind the Playboy Club either. I don’t watch any of their comedy shows or sitcoms, because I guess, I’m just not much of a sitcom type person. Nor do I watch any reality tv. Discounting off-air shows, these are the shows I currently watch on each network:

    CBS – Hawaii Five-O and the Mentalist are fun to watch. For drama, the Good Wife’s pretty great.
    CW – Ringer and Nikita are worth watching on DVR
    ABC – I only watch Castle and Revenge, though Modern Family, Cougar Town, etc have been pretty entertaining. Trying to give Pan Am and Once Upon a Time a chance.
    Fox – Bones used to be good, now it’s dull. Did watch Prison Break religiously, but that was probably due to the two leads than the plot.
    USA – Psych, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, Suits
    AMC – The Walking Dead
    HBO – Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, True Blood
    Showtime – Dexter (and the now off-air Tudors)

    • PBS

      Forgot to add:
      TNT – Leverage

      • RJT

        Stop thinking you’re so special and knows best,shut up and get a life loser.

    • Leah

      uhh thank you for sharing?

    • Barak

      You need to spend leass time watching TV.

      • Lala


      • PBS

        The point in putting up a list is to show that NBC needs to step up their game when it comes to finding good shows for their network. Any decent show they’ve gotten, they’ve canceled, unfortunately.

      • Sarah Palin

        You need to spend less time spending my hard earned money.

      • Barak

        less…with an extra “a’ for awesome!

  • The Truth

    Look at NBC’s line up and its easy to see why its number 4. The biggest viewing times are Monday through Thursday 8 – 10. For NBC they have a single 2 hour reality show on Monday, a single 2 hour reality show on Tuesday taking up both 8 – 10 slots. So if you don’t care for the 2 reality shows then NBC lost you for 4 out of 8 prime watching hours each week. That is a recipe for disaster if you are hinging on 2 shows (reality shows at that) to cover half your prime time slots.

    • Chiguy

      I think you hit the nail on the head right there.

    • Zaid

      To be fair though, Fox does the same thing, and they have less primetime hours than the other networks since they don’t have a 10pm hour. Monday – Friday, Fox has 10 hours to fill, and 4 of those hours go to reality shows, 3 hours for X Factor, and 1 hour for Kitchen Nightmares.
      I guess I see your point though since NBC does it on Mondays and Tuesdays, whereas Fox does it Wednesday and Friday.

  • jmg

    And NBC is still BIASED! Long live CBS!

  • M

    As long as we keep with Nielsen and don’t create a more innovative way to gauge ratings, and largely ignore DVR and online viewings, then its going tbe the same story. same great shows cancelled, etc. America is changing the way it watches television, time for the ratings system to catch up

    • jk

      I forget what it’s called but I know they do make adjustments to the ratings based on what shows are recorded and watched later. If I remember correctly, there is usually a 3 week delay(they allow 3weeks for a show to be recorded and then viewed to be counted ) I know that I personally have not watched a show in its dedicated timeslot in a long time.

      • M

        i didn’t know about the 3 week delay, and i genwerally don’t watch shows from the big 4 in their timeslots either. however, they could find a better way ti incorporate alternate viewings

    • SC

      DVR and internet viewings don’t matter because people who watch that way don’t view the ads, which is how networks make money.

  • guest

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    • M

      and that has what exactly to do with NBC’s troubles???

    • Antispam 47

      You’re neighbor is a slut…and you’re a SPAMMER.

      Stop trying to rip people off, looser.

      • Antispam 47

        Looser is what your neighbor is.

      • LOL

        CBS is crap.

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