'Chuck' ironic premiere clip slams 'boring' baseball! -- EXCLUSIVE

This is so perfect. Here’s a funny exclusive clip from tonight’s Chuck premiere where Morgan talks about baseball being “soooo boring.” Of course, the Chuck team didn’t know that it’s season opener would face Game 7 of the World Series following a progression of unforeseen events that played out like something from a Final Destination movie (including a rain out, NBC changing the show’s premiere date and the championship having a seventh game for the first time since 2002).

Chuck returns tonight at 8 p.m. and then NBC airs the series premiere of supernatural detective drama Grimm. The setup for the clip: Chuck’s friend Morgan now possesses the all-powerful Intersect talent– but hasn’t learned how to control it. Watch below:


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  • Ace

    I’m thinking Chuck and Grimm will have low live ratings and high DVR numbers. (And also, go Rangers!)

    • @@iron

      No doubt about that, with the midget now being the supercomputer and the effeminate nerd going to back to being ordinary. At least the tall blond chick is hot.

      • B

        Yeah this show jumped the shark for me When Morgan became a spy, he was my least favorite character, and when his screen time doubled I went away, loved “Captain Awesome” and Chuck’s Sister though are they still on the show?

      • Realist

        Baseball is very boring. Football, tennis, even golf is more entertaining.

      • Morgan

        Chuck is effeminate? Nerd, yeah. Softie even, maybe. But effeminate? Nah.

      • shuido

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      • Aiden

        Wow, that comment was all kinds of offensive. “Midget,” “effeminate nerd,” and “tall blond chick,” really? Way to be disrespectful to not even the show but the innocent actors who make the characters. I’m sorry but I’d rather people like you not watch the show (which you clearly watch to ridicule) than tune in and stomp on it like that. Let’s zero in on your prominent characteristics and mock you for that and see how you’d feel.

  • Jonas

    This article would be more on point if last night’s Game 6 hadn’t been one of the most (if not THE most) exciting games I’ve ever seen– in any sport.
    And all this following not only an exciting Post Season in general, but that epic final day of the Regular Season with multiple playoff spots coming down to the final out in multiple games.
    Legends are born in October!

    • JimC

      Any sport? Please…unless your from Texas or Missouri, no one gives a flying F about baseball. Slowest, most boring sport this side of soccer.

      • Jonas

        Actually, I’m from Utah.
        No Major League team, but I still give multiple flying F’s about baseball.
        Did you watch that game last night Jim? Seriously, I watched the last 3 innings on my feet– in my own living room– because every time I relaxed and sat down, something exciting happened. I don’t even care who wins, I just love to see two talented teams playing their hearts out.

      • B

        @JimC iguess you never watched Golf or Tennis on TV, now they are boring!

      • Barry

        You sound like a pissed off Yankees fan. LMAO

      • Morgan

        Pfft. That’s what all baseball haters say, which to me, indicates that you know nothing about the game.

      • LouisAnthoni

        I honestly can’t stand to watch Baseball but as a guy and sports fan, game 6 was something amazing. Glad I witnessed it live as it will never happen like that again. Definitely one of the most exciting games in any sport.

    • Realist

      @JonasPenis Hey, I have been to plenty of baseball games and never were they any fun.

      • Jonas

        Two quick questions:
        1) Are you a 13 year old boy? Because that was the last time I found it necessary to call people names simply because I disagreed with them.
        2) If you never had any fun at the baseball games you went to, why have you kept going?

      • Beau

        You must be one of those sissyboys.

    • WingsStef

      Baseball isn’t boring in my opinion. The great catches, the hits, the amazing outs and saves. It is eventful.

  • Samuel

    First the Bin Laden reference, now this? These writers can see the future, I swear.

    • Aiden

      I know, right? I thought that was hilarious how that specific joke was in an episode that aired at the exact date of Bin Laden’s death. Now, this! The writers may have premonition and don’t even know it…

  • dohrayme

    I used to watch Chuck. I knew that with the move to Fri I would see a lot less of it, but if Chuck is going to slam the greatest pro sport in the world, I won’t even bother to try to catch it. Cards rule the roost! Bring home number 11!

    • Jenny

      That’s really stupid.

    • just1legend

      I like chuck and I like baseball. Don’t make an automatic decision about that.

    • WingsStef

      It is pretty dumb to alienate a potential fan. I know people that used to watch Chuck, and they are baseball fans.

    • A

      So you’re going to stop watching a show just because a character in it doesn’t like baseball? If I ruled out every show with a character who doesn’t like something I like, I probably wouldn’t watch anything. Grow up.

    • angelpoo12

      Don’t Blame Josh Blame the writers From What I Seen on Josh’s FB Page He’s a Yankees Fan.

  • Doug

    Good to see Chuck back! Let’s make this last season a good one.

  • Necro

    This show is dull hence why it’s always been low rated.

    • tee

      get some taste. this show is opposite of dull

      • Bill

        First two seasons were great, but have to agree that it got dull and tedious, I gave up on it!

  • Jonas

    The thing that needs to be understood by people who think baseball is boring is that this is a sport that is about suspense as much as action: those seconds (or fractions of seconds) when the ball is in the air and you’re holding your breath, waiting to see the outcome:
    The ball is pitched… will it be a strike, ball, or contact?
    The ball is hit… fair, or foul?
    The hit is fair… is it going out of the park? Will it be caught? Is it in the right spot to score the runner?
    The ball is fielded… will they turn the double play? Will the throw beat the runner to the plate?
    These are the little moments that make baseball such a great game.
    Rather than seeing it as being slow, I relish the fact that baseball happens at a pace that gives me the opportunity to enjoy each moment and matchup as they occur.
    As any great storyteller would tell you, it’s not the action that matters most, it’s the moments in-between the action: the buildup, and the follow-through.

    • Ellen

      Beautifully said, Jonas; you are truly a great baseball fan. I’ll add the exciting suicide squeeze and the rare unassisted triple play. How about the aesthetics of baseball with the immaculate field uncluttered except for a very few players dotting the turf? Casey at the Bat. Tinkers-to-Evers-to-Chance. Bull Durham. Field of Dreams. The Sandlot. Great stuff!

      My team was eliminated in early September, but I still cared about the Series because I love baseball, and even though I will watch football and tolerate basketball, I still think of the months between the end of October and spring training as a vast wasteland for sports.

  • Holly

    If the ratings are any indication, I’d say quite a lot of people care about baseball and this particular series — even people who don’t live in Missouri or Texas. I’m a Cubs fan, and I have been watching it. I have family in Central Illinois (people in this region are either Cubs or Cards fans) who are Cards fans, and I know they have been all consumed with it. The baseball fan in me just cannot say no.

  • DT

    This gives new meaning to the San Francisco Giants’ and 2010 WS champs slogan for closer Brian Wilson: “Fear the Beard”…

    • Bill

      “Fear The Beard”?..what do Katie Holmes or Sarah Jessica Parker have to do with the San Francisco Giants’ ?

  • Cody

    ghey ^

  • Quinn Mallory

    I love Chuck but I love baseball even more (even if I don’t particularly want the Rangers nor the Cardinals to win).

  • LOL

    Go Chuck and Cardinals!!

  • Dan

    Hard Core Chuck fan who will be watching the game and TIVOing the episode..Love Chuck but World Series Game 7 will always win out..GO RANGERS!

  • Kevin N

    I watched a little of last night’s game (hoping the Rangers would win, just so that it would finally be over). It makes total sense that Morgan has the intersect (now that Chuck & Sarah are married). The special guests this season (as always) will be Awesome. I believe tonight’s episode has Mark Hamill/ Luke Skywalker on. I think the show has gotten better every year. Honestly not to found of the first season (I still watch it but Season 3 is probably my favorite)

  • artgrl

    “just pitch the damn ball already” HAHAHA!!! Exactly how I feel. Baseball IS boring! Chuck rules!!!

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