Game 7 bumps 'Fringe,' threatens 'Chuck,' 'Grimm'


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You know that scene in The Perfect Storm when the meteorologist is looking at his monitor showing all the patterns coming together and is awestruck how the storm systems are combining just right to cause a giant wave to drown George Clooney?

NBC is George Clooney.

Rain postponed Game 6 of the World Series to Thursday night, and now the Cardinals just beat the Rangers and have forced a Game 7 — on Friday night. That means Fox will bump Fringe (and, hey, how about a little love for poor Kitchen Nightmares too? … No?). More crucially, in this case, it means the final season premiere of Chuck and — very most crucially for NBC — the series debut of new supernatural drama Grimm, are scheduled to air up against the deciding game of the World Series.

This comes a couple weeks after NBC decided to push back the premieres of Chuck and Grimm one week … right, as it now turns out, into the eye of the hurricane.

NBC isn’t doing so hot this fall, as you may have heard. And it’s just this sort of cosmic pile-on that gives TV executives a crisis of faith.

We just checked a few minutes ago and NBC is still planning on going through with the schedule. We’ll let you know if that changes (it’s very messy to move two premieres at the last minute — there’s been press and ads all week promoting the dates). Keyword: Grimm.

Tweeted Chuck co-creator Josh Schwartz: “So what’s everyone doing tonight… like say around 8pm?”

UPDATE: CBS is outta here

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  • taylor

    Hey James, remember your idiotic column where you mentioned that this World Series matchup was a snoozer?

    Two Words: Game Six

    That game had more drama than any tv show on right now.

    • Ace

      Arguably the best game, any sport, in over a decade. First the last day of the regular season now this ?! I love baseball !

      Also I’m a huge fan of Fringe so I’m upset but c’mon people..Fringe is going to be on the air until May, world series ends tomorrow night.

      • steve

        you’re a moron. not even in the top 50 games of the last decade.

      • julie

        how can it be one of the best games every with FIVE errors. sloppy defense. sloppy pitching. definitely not the best game ever.

      • Jamie

        Ace, I’m glad you are enjoying the Series. Personally, I cannot stand baseball and cannot wait for it to be over. But as far as greatest game in any sport over the past decade that seems far-fetched in my opinion. I would offer up the Women’s World Cup Quarterfinal against Brazil this past summer as better than last night’s game.

      • Matthew

        thinking it was onre of the best sporting events in along time, until I remembered back to last weekend watching Michigan St and Wisconsin… I’ll go with the three best innings of baseball I can remember in a long while…

      • Diane

        Unbelievably good game

      • T

        Ace… Amazing game. The people who don’t like baseball (commies haha jk) will only have to suffer through one more game. But the rest of us can enjoy what’s turned into a crazy series!

      • Brenda Barrett

        @Ace – Steve and Julie obviously aren’t sports fans. This was obviously one of the most exciting postseason games of all time, in any sport. A quote ‘good’ game does not always equate to an error-free game. And yeah, Hibberd should be having crow for breakfast today.

      • Shana

        You do realize that the deciding game of the ALCS in 2003 was in this decade, right? As was every elimination game in the ALCS in 2004. Last night’s game was pretty exciting, but the Red Sox staving off elimination when they were down 0-3? Come on.

      • Sam Tomaino

        Actually, 2003 & 2004 were in the 1st decade of the 21st century (2001-2010). In 2011, we began the 2nd decade

      • Ben Linus

        First off I hate both of these teams but not a top 50 game of the last DECADE? What are you on? Another post commenting about the errors and sloppy play, um last time I checked best game doesn’t mean best played game. EVERY great game has errors, misplayed balls, etc.. By this logic, a football can’t be considered a “great” game if there is a redzone fumble or key interception in the final 5 minutes.. Please use some common sense.

        Second my issue isn’t with Fox bumping Fringe tonight, its unavoidable.. But why was there a repeat LAST Friday?!?!? 3 weeks into the season we do NOT need to see a replay of the season premiere. There is NO REASON in the world why Fox couldn’t run a new episode last week. Fox is the WORST run network in the world.. GREAT ideas to premiere shows and then bench them for 3 weeks. Gotta get the X Factor in though. They’ll even scramble to get a Sunday X Factor in but could care less about their drama shows.

      • shuido

        No, Fringe tomorrow? I guess I don’t have to flip a coin and decide what to watch Fringe or Supernatural!.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Matchriches.CoM is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • wino

        it was one of the most exciting WS games in the past ten years. the errors from both teams is what kept both teams from securing a good lead. a lot of back and forth, and as a fan, it was a pleasure to watch.

    • Nita Norris

      I don’t give a rip about baseball but have watched all of the WS games. Fun! Will TiVo Grimm and watch the game on Friday. No prob!

    • Ap

      Yup…can’t believed I watched PR and missed some of it.

    • Skip182

      out of 25 predictions on espn, 23 had the rangers, and 2 had the cardinals…in 7 games. been a heck of a series!

      • Hotaa

        Il faut ABSOLUMENT qu’une autre personne que Peter, ai le iuvoensr de l’existence physique de Peter Bishop. Si ils de9cident de l’effacer de l’histoire nous tombons directement sur un paradoxe insoluble et totalement illogique Le sce9nario doit eatre en be9ton arme9 le0 !!!!!

    • Jeff

      A series with no teams from a major TV market = Snoozer
      Who cares whether Texas or St. Louis wins?

      • jeffs a loser

        Idiot who wouldn’t know baseball if pujols cracked him upside the head with a bat = jeff

      • Charlie

        Actually, DFW is the fourth largest market in the country. You obviously aren’t a sports fan.

      • GoCards

        Listen dummy, Dallas and St Louis are both very major tv markets. Add to that the Cards are historically one of the most popular teams in baseball and second in championships to only the Yankees. The Rangers have never won a World Series. That is alot of intrigue right there. Full disclosure I am a huge Redbirds fan but this has been one of the best fall calssics in a long time!

      • Monty

        While St Louis and Dallas/Ft Worth are both large markets, the powers that be always perfer Phili/Boston/Los Angeles/New York to be involved in a championship. Those are the biggest markets. St. Louis and Texas are in that second tier. Atlanta is up there too i guess.

        First 7 innings = bad
        The rest = imcredible
        The best? The 1991 World Series, game 6. Still no competition

    • Roger

      thank you julie, it was sloppy and poorly pitched. These guys don’t know what they are talking about.

    • AImster

      Best game I have seen in my life! Baseball is amazing, people. Amazing.

    • Rick

      James also spent almost half of this story on an analogy that makes no sense.

  • liliads

    No, Fringe tomorrow? I guess I don’t have to flip a coin and decide what to watch Fringe or Supernatural!

    • bob

      Wow…no crap tv. Might you actually use your brain sometime tomorrow?

      • Mel

        Wow. I think with everything that is on TV these days, Fringe and Supernatural are FAR from ‘crap’. How about you move along and go troll somebody else, eh?

      • Mike

        Seriously dude…there is a lot of brainless TV out there, but Fringe is definitely not one of them! I’m sure I’d say the same about SN had I ever seen an episode.

      • Reind

        Fringe is not crap tv, it takes more brains to watch Fringe than the world series..

      • Greenappy

        It is appropriate time to make some plans for the fruute and it’s time to be happy. I have read this post and if I could I want to suggest you few interesting things or advice. Perhaps you could write next articles referring to this article. I want to read even more things about it!

  • lisa g.

    Whats so hard about ppl taking all of this into consideration when the Sucky numbers come in? This is like being judged under false pretenses!

    • Laura

      But if less people tune in for the premiere it could be affecting the show for the long term, people are most likely to try out a new show with the pilot.

      • lisa g.

        OK… get it now. Thx! Oh well, good luck w/ that NBC!

  • Flo

    I love Fringe and all but I want my baseball. That was one crazy game go Cards WOOOTTTTT!!!

    • lisa g.

      I HATE baseball but that was pretty exciting. I think baseball and maybe football are the hardest sports to score in!

      • Cheery

        That’s because they’re so GD convoluted. Give me basketball, soccer or hockey over them any day.

      • @ Cheery

        because soccer games are usually high scoring affairs

      • Cheery

        ^^ Well if you made one goal worth 6 points and added a free kick after; wait a minute…

  • Crystal

    NBC should move the premieres to next week honestly. Just bite the bullet and do it.

    • Paul

      Or just run the premier tonight and then rerun it next week before episode 2. Everyone wins.

      • Diane


    • Ben Linus

      Why should NBC move anything? This is the year 2011 where 90% of America has a DVR.. Does NBC really think a lot of people are gonna sit home on a regular Friday night anyway to watch the season premiere of Chuck and a Supernatural ripoff show? Game 7 or not, Ratings will be junk because NBC is a poorly run network that would rather build it’s fall schedule around the Sing Off. These shows should have been 4-5 episodes in already. Why wait till the end of October to premiere? Logic never matters to these execs.

  • Jeffrey C

    Funny how most of the New York Media thinks any World Series w/o the Yankees or Red Sox is going to be dull. They have to put up their shows against “small market baseball” WS or admit that small market baseball draws viewers.

    • Joe

      Not sure why New York media would care if the Sox are in it if the Yankees and Mets aren’t. Besides, nobody said this wouldn’t be a good World Series. You have two perfectly mediocre teams competing and you’re getting great games. Of course that’s what you get every year – there are no great teams, just those that are good and those that are varying states of bad. Wish we could go back to seeing great teams play each other, but those days are over.

    • Jeff

      Not as many viewers as when a team from a bigger city (LA, SF, Boston, NY, Philadelphia, etc.) plays. And as Joe says above, there are no great teams any more, so who really cares if mediocre St. Louis or mediocre Texas wins?

      • joe and jeff

        What a couple of narcissistic, pathetic jacka**** you 2 are. Oh I get it. Jeff is joes son AND brother.

      • Charity

        Jeff–Do your homework, smart guy: DFW (where the TEXAS RANGERS are from) is the 4th biggest market in the US behind only NY, LA, and Chicago….And Mediocre TX? They are in back-to-back World Series….Something no AL team has done in over a decade. Not the Red Sox or Yanks have pulled that one off lately AND the Rangers have a payroll around $90 million….The Yanks and Red Sox are near or over $200 million. Chew on that one for a bit you imbecile!

  • Jobless

    So what’s happening to Fringe? Is it getting moved or not airing at all?

    • Crystal

      There’ll be a ballgame on when you tune to Fox my friend.

    • Jobless

      I got that part, I was wondering when exactly I will be able to see the episode of Fringe that’s getting bumped.

      • Mike

        That would be next Friday. Everything will just move out a week. Meaning Fringe loses an opportunity to woo advertisers during November Sweeps. And probably means they’ll air an ep on black Friday when people definitely won’t be watching. Should be interesting to see what they decide to do.

      • Dan

        FRINGE won’t be airing Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving? Nobody airs new episodes of ANYTHING the day after Thanksgiving. We might get an extra new episode in December to make up for it. Say if FOX was planning to show 2 in December already… we might get a 3rd. Otherwise… we’ll only get 3 this year, and the rest next year.

  • Elaine

    With no “Fringe” tomorrow night, I guess I’ll go check out one of the new movies opening tomorrow. Sorry NBC, but it is Fringe Fridays for me or nothing.

    • linc

      Read a book loser

    • JB

      or just troll message boards making snarky, pointless comments like linc. that what all the big winners do.

  • Eric

    I watch Supernatural, and Fringe.

    The pilot of Grimm was fantastic and is worth checking out.

    So I’m going to have a dilemma when all 3 are going to be on the same time next Friday.

    Atleast Fox has Fringe On demand so I’ll watch it when it comes on then

    • linc

      Its called a dvr

      • Linc’s an idiot

        It’s called “you can’t DVR more than two shows at a time”, jerkwad. Grow a brain.

      • Mike

        Ahhh, apparently you haven’t seen TiVo’s new $500 4 tuner DVR. LOL

      • Linc’s an idiot

        lol, $500 for a DVR is not something most of us have, i’m sure! i have to make do with my cablevision POS.

      • BigDan

        I have ATT Uverse, and you can DVR 4 shows at a time…just sayin

    • Kelly

      The pilot was fantastic! Or what I saw of it, at least. I really hope people watch this show. Shows that air on Friday nights make me nervous, since they’re the ones no one’s watching :/

    • Percysowner

      I’m hoping for Grimm on Demand because I don’t want to wait for Fringe. At least I’ll be able to watch the premier, then go from there.

  • Donny Wahls

    sweet. now i don’t have to stay in watching Fringe. I can go roofie the neighbor girls and cover them in fake blood and artificial wounds and sit back and await the scream fest.

    • linc

      Boy you think big don’t you. Waste of human space

      • Jason

        Seriously linc? Are you that dense that you can’t sense sarcasm?

  • Imzadi

    Noooo, it was hell waiting two weeks for the next episode of fringe. And now three weeks.

    • linc

      Shoot yourself from despair. No one will care

  • Kisha

    NBC can never seem to win for losing.They are going to have to reschedule .I was looking forward to “Grimm”. I am happy there is a game 7 though even if I like Fringe a lot.

  • RKron

    Fringe will probably air next friday, fans! Please stay tuned! The show will need your help after this major screw-up.


    I say move Grimm. Chuck is dying anyway, so is NBC really gonna care about that show’s ratings? (Not that I’m being mean, just stating a fact.)


      Oh, and think of it this way for Fringe: Having it bumped means there will be one less rerun later.

  • LOL

    Can’t believe that Fringe is getting bumped. Guess I won’t be watching TV Friday night. You couldn’t pay me to watch baseball.

    • kevin

      Ever since they invented VCRs I have never watched anything live except breaking news. I don’t know or care what day or time my shows are on or what else is on at the same time. If for some technical reason I can’t record a show I’ll just download it or wait for the DVD. TV executives are living in a fantasy world if they think anyone watches TV live.

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