'Grimm' premiere ratings surprise, 'Chuck' crushed

So how Grimm was it?

The final season of NBC’s Chuck and new drama Grimm had to premiere up against Game 7 of the World Series on Friday night. Here’s how they did:

Chuck‘s fifth season returned to 3.4 million viewers and a 1.0 in the adults 18-49 rating, down to an all-time low. Check out the clip from last night’s premiere where Morgan ironically mocks baseball.

Grimm, however, opened really well, all things considered. The supernatural drama delivered 6.5 million viewers and a 2.1 in the demo. That’s building 110 percent upon its lead in. Grimm ranked as Friday’s highest-rated non-sports show and, in fact, was the highest-rated non-sports show that’s aired on a Friday since last December. Grimm also built slightly from 9 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. This is definitely a promising start for a Friday drama. 

And here’s some food for thought: Grimm had a higher-rated premiere than NBC’s Prime Suspect or Playboy Club — yet arguably had the toughest time period launch of any new fall show.

NBC was aided by CBS going into repeats to avoid the smash-up. Fox postponed Fringe, while releasing this video to appease fans). ABC had reality and news.

Given the situation, Chuck and Grimm deserve to be graded on a curve (ball). And the issue wasn’t”how did NBC do in the ratings” anyway, but whether these shows are going to be able to perform well in the weeks to come if a percentage of viewers miss these launch episodes since they were watching the Big Game. As the new kid on the block, Grimm in particular had a lot on the line. Chuck fans, one suspects, will find the show. For once, DVR is the network’s friend.

Over on The CW, the network once again was largely unaffected by the sports competition. Nikita (1.8 million, 0.6) was steady, though Supernatural (1.7 million, 0.7) was down a peg.


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  • Stacey

    Given it’s Chuck’s last season. NBC had to know it was going to be low. Which is why they didn’t pull the shows at the last minute…So really as you said, it’s being graded on a curve due to the baseball! I expected to be even worse than last year because of the situation. I can see the DVR rating being higher than normal. Only chance Chuck has for a miraculous save is if once again NBC has bad ratings for it’s other shows. But I think Chuck’s lifelines have run out, and they will let this be the last season. Hopefully it rebounds next week a little!

    • Dave

      It’s definitely the last season unfortunately, with no chance for added episodes like in past seasons. At least the writers knew this going in, and I think NBC will let it run its course even if the Friday ratings continue to be low.

      • Tina j

        Chuck jumped the shark when Morgan became an agent, it is horrible and tedious now!

      • RicardoCabeza

        Tina J this is the first episode since Morgan got the intersect don’t, you think you’re jumping the gun a bit sweet heart. to say its horrible and tedious now?

      • Tina J

        he was made a spy or at least started traing a couple of seasons ago thats when I turned off!

      • guest

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      • Tomm

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      • allie

        but morgan didn’t have the intersect until the last season 4 episode

      • Wickeddoll

        I didn’t mind Morgan being on board – come on, he’s Chuck’s best friend, so you knew he wasn’t going anywhere. I just want Lester dead. I can tolerate Jeff, but Lester is the type of idiot who thinks he’s very smart. Annoying beyond belief.

      • coco

        Shocked by how will Grimm performed. Maybe now I’ll have something decent to watch on Fridays.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a businessman
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      • Jackson

        All the Fringe fans watched Grimm instead of blandball.

      • Gagan

        It’s a shame. I checked out their sneak peek of the Grimm pilot nonile and really liked it. Too bad they won’t push it back a week to give it a chance. Then again putting it up on a night against a bunch of other genre shows isn’t really giving it a chance anyway.

    • Ava

      I would also argue that Chuck aired while Game 7 was close. By the time Grimm was on the Cards had opened a considerable lead so I imagine the game lost some fair weather fans that may have gone over to Grimm. I also feel like a show like Chuck probably has a large DVR audience, especially if it’s on Friday nights. I watched both Chuck and Grimm and was actually reminded of Dead Like Me while watching Grimm. It has kind of that same look, less funny though. I’ll at least DVR in the future.

      • jeffrey

        Except that more people were watching baseball during Grimm’s timeslot than chuck’s according to preliminary ratings.

      • Gaby

        It reminded me of Dead Like Me too – similar tone, prettier to look at!

    • Carlos

      I watched Chuck last night and I was somewhat disappointed. It was boring. NBC is becoming a network of trash and horrible series.

      • Michael

        I think the fans of Community, Parks, parenthood, Grimm and Harry’s Law would beg to differ. CBS has 16 variations of one premise but NBC is the network of trash and horrible series?

      • Aria

        NBC has a lot of really weak shows. They also have a lot of really strong shows (their Thursday night lineup for example). The problem is that they have this reputation of being a weak network so they have problems winning over viewers. It’s infortunate too because P&R and Community is quite possibly the best hour of television on the air right now.

      • Grimminal

        NBC on Thursday? I had to go look to see what their schedule was. Community vs. BBT? Really? Seriously? CBS has dominated both ABC and NBC for so long now…

      • RicardoCabeza

        Harry’s Law is unwatchable garbage liked by paste eating simpletons

      • Craig

        just because CBS has dominated thursday nights does not mean the shows are of higher quality, forget BBT (which I never realy liked that much) Rules Of Engagement? The Mentalist? if you really think they are better shows than Community or P&R, or even Prime Suspect, that would make you the paste eating simpleton…CBS has two models for it’s programming the Chuck Lorre type sitcom, and variations on the C.S.I. type procedural, and when they do get something different (Quality) they bury it on sunday nights like “The Good Wife”…but most of CBS is crap at least NBC does try..it is the nielsen families that fail the rest of America!

      • The Truth

        I agree Craig NBC thursday with the exception that is the stink that is “Whitney” is the best night quality wise of any of the Broadcast networks yet no one is watching, ABC’s wenesday comes closest!

      • freddy

        CBS’s shows speak to the lowest common denominator, that says a lot about us as a nation!

      • Tomm

        NCIS, CSI, Dancing With the Stars, Hawaii Five-O, Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls, The Mentalist, and Grey’s Anatomy are some of the highest rated shows on broadcast TV, thank god for cable, because they are all crap, with a few exceptions (Modern Family, The Good Wife) everything with any quality tends to fail on broadcast TV (Friday Night Lights, Community, Arrested Development, Pushing Daisies, etc.)…America indeed does love crap on television!

    • Aiden

      I agree with you! I wasn’t even that disappointed or surprised with the Chuck ratings news. First, it’s in a new time slot. And it’s during a Friday. On Halloween weekend. While an exciting World Series was on.. Tough luck for Chuck, but this is good news because their performance should definitely be graded on a curve.
      Like you said though, I’m just hoping it does better in the next weeks! I’ve got no problem with these being the last 13 episodes (that they’re prepared for, thankfully). All I care about is that NBC airs all of them completely. This beloved 5 yr-old show deserves at least that.

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    • Jethro

      Really enjoyed Grimm alot, really kept me watching, lots of twists-n-turns, all for the good. Glad NBC made a decision to bring this to TV, at least made a smart choice. Very promising and inventive to incorporate the Grimm fairy tales.

    • rtrfg

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  • JB

    And people are surprised? They aired the season premiere of Chuck against the World Series, while it was supposed to end a day or two earlier-they knew the risks.

    AND to make matters worse they moved it to friday, and halloween weekend. Most people were out. We had to tivo Chuck due to plans.

    NBC makes crappy moves, it’s no surprise. They really are the idiot network. They make Fox look like brilliant planners.

    • Mike

      Who said anyone was surprised?

    • ty

      Game 7 of the World Series was supposed to be Thursday night, but due to bad weather on Wednesday games 6 and 7 got pushed back a day.

    • The Dude

      I don’t think anyone was surprised at Chuck’s numbers. The surprise of the night was Grimm…all things considered (the time slot, the World Series, the mediocre reviews of the pilot), this did a whole lot better than anyone was expecting. It’ll be interesting to see if the numbers hold week-to-week, but NBC may FINALLY have a new show that will stick around…

  • Pamela

    That’s cuz Fringe wasn’t on.

  • Chris Turpin

    Why doesn’t every network, not just NBC, just wait until November 1st to start airing new shows. This would cut down on the amount of reruns being shown during the playoffs and World Series. It would also allow the season to go until the end of May or even into June. I think that this is smarter than what they do now. P.S.-Huge Chuck fan!!!

    • Donna

      Better yet, Chris, why don’t we have baseball finish by the end of September. It is absurb how long the baseball season is.

      • Jack

        What is baseball?

      • sue

        I remember the World Series being played & over by the 2nd week of Oct. Then they had this stupid wildcard & added more games w/c justified the players’ astronomical salaries w/c justified the shockingly high ticket prices…Anyway I thought Grimm has high potential just like Heroes in its first season, even tho I don’t like monster movies.

      • RicardoCabeza

        Donna sweet pants don’t post you are not bright and say silly things like the OCTOBER CLASSIC should be played in September is just dumb. Now go make me me a chicken pot pie.

      • RicardoCabeza

        Sue you remember wrong you ding bat.

      • Lyndsey

        Actually, no Ricardo, you would be the “ding bat” in this discussion! At least through the 90’s the World Series WAS played in early October. Baseball is a spring/summer sport & to have it run from April to the end of October is simply asinine!! There’s absolutely no reason they should be playing at the same time as the NFL & the NBA (well, when they SHOULD be playing)!
        By the way, if you’re going to postpone the TV season for baseball games then why not for football & basketball?! Hell, might as well not have TV shows in that case! Sorry but not everyone’s world revolves around the baseball playoffs or sports in general. I’m one of the biggest football fans there is but that doesn’t mean I think TV schedules should revolve around our games.

  • Sally

    Shocked by how will Grimm performed. Maybe now I’ll have something decent to watch on Fridays.

    • J.Norman

      You will if you are a fan of CBS-like crime shows with a touch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer thrown in.
      I watched it and really have to wonder how long “a monster of the week” bad guy is going to last.

      • Lala

        One season. By season 2 they’ll start story arcs, just like Buffy.

  • Beauty

    Glad Grimm did so well!

    • Bec

      Me too! I loved Grimm (much better than Once Upon a Time). And even though I’m a loyal fan of Supernatural, I’ll definitely be watching both and catching the other online (prob Hulu or iTunes).

      • Rob M.

        Eh, I’ll take Once over Grimm.

    • Trent

      I really enjoyed Grimm! The mythology already hooked me, I liked the two lead detectives, and the fairy tale backdrop was, IMO. far more interesting than Once Upon a Time. I’ll be DVRing Supernatural and watching Grimm live from here on.

  • MesoSoup

    I can’t believe that people actually watch Baseball….

  • Emma

    Nikita was steady and unaffected by sports. Whew..good news.

    • Jose

      I doubt the target audience for Nikita watch baseball.

  • Anne

    We tried to watch Chuck last night after we got home from dinner but our DVR magically did not record it. So I guess we will try to find it online next week. Boo!

    • Ava

      NBC usually posts next day, it’s probably already up on Hulu.

    • Wendy

      NBC is re-airing Chuck & Grimm tonight, for those who missed it for Game 7.

      • Heather P

        Great! I had to work at 4:00 this morning so watching primetime shows on a friday are a no-go for me. Was planning on watching them both on hulu.

      • Liz B

        They aren’t re-airing it here in the Seattle area. There is a movie on instead.

    • allie

      or you should record the two shows after the game because it probably went into the next show

  • Jasna

    Dont start pulling baseball as an excuse for Chuck. Nikita was at the same time as baseball and it stayed steady.

    • B

      Baseball is a valid excuse. The CW has a different target audience than the main networks. NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS all fight for mainly the same viewers which is why they’re the main 4 stations. CW isnt really competition and are on a whole different playing field. Their shows are mostly watched by teens and females. People who are going to watch Chuck are also going to watch the world series, which was described as one of the best in years btw. It’s no surprise that Chuck would start off so low especially considering DVR views still haven’t been considered.

      • jordan

        Always the pathetic, lame excuses. If Chuck got killed by the World Series, why didn’t Grimm? Grimm had terrific ratings and was on against the World Series. No one watched Chuck because very few people like the show. Stop with the excuses for shows all the time.

      • Crystal

        @ jordan. First, the ratings for Chuck are largely irrelevant as it is going into its known final season, has a loyal cult following, etc. Who cares if “very few people like the show”? Those that do are very loyal especially to the advertisers. That’s why it’s on FIVE seasons.

        Secondly, the game last night was pretty much decided by the 5/6th inning. Chuck aired against the earlier part of the game but I wouldn’t be surprised if casual baseball fans were fine with switching over to something else later in the game.

      • Liz B

        On the West Coast, the baseball game was still on during Chuck but was over by time Grimm came on. That should account for some of the ratings.

      • Lyndsey

        So the other networks (CBS, ABC, NBC, & FOX) aren’t fighting for female viewers?! Really??!!! For your information, my Friday night TV schedule includes both Supernatural & Blue Bloods. Didn’t anyone ever teach you about the fallacy of stereotypes??!

    • Aiden

      But it seems from the previous night that NBC is being hit pretty hard (check Community, Parks & Rec, etc. ratings slip). So it’s fair to still attribute it to the World Series. Not to mention even that Chuck’s date has been moved back, it’s a new timeslot, it’s the tough Friday spot, the show’s 5 yrs old, and it isn’t exactly NBC’s priority in promos. So, just sayin’, Chuck did okay if you grade it on that unfortunate curve.

  • Laysa

    Yay for Nikita! <3

  • Rachel

    I’m glad Grimm did so well, definitely shows they made the right decision running it despite baseball.

  • Kate

    I watched them both live bc I was flipping with the game and knew if I missed anything they were both on demand whereas my cw show needed my DVr full attention next week will be interesting.

  • Sooze

    Putting Grimm against Supernatural and Fringe is nuts. There is no way I’m giving up Sam & Dean. However, I did watch the premier of Grimm earlier on the web site & liked it. So like fringe, I’ll watch on line. Oh, by the way, no one knew baseball would still be going on.

    • Cyn

      I didn’t have to give up Sam and Dean. I recorded SPN and watched Grimm. I have to admit that Grimm is looking better than SPN right now. We’ll see how the season progresses.

      • Lyndsey

        I watched Supernatural & recorded Grimm. It was definitely interesting (& the production looked more expensive) but it seriously lacked in the sarcastic wit of Dean, Sam, Bobby, et al. A big part of the success of other genre shows like Buff is that they never take themselves too seriously & I’m worried that Grimm will (though the addition of the “Big Bad Wolf” sidekick gives me hope)!!

    • Kana

      I no longer watch Supernatural so there is no schedule conflict for me but I do agree. I want Grimm to succeed and putting it against two other genre shows is not a good idea. NBC should move Grimm to another day.

      • Jaki

        you do know trolling and rcittelung the forums with useless unhelpful threads not only hurts the community but is against the rules, right? редактировалось: Aug 26 2011 09:07 PM UTC (113 д. назад)

  • JC

    Be curious to see the numbers NEXT week when it’s no longer a holiday weekend and Fring/Supernatural return.

    • Stacey

      I don’t consider Halloween weekend a holiday weekend. Last night was special since the World Series collided. Halloween isn’t until Monday. I expect Monday’s ratings to take a hit. Not Fridays. Friday’s ratings are low because it’s Friday and because it was against a monster game which had captivated everyone in game 6, and was delayed ending due to rain delay so it was forced to be on Friday!

      Yeah, the true test will be when it’s against CBS’s lineup, and Fringe and Supernatural. And no baseball! Although I am not sure there will be much change. Since only CBS does better!

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