'Once Upon a Time' ratings remain strong; 'Allen Gregory' soft


Image Credit: ABC

Looks like ABC’s Once Upon a Time might have some real staying power.

The fantasy drama managed to hold onto nearly all of its strong premiere rating in Week 2 despite heavier competition. Sunday night’s episode had 11.6 million viewers and a 3.9 preliminary adults 18-49 rating — that actually matches the early rating for the show’s debut, which was later adjusted up a tenth to a 4.0. High concept shows like Once often get big premiere audiences from curious viewers, but fail to maintain their ratings in the second week — that’s a early big hurdle the fairy tale drama just passed. Also on ABC, Desperate Housewives (9.3 million, 3.2) and Pan Am (5.6 million, 1.9) were up a tenth of a point each.

Once remained steady despite really intense competition on all three rival broadcasters in its time period: CBS’s 60 Minutes interview with the Madoff family delivered a large rating and bled over into the 8 p.m. hour thanks to football overrun, NBC’s Cowboys vs. Patriots game was huge, and Fox aired what’s often the most popular Simpsons episode of the year.

On Fox, the new Jonah Hill-voiced animated series Allen Gregory (4.7 million, 2.4) performed merely OK despite being helpfully sandwiched between The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror XXII” (8 million, 4.0) and Family Guy (6 million, 3.2). Gregory was down 23 percent from the debut of Cleveland Show in the slot. Speaking of, Cleveland (4.6 million, 2.3) aired at 9:30 p.m. As for “Treehouse,” it was the top-rated Simpsons in 10 months and 33 percent higher than last year’s Halloween edition.

CBS’ early morning numbers are off kilter thanks to NFL overrun mucking with the schedule, but it looks like Minutes did really well, Amazing Race grew slightly, and Good Wife and CSI: Miami were unchanged.


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  • Michael

    That’s really great news! I love the show so I hope it sticks around.

    • Willard

      No, James,”that’s a early big hurdle” is a no-no. Try, “that’s AN early big hurdle.”

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    • SuperTrooper

      I can’t believe I missed the Patriots-Cowboys game :(

      I only got to see the Cowboys-Eagles, and that game was terrible.

  • JJ

    One of the BEST new shows. SOOOOO much better than Grimm.

    • Hbug1

      I wouldn’t say it’s SO much better than Grimm; different for certain not better (personally I think the shows are so different comparisons (inevitable as they are) are not fair) ….. this is fluff, cotton candy for the eyes and brain (and I really like that about this show) whereas Grimm is darker. I like both.

    • Jethro

      I disagree, Grimm is far better, I didn’t change the channel once during Grimm, but did with OUAT.

      • gregg

        disagree, i like OUAT a lot better. its also nice to watch with my family. can’t do that with grimm.

    • Parker

      Disagree with @JJ. I enjoyed Grimm’s darker take on fairy tales MUCH more than OUAT. However, I can certainly understand why people appreciate OUAT’s more family-friendly vibe.

    • Anna

      I like both shows but Grimm is a Supernatural wannabe whereas OUAT is trying to do it’s own thing. Only things close to it was Tenth Kingdom but that was a mini series.

      • Anna

        sorry for the typos

      • Luz

        Agreed. I’m really enjoying the originality of OUAT and felt that Grimm was just another police procedural with some supernatural characters thrown in. I feel Grimm could be improved if they went a little Buffy w/ it and added the Camp factor (shouldn’t be too hard since one of the writers for Buffy/Angel is also a main writer for Grimm).

      • Micki

        I totally agree with Anna. OUAT is much better than Grimm. I thought I would prefer Grimm, because I prefer dark and gritty, but I was disappointed it was just a bad rip-off of Supernatural. Sam and Dean have more personality in their little toes than Nick. And it relied too much on scary music and lighting instead of giving us real scares. I had a hard time sitting through the entire first episode. Whereas OUAT surprised me: I didn’t think I’d like it, but it totally drew me in. It’s actually doing something fresh and original, and doing it well, with interesting three-dimensional characters.

    • Shannon

      I couldn’t even make it through the first 15 minutes of Grimm (just too weird), but I love OUAT.

      • Jason

        If by weird you mean boring as anything, then I agree.
        OUAT is a MUCH better show.

      • mark

        Grimm is for stupid people.

    • Marty

      I loved Grimm, and I really got tired of Once Upon a Time. OUT is very childish. I don’t like that the hero is a woman who abandoned her child for ten years. but is somehow the good guy, where the woman who took care of the child is the evil queen. That really bothers me. But mostly I just can’t stand the smart ass little kid, and the overly sweet, phony family relationships. People don’t see family and suddenly love and trust them. In fact most people don’t trust their birth family, or even like them, even if they love them and know them. This is just phony and unrealistically silly.
      I think its mostly kids that watch this. They will soon realize adults don’t watch things where the hero is a little kid. How many adults LOVE Home Alone?
      By the way; What makes these characters cursed? I would rather be a modern day human then a talking cricket. I think they are blessed by the change.

      • michelle

        why so cynical?? LIfe isnt all bad. chill out.

  • jan

    Glad to hear this. It’s a great ‘family’ fantasy show and one of the best new shows of the season. KT’s opinion was sooooo off base.

  • Michelle

    I’ve been waiting all morning for this! It’s fantastic news. How many consistent weeks before ABC re-ups? *crosses fingers*

  • j.j

    love love love

  • Angel

    It is a great family show that I enjoy watching with my 10 year old. However I do not enjoy seeing all of the promos for Desperate Housewives and Pan Am that are all sex talk and lingerie clad characters while she’s watching. These promos should not be run during a family-oriented show.

    • Karen

      Get a subscription to Hulu. That way you don’t have to endure all the racy tv spots/ sugar cereal/junk food/ toy/ alcohol/ pharmaceutical commercials.

      • Jen

        Great comment!

      • michelle

        another web siste is ch131.com. they show all the tv showsAND first run movies. an excellent web site.AND its F R E E !!!!!! BTW. I LOVE LOVE OUAT. THIS IS MY NEW ADDICTION( SORRY MY OTHER ADDICTION, HOUSE MD)

  • gizmodiansky

    Allen Gregory was awful. Changed the channel half way through.

  • AnnaMaire

    Nice to hear. One of my new favorites.

  • meg

    This is great! It deserves the audience because it truly is a magical show.

  • kevin

    Hope ABC picks up Once Upon a Time for a full season but PAN AM still isn’t doing well in ratings and it could be the demise to join CHARLIE’S ANGELS and PLAYBOY CLUB on the cancellation club and for the debut for ALLEN GREGORY it’s definitely becoming an “animation failure” for FOX.

  • Torri

    Love this show! Hope it has a chance to develope a following.

    • Woot

      Ugh I didn’t want to get hooked to a new show… but darn it Once Upon a Time! I only watched it because we are talking about Fairy Tales and the Brother’s Grimm for my English course… now I can’t wait for next week.

  • J P

    It was Cowboys vs. Eagles.

    • Mike

      He must have had patriots on the brain when he was talking about the “overrun” because the Pats/Steelers game did run late on CBS pushing 60 Minutes later. lol Yikes.

  • Maggie

    Um, the Cowboys played the Eagles last night, champ.

    • Nick

      Well, to be completely fair, the Cowboys mostly just sat there while the Eagles played.

      • ed

        Haha! great comment

  • Jesse

    LOVE Once Upon a Time — amazing, amazing cast and so many storyline potentials!

  • Christian

    If Once Upon a Time holds up, come midseason they should definitely premiere GCB at 9 and push the final eps of Desperate Housewives to 10. Just when it began to look like ABC may lose their foothold on Sundays, it looks like they’re back in the game again! Without football boosting NBC’s, Fox’s and CBS’ averages, I can see ABC becoming #1 on Sundays again come springtime!

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